Clear Acrylic End Table

Another fun idea with clean lines that will give your living space a very contemporary appeal, we give you clear acrylic end tables. Made of hard plastic, these end tables will last forever, and they are quite stylish. Your home can only profit from the addition of acrylic furniture, and end tables are a wonderful place to start. See collection for more details.

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Clear acrylic end table

Constituting a truly refined accent in any sophisticated interiors, this clear acrylic end table embodies style and prestige. Thickly poured top registers a contemporary vibe, balanced smoothly by the traditional form of sculpted base.

Mid century lucite waterfall side table

Mid Century Lucite Waterfall Side Table
An unusal side or end table with one open shelf in an ultra-modern design. It was crafted of top quality transparent clear acrylic with a shiny finish. The piece will be a subtle decoration of contemporary interiors.

Clear acrylic lucite plexiglass end slide table lucite 2

Clear Acrylic Lucite Plexiglass End Slide Table Lucite
This acrylic plexiglass construction can be a great side table or etagere, which will compliment your favorite flower vase. Its minimal, transparent design fits well into modern interiors.

Clear acrylic end table 1

Being a great innovation of modern design - transparent acrylic tables add style and catch the eye of the consumer. This irregularly formed coffee table with round countertop will fit into fresh, futuristic interiors.

Clear end z table lucite acrylic lucite plexiglass

Clear End Z Table Lucite Acrylic Lucite Plexiglass
Entirely clear, this geometric Z shaped plexiglass side table won't clash with any color layout. Besides, it'll surely bring an attractive modern flair to its surroundings. A clear acrylic end table ooks stylish by a couch.

Lucite end table

Stylish end table with round top. It is made of clear acrylic and mounted on pedestal base. Contemporary design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Clear acrylic end table

An ultra-modern acrylic end table made of clear, transparent glass. You can use any table, bench or shelf as a base to the glass part. It looks elegant and fancy and it will be a perfect place to display your valuable things.

Our advice Buying Guide

Blending acrylic furniture with other styles lends itself to furniture styling that's considered avant-garde. A clear-acrylic-end-table can be left crystal clear or tinted any color, making it a versatile furniture selection. You can use it as a stand-alone piece or combine it with other materials including wood, metals, leather, and glass for stunning results. Under most circumstances, acrylic is used in modern designs. However, it works well as a transitional piece for those who like to mix things up.

What are the benefits of clear acrylic furniture?

Utilizing a clear acrylic end table is an optimal design solution for small space living, which tends to look cluttered or weighed down when there's too much color or patterns. In doing so, you're allowing yourself some additional storage space that virtually disappears. These furniture pieces also have reflective surfaces that provide the room glimmer instead of texture. Because you can see the floor through these tables, you can take advantage of those colors and textures instead.

How to maintain a clear acrylic end table?

Maintaining your acrylic end table is a straightforward process. Acrylic needs little care aside from occasional cleaning and routine dusting. Under no circumstance should you use any products that contain ammonia or window cleaner on your acrylic furniture. The chemical reaction will cause the surface to become cloudy or scratch. Use a soft, clean cloth to dust the surface. Wash the end table's surface with a clean, soft cloth that's been dipped in hot water that's been mixed with a mild detergent. It's best not to clean the surface of your clear acrylic end table with a used cloth because it could become scratched from particles in the fibers.

Are acrylic end tables durable?

Not only are acrylic end tables scratch resistant, but their base is sturdy and durable too. These tables are also resistant to coffee or other beverage stains. There’s also no worry about these tables experiencing any damage if they have exposure to direct sunlight. When selecting your clear acrylic end table, you're making a long-term investment.

How to determine the right size for an acrylic end table?

The average size of a clear acrylic end table is typically within two inches of the arm height of a sofa. For example, if the arm height of the sofa is 22 inches, then the end table could be between 20 and 24 inches tall. When you place a lamp on the end table, the bottom of its shade shouldn't fall at a level higher than your eye when you're sitting on the chair or sofa. Ideally, the depth of the end table should be equal to the chair of the sofa to which it's positioned.

How much is clear acrylic end table?

Because sizes and quality will vary, costs for your clear acrylic end table are going to range between under $60.00 to over $500.00. In addition to shopping for the best deal, it’s critical to look for the highest quality that meets your budget.


Crystal acrylic side console table acrylic coffee table

Crystal Acrylic Side / Console Table / Acrylic Coffee Table

Clear acrylic end table 2

Most often, the top table is made of glass. This time the whole end table, from head to toe, was created from strong glass. You can get the impression that this clear acrylic end table is an ice sculpture. Very glamorous.

Clear acrylic end table 1

Futuristic clear acrylic/Lucite side table or sofa table. Small Lucite feet support the bottom shelf, keeping the base from crushing carpeting and lending stabilization for the table. Combine with your charging station or remotes, or to support your Alexa.

Clear acrylic trunk

Super modern end table designed using clear cut acrylic. The table also features a unique base, neatly crafted to look like a normal fabric table cover running all the way down. It also comes in a large rounded top for super functionality and style.

1 2 clear acrylic pedestal end table 30 high lucite

1/2" Clear Acrylic PEDESTAL END TABLE 30" high Lucite #Tables

Clear end z table lucite acrylic or pedestal 29 high

Clear End "Z" Table Lucite Acrylic or Pedestal 29" High | eBay

3 4 clear acrylic lucite plexiglass end table lucite

3 4 Clear Acrylic Lucite Plexiglass End Table Lucite
Modern and contemporary approach to a minimalistic end table with a frame made out of stainless steel with a shiny galvanized finish and curved edges, paired with a small glass top which is made out of translucent plexi glass.

Acrylic end tables

A simple table in a modern design, perfect for contemporary interiors. It's fully made of transparent glass, which gives it a universal character that will easily adapt to any modern decor. It features a single shelf.

Plexiglass tables

An extraordinary end table in an ultra-modern form. It's a simple cube entirely made of transparent glass with a white, decorative accent. Its universal shape and lack of colors will adapt to any decor.

Clear acrylic sonya rolling side or end

Clear Acrylic Sonya Rolling Side Or End
Clear acrylic end table perfect to have a cup of coffee in the morning in front of you, or just next to your bed. Wheels allow you to put it in any place you want it. This clear material it's made of looks super modern!

269 free shipping acrylic side table

$269 + free shipping acrylic side table

TipTop Table

TipTop Table
Cool modern table with a simple small body entirely crafted of transparent tempered glass. It has round both a base and a larger diameter top. Its sleek round section column is tapered down and hollow inside.

Eero saarinen lippa clear side end table 40

Eero Saarinen Lippa Clear Side End Table - $40

Acrylic end tables 1

This end table is a proposition for all sophisticated interiors. Wood encased in acrylic may not be the cheapest option, however the final effect proves that it is worth it. A perfect option for all contemporary apartments.

Lucite side tables

See Through You: 5 Clear Acrylic Tables

Toy End Table / Chair

Toy End Table / Chair
Superduper modern end table which can serve as a stool. It has a rectangular top fixed to an upturned V-shaped base. It's entirely manufactured of durable vivid red moulding plastic. It's suitbale both for indoor and outdoor.

Acrylic end tables

Details about Blue Acrylic Circular Nesting Side Tables

Custom listing for benglefanjake lucite acrylic greek key table 26

Custom Listing for benglefanjake Lucite/Acrylic Greek Key table - 26" sq x 20" high in 3/8" clear on Etsy, $400.00

Clear acrylic lucite plexiglass end slide table lucite 3

Clear Acrylic Lucite Plexiglass End Slide Table Lucite
A simple but aesthetic modern side table looking like a square bracket. A bottom foot can be tucked under e.g. a sofa. Its rectilinear body with safe rounded edges is crafted of durable clear plexiglass.

3 4 clear acrylic end table 18 tall x 18

3/4" Clear Acrylic End Table 18" tall x 18" long x 11.75" deep $104.50 from

Plexiglass tables wholesale

Clear Acrylic Lucite Plexiglass TRANSPARENT BLUE END SLIDE TABLE lucite #Tables

Vintage mid century modern clear lucite side table 1

Vintage Mid Century Modern Clear Lucite Side Table
Such a nice, beautiful side table made out of see-through acrylic glass. Perfect for a modern, contemporary living room, bound to give it a unique appearance. Also, doubles as a stylish coffee table!

Small acrylic table

Lucite end table / acrylic trunk with rope handles

Baxton Studio Parq Clear Acrylic Modern End Table

Simple yet eye-catching, this Modern End Table in Clear Finish is designed of durable acrylic, providing only the best level of durability. The table can be a nice addition not only for home but for offices and restaurants, as well.

Clear acrylic coffee table 2

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table
Stylish coffee table made of clear acrylic. Rectangular top offers large usable surface. Modern design for each room. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients for high quality and good workmanship.

Loft Clearwater 2 Piece Nesting Tables

Loft Clearwater 2 Piece Nesting Tables
Pretty novelty set of 2 simple size-varied tables looking like topsy-turvy letters 'U'. A smaller table has a rolled up magazine rack and is tucked under a larger table. They're made of durable clear acrylic.

Clear acrylic end table 11

acrylic tablecloth | Wholesale Interiors Blair Clear Acrylic Modern Tablecloth Illusion ...

Acrylic nesting end tables set of 3 1

Acrylic Nesting End Tables Set Of 3
A set of three tables that improve the decoration of offices and houses. These functional elements are made of 100% acrylic. The smooth and clear design is perfect for all different interior stylizations.

Clear acrylic end table 3

Who doesn't love acrylic trunks? This super creative transparent trunk is also an accent table in one. Hydraulic lifters makes openings and closings super easy and safe. Cool idea as your new books storage space.

Clear acrylic accent table 1

Clear Acrylic Accent Table

I love clear furnishing and moroccan style this acrylic table

I love clear furnishing and Moroccan style- this acrylic table is perfect

Acrylic end tables 3

A simple but aesthetic modern end table entirely manufactured of durable white acrylic. It has a rectangularish body with no bottom and 2 full rectangular supports. Its top with rounded edges and bottom shelf are rectangular.

Clear acrylic end table 9

Timber End Table Timber End Table/ Gus Modern Wooden design on clear table! $235

Ventura End Table

Ventura End Table
Drum shaped end table constructed of wood with brown finish. The sides feature elegantly carved fluted motifs that will enhance the ambiance with a classic vibe. The round top begs to be accessorized.

Meerkat Clan Sculptural End Table

Meerkat Clan Sculptural End Table
Eye-catchy end table with tempered glass top. What makes this piece distinctive, is the sculptural base cast in premium quality resin and painted carefully by hand. Three merkats surround the tree trunk like centre.

Clear acrylic end table 2

Anouk Acrylic Stool/ End Table at Target! Love!! $119 though, so out of my price range...

Acrylic nesting tables pbdorm

Acrylic Nesting Tables #pbdorm

These open arm open leg chairs will add lightness to

These open arm, open leg chairs will add lightness to the room when the sofa feels so large and bulkly. Also notice the cute clear acrylic end table-- definitely a modern design! The beige is Ok here, it is neutral, we could add a small yellow pillow on

Acrylic end tables 5

End table made of acrylic and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Base is fitted with lamp and gives warm tone of light. Stylish addition to the bedroom, living room and others interiors according to taste.

Clear acrylic end table 1

Still think this a pair of these would be GREAT, SUPER, FANTASTIC for the den. Very simple, very classic, very small, great price, can use for a drink or feet! No need to rush, always available, can wait until after we find the sectional. $48 1/4" Cle

Acrylic trays

Acrylic Trays
These acrylic trays are available in attractive square and rectangular shapes. These clear and versatile elements are very useful and they can be used in any type of room decor. The high level of solidity is an important feature of these products.

1 2 clear acrylic pedestal end table 30 high lucite

1/2" Clear Acrylic PEDESTAL END TABLE 30" high Lucite

Acrylic nesting end tables set of 3 4

Acrylic Nesting End Tables Set Of 3
A high quality end table that can play the role of a support for different decorations, books and other items. It is made of 100% acrylic material that looks very nice and provides the highest possible solidity.