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Buy the best ikea end table selected and recommended by interior designers. By Caroline Patterson.

Ikea is the name in most simple to assemble furniture. They use one percent of all wood specifically geared toward furniture construction. And of all their products, we want to offer you this collection of Ikea end tables. Standing sentry at the ends of your couch, Ikea end tables are sturdy, well crafted, and very fetching. See collection for options.

Sofa Side Table by IKEA

Sofa Side Table by IKEA

Sofa Side Table by IKEA


What We Like: Slidable with plenty of storage space

What We Don’t Like: Smaller table surface than others

Not So Good For: Use as a standalone table

Perfect For: Reading or having a coffee on the couch

If your living room or bedroom doesn’t have space for an IKEA side table with a drawer or a full coffee table, this sliding end table is perfect for you. It slides under the side of a couch, chair, or bed to offer plenty of usable table space on its real wood table top. It also features a magazine or book holder integrated into the table support, making it perfect for a reading nook.

The cantilevered table sits securely under furniture and contours to the side, offering lots of usable space with a minimal footprint. The table is made of robust materials, including natural hardwood and strong metal for long-lasting durability.

Black Glass IKEA End Table

Black Glass IKEA End Table

Black Glass IKEA End Table


What We Like: Clean, understated style

What We Don’t Like: No drawers

Not So Good For: Rooms needing extra storage

Perfect For: Fashion-forward rooms with a contemporary style

With its sleek style and bold black and gold colors, this compact piece is one of the best IKEA end tables. At 23⅝’’ tall, it is the ideal height for use next to an armchair or sofa, and the top shelf is large enough for a drink or snacks without taking up too much floor space.

The table has a lower shelf for organizing items like books or providing an ideal spot for a small house plant or succulent. The table has an elegant, contemporary design with smoked glass, a black body, and gold feet, making this an eye-catching addition to a modern or minimalist room.  

IKEA Side Table With Air Purifier

IKEA Side Table With Air Purifier

IKEA Side Table With Air Purifier


What We Like: Built-in air purifier

What We Don’t Like: No storage or shelves

Not So Good For: Rooms that need a large end table

Perfect For: Homes of people with allergies

A perfect example of IKEA’s minimalist yet functional Scandinavian-influenced design, this small table has an integrated air purifier. The table is sturdy, with sufficient room for small decorations or eating a small meal. The air purifier detects the amount of PM 2.5 pollutants in the air and automatically adjusts its internal fan speed to quickly and quietly clean the air for a healthier indoor environment.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or live in an area with a smog problem, this table can be a life-changing addition to your home. Place it next to your bed for a better night’s sleep or in your living room for a more comfortable place to relax.  

IKEA Accent Table With Storage

IKEA Accent Table With Storage

IKEA Accent Table With Storage


What We Like: Ample interior storage

What We Don’t Like: Shorter than other tables

Not So Good For: Storage of loose items

Perfect For: Small rooms, studios, dorm rooms

This accent table is ideal for storing pillows, blankets, or newspapers for rooms needing a convenient place to put household items. Simply remove the table top using the built-in flush handle and place items in the interior space. The sleek metal frame keeps the space open, allowing airflow around your items to prevent mildew growth or musty smells.

This simple table is the ideal storage solution if you have extra pillows or blankets that you want to keep at arm’s reach. Its compact design makes it perfect as an end table or coffee table for a small studio. The neutral, functional design is well-suited to minimalist, industrial decor styles.  

Nesting IKEA End Tables

Nesting IKEA End Tables

Nesting IKEA End Tables


What We Like: Innovative nesting design

What We Don’t Like: Only available in black and white

Not So Good For: Use as a permanent end table

Perfect For: Use as a small portable coffee table

Sleek, portable, and useful, these two nesting coffee tables are some of the most versatile end tables IKEA offers. The two tables come in complementary sizes and are crafted with soft, round details that make them great for homes with pets or small children. These tables are ideal for a tea or coffee service or for holding small electronic devices.

The tables are made of durable materials and even feature plastic feet that protect floors from scratches. Add these flexible tables to a compact living room or pair them with a larger coffee table for added space.  

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IKEA End Table

Buying Guide

Accent tables are designed to tie any room together. They offer a level of class and elegance that sparkles even with other types of furniture around. IKEA has a wide variety of end tables. As a customer, it’s important to understand each of these options and choose something that works for you. IKEA end tables come in different shapes like square designs, round tables, and other unique shapes. The style and designs also differ.

There are four important considerations you need to make when you buy IKEA end tables: shape, material, style, and size. These factors are important in determining how effective the table will be for you. End tables are usually placed on either side of the couch. In some cases, they may be placed in one corner of the dining room or on one side of the bed. The type of table you choose is determined by the function you have for it.

IKEA end tables come in a wide range of shapes, with the most common being the square shape. Square tables are perfect for end corners and will align easily with the couches’ side for the best results. In case you need a bigger table, rectangular designs are perfect. But for people who want a little class, rounded or oval tables are ideal. The only challenge with rounded tables is often placement, especially if you’re looking to use them for a dining room corner. But they are very beautiful.

IKEA end tables are mostly made out of wood. However, the most important thing is to go for a mix of different materials. For example, iron table designs with a wooden table top could offer both strength and class to your home. We have also seen amazing wooden design fitted with shiny brass accents. You may also look at a glass design with wooden legs. The type of material you choose should be determined by your needs. For example, for a simple bedroom end table, glass should be perfect. In case you are talking about a living room table then you may need something more durable and less delicate like wood.

Do IKEA end tables come in styles other than Scandinavian?

IKEA end tables tend to offer plenty of designs for people to choose from. For most people though something minimalist should do. Accent tables are supposed to bring out the beauty of the other furniture pieces at home. The last thing you want is to go for a sophisticated style that shouts. There are also contemporary and vintage styles to choose from. Your choice here is determined by the type of furniture already at home. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to have a vintage end table in a home with contemporary or modern furniture pieces.

The standard height of an end table is anywhere from 22 to 30 inches tall. It shouldn’t be longer than the side of the couch. But you also don’t want to buy a small table. Although there’s some aesthetic value to IKEA end tables, you also need something that works.

Best Ideas

IKEA - LACK Side table on casters, white

It is a side table that has got a contemporary design, wheels, white finish and solid construction. It fits perfectly to modern style and décor in your living room, family room and other.

End Table

End Table

A touch of solidity and simple style in the house. It is an end table that features a durable wooden construction. Its lower part has got a spacious rectangular storage or display shelf. Its top is equipped with a small drawer.

IKEA - LACK Side table on casters, black-brown

It is a side table that has got a contemporary design, wheels, black and brown finish and solid construction. It fits perfectly to modern style and décor in your living room, family room and other.

Ikea end tables 1

A functional and durable table that will bring a bit of practical solutions into your contemporary home. Features a sturdy wood top and a powder-coated metal frame with flat legs that can be slide under a sofa, a couch, or an armchair.

Braunsen End Table

Braunsen End Table

Add style, elegance and beauty to your living room with this amazing end table. It has got a black finish and it fits to any style and décor. You will be impressed how great this end table is.

Home living room coffee side tables side tables 9

Home / Living room / Coffee & side tables / Side tables

Ikea end table

Books bring the power of knowledge, it is worth to find them a beautiful storage place. Like the end table with bookshelf. White, made of wood, has a round form like the infinity of books. It's portable because of little wheels. Great design!

Ikea endtable

LACK Side table on casters Includes casters, making it easy to move ...

Castle Hill End Table

Castle Hill End Table

It is an end table that has got a one drawer for storing your favorite items. It has got a mission oak finish and wood with metal construction. It is a very good choice for your bedroom and living room.

Nightingale End Table

Nightingale End Table

It is a traditional end table that is perfect for living room. It has got a chocolate finish and it fits to any style and décor. You will be impressed how beautiful this end table is.

IKEA - LACK Side table, birch effect

It is a simple side table that fits to any style and décor. It has got a solid construction and five finish options to choose: birch, black, green, pink and white. It is a very good choice.

Lack end table

DIY Side Table {Ikea hack}

Ikea Lack Side Table Black- Brown 2pk

It is a set that includes two contemporary and simple side tables. They have got a black and brown finish, solid construction and square tops. They are perfect for living room and kids room.

Ikea side tables with drawers

The yellow ikea end table table brings positive energy into the interior. This dynamic color brings to the arrangement positive life and good mood. In addition, it has an inner shelf - so two tops ready to use and a custom leg shape.

Glass end tables ikea

Coffee table with a solid wooden construction in neutral white finish. Its barn styled top is based on solid wooden planks. The table features a rectangular frame based on straight and simple lines, so it matches any decor.

Black bar height table

Minimalistic take on a simple counter height bar table made with a stainless steel frame, which gives it a strong and durable structure that is easy to clean and fits in nicely with the smooth, dark brown polished top.

Lack side table black

Beautiful IKEA end tables with a nice compact design and a stunning glass exterior. The tables are super modern and come in a wide range of colors, including a neat glossed black shade and a superb natural wood grain that will add excellence to your living room.

IKEA - LACK Side table, high gloss white (X2)

This set includes two classic and simple side tables with high gloss white finish. They fit perfectly to any style and décor and they are a great addition for your living room, family room, kids room and other.

Ikea Lack Side Table with Extension Legs (Black)

Compact side table with one open compartment. It is crafted of particleboard, fiberboard, ABS plastic and acrylic paint with high-gloss finish that reflects light. It integrates easily into any space.

Ikea side table white

I often see old or beat up side tables on craigslist for free or next to nothing, and with a great coat of gloss or chalk paint, plus the nailhead trim, a blah space becomes a mod space. New Take on Tables

Ikea end tables 2

End table made of wood and finished with decorative nail heads. It is fitted with square top. Neutral design for each room as needed.

Lack, Side Table, High Gloss, turquoise

This side table has got a simple and contemporary design and is available in four color options to choose: gray, black brown, high gloss red and high gloss white. It fits to any style and décor.

Ikea Lack Side Table - Black (Set of Two)

This set includes two classic and simple side tables with black finish. They fit perfectly to any style and décor and they are a great addition for your living room, family room, kids room and other.

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