Wooden Bakers Rack

A metal bakers rack is great for its function, but the cold reality of metal can detract from the warmth of the space, especially if you put a lot of effort into the wood you have chosen for your cabinetry. How about instead you stick to the wooden motif and find a wooden bakers rack that will fit in much better. These are warm and clean and still do the same job of the metal option. Take a look at this collection for more information.

Best Products

Oak Hill Storage Baker's Rack

Oak Hill Storage Baker's Rack
This is a wonderful baker's rack is a piece of furniture that you should have in your home. Solid metal base, shelves and a built-in mini chest is the perfect place to store all your treasures. It looks extremely impressive.

Genova bakers rack with wine storage wine server with hutch

Genova bakers rack with wine storage wine server with hutch
The wooden construction of this exceptionally impressive bakers rack with glass door cabinet makes the whole look perfect. The shelves, drawers, and cabinets are very functional and well presented.

Bakers rack wood

Vintage wooden bakers rack on wheels. It has five wide shelves providing plenty of space to display kitchenware, storage canisters, shoes or whatever. Solid wood construction guarantees unparalleled durability.

Wood bakers rack 1

The white wooden bakers rack with numerous shelves and drawers is a functional piece of furniture ideal for stylish and cozy interiors. Beautiful details of the finish delight and an ample storage space allows for creative use of the whole.

Wooden bakers rack

Very spacious wooden bakers rack with multiple rectangular shelves and all plain natural finish. Its owner displayed weathered collection on it, using a neutral color for backdrop wall. An eclectic home idea.

Wooden bakers rack

A stylishly weathered baker's rack that will be decorating your home for years. It's sturdy and crafted using lovely curves, made of hardwood in a distressed black finish. Includes 4 open shelves and a slatted back.

Antique bakers rack for sale

A beautiful tall bakers rack of natural wood. It has rounded corner posts, curved front legs, wavy bottom aprons, a curved and carved top apron, a moulding top, recessed side panels. It's equipped with 2 drawers, 1 fixed and 3 adjustable shelves.

Our advice Buying Guide

Just like selecting kitchen appliances which take up valuable space in your kitchen apart from being functional, you are to consider a lot of factors when buying a wooden baker’s rack like the following:

How can a wooden baker's rack be used?

A wooden baker’s rack makes for an excellent item in filling dead spaces in kitchens. It also helps in organizing a room. It's understood that getting a wooden baker’s rack that’s stylish will enhance a kitchen’s look. However, apart from the aesthetics, it’s best if you look at how a rack’s design can dress your kitchen corners and/or walls. Additionally, there are wooden baker’s racks that are designed to hold light kitchen accessories, bottles of wine, and kitchen appliances.

What are the best types of wood for a baker's rack?

Although the market is riddled with incredible wooden baker’s racks, not every single one of them is fit for your home and the intended use of the rack as some may come with a flimsy construction.

The most durable wooden baker’s racks are those made of wood that’s cut from tree trunks like maple, oak or beech. As they’re not made from processed or recycled materials, they are often more expensive. Check whether your budget allows you to get a rack made of genuine wood. If so, then select one that has a protective finish, which can minimize scratches and moisture retention. A resilient finish also ensures the unit can be cleaned easily.

Take note that both terms softwood and hardwood refer to timber that’s from coniferous and deciduous trees. They don’t refer to the softness or hardness of wood.

A cheaper wooden baker’s rack is one that’s made of engineered wood products, which are made by sticking multiple wood fibers using pressure and heat. As they’re made from recyclable materials, they are used in the creation of affordable kitchen furnishings. A common type of an engineered wood product is MDF or medium density fiberboard. MDF looks and feels like genuine wood when it’s finished with veneers or laminates.

Wood veneers, on the other hand, are produced when real wood slices are adhered with pressure and heat to furniture like a wooden baker’s rack. Wood veneers are often used in giving baker’s racks the appearance and texture of genuine wood while maintaining a low cost. A wooden baker’s rack with wood veneers is lighter which makes the shipping less expensive.

How to pick the right size of a wooden baker's rack?

When selecting the best wooden baker’s rack, consider the space that’s available in your home as well. Remember that you may be on the search for a rack that can be utilized in filling a dead kitchen space. You may also be using it in organizing your crowded kitchen. Once you determine the space available, you’ll be able to get the rack that’s of the right size for your space.

Keep in mind that you’ll be using a wooden baker’s rack in storing items. Get the dimension of the items you’ll be storing and displaying on the rack, and choose the unit that can address your storage needs.

Bonus Tip: A cheap rack is likely to deteriorate in just a few months. What's best is you get the sturdiest unit that your budget allows.


Wooden bakers rack 5

Bring some practical solutions into your home by choosing this space-saving baker's rack. Sparkling with vintage flair, the rack has a durable wrought iron frame that holds 4 sturdy wood shelves in a distressed finished.

Vintage bread rack

Spacious wooden bakers rack on small rolling casters (mobility granted!). Nice, versatile interior accessory that amplifies storage capacity and serves various purposes - a stand, shelf, rack, you name it.

Wooden bakers rack 1

A baker’s rack hutch is the perfect place for wine and wine glasses. But it can hold other things just as easily, ranging from other cooking gear. Bright burnished wood base with openwork upper shelves for all sorts of things.

Rustic bakers rack

Classic sidebaorad with 2 cabinets with double doors and 2 drawers arranged horizontally. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Antique bakers rack french

Another option for the kitchen, instead of the cabinet - is to expose your accessories on a beautiful, rustic shelving. Combination of wood with steel structures is based on a frame with wheels.Wooden trays, of this baker rack solidly hold kitchen items.

Antique wood bakers rack

Compact baker’s rack designed to deliver impeccable storage capacity. The piece is constructed from a strong metal frame, finished in black, and then fitted with up to five wooden shelf and a top rack. The rack should be a great option to store utensils and other kitchen supplies.

Wooden bakers rack

... Rare Antique Wooden Shoe / Display / Bakers / Pie Rack circa 1800s

Add style anywhere with wooden bakers racks

Add Style Anywhere with Wooden Bakers Racks

Baking racks for sale

19th Century Baker's Bread Rack Culture: English Medium: wood

Wooden bakers rack 1

Wooden Bakers Rack

Industrial bakers rack 6

industrial bakers rack

Wooden bakers rack 9

Wooden Baker's Racks @ Fresh Finds

Large solid wood bakers rack iron pot rack hand painted

LARGE Solid Wood Bakers Rack Iron Pot Rack & Hand Painted Italian Tile ...

Antique wooden bakers rack

Ikea hack? Ivar shelves, hutten wine rack, bekvam step stool...Korken jars painted with chalk paint, white frames, white baskets with black chalk paint labels, lacquered shelves..?.

Kitchen Wooden Baker's Rack

Bakers rack with wheels

A simple large farmhouse style bakers rack of salvaged wood with a bit worn grey finish. It has an open frame with straight square corner posts, ladder-like sides, 2 X-crossed reinforcing slats at the rear. Two shelves are fixed, 2 - adjustable.

Antique bakers rack

Stylish and very functional wooden bakers rack are excellent combinations of beautiful form and unique rustic design. An ample storage space is suitable for a broad range of applications. Ideal pantry furniture.

How to build a bakers rack

A vintage cottage bakers rack crafted of solid wood and having a natural worn finish. It's rectangular and has sturdy straight square corner posts. Its bottom shelf is of round rods while top and middle shelf of flat boards and have raised edges.

French bakers rack antique

A durable and stylish baker's rack, perfect for storing groceries or displaying fruit baskets and kitchen decorations. Features a powder-coated tubular metal frame and 4 natural wood open shelves.

Bakers rack plans

Coffee Bar .... re furbished old bakers rack ive had since I was 20 is now a coffee bar. We added wooden shelves and re did all the wood to make it rustic!!

Wooden bakers rack 10

Wooden Bakers Rack Plans - Bing Images

Wrought iron cherry wood corner bakers rack four shelves 1

Wrought Iron Cherry Wood Corner Baker's Rack Four Shelves

Wooden bakers racks

something like this for dining room for all my china

Old bakers rack

New Wooden Retail Bakers Display Rack w/ 12 Baskets. We need this to keep the girls' toys separated and organized.

Wooden bakers rack 7

large wooden potting bench. Only this time we would make sure that it was water proof (by using that stuff I saw on Property Brothers/ Buying and Selling)!

Wooden bakers rack 1

Old door... I like the idea... two plants, plus three small items, Lose discs and bottom flowers, and add a bird house and/or another shelf. Paint all the painted parts on door like the top, which plays off the yellow tones of door finish.

Vintage wooden bakers rack

Industrial "lofty-like" bookcase... i already have the metal bc, just need the wooden covers and casters, and it'll be ready to shine ;)

Wooden bakers rack

Vintage, wooden baker's rack, loaded with old glassware

Wood bakers rack

Tall rack consisting of 2 drawers, cabinet with double doors and 3 open shelves arranged vertically. Construction is made of wood. Neutral and functional design for each room as needed.

Bakers rack on wheels

An aesthetic movable baker's rack for displaying lightweight items. It's of quality wood with a natural finish. It has an H-shaped wheeled base, 2 sturdy posts and a top rail. Five slanted pin-locked shelves with partitions can be fold flat.

Wood bakers rack

How To Building – Wooden Bakers Rack PDF Download Plans CA US

Master psm225 jpg


Amish pine bakers rack hutch

Amish Pine Baker's Rack Hutch

Industrial bakers rack

Wine rack in rustic style. Construction is made of wood and metal. It contains many shelves for bottles of wine. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Wooden bakers rack 11

Reclaimed Barn Board Cabinet

Wooden bakers rack 6

Could build similar thin profile cabinet with open shelving upper, for the dining area? Shabby Love: Grand Kitchen Reveal....Finally!!!!!

Lakeview wood accent bakers rack 2

Lakeview Wood Accent Bakers Rack

Wooden bakers rack 13

I do like this for Craft fairs too...but maybe to have behind the counter to hold the shopping bags and spare/do not touch items...

Wooden bakers rack 4

Wooden Baker's Rack

Wooden bakers rack 1

Vintage Cart.. Looks a little wobbly but I like the idea... Maybe if you could strengthen the shelves...

Wooden bakers rack 2

Décor inspiration loves - simple shelving unit can add such an amazing feature is you pile the right goodies onto it

Wooden bakers rack 3

Wooden Bakers Rack

Wooden bakers rack ideas homesfeed

Wooden Bakers Rack Ideas – HomesFeed