Wooden Bakers Rack

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A wooden bakers rack can be used to store kitchen spices, fresh fruit and veggies, and microwaves. Although they are often used in kitchens you can get creative with them and use them to hold plants, books, and bathroom towels. From industrial chic to modern farmhouse styles, these wooden bread racks are a nice complement to your kitchen or any room.

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Updated 15/06/2022
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Open Shelf Solid Wood Bakers Rack

Open Shelf Solid Wood Bakers Rack

Prep & Savour

Usable both indoors and outdoors, this wooden bread rack is lightweight and comes in a light tan brown tone. The bamboo shelves are resistant to stains and the smaller shelf on top can house your favorite spices.

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Wood Bakers Rack With Sliding Door

Wood Bakers Rack With Sliding Door

Gracie Oaks

This wood baker’s rack has the capacity to hold three wine bottles, a microwave, and more. It has five adjustable shelves and a hidden drawer with a cutout handle to hold small and loose objects.

$329.99 $349.99

Designer Advice:

This modern farmhouse wooden baker rack allows you to hide your items on shelves behind a door for a neat appeal. Its neutral color can be paired with any color, making it versatile to use in any room. If your home is industrial or vintage style, we suggest a baker’s rack with more metal.

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Tall Vintage Bakers Rack

Tall Vintage Bakers Rack


Curvy metal, wood shelves, and wicker baskets make up this antique wood baker's rack. It features one spacious countertop and two upper shelves, outlined with a rubbed metal frame to add to its classy look.

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Wooden Bakers Rack With Hutch

Wooden Bakers Rack With Hutch


Mid-century and modern in style is this baker’s rack made of wood and painted a dark brown. It has a top and bottom shelves, a drawer, and a spacious cabinet, all sitting on top of four blocky and tapered legs.

$409.99 $539.99

Designer Advice:

Thick baker’s racks made of wood like this one can offer whoever owns it plenty of hidden storage. One drawback is they do take up more space in a room, so placing it in a large kitchen is ideal. Add chrome accent pieces as décor to the top of the hutch to match the handles on the drawer and cabinets.

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Rustic style Wooden Bakers Rack

Rustic style Wooden Bakers Rack

Andover Mills™

Built with two tiers, four hooks, and a towel rack is this distressed wood baker's rack. It has a thick panel-lined cabinet with a bar pull handle and smooth black metal poles for its frame.

$134.99 $103.99

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Rounded Wood Bakers Rack With Wheels

Rounded Wood Bakers Rack With Wheels

Latitude Run®

From dining room to kitchen, roll this wooden baker’s rack with metal baskets anywhere you need it. The shelves are resistant to moisture and the top can be used as a counter or a place to set appliances.

Designer Advice:

If a lot of the furniture in your kitchen or home has curvier shapes, then a rounded wooden baker’s rack will be a perfect addition. The open shelf design offers an airy vibe and having wheels lets you move it without problems. Some people are turned away from the open shelf design because it can come across as messy.

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Wooden Bakers Rack

Buying Guide

Just like selecting kitchen appliances which take up valuable space in your kitchen apart from being functional, you are to consider a lot of factors when buying a wooden baker’s rack like the following:

A wooden baker’s rack makes for an excellent item in filling dead spaces in kitchens. It also helps in organizing a room. It's understood that getting a wooden baker’s rack that’s stylish will enhance a kitchen’s look. However, apart from the aesthetics, it’s best if you look at how a rack’s design can dress your kitchen corners and/or walls. Additionally, there are wooden baker’s racks that are designed to hold light kitchen accessories, bottles of wine, and kitchen appliances.

Although the market is riddled with incredible wooden baker’s racks, not every single one of them is fit for your home and the intended use of the rack as some may come with a flimsy construction.

The most durable wooden baker’s racks are those made of wood that’s cut from tree trunks like maple, oak or beech. As they’re not made from processed or recycled materials, they are often more expensive. Check whether your budget allows you to get a rack made of genuine wood. If so, then select one that has a protective finish, which can minimize scratches and moisture retention. A resilient finish also ensures the unit can be cleaned easily.

Take note that both terms softwood and hardwood refer to timber that’s from coniferous and deciduous trees. They don’t refer to the softness or hardness of wood.

A cheaper wooden baker’s rack is one that’s made of engineered wood products, which are made by sticking multiple wood fibers using pressure and heat. As they’re made from recyclable materials, they are used in the creation of affordable kitchen furnishings. A common type of an engineered wood product is MDF or medium density fiberboard. MDF looks and feels like genuine wood when it’s finished with veneers or laminates.

Wood veneers, on the other hand, are produced when real wood slices are adhered with pressure and heat to furniture like a wooden baker’s rack. Wood veneers are often used in giving baker’s racks the appearance and texture of genuine wood while maintaining a low cost. A wooden baker’s rack with wood veneers is lighter which makes the shipping less expensive.

When selecting the best wooden baker’s rack, consider the space that’s available in your home as well. Remember that you may be on the search for a rack that can be utilized in filling a dead kitchen space. You may also be using it in organizing your crowded kitchen. Once you determine the space available, you’ll be able to get the rack that’s of the right size for your space.

Keep in mind that you’ll be using a wooden baker’s rack in storing items. Get the dimension of the items you’ll be storing and displaying on the rack, and choose the unit that can address your storage needs.

Bonus Tip: A cheap rack is likely to deteriorate in just a few months. What's best is you get the sturdiest unit that your budget allows.

Best Ideas

Bakers rack wood

Vintage wooden bakers rack on wheels. It has five wide shelves providing plenty of space to display kitchenware, storage canisters, shoes or whatever. Solid wood construction guarantees unparalleled durability.

Wooden bakers rack 1

A baker’s rack hutch is the perfect place for wine and wine glasses. But it can hold other things just as easily, ranging from other cooking gear. Bright burnished wood base with openwork upper shelves for all sorts of things.

Kitchen Wooden Baker's Rack

Wooden bakers rack

Very spacious wooden bakers rack with multiple rectangular shelves and all plain natural finish. Its owner displayed weathered collection on it, using a neutral color for backdrop wall. An eclectic home idea.

Wooden bakers rack 3

Wooden Bakers Rack

Rustic bakers rack

Classic sidebaorad with 2 cabinets with double doors and 2 drawers arranged horizontally. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Amish pine bakers rack hutch

Amish Pine Baker's Rack Hutch

Wooden bakers rack 6

Could build similar thin profile cabinet with open shelving upper, for the dining area? Shabby Love: Grand Kitchen Reveal....Finally!!!!!

Antique bakers rack for sale

A beautiful tall bakers rack of natural wood. It has rounded corner posts, curved front legs, wavy bottom aprons, a curved and carved top apron, a moulding top, recessed side panels. It's equipped with 2 drawers, 1 fixed and 3 adjustable shelves.

Wood bakers rack 1

The white wooden bakers rack with numerous shelves and drawers is a functional piece of furniture ideal for stylish and cozy interiors. Beautiful details of the finish delight and an ample storage space allows for creative use of the whole.

Wooden bakers rack 5

Bring some practical solutions into your home by choosing this space-saving baker's rack. Sparkling with vintage flair, the rack has a durable wrought iron frame that holds 4 sturdy wood shelves in a distressed finished.

Antique bakers rack french

Another option for the kitchen, instead of the cabinet - is to expose your accessories on a beautiful, rustic shelving. Combination of wood with steel structures is based on a frame with wheels.Wooden trays, of this baker rack solidly hold kitchen items.

How to build a bakers rack

A vintage cottage bakers rack crafted of solid wood and having a natural worn finish. It's rectangular and has sturdy straight square corner posts. Its bottom shelf is of round rods while top and middle shelf of flat boards and have raised edges.

French bakers rack antique

A durable and stylish baker's rack, perfect for storing groceries or displaying fruit baskets and kitchen decorations. Features a powder-coated tubular metal frame and 4 natural wood open shelves.

Wood bakers rack

Tall rack consisting of 2 drawers, cabinet with double doors and 3 open shelves arranged vertically. Construction is made of wood. Neutral and functional design for each room as needed.

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Lakeview wood accent bakers rack 2

Lakeview Wood Accent Bakers Rack

Wooden bakers rack 2

Décor inspiration loves - simple shelving unit can add such an amazing feature is you pile the right goodies onto it

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Antique Wooden Bakers Rack – HomesFeed

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10 Useful Bakers Rack Design Ideas - Rilane

Cramco inc harlow metal and wood golden bronze ash veneer

Cramco, Inc Harlow Metal and Wood Golden Bronze/Ash Veneer ...

Antique wooden bakers rack homesfeed 1

Antique Wooden Bakers Rack – HomesFeed

Double wood iron bakers rack

Double Wood & Iron Baker's Rack

Vintage industrial wooden bakers rack chairish

Vintage Industrial Wooden Bakers Rack | Chairish