Plug And Play Small Hot Tubs

A hot tub is a luxe addition to any deck or yard. However, traditional hot tubs require a complicated setup and expensive installation. Plug and play hot tubs can be set up immediately and don’t require any special installation other than plugging in the power and water. Explore some of the best plug and play small hot tubs on the market today for every kind of yard or deck.  

Jet Oval Plug and Play Hot Tub

Jet Oval Plug and Play Hot Tub

$2564.99 $3499.99

Jet Oval Plug and Play Hot Tub

AquaRest Spas, powered by Jacuzzi® pumps

$2564.99 $3499.99

What We Like: Sleek style, 20 high-powered jets

What We Don’t Like: Max temp 104°F

Not So Great For: Large families

Perfect For: Couples, people with back problems

With 20 Jacuzzi® jets, this 2-person small hot tub is comfortable, modern, and energy-efficient. The tub is made out of high-quality, wear-resistant polyurethane and features comfortable spa-style seats with lumbar arch support to relieve tough back pain. The tub has offset seating to maximize the seating area, with a minimal footprint of just 6’8’’ by 5’8”.

The tub has extra features, including an LED-lit cascade waterfall with nine color settings, different jet settings for maximum relaxation, and a built-in EZ Kleen Filtration System that filters all water to ensure crisp, clean water, all at just 232 lbs., light enough to be a portable hot tub. The tub works at temperatures -45°F for wintertime soaks and has a minimum water temperature of 74°F and a maximum of 104°F.  

Triangular 17 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

Triangular 17 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

$3176.99 $4999

Triangular 17 Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub

Lifesmart Spas

$3176.99 $4999

What We Like: Waterfall, multicolor underwater LED lights

What We Don’t Like: Only seats two people

Not So Great For: Large families or parties

Perfect For: Homes looking for an energy-efficient hot tub

This triangular, Rotationally-Molded Polyethylene outdoor small hot tub is one of the most versatile plug-n-play hot tubs on the market today. The triangular design allows this tub to fit into many spaces while offering extra interior space for people to stretch out and relax. The tub is also made with full-foam thermal insulation and a locking top to allow the tub to maintain its temperature all the time while reducing energy bills.

The tub features four cup holders, adjustable jets powered by a strong 1 HP pump, air control valves for price bubble control, and an easy-to-use digital panel.  

Rectangular Plug and Play Hot Tub

Rectangular Plug and Play Hot Tub

$5753 $5881

Rectangular Plug and Play Hot Tub

Luxuria Spas

$5753 $5881

What We Like: Chic design, 32 hydrotherapeutic jets

What We Don’t Like: Cannot be used with a salt water system

Not So Great For: People looking for a party hot tub

Perfect For: People looking for a spa experience at home

This comfortable, massaging plug and play hot tub is the perfect place to relax after a long day. The 32 stainless steel hydrotherapeutic jets are designed and arranged to give a full body massage. The 3kW water heater is energy efficient and excellent at maintaining a precise temperature. All features are controlled from a convenient, easy-to-use control panel that can remember custom settings for every user, allowing the tub to be perfect for you at the push of a button.

The tub is 5’ 8’’ by 5’ 11’’, can comfortably seat 3, and weighs 2450 lbs. when filled. The tub is freeze resistant and can be used all year long, and the water system features an Ozonator for extra comfort.  

Rectangular Plug and Play Hot Tub With Built in Speaker

Rectangular Plug and Play Hot Tub With Built in Speaker

Rectangular Plug and Play Hot Tub With Built in Speaker

Canadian Spa Co

What We Like: MP3 sound system with pop-up speakers

What We Don’t Like: Face-to-face configuration reduces leg room

Not So Great For: Tall people

Perfect For: Couples, music fans

This rectangular two-person hot tub offers some of the best features of larger hot tubs in a smaller package. Measuring just 7’ x 3’4’’, this hot tub provides a great-sounding MP3-compatible sound system with popup speakers, perimeter LED lights with multiple color settings for different moods, and an aromatherapy system with a built-in diffuser canister, and an ozone water filtration system.

The tub is more spacious than a similarly sized round hot tub and is designed for maximum insulation and temperature retention. The tub features an infrared-lined outer cabinet filled with high-density closed-cell foam surrounding the tub itself. This thick layer of insulation will keep the tub at the exact temperature you want whenever you want a soak while lowering your energy bills and reducing electricity consumption.

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Plug And Play Small Hot Tubs

Buying Guide

Since hot tub installations require you to invest a lot of money to hire professional help, plug and play hot tubs are becoming more attractive alternatives as they can be set up and ready to use the minute they arrive in your doorstep!

The main advantage of plug and play hot tubs is that you'll be able to place them anywhere just as long as there is an outlet around. As they don't require a permanent installation, you can move them around whenever you want.

Because a plug and play model is smaller than a traditional tub, it's perfect for people with smaller yards or decks. Of course, you still need to ensure your home can accommodate a tub.

  • Size. A plug and play tub typically seats up to four people. So, figure out the number of people that will use this type of tub at a time. A couple may opt for the tub that's smaller to save money. If you'll be wanting extra room for guests, prepare to spend a bit more.
  • Length of the Cord. There are hot tubs that can't use extension cords. Make sure the tub that you purchase has a cord that's long enough that it can reach the outlet near its intended location.
  • Noise. You wouldn't want a tub that's noisy to the point that you can no longer relax while you are in it. Check plug and play hot tub reviews so you can find out the noise levels of specific models. If your neighbors are nearby, you won't be able to use noisy tubs as well, most especially during nighttime.
  • Construction. Most tubs have inner plastic liners. There are also those made of wood or composite framing. All of them are durable options. Their difference is their appearance, so pick the one that you prefer.

  • Jets - More jets do NOT necessarily translate to a better tub. Keep an eye out for models that have adjustable jets. They will give you the ability to change a stream's power and direction. You may like a full body massage. If so, then look for the tub that has jets installed in the seating area.
  • Waterfall - A waterfall is an aesthetic feature but it looks incredible on patios that are surrounded by ambient lighting and plants. The soothing and inviting sound of waterfalls is excellent for relaxation as well.
  • Cup Holders - Most people want to have a drink while on a tub. If that's what you want as well, then look for a hot tub with a cupholder. A tub's stable edge may also work in holding wine glasses and beer bottles.
  • Lights - There are units with LED lighting for nighttime use. You may want a spa-like ambiance in your patio or garden. If so, then you'll find lighting as necessary.
  • Cover - A tub cover will keep out debris and bugs whenever your spa isn't in use. It'll also ensure that the next time you want to use your tub it's ready as it's kept clean by the cover. You'd find a cover to be a necessity if you have pets and kids that may find their way into your tub unsupervised.

Your focus should be on the three R's - Relax, Romance, and Rejuvenate. Here are the essentials:

Should You Buy Online?

The answer is, NO. Even before you begin exploring online information, promise yourself not to get carried away and make a purchase straight away on an online portal. The spa is like shoes, you have to try it out before buying. So, online is for study and short-listing, not for purchase right away.

How Many People Are You Buying the Hot Tub For?

Are you considering a family hot tub, an intimate escapade for two, or a "social" hot tub that morphs into garden spa parties? Decide the spa seat capacity you want and then explore your options.

Where Are You Planning to Accommodate Your Hot Tub?

Indoor or outdoor? This may sound too basic a consideration, but a vital one. Today, there are exclusive designs for indoor, patio, garden, lounge, backyard, and covered outdoors. It is important to first decide where you want your spa before you indulge in which type you want.

These are the main type of hot tubs available:


They are the most sought-after hot tubs, for good reasons. The category offers one of the widest varieties in sizes, features, seating capacity, and of course, location settings. Being portable, these hot tubs could be in your patio this weekend if you are in an intimate mood, or in the garden next weekend for a spa party. Thus, they fit into the mass perception of an all-season hot tub for all reasons. And they are very durable and energy efficient.

What else could you ask for? Go for a portable hot tub if you want a multi-purpose, cost-effective model that fits your budget, moods, and mindset. Versatile, adaptable, and reliable are its defining characteristics.Swimming type

Apart from relaxing, rejuvenating, or romancing, do you also want to exercise and get in shape in your hot tub? Then go for this type.

Being like mini-swimming pools, these hot tubs are large, heavy, and static. They will also call for privacy and restricted access. Hence, you will need to allot dedicated space for it, like an entire secluded section of your garden, or a separate room in your home.

Constructing a strong foundation and erecting visual barriers will add to the aggregate investment in this hot tub. Its running cost will also be high since heating large quantities of water will guzzle energy.

To look at it positively, though, you will own a swimming pool that is also a spa, rather than a spa that is a swimming pool. Choose one if you agree with this logic!

Plastic Molded

These are roto-molded plastic hot tubs, characterized by their extremely tough build and long life. Like all other molded items, they are relatively light-weight - usually weighing under 300 pounds, hence easily movable to different locations. And their contoured seats offer comfort in sitting as well as stretched posture.

A combination of these features makes molded hot tubs great for hydrotherapy, massage, and rejuvenation. All this, at a relatively high return on investment since molded hot tubs are also energy efficient.

  • On the flip side, these hot tubs are unattractive compared to the wood and other sleek designs. You will choose one if you prefer form, function, and cost-effectiveness over style statement.


These are recessed, custom-built hot tubs that are "dug into" your backyard or garden. They are elite and exclusive, synonymous with large secluded villas and estates.

A typical underground hot tub can be visualized as a mini aqua-blue water pool finished with Italian marble or imperial green granite, with potted plants along its peripheral border, and spacious landscaped garden surrounding it. And of course, it is tucked away in a secluded corner of a quaint villa.

Being elite and made-to-order, this hot tub has the choicest spa facilitators. If you are thinking of building one in your backyard, you will proudly flaunt its high construction and running costs. Cost-efficiency is not its intended purpose, right?


These are lay-flat polyester or laminated PVC hot tubs that can be inflated when needed. They are available in a wide range of fancy shapes and designs.

Inflatable hot tubs are in the convenience category. They don't cost the world but also don't offer many of the exclusive features of hot tubs. They don't have seats and they are relatively shallow, so you will just float in them.

A big disadvantage of inflatable hot tubs is that they can be easily punctured. A single thorn prick or an abrasive rock cut, and all your investment will go in vain. Or, the plastic could get damaged by hot water or direct UV rays. To balance it, you can always deflate it and carry it with you to the beach or in the jungle.

Choose an inflatable hot tub if you don't want to invest heavily in a permanent spa but prefer low-cost, temporary, and "disposable" variant. Or, if you are a traveler who wants the luxury of hot tubs wherever they go.

  • The best spa jets use a balanced mix of air and water, which ensures optimal massage power - neither too strong nor too weak.
  • There are different types of jets that offer different types of therapeutic options and sensory experience.
  • Generally, larger jets are for larger muscles and they deliver gentler water-flow, while narrower jets are for targeted massage and offer a more intense type of massage.
  • For a soothing, relaxing massage choose rotating single pulse jets, soothing shower jets, or relaxing firm relief jets.
  • Rapid double pulse jets offer a medium pressure massage for for deep relaxation and stress relief.
  • For an intense, deep-tissue massage, powerful deep relief jets and target therapy jets will be your best choice.
  • If you want to make sure the tub has strong jets, look for one two pumps, each with high horsepower.
  • Remember that too many extra powerful jets can lead to low overall water pressure and unsatisfactory jet performance. Aim for variety.

Hot tubs being a water-based entertainment and therapeutic medium require proper insulation. Look for multi-layered, scientifically designed insulation and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your spa will last longer
  • More enjoyable - It will retain heat for longer
  • Cost-effective - Better insulation means lesser energy consumption, hence lower running cost. 

These are the types of reliable insulations for hot tubs:

  • Partial foam. This insulation is applied on the external surfaces of the spa. The material could be rigid foam boards or foam spray. It prevents heat escaping through the walls of the spa. It also adds structural strength. Partial foam insulation is used widely because it is cost-effective and traps heat efficiently.
  • Full foam. This is the current industry standard. It involves foam-spraying the entire inner area of hot tubs. Its offers superior heat trapping than partial foam insulation with these benefits:
  • Lesser energy consumption and running cost
  • Enhances structural strength
  • Reduces the impact of vibrations and other spa mechanisms on the inner body
  • Reduces damage to plumbing and other fittings
  • Multi-density foam. While partial and full foam insulation is done with single density foam, this method applies foam of multiple densities to offer the most superior insulation. It is part of the premium ranges of hot tubs.
  • Reflective wrap. In this type of insulation, flexible plastic or other materials with a reflective surface are wrapped around the entire internal peripheral walls of hot tubs. It reflects heat into the spa. Reflective wraps can be applied on partial or full foam insulation to increase their efficiency.
  • Spa cover. It covers the cabinet fully when not in use, thus not letting ambient conditions affect the temperature of water inside. It also:
  • Protects the body from UV rays
  • Prevents waste such as dead leaves from falling in the water
  • Prevents particulate pollutants such as air dust and viruses from entering the water

Although optional, a spa cover is an important accessory with excellent insulation property. Look for the ASTM F1346 - 9 (2018) certification for ensured quality.

Note that some spas such as inflated varieties do not use insulation at all. Hence they are the costliest to run and maintain. Do you want to check them out? It is your choice.

We will break this down into two categories:

Electrical safety

Check for these important North American certifications:

  • UL 1563. This is the safety standard for self-contained and field-installed spas and assemblies, blowers, and controls.
  • CSA c22 No.218-M89(R2006) for the overall safety of spas, hot tubs and associated equipment intended for residential and commercial use indoors and outdoors.
  • Hot tubs that you short-list should also have electrical circuit breakers to prevent mishaps.

Water safety and hygiene

Look for features such as:

  • Efficient water management. The water inlet and outlet systems should be proportionate and integral, meaning, both the amounts should be constant and equal.
  • Water filtration and sanitization. This should be an ongoing process so that your spa experience is as hygienic as pleasurable. Some advanced models also offer repetitive sanitization several times a day.

The control panel is a spa's command center. These are some important functions you should be looking for:

  • Blower. This button regulates the air influx in the hot tub to offer you different sensory experiences such as bubble, whirl, swirl, and more.
  • Temperature control. Ensure that they have different settings. This is important for all-season usability of hot tubs as well as temperature variation during spa sessions. Along with temperature control, hot tubs should also have heat sensors and digital thermometers to tell you the exact water temperature.
  • LED settings. Lighting has become integral to modern spa experiences. The control panel must have different lighting settings. Advanced models also offer light-audio configuration for synchronized experiences.
  • Audio settings. Music is a spa mood enhancer.Ensure that the control panel offers efficient music control and different modes.

You would have gathered a fair idea of hot tubs, their essentials, and types, from the above information. However, before making a final choice, remember these points:

  • Always keep child safety in mind. Whether family or gathering, children are likely to be part of the hot tub users. So, make sure that the one you buy has safety features such as children's access lock, first aid, and emergency kit around.
  • Prefer a shape that is broad in the middle. This will give you stretching width as well as convenience for static swimming.
  • Try out a full session before buying any hot tub. Understanding the need for a full-fledged demonstration, most retailers offer this facility. And to repeat our initial caution, never buy hot tubs online.
  • Ensure that the hot tub you buy is easy to maintain in terms of surface cleanliness and hygiene.
  • All said and done, hot tubs mix the two most dangerous elements - water and electricity. As final advice, we urge you to pay enough attention to electrical safety features of the model you are buying.

Best Ideas

4-Person 12-Jet Rock Solid Luna Plug and Play Spa

4-Person 12-Jet Rock Solid Luna Plug and Play Spa

if you have an urge to experience crazy, wet fun, you just have found the perfect piece for it. This 12-Jet Rock Plug & Play Spa is going to give you a bath you have never experienced before. The bath is designed to accommodate up to 4 people at the same time.

4 Person 20 Jet Luna DLX Plug & Play Spa

4 Person 20 Jet Luna DLX Plug & Play Spa

Pamper yourself to this truly relaxing piece and enjoy the new-found comfort with the various upgrades such as the therapy jet. It is certainly the sturdiest spa in the industry, while still requiring less energy and delivering better performance.

2-Person 16-Jet Cordoba Spa

2-Person 16-Jet Cordoba Spa

Cozy, 2-person spa, designed for you to relax in maximum comfort. It features 16 jets, 1 HP Pump, silver marble shell and maintenance free grey color cabinet. Includes a 1.5 HP pump, 1 KW heater and a heat recovery system.

Coleman 6 Person 30 Jet Bench Spa With Easy Plug N Play And Led Waterfall

Coleman 6 Person 30 Jet Bench Spa With Easy Plug N Play And Led Waterfall

This Coleman 30-jet bench spa with easy plug-n-play and LED lights is excellent for your porch or patio. It has six spaces for adults. It guarantees the moments of relaxing with friends.

Lifesmart 4 person 12 jet rock solid simplicity plug and

Lifesmart 4 Person 12 Jet Rock Solid Simplicity Plug And

AquaRest Spas AR-200 4 Person 14 SS Jets with Easy Plug and Play and LED Waterfall

AquaRest Spas AR-200 4 Person 14 SS Jets with Easy Plug and Play and LED Waterfall

Four-people spa with cover. Made of UV and weather resistant material. 14 jets, plug and play system. Total capacity of 210 gallons. A perfect hot tub for relaxation, especially before bedtime so you can sleep like a baby.

5 Person Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa

5 Person Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa

Are you looking for a perfect way to rest and relax? Then, check out this awesome portable spa! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of leisure and refreshment together with a modern and intriguing design.

Winnipeg 35-Jet Plug and Play Spa

Winnipeg 35-Jet Plug and Play Spa

If you're dreaming of an extraordinary comfort and a dose of luxury in your own house, check out this amazing and stylish item and bring some improvement to the design and functionality of your bathroom!

Avenli 4 Person Spa Prolong Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub

Avenli 4 Person Spa Prolong Deluxe Inflatable Hot Tub

It is an inflatable Spa Prolong Deluxe hot tub that is perfect for four person. It is a great addition to your favorite outdoor area. You will be impressed how fantastic and high quality this product is.

Quebec 4-Person Plug and Play Spa

Quebec 4-Person Plug and Play Spa

Aquaterra spas reviews

Plug & play hot tub for 4 persons lets you enjoy luxury and perfect water relax on everyday basis. This 4-person capacity spa with lights and upgraded tension-relieving jets is definitely a smart investment.

Lifesmart plug n play series 3 person corner spa

Lifesmart Plug n Play Series 3 Person Corner Spa

Plug and play hot tub reviews

Plug and Play Hot Tub Reviews

AquaRest Spas AR-400 4 Person 14 SS Jets with Easy Plug and Play and LED Waterfall

AquaRest Spas AR-400 4 Person 14 SS Jets with Easy Plug and Play and LED Waterfall

A very interesting product that assures comfort and relaxation in the water. This mobile spa provides space for four people. It is resistant to water and it includes plug and play system and a LED display.

Sirius 7-Person 115-Jet Lounge Spa

Sirius 7-Person 115-Jet Lounge Spa

Are you dreaming of an extraordinary and luxury solutions for your garden? Then, you're gonna get amazed by this awesome lounge spa! Check it out and enjoy the perfect design and extraordinary comfort.

4 person hot tub reviews

Designed for 6 people, this unique 6-seated portable plug and play hot tub will be an ideal way to relax with your beloved ones. Used outdoors, it can be a good substitution to a pool.

7-Person 26-Jet Nassau Non-Lounger Plug and Play Spa

7-Person 26-Jet Nassau Non-Lounger Plug and Play Spa

It is a Nassau Non-Lounger Plug and Play Spa with 26 jets. This product is great for seven person and for your home parties and home spa. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic this product is.

Plug and play hot tub reviews 2

A soothing hot tub for outdoors, excellent for relaxing on your sun deck or patio. The 110V plug-n-play or 220V hot tub includes 22 hydrotherapy jets, 1 kW/4 kW heater, waterfall, and ozonator & LED light. Accommodates up to 6 people.

Plug n play spa reviews

A splendid addition for outdoor areas such as sun decks, patios, and backyards. This 29-jet 120 Volt plug and play hot tub with hard cover is going to massage your tired muscles like a pro, while letting you soaking in soothing, warm water.

Person 30 jet lounger spa with easy plug n play

... Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa with Easy Plug-N-Play and LED Waterfall

Ar 600 6 person 19 ss jets with easy plug

... AR-600 6 Person 19 SS Jets with Easy Plug and Play and LED Waterfall

The rock 3 4 person hot tub

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity DX Plug and Play Spa with 13 Jets

Costco hot tubs any good

Lifesmart Retreat DLX 5 Person 28 Jet Plug and Play Spa

The rock 3 4 person hot tub 1

Treat yourself to a really sublime piece that is this hot tub. It will let you comfortably relax after a long day of work and provide you with the perfect way of resting your body. It comes with the brick finish of the outline.