30 Cozy Cottagecore Kitchen Ideas

Create your very own comfortable Cottagecore haven with these ideas that mix rural charm with cozy country vibes.

Rustic vibes and country charm are two pleasant decor options for your home, but when you just  can't decide which direction to take it, you might want to mix and match them to create your very own Cottagecore home decor.

Cottagecore works well in homes of all styles, regardless of their location. Kitchens are a great room to embrace the Cottagecore feel as the combination of dining furniture, appliances, cabinets, and window coverings can be great for mixing vintage and modern decors.

Additionally, you can mix and match a wide range of colors to find the one that works for you. Try using pastels, earthtones, and shades of mint green to get the best Cottagecore result for your kitchen.

1. Keep the room bright and airy

Rustic Kitchen With White Cabinet
Wade Weissman Architecture

Cottagecore is the epitome of comfort, relaxation and country charm. One of the best ways to combine these aspects together is by allowing in as much natural light as you can. Large open windows, patio doors, and skylights are a great addition to your kitchen.

2. Bring natural colors indoors with earthtones

Kitchen With Seafoam Green Dominant Color
Sarah Stacey Interior Design

Earthtones are an excellent way to bring a little bit of the natural feel into your kitchen. Try using off-whites, tans, greens, blues and clay colors to give your kitchen a natural feel while still maintaining the rustic charm you want.

3. Repurposed barn wood can look great

Small Kitchen With Repurposed Aged Wood
Leanne Ford Interiors

One of the best pieces of decor or furniture accents to place in your Cottagecore kitchen is anything that makes use of repurposed barn wood. This aged wood brings a vintage country vibe into your home and makes a great conversation piece.

4. Dark colors can make a room feel cozy

Elegant Rural Kitchen With Vaulted Ceilings
Jennifer Robin Interiors

While bright and open rooms can be very welcoming, if you’re looking for a cozy and quaint feel in your kitchen, opt to use darker colors. You can use darker wood grains, copper cooking pans, and lower intensity lighting to bring a close comfort feel to your kitchen

5. Combine your indoor colors with the outdoors

Kitchen Colors Blending With Outdoor Spaces
Jessica Davis, Atelier Davis Atlanta Interior Design

Don’t be afraid to blend your indoor decor and color palettes with the natural shades and themes you have outdoors. Wildflowers, wood tones, muted paint palettes, and other naturalistic touches can help blend the indoors with the outdoors.

6. Add plenty of decor items and artwork

Spacious Kitchen With Many Decorative Items
Cynthia Walden - Walden Design Group

Most rustic kitchens have one thing in common; lots of decorative touches to draw your eye around the room. Visit flea markets and antique shops to find the perfect pieces to decorate your kitchen with a unique and charming feel.

7. Embrace exposed natural timber

Neil McKay and Helen Davison

If you happen to have a kitchen with exposed natural wood timber trusses or vertical supports, embrace them. These touches of nature can be an outstanding way to bring that true rustic feel into your kitchen, regardless of the style of wood they may be.

8. Use vintage china and china cabinets

Susie Watson Designs

If you love decorative aspects, but also love having a safe space for your fine china, consider adding an antique china cabinet to your kitchen. Antique malls are a great place to find your next useful and versatile furniture piece.

9. Don’t be afraid to combine several themes

Eclectic Kitchen With Various Design Aspects
Design House, Inc Interior Designers & Decorators

When creating a Cottagecore kitchen, don’t feel restricted to a single theme. In fact, you can mix and match a wide range of themes, designs, and color palettes to create a charming and whimsical kitchen that perfectly suits you and your family.

10. Make use of Mint Green colors

Kitchen With Mint Green Color Palette
Volpe Enterprises, Inc. Kitchen & Bath Remodelers

Mint green is an often overlooked color in many aspects, but works wonderfully in kitchens. Many vintage and rustic style cabinets and appliances come in mint green colorations which makes it easy for you to color theme your entire kitchen space.

11. Bring the outdoors inside with potted plants

Large Kitchen With Several Potted Plants
JLF & Associates, Inc.

Potted plants are a great way to bring a bit of that country charm into your kitchen. Consider adding potted herbs and spices, or local wildflowers to your kitchen to use as decorative centerpieces and eye-catching additions to the room.

12. Spice up a room with natural green color tones

Dark Wood Kitchen With Green Accents
Upscale Construction

Never underestimate the power of the green coloration. It falls into the earth tone category and can also be an exceptionally well suited color for a wide range of different kitchen styles. Try drab green for a more cozy space, and bright green for a bright and welcoming feel.

13. Use reflective ceiling tiles for accents

Kitchen With Decorative Silver Ceiling Tiles
Realstone Systems, Oakland County's Expert Tile & Stone Design Specialists

Not often seen in many modern kitchens, making use of decorative metal ceiling tiles can be a great way to add a new dimension to your ceiling space while also brightening up the entire room. This option works great in kitchens with vaulted ceilings or exposed trusses.

14. Mix bright colors for a touch of whimsy

Rustic Colorful Decor In A Kitchen
Alison Kandler Interior Design

Don’t feel like you need to stick with mild and muted color tones; instead, go for bright varied colors for a touch of whimsy. You can find a wide range of decor and art pieces to suit your color preferences and turn your average kitchen into a Cottagecore haven.

15. Use a varied but muted color palette

If bright and whimsical isn’t your style, try the muted color approach. It’s a calming, welcoming, and comfortable color palette that makes anyone feel cozy in your kitchen. Muted tones are great when you just want to relax with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

16. Use rustic yoke-style lighting arrangements

Yoke Style Lighting Over A Countertop
Alison Kandler Interior Design

Instead of using modern and high-tech style lighting, go for rustic yoke or timber style choices. This exposed wood style helps bring the rustic feel to the forefront while also serving as a perfectly useful lighting option in the room.

17. Sky blue can make your kitchen feel relaxing

Small Kitchen With Sky Blue Cabinets
Max Hugo Interior Design

The sky blue color is one that instantly makes you feel more relaxed. It’s great for your kitchen as it works well on appliances, furniture, window coverings, cabinets, and wall coverings. In addition, sky blue can come in a wide range of shades to suit your unique preferences.

19. Use unique outdoor style flooring indoors

Modern Kitchen With Rustic Flooring Options
Spark Interior Style Interior Designers & Decorators

Don’t settle for the plain and boring tile floor. Instead, try using some more natural stone flooring options. While these may be viewed more as outdoor flooring options, they can work wonderfully in a Cottagecore kitchen as well.

20. Bright apple red coloring can brighten up a room

Rustic Kitchen With Bright Red Colors
Kleppinger Design Group Inc.

When you want to turn heads and catch a few eyes, bright apple red colors are the ones to consider. Bright apple red is a popular color choice on rustic and vintage appliances. It also looks amazing on dining seats, window coverings, and various decor items in your kitchen.

20. Mason jars and pickle jugs make great decor

Kitchen With Various Country Decor Items
Churchwood Design Kitchen Designers & Remodelers

Don’t throw away your old mason jars or pickle jugs. These can be a great item for DIY lighting, decorative, and storage options in your Cottagecore kitchen. Creating your own decorative touches from these recycled items can also be a fun family activity for the weekend too.

21. Consider using wicker and wire decorative accents

Both wicker and wire accents work exceptionally well in Cottagecore kitchens. Consider going with wicker seats on your chairs, or wire-fronted cabinets for your overhead cabinets. Chicken wire is a popular choice for wire accents as it is lightweight and easy to work with on DIY projects.

22. Alternate dark colors with off-white or ivory

Spacious Kitchen With Alternating Color Palette
Kristine Robinson, Robinson Interiors

Mixing dark and comforting colors with a light or white palette is a great way to give your kitchen a warm and welcoming feel, while also getting the benefits of light-reflecting light colors. Go with off-whites or ivories so the contrast isn’t as dramatic and see how it looks.

23. Add a touch of charm with rustic board signs

Kitchen With Shelves and Wood Decor
Kim Bailey Interiors, LLC

Similar to using repurposed barn wood, rustic board signs can add a unique level of country charm to your kitchen. Try finding signs that advertise farmers market produce or fresh eggs to feel fitting for placement in a kitchen.

24. White furniture pairs well with light-wood tones

Mostly White Kitchen With Natural Wood
Kitchens By Woody's Kitchen & Bath Designers

If you have several light wood tones in your Cottagecore kitchen, some of the best color choices can be light colored furniture. Pastels, whites, off-whites, ivories, creams and other pale colors can be a perfect combination with light oak or white pine woods.

25. Brighten up any space with wildflower bouquets

Bright White Kitchen With Flower Bouquets
Magnolia Mae Vintage Design

Bring the outdoors indoors with fresh flower bouquets in your kitchen. Throughout the spring and summer when flowers are in full bloom, consider bringing in a few wildflowers or local blooms to brighten up your kitchen and catch the eye of your family.

26. Color coordinate a variety of items together

Kitchen With Various Color Matching Items
J M Interiors Kitchen Designers & Remodelers

Regardless of the color you prefer, try matching that color across a range of items. You may be able to perfectly coordinate your window coverings, appliances, seating options, and lighting options to give a very unique and well designed feel to your kitchen.

27. Match your kitchen to your dining area for a spacious feel

Kitchen and Dining Room In Blue
Elizabeth Swartz Interiors

If you have a smaller kitchen and dining area, try using the same color palette and design options in both. This helps give the illusion of it being one large room instead of two smaller spaces. This is especially effective in open floor plan areas.

28. Pastel colors can make dark natural wood tones pop

Kitchen Using Pastels And Natural Timber
Dowers Kitchen Designers & Remodelers

Similar to using white colors with light natural wood, using pastels can make your dark wood tones really pop. Whether you are using dark wood furniture, countertops, or have dark exposed wood structural support in your kitchen, combining your favorite pastels can work wonders with the overall design.

29. Candles can add a touch of country charm to your kitchen

Kitchen With Various Candle Lighting Options
Royal Kitchens & Baths

Try finding lighting options that are centered around candles. There are many options for electric candles these days, so you don’t have to risk a fire hazard to get the perfect level of country charm. Look for globe lights, candelabras, chandeliers, and other options at antique malls and flea markets.

30. Embrace vintage and antique appliances and decor

Vintage Kitchen With Antique Furniture
Arciform Design Restore Remodel

Even if it might seem impractical to some, using vintage and antique appliances and other useful decor can be a great way to turn your average kitchen into Cottagecore. Old copper sinks, rustic storage options, vintage stoves, and more can be a perfect decor choice for your kitchen.

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