Colors that Go with Green

Green is the most common color found in nature. It provides balance and harmony and is therefore, an excellent color to incorporate into any room.  Green typically has positive effects on one's mood, but it is important to understand the psychology of green in order to incorporate it into a space in the best way.

What is the Psychology of Green?

Green is often described as tranquil and refreshing since it is the most common color found in nature. In the presence of green, the body's muscles become more relaxed therefore making it a calming and stress-relieving color.

Due to its stress-relieving ability, green is also found to be invigorating and revitalizing. It is proven to increase reading ability and creativity. Rarely does green have negative effects psychologically within interiors; however, it is linked to envy and greed, which can give it negative connotations in other aspects of life.

What are the Best Ways to Use Green in Your Home?

  • Dark green is an excellent choice for wall paint in libraries and studies for its proven ability to increase reading ability.

  • Accessorize with green houseplants to bring the refreshing aspects of nature inside and add balance to any room.

  • Greens with gray undertones can act as a neutral, pairing well with black, whites, and grays to create depth and warmth in a room.

  • Add bright green accessories such as pillows and throw blankets for a punch of color to brighten any room. 

Lighter shades of green are calming and are a good choice for paint color in bedrooms and nurseries.

What Colors Go with Green?

Green is the backdrop for all colors in nature and comes in a variety of shades making it easy to pair with other colors in a space. The key, however, to ensure the right use of green within a space is to make sure you are following the 5 principal rules of color combination.

Green + Pink 

Green and pink are complementary colors making them an ideal pairing. However, both colors can be bold and vibrant so it is important to vary their shades within a space to create balance. Lighter shades of green and pink are soft and calming and are a perfect pairing for feminine bedrooms and nurseries.

Beautiful pink and green bed sheets

Green + White

Green and white are a classic combination. Brighter green accessories such as art and throw pillows shine against a white backdrop such as white walls, whereas, softer shades of green will warm up a room with all white furniture. Incorporate green houseplants into monochromatic white rooms to keep them tranquil but keep them from feeling too stark.

Green and White Bedroom Design
Green and White Bedroom Design

Green + Yellow

Green and yellow are analogous colors, mixing well together. However, much like pink and green, yellow and green can be a bold combination so it's important to create balance. Try incorporating yellow and green into a room through the use of patterned fabrics. You will often find them paired in floral patterns. For a more subtle approach, mix pastel yellow with grassy green tones.

Green and Yellow Floral Details in Bedroom
Green and Yellow Floral Details in Bedroom

Green + Brown

Brown is the perfect neutral to pair with green. Together they create a warm space. Brown wood furniture, such a medium toned walnut, mixes well with any shade of green. Dark green wall paint creates a moody atmosphere in studies and libraries with darker wood bookcases. For a twist on a traditional boy's room, make green the prominent color. Use brown wood furniture, green accent pieces and patterned fabrics that mix green and brown.

Minimalist living room

Green + Purple

Purple and green are a refreshing mix. Try pairing green and purple as accent colors in neutral colored rooms. For a soft and feminine bedroom, use green and purple bed linens and accent pillows with a white or cream headboard.  Choose minty or gray greens that pair with varying shades of purple.

Bedroom with four poster bed

Green + Blue

As analogous colors, green and blue are a difficult combination to get wrong. However, it is important to vary their shades and tones within a room to create depth. One classic pairing is navy blue and grass green. For a space rich in color, couple cobalt blue and mint green. Create a statement by using them on two or three main pieces of furniture.

Green and Blue Living Room Design
Green and Blue Living Room Design

Green + Gold

Green and gold are a classic pairing in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Gold accented furniture looks beautiful next to green upholstered furniture. Green painted walls provide an excellent backdrop for gold framed art, mirrors or lighting fixtures to really shine.

Green and Gold Foyer Design
Green and Gold Foyer Design

Green + Red

Green and red are complementary colors, which make them a natural pairing. They are both rich and vibrant colors and work best when paired as accents colors in a room. However, to pair red and green as the main colors in a space, vary their shades and add in a third color to create balance. Light beige provides a nice backdrop for rusty shades of red and deeper green accents.

Green and Red Room Design
Green and Red Room Design

Green + Black

Black is a perfect accent to green. However, green and black can make a room feel heavy if not balanced properly. That's not necessarily a decorating no-no. Some people thrive in dark, muted surroundings. For a more neutral, livable color combination, use the 60-30-10 rule to keep black from overwhelming the space. Start with 60% a light neutral color such as white, 30% green accents or one statement furniture piece and 10% black in small accessories like picture frames and side tables.

Green and Black Office Room Design
Green and Black Office Room Design

Green + Gray

Green and gray create well-balanced rooms. Lighter greens or greens that have gray undertones provide just enough contrast when paired with gray furniture or accessories in order to build depth and warmth in a room. On the other hand, brighter greens can liven up a gray room or piece of furniture through the use of accessories such as pillows, art or accent pieces.

Green and Gray Room Details
Green and Gray Room Details


  • Green is associated with the heart chakra; the energy centers within the body that help regulate all processes.

  • Although green most often has positive associations; it sometimes describes negative connotations, for example the phrase 'green with envy.'

  • Green has long been the symbol of fertility and was once the wedding dress color choice of the 15th century.

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