30 Green Accent Wall Bedroom Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Green walls have the potential to make your bedroom look both relaxing and refreshing at the same time. Discover the most creative and stylish tricks to incorporate them.

We bet you've already seen a green accent wall in living rooms, perhaps to complement an urban jungle or bohemian setting, but trust us: this decorative choice has just as much potential in bedrooms, too.

Whether you choose this color for the main wall behind your bed or a smaller one in the corner, green will inject personality and energy into your bedroom without it feeling overwhelming. It's also the perfect background to help certain colors pop.

To help you add the right green accent wall to your bedroom and decorate it in a way that matches your vision, our interior design experts have come up with lots of different ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

1. Choose a green wallpaper

Bedroom with a patterned green wallpaper

If your bedroom decor revolves around a monochrome headboard (which tends to be the most popular option), you could try some wallpaper with a design that includes green elements, either as its background or accents.

The only case in which we advise against it is if your headboard also involves some visually busy tufted upholstery: in that case, stick to monochrome walls or a delicate wallpaper design.

2. Experiment with irregular green shapes

Bedroom with an abstract green wall
STADT Architecture

Green is already a fairly rare color for bedroom walls, but you can showcase your unique decorative flair even further by opting for irregular or abstract wall sections.

This will work especially well on the wall behind your headboard. Rather than adding a large picture or artwork, the wall itself will become a statement, much like in this evocative example with different shades of green.

3. Don’t hide your green accent wall behind the headboard

Green wallpaper with see-through bed frame
Grace Home Furnishings

If you’re really crazy about this accent hue, you don’t even have to sacrifice a portion of it to make room for your headboard.

By opting for a matching finish or a frame-only design like in this colorful example, you’ll blend the separation between wall and bedframe.

While this trick is especially effective with wallpaper, you could use it for monochrome green walls, too.

4. Include a large artwork or picture

Green bedroom wall and white frame
Interior Solutions Design Limited

Looking to add a statement picture or artwork above your headboard? Then remember your shade of green before picking a design. Otherwise, you might end up with something that looks stunning on its own but doesn’t work against its background.

A trick to avoid this result is to include a large white frame that smoothens the transition between the two.

5. Green = nature

Bedroom with green forest artwork
Emily Henderson Design

Perhaps the reason why you’re obsessed with this color is that it reminds you of green forests and fields?

Then bring nature inside your bedroom by using an entire wall to showcase some relevant artwork. Alternatively, you could choose a large picture of green trees and landscapes.

Either way, painting the actual wall white will help you avoid a busy feel.

6. Create some contrast against your wooden furniture

Vintage bedroom with green walls
Gregory Shano Interiors

One of the reasons why green walls work so well with different decor styles (from bohemian to mid-century modern and Scandinavian) is that they help wooden furniture stand out divinely.

So, if you have a wooden headboard and nightstands, consider choosing the main wall behind them as your green accent.

7. Showcase some green tapestry

Bedroom with green walls and tapestry
Sally Denning

Paintings and pictures aren’t the only form of art that you can consider for the space above your headboard: tapestry is guaranteed to make a bold statement.

When it comes to your initial green idea, we have two main tips: either opt for a green background with accents in a different color or paint your walls green and add a large tapestry with green elements against a lighter background.

8. Include some white curtains

White and green bedroom
Annie Hall Interiors

Are you planning on using green on a wall that includes a window? Then we recommend pairing it up with curtains that work well against this hue.

White is the airiest and safest choice to maintain a relaxing feel, but you can also consider yellow and pink to create a pleasant contrast or curtains relying on delicate patterns.

9. Paint a slatted wall green

Bedroom with a green slatted wall
House Nine Design

With their visually interesting lines, green slatted walls are a great compromise between plain monochrome surfaces and patterned wallpaper.

You can then emphasize them even further by adding other accent elements in the same hue elsewhere in your bedroom, like the artwork and nightstands in this charming

10. Embrace a green overload

Bedroom with green walls and headboard
Tamra Coviello

Is green your all-time favorite color? Not up for sticking to a single element in that hue? Then experiment with a green headboard against a green wall.

This example achieves a fairly cohesive look by sticking to similar hues, but a safer bet would be to have a dark green headboard against a light-green wall (or vice versa). That way, you’ll have your green overload but avoid a busy feel.

11. Try a green and pink combination

Green bedroom with pink bedsheets
Ali Attenborough

Turn your bedroom into that of a typical Wes Anderson character by pairing up your green wall with delicate pink accents.

Green and pink is a fantastic combination that can really inject some personality into your decor, from bohemian to Hollywood regency bedrooms.

As for your pink accents, think of your pillows, cushions, bedsheets, or artwork. Some pink nightstands would look super stylish against a green wall, too.

12. Focus on your green accent wall

Bedroom with a green wall
Cathie Hong Interiors

Obviously, it’s a common choice to hang a picture above your headboard. Because green is such a quirky and rare accent when it comes to bedroom walls, however, it can be a statement in itself!

So, if you choose a dark or eye-catching green hue (such as emerald or forest green), you could easily consider leaving that wall empty except for functional items like these lighting fixtures that contrast against it.

13. Decorate it with small accents

Green bedroom wall with pink decor
Buro 19.23

A clever compromise between a large artwork above your bed and an entirely monochrome green wall is to opt for the latter but add smaller decorative items.

These could consist of wall decor elements (such as framed pictures or a tiny selection of items on a shelf) or even something painted directly on the wall like in this creative example.

14. Have some green plants with your green walls

Green bedroom with plants and wooden elements
Anna Angiel Interiors

If you’re captivated by the most instagrammable urban jungles, include a few plants in your bedroom with a green wall.

However, choose them wisely rather than focusing on their appearance alone: some species produce oxygen even during the night or are known for absorbing toxins.

Some of the best plants for the bedroom are the iconic snake plant, spider plant, heartleaf philodendron, golden pothos, rubber plant, and aloe vera.

15. Use a green bedroom wall to separate your work area

Bedroom with white and green walls

Does your bedroom include a desk because you study or work from home?

Colors are an excellent way of separating different areas without introducing room dividers that might end up making your bedroom look smaller.

Choose green for the wall behind your desk, or complement it by painting the one behind your bed in that hue too, as long as you have a different section (especially a lighter white) separating them.

16. Pair it up with green cushions and pillows

Green bedroom with cushions in the same color
Bricks Amsterdam

If you’re only going to paint a single wall in this color, you might want to include a sprinkle of decorative items in the same hue to maintain a cohesive effect in your bedroom.

Your cushions are an excellent starting point, but you can also experiment with artwork, books, and smaller items on shelves and top surfaces.

17. Create an exotic or jungle vibe

Bedroom with jungle-inspired walls

Whether that’s through some wallpaper or because it’s painted on the actual wall, a plant or leafy design like in this escapist bedroom will make you feel like you’re always on holiday.

We recommend keeping your other walls white or light green to avoid a heavy look and help this special accent section pop.

18. Try it on your built-in storage

Bedroom with green wall and storage
Anna Pavlovskaya Interiors

Another trick to blend the transition between your green bedroom wall and the rest of your room is to… paint other furniture items against it in that color, too!

This works particularly well with wardrobes or built-in storage solutions, but you can also get creative with other pieces, such as nightstands or desks.

19. Use it around a window

Green walls with trees outside the window
ZeroEnergy Design

Do you happen to have a peaceful green view beyond your bedroom window? Something like trees, hills, or fields?

Then just imagine how stunning that section will look when you complement your view with even more green through the wall around that window!

20. Create some contrast with your artwork

Bedroom with brown artwork and green walls
Life Well Lived

For the best results when introducing pictures or paintings in your bedroom, consider choosing some artwork that contrasts against your green wall while still complementing the rest of your palette.

As you can see in this example, brown shades tend to work especially well with green hues, and they can also match your wooden furniture.

21. Pair it up with brown upholstery

Leather headboard against a green bedroom wall
Lindye Galloway Interiors

Green and brown is such a beautiful combination that we bet you’ll love this additional take on it.

From tan leather to fabric upholstery in earthy tones, you really can’t go wrong when you push a brown headboard against a green accent wall.

22. Go boho

Boho bedroom with green walls
Run for the Hills

Thanks to its natural feel and energetic vibe, green is particularly popular in bohemian interiors.

So, since you’re already after some green accent wall bedroom ideas, you might want to consider embracing the rest of this style, too.

Get creative with natural materials (such as wood, bamboo, and wicker designs), bold colors, some white to balance them, and eclectic pieces that look as if they were one of a kind.

23. Think beyond saturated monochrome walls

Bedroom with a bold green wall

As well as wallpaper and plain painted sections, you could inject even more personality into your bedroom by opting for a creative painting technique for your green accent wall.

For example, experiment with a sponge effect, horizontal or vertical strié lines, or a whimsical color wash.

24. Have a green storage background

Green over the bed storage

Maybe you can’t see much of the wall above your headboard because it’s hidden behind wardrobes and storage cupboards?

Easy: if that’s the case, just paint those in your favorite green hue!

You can then keep them consistent by including smaller accent items in the same color, such as your cushions.

25. Accentuate your green wall with colorful glass panels

Exotic bedroom with green walls and colorful window

Yellow, orange, purple, pink… The same colors that you’d use to create some contrast against your green bedroom wall can be used right opposite or next to it in a more original way.

Introduce some colored glass panels in your window, and get ready to be mesmerized whenever you see the sunlight filter through them in the morning.

26. Add a buzzing neon sign

Bedroom with green walls and a neon sign
Victoria Hopkins Interiors

From vintage vibes to a hipster statement, nothing beats a showstopping neon sign!

White, yellow, and pinkish hues would work particularly well against a green wall.

However, because neon makes a humming sound whenever it’s on, it might be wiser to consider faux neon alternatives in your bedroom, especially if you’re thinking of placing your new sign above your bed.

27. Create a green wall with tiles

Green tiles on a bedroom wall
Livingetc x Bert and May

When thinking of wall tiles, most people picture kitchens or bathrooms, so a tiled bedroom wall is guaranteed to impress everyone that gets a glimpse of your room.

There are so many options to choose from, too: green tiles in the same color, green accents against a white background or vice versa, green tiles in different hues… You can really get creative!

28. Use a giant green headboard as your wall

Large green headboard against a bedroom wall
Jimmie Martin

While most headboards tend to range between 14 and 58” above the mattress (depending on its size), giant designs can cover your entire wall!

So, if you were looking for the quirkiest green accent wall bedroom ideas, you could leave your actual walls as they are but cover your main one with an upholstered headboard in this hue.

Why not pair it up with a bench in the same color?

29. Add curtains with delicate green accents

Bedroom with green walls and curtain accents
Gale Michaud Interiors

Another charming way to complement your green accent wall without running the risk of creating an overwhelming feel?

Focus on white and light-colored elements, and only use green hues as humble accents instead.

For example, we love the way they stand out as a pattern on these white curtains.

30. Get creative with your green accent wall!

Green wall with wooden elements
Elahé Déco

Finally, don’t forget that your new green wall is also a fantastic opportunity to think outside the box.

Much like this beautiful bedroom with wooden elements running up the wall, you can find your own way of making your accent section pop.

Adding fairy lights, hanging plants, macrame… The same decorative tricks that work in living rooms can revolutionize your green bedroom wall, too!

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