Colors That Go With Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Say hello to gray, the color predicted to dominate kitchen trends in 2023. Gray kitchen cabinets are sleek, sophisticated, and endlessly versatile, pairing effortlessly with a range of accent colors.

As we dive into 2023, say goodbye to the verdant and azure shades of yesteryear and say hello to the new and highly sophisticated gray kitchen trend. Gray kitchen cabinets are expected to soar in popularity in the coming year, heavily littering the likes of Instagram and Pinterest. The epitome of contemporary kitchen design, gray kitchen cabinets look smart, are dependable and practical, and provide a versatile backdrop for experimenting with your personal style. From barely-there light grays to moody charcoal shades, gray kitchen cabinets bring tasteful, understated elegance and endless versatility to the (kitchen) table. Take the scheme a step further with these accent color ideas.

1. Gray and White

Beach Style Kitchen
Margaret Wright Photography

Gray and white is a tried and tested color combo. White walls, tiling, and furniture keep the space feeling clean, fresh, and spacious. The darker the gray shade, the higher the contrast and the more the gray kitchen cabinets will become a distinguishing feature. Interrupt the monochromatic scheme with warm-toned wood and metallics, and add rattan accessories for a SoCal vibe, or opt for cool metals and glass for a modern minimalist look.

2. Gray and Navy Blue

Contemporary Kitchen
Classic Kitchens

Ok, maybe we're not saying our final goodbyes to blue kitchens just yet, but we are seeing gray kitchen cabinets slowly edge their way in. An abundance of navy blue will create a moody and relaxing atmosphere that isn't very conducive to cooking. Instead, restrict navy blue to an accent wall and introduce white as a tertiary color. That way, the space will still feel fresh and bright, and hey presto, you can see what you're cooking!

3. Gray and Wood Texture

Modern Kitchen
Koch Architects, Inc.

Sat next to each other, gray and wood textures creates an interestingdiscourse. While gray typically denotes a modern, minimalist aesthetic and urban landscape, wood offers a direct connection to the natural environment. Brown, earthy tones have a warming and grounding effect, breathing life into the quiet gray shade. Opt for dark wood tones, like walnut and mahogany, for a smart, sleek kitchen decor, or a paler variety, like oak and maple, for a chic contemporary look.

4. Gray and Terracotta

Terracotta color backsplash
Globaleo Bois

Contrast the calm neutrality of gray kitchen cabinets with a vibrant terracotta backsplash. Terracotta has prominent orange undertones that bubble with energy and leap to the fore, leaving gray cabinets to recede into the background. Evenly distribute bursts of terracotta around the room for a cohesive design. Look for crockery, plant pots, dining chairs, and other kitchen accessories that feature the warm earthy hue.

5. Gray and Mid Blue

Two tone cabinets
Meredith Owen Interiors

For a mellow kitchen environment, team a mid-gray shade with a mid-tone blue. Matching the tones - and undertones - creates a seamless and cohesive aesthetic. Both colors are typically 'cool' in temperature, so give the kitchen a warm, inviting feel by opting for gray and blue hues with a warm (yellow/red) undertone. Two-tone cabinets are also trending, so why not incorporate a splash of blue on your kitchen island?

6. Gray and Gold

Gray and gold Kitchen
Webb Yates Engineers

Glam up your gray kitchen cabinets with a gleaming gold backsplash. The warm metallic finish instantly elevates the space, bouncing light off its reflective surface and offering an intriguing contrast to the cool, moody gray cabinets. Be careful not to overdo the gold, as it can quickly turn a space from luxurious to outright gaudy! Stick to gold accents in light fixtures, furniture pieces, or tasteful decorative accessories.

7. Gray and Turquoise

Eclectic Kitchen
Gina Sims Designs

Balance the subdued nature of gray with turquoise's energizing and refreshing character. The green-blue hue is captivating yet calming, instilling mental clarity and tranquility. Consider it the perfect excuse to incorporate a fun backsplash, like these turquoise scallop tiles that accentuate this kitchen design. Here, the gray kitchen cabinets make a case in point for their unwavering versatility and neutrality.

8. Gray and Black

Gray and black Kitchen
JSE Interior Design

Black lends depth and strength of character to a tonal gray kitchen. We don't suggest painting the whole kitchen black as this will create a dark and gloomy environment, and that's impractical. Instead, punctuate the gray with black accents. Note how the black extractor hood and black island break up the gray kitchen cabinets, andthe black beam celebrates the property's architectural features. Use the 60-30-10 rule for guidance to get the color proportions spot on.

9. Gray and Dusty Pink

Transitional Kitchen
Idesign Interiors (SW) Ltd

Sweeten up a gray kitchen with a touch of dusty pink. This delicate rosy shade has a murky appearance due to its beige undertones, giving it an air of elegance and sophistication, as well as warmth, neutrality, and a sense of nostalgia. Introduce dusty pink through soft textiles, such as upholstered seating and window treatments, rosy tiles for a splashback, and some dust pink cookware and appliances.

10. Gray and Taupe

Mediterranean Kitchen
SOLLiD Cabinetry

Offset the cool, still nature of gray with a warm neutral, like taupe. Halfway between gray and brown, taupe maintains the calm neutrality of gray while contributing an added layer of wholesomeness. For a seamless transition between the two shades, ensure their tone and undertones are aligned. Create depth by introducing the neutral shades with different textures, such as stone flooring, tiles, paint, and upholstery, and punctuating it with warm white and dark wood accents.

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