Colors that Go with Royal Blue

Unlike the primary color blue, royal blue has the addition of red or purple. It is often confused with navy blue, however it is a bit lighter. Learn how to design with it to create beautiful, stylish, and well-balanced color combinations.

What is the Psychology of Royal Blue?

The color royal blue has a bit more energy than primary blue since it has the addition of red in its undertones. In small amounts, royal blue, like blue, can be serene, eliciting calmness. It is a popular choice in hospitals because it promotes calm and trust. However, royal blue can also have the opposite effect.

Large quantities of royal blue can create feelings of sadness. Furthermore, royal blue is the least appetizing of the colors because it rarely occurs in nature and is often associated with poisonous foods.

What are the Best Ways to Use Royal Blue in Your Home?

  • Royal blue wall paint is eye-catching. Try using it in a smaller space, like a powder room, for a wow-factor. 

  • Royal blue looks great mixed with most colors, so it is often found in patterns. Select a pattern with royal blue to add a bit of energy to a room.

  • Royal blue cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom are a fun twist on more traditional colors.

  • Add royal blue accents such as throw pillows or blankets to light, neutral upholstered furniture for a punch of color.

Avoid painting dining rooms or kitchen walls royal blue, as the color can be an appetite suppressant.

What Colors Go with Royal Blue?

Royal blue is a dark shade of blue but lighter than navy blue. It can be welcoming and calming. It can also add a bit of energy to a room since it has red undertones. However, it should be balanced with other colors in order to avoid creating negative emotions.

Royal Blue + Pink

Royal blue and pink are a bold combination. They both have red undertones, which give them lots of energy together. Using paler shades of pink such as blush on the walls will help soften and balance royal blue furniture. For more eye-catching spaces, try adding brighter pink accents such as throw pillow or blankets to royal blue furniture.

Royal Blue and Pink Interior Design
Royal Blue and Pink Interior Design

Royal Blue + White 

Royal blue and white are a hard combination to get wrong. Use royal blue on a few selected pieces of furniture, balancing it with white accessories. To warm up the room, add in a 3rd neutral color such as cream or light gray. Try using the warmer neutral on the walls to provide a nice foundation for the cooler tones of royal blue and white.

Royal Blue and White Living Room Design
Royal Blue and White Living Room Design

Royal Blue + Yellow

As complementary colors, royal blue and yellow are a natural pairing. However, they are both vibrant colors so they must be balanced correctly in a room. The secret to combining these colors is to use them both as accent colors. Use the 60-30-10 rules. Start with a neutral color at 60% then add in royal blue at 30% and use yellow as your accent color at 10%.

Royal Blue and Yellow Room Design

Royal Blue + Dark Brown

Royal blue has just enough vibrancy to contrast the rich tones of dark brown.  In rooms with dark brown wood furniture, try painting the walls royal blue. The royal blue will help visually brighten the space. Mix in lighter accent colors to keep the room from feeling too heavy.

Royal Blue and Dark Brown Bedroom Ideas
Royal Blue and Dark Brown Bedroom Ideas

Royal Blue + Teal

Royal blue and teal are a fun yet sophisticated color combination. However, the two shades of blue can compete with each other to overwhelm a room. Use the 60-30-10 rules to make sure you strike the right balance. Start with warm neutral colors at 60% then add in royal blue at 30% and use teal as your accent color at 10%.

Royal Blue and Teal Room Details

Royal Blue + Green

Royal blue and green are analogous colors. Balance the richness of royal blue with lighter non-vibrant shades of green like sage or olive to create a soothing combination perfect for a bathroom with wooden furniture. Use green as your foundation color for the walls or main pieces of furniture. Add accents of royal blue in the room's accessories.

Royal Blue and Green room

Royal Blue + Red

Like other shades of blue, royal blue and red create a nautical feeling spaces. Mix them with other neutral colors like tan or white to round out a space. You may select one color to use in the larger pieces of furniture. Or layer both colors in the accessories such as throw pillows, blankets and small accent furniture.

Apartment interior

Royal Blue + Orange

As complementary colors, royal blue and orange are a vibrant combination. Use orange accents in a space with royal blue walls or upholstered furniture for an eye-catching room. For a more subdued look, use royal blue and orange as accent colors. Keep the majority of the room neutral adding in select accents of both colors.

Royal Blue and Orange Room Design

Royal Blue + Black

Royal blue and black are a deep, rich pairing. It is important to keep these two colors well balanced in a room with other neutrals. Royal blue adds a bit of brightness to contrast the darkness of black. Alternate the colors on larger upholstered pieces or add royal blue accents like throw pillows to black furniture.

Royal Blue and Black Interior Details

Royal Blue + Tan

Create a serene yet visually interesting space by combining royal blue and tan. Use tan furniture such as natural wood furniture and neutral colored walls for the majority of the room. Add in accents of royal blue. Painted furniture is a fun way to incorporate color and add depth to the space.

Royal Blue and Tan Dining Room Design
Royal Blue and Tan Dining Room Design

If you want to learn more about perfect color pairs, read about the color combination.


  • The name royal blue was first used in the early 19th century and comes from England where it was created in a competition to make a dress for Queen Charlotte.

  • The color royal blue is featured on the United Kingdom's flag due to its origins.

  • Before the 1950's royal blue was considered to be much darker. It was later redefined with the invention of the RGB color chart for computers.

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