Colors that Go with Pink

The combination of red and white makes the many shades of pink. Pink represents compassion and love and is often associated with femininity. It gets its energy from the color red, which is balanced by the purity of white. The deeper the shade of pink the more passion and energy it has so it is important to understand the psychology of the color before you start designing with it.

What is the Psychology of Pink?

The color pink is romantic and feminine. As the sign of hope, it is largely considered a positive color. Pink inspires warm and comforting feelings. Studies have shown exposure to pink can have a calming effect on the nerves.

Lighter shades of pink are seen as relaxing, whereas brighter, more vibrant shades of pink are stimulating. However, prolonged exposure to large quantities of pink, specifically brighter shades can have an adverse effect on one's mood and be aggravating.

What are the Best Ways to Use Pink in Your Home?

  • Light pink is an excellent choice for wall paint to create a soft and feminine room.

  • Brighter more vibrant pinks work best as an accent color. Incorporate them into a room through the use of throw pillows, art and accessories.

  • Pink is best used in bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms or rooms meant for relaxation, as it has calming effects.

  • Mix light pink with brighter colors such as red for an eclectic feel.

  • Avoid using pink as the singular color throughout an entire room as it can be aggravating if not balanced with other colors.

What Colors Go with Pink?

Pink comes in variety of shades from blush to hot pink. It can be a calming and welcoming color or add a punch of color to any space.  However, it needs to be balanced correctly with other colors in order to not have an adverse effect on one's mood. Read about the 5 principal rules of color combination before designing with pink, which we refer to in our color pairings.

Pink + White 

Pink and white are a timeless pairing. It is hard to get this combination wrong. In spaces with lots of white furniture, paint the walls soft pink to add depth and interest. In the same vain, add pink accent pillows and art in a white room for a punch of color. Pink is often found in floral patterns, which can be used as wall covering or drapery for something a bit more dramatic.

Stylish interior of a modern bedroom

Pink + Black

Pink can help soften the heaviness of black. However, you have to be careful to balance the two colors. Brighter more vibrant pinks with black furniture can be harsh. Instead opt for softer or more medium tones of pink. Try using light pink paint as an alternative to white walls in a room with lots of black furniture.

Pink and Black Interior Design
Pink and Black Interior Design

Pink + Yellow

Pink and yellow can both be vibrant colors, so it is important to balance them well within a space.  The secret to combining these colors is to keep the rest of your palette neutral and soft. Use the 60-30-10 rules. Start with a soft neutral at 60% then add in pink at 30% and use yellow as your accent color at 10%.

Pink and Yellow Modern Living Room
Pink and Yellow Modern Living Room

Pink + Brown

Pink and brown create soft feminine spaces. Pink brings a bit of energy and can keep brown furniture from overwhelming a room. Add pink accents such as bedding or throw pillows to help brighten up brown furniture. Ethnic inspired rugs often have brown and pink mixed in their patterns. Select a rug with vibrant pink and brown to best tie the two colors together in a room and balance it with lots of beiges.

Pink and Brown Elegant Bedroom Design
Pink and Brown Elegant Bedroom Design

Pink + Purple

Pink and purple work best together when balanced between jewel and pastel tones. Pink and purple create youthful and feminine spaces. When designing with these colors start with a neutral color wall and add in accents of each color.  Use pastel or deeper shades of purple on larger, more prominent elements, such as upholstery and add in brighter pinks in the accessories. It is best to keep pink and purple up to 50% of the room. Make the other 50% of the room neutral colors to keep pink and purple from overwhelming the space.

Cozy living room

Pink + Blue

Pink and blue can be a bold combination or a serene duo. For a moody and eclectic space start with a navy blue wall and add in pink accents such as a patterned rug. Lighter shades of blue pair well with brighter pink accessories for a fun yet sophisticated room. Although not the most obvious choice for nurseries - after all it's usually either pink or blue - the two colors together can in fact make an attractive combination.

Pink and Blue Baby Room Ideas
Pink and Blue Baby Room Ideas

Pink + Green

Pink and green are complementary colors, which makes them an ideal pairing. Mint greens pair well with blush pinks for a soft and calming space. But that's not the only way to go. Bold and vibrant shades of pink and green are the staple of Moroccan-style spaces. Add beautiful lanterns, pendant lights, plants, a colorful rug, and you'll end up with an irresistible arrangement - even if a little audacious.

Living room with a pink plush armchair

Pink + Red

Pink and red are vibrant analogous colors.  In order not to overwhelm a space it is best to vary their shades and tones. Soft blush pinks look beautiful paired with deeper shades of red. To mix bolder shades of both colors follow the 60-30-10 rules, 60% neutrals, 30% pink and 10% red, to make sure the colors are well balanced in the room.

Pink and Red Dining Room Details
Pink and Red Dining Room Details

Pink + Orange

Pink and orange are a very youthful pairing. As complementary colors, pink and orange are easy to incorporate together into a space, however it is important they are balanced with neutrals. Rusty shades of orange look beautiful with blush pinks to create soft feminine spaces. For something a little more eye-catching pair brighter orange with light pink.

Pink couch in elegant living room

Pink + Gray

Pink and gray are a classic combination. Brighter pinks pop against deeper gray tones adding a bit of fun to a room. Try adding neon pink accents such as throw blankets and pillows to dark gray upholstered furniture. For softer and more feminine spaces such as nurseries, pair blush pinks with light grays.

Pink and Grey Room Design
Pink and Grey Room Design

Pink + Gold

Nothing screams glam louder than a combination of soft pinks and gold. Use various shades of gray to keep the arrangement classy, add depth with a vibrant pink bouquet of fresh flowers and finish off the look with a large plant to help the colors really pop.

Pink and gold room


  • In Japan pink symbolizes the souls of the fallen Samurai and is therefore considered masculine.

  • Pink is sometimes used on the walls in prisons for its calming effects.

  • Jaipur is also known as the 'Pink City'

  • In most European languages pink is called Rose or Rosa after the Rose Flower.

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