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Quaint, Cosy with Hints Of Unexpected Richness - 30 French Country Kitchen Ideas

French country kitchen ideas are all about giving the heart of your home character and a sense of timelessness while still providing modern and necessary amenities and design features.

There are lots of interior design details you can incorporate when you're looking to bring French country kitchen ideas into your home space.

Firstly, you don't need to shy away from rustic elements, such as wood details and embellishments, because they help to make your kitchen feel homey and inviting.

Secondly, you can feel free to play with color, various textures and decorative features, such as canopies or even antique-inspired lighting because it all works to add to the overall charm and warmth that exists in a French country kitchen.

1. A charming kitchen fit for cooking

French country kitchen idea with dark countertop
Becca Interiors

Ready for cooking galore, this French country kitchen idea gives a sense of overall warmth mixed with charming details. The open natural wood shelving units on either side of the stove range are both practical and allow for display of your most favorite kitchen items.

The dark blue kitchen cupboards along with the almost black granite countertops work to incorporate fresh colors and textures into the space while the wood beam ceiling offers a traditional twist.

2. Bright and white as far as the eye can see…

French country style kitchen with white countertops and cupboards
Glenna Stone Interior Design

Soft colors and even softer angles are the theme for this French country style kitchen. The countertops are a creamy off-white with a light blue fleck within and the cupboards are a bright white with brass hardware.

The design feature that really sets this French country kitchen space apart though are the rustic wood beams overhead that come down into the kitchen island. The arched supports really add a unique touch in this modern but quaint kitchen.

3. Don’t be afraid of color and various patterns

French country kitchen ideas with fun colors
Rikki Snyder

Feel as though you’ve magically stepped into the French countryside in your kitchen by incorporating various vintage-style textiles and fun pops of color.

For instance, the hardwood flooring and light blue cupboards are a relatively neutral backdrop, but there are points of intrigue added with the burnt red throw rug, colored dining chairs, and patterned yellow and orange upholstered armchair.

4. A pop of blue and a great backsplash

French country kitchen with neutral countertop
Whittney Parkinson Design

Designed with a completely homey feel, this French country kitchen is modern in the sense that the color palette is fairly clean and neutral with creamy colored kitchen cabinets and a granite countertop and backsplash.

There are several design elements that bring in that cool French countryside twist, like with the blue wood architrave over the range along with the uniquely shaped glass hanging lights over the kitchen island.

5. An ode to the French…

French country kitchen with traditional French backsplash
Tyler Karu

For those looking for those classic French touches, you really can’t beat the blue and white tile backdrop in this charming kitchen as it basks in traditional European pride.

Among the classic design elements in this space are the antique brass light fixtures, farmhouse-style sink, and wood ceiling trim that play off seamlessly with some of the modern features, like the open shelving and light hardwood floors.

6. Everything in gold and white, please

Bright white kitchen cupboards and countertops
White Sands

In this little nook of this French country kitchen, you’re immediately hit with everything that is bright, simplistic, but still really pretty.

For instance, you get the farmhouse style sink with the incredible gold fixtures which is also effortlessly brought onto the white kitchen cabinets.

For some added intrigue that still keeps things neutral, there’s also a tiled marble backsplash and translucent pull-down blind over the window.

7. A mixing of materials that just works

French country kitchen with modern decor
Katie Hackworth

This French country kitchen really works to be an eclectic mix of old meets new. For the design elements that feel slightly vintage, there’s the dark pendant style hanging light fixtures above the kitchen island along with the cool patterned tile backsplash in the corner.

And for a more contemporary feel, there’s the open translucent shelving looking out over the bright windows along with the blue kitchen cupboards and marble countertops.

8. A moody kitchen with funky touches

French country kitchen with black and wood details
Ashley Montgomery Design

This French country kitchen idea showcases that you can make things dark and moody while still being very inviting. This modern kitchen is not afraid to go bold with black details everywhere from a panelled ceiling, kitchen cupboards, window trim to a cool two-toned wood dining table.

To bring in those unique personal design touches, the dining table features mismatched stools all the way around and there's a vintage-style chandelier light as well.

9. Contemporary and completely luxurious

French country kitchen with large marble island
Grace Hill Design

Neutral and modern, this French country kitchen is all about keeping things feeling lush and bright while still incorporating natural details. For instance, you simply can’t take your eyes off the long bright white kitchen island with a marble countertop.

The contemporary design aesthetic continues with the white tile backsplash that sits effortlessly among the light wood open shelves and brass light fixtures. With the standout natural rattan bar stools feeling as though they’re perfectly in place tucked into the island.

10. French country with a slight Mediterranean flair

Large French country kitchen with stone walls
Fergus Garber Architects

This French country kitchen idea focuses on how you can always find the room to tuck in important design elements and really make your space your own.

For instance, even though this kitchen is larger in size, there are tons of little alcoves and corners, including where the range is placed, that provide function.

And for a unique sense of design, the stone walls along with the dark wood beams effortlessly work with the modern light wood kitchen island and marble countertops.

11. Bright and traditional with a flair for the details

French country kitchen with white cupboards
AFT Construction

This French country kitchen is the ideal example of how you can take an older-style kitchen and liven things up for contemporary times. To bring in a nice vintage touch, you can dispose of old fixtures and add in brass door knobs and cupboard pulls.

To bring in a bit of texture, you can feature a criss-cross tile-like backsplash that also works as a wallpaper. And don’t forget about cool lighting, like with the brass geometric pendants hanging over the kitchen island.

12. A zen kitchen with green and wood details

French country kitchen ideas with green cupboards
ID.ology Interiors & Design

Relaxing and warm, this French country kitchen idea features modern kitchen cupboards in a beautiful light green that makes the space feel pleasant and inviting.

To give those French country vibes even more, it also features an interesting wood base island with a speckled granite-like countertop and a pristine creamy stove and range with brass knobs and handle.

13. Distressed blue meets natural wood

French country kitchen with blue cabinets
Stephen Shutts Design

For a French country style kitchen space that feels refined and elegant, this kitchen is the perfect example with distressed light blue cabinetry with creamy white countertops and a double farmhouse style sink.

There are a couple design features that feel very ornate and personal, like the carved inner wood pillars along the island and lower cabinets and the open-style upper cabinets that’s able to showcase all of your fine china.

14. Grand and sophisticated French country kitchen

Elegant French country kitchen with high ceilings
Fratantoni Interior Designers & Architecture Firm

If you’re looking to make a major impression in your French country kitchen then it certainly helps to have super high arched ceilings in which you can play up with fun brick wallpaper.

Everything is grand in this space, including the distressed wood base kitchen island with the etched carvings along the side and the ornate curved ceiling trims and wood work. Plus, the vintage-style tile backsplash and distressed cabinetry works to play up all of those distinct French country features.

15. Rustic wood beams meets a traditional kitchen

Open concept French country kitchen ideas
Higgins Architects

This French country kitchen idea is ideal for those that are focused on big family dinners because the giant natural wood island with cool vintage bar stools invites you in for entertaining.

For more of a rustic and earthy design element, there are multiple criss-cross wood beams featured in the high ceilings and they’ve also been brought down to the alcove over the range and lower ceiling feature.

16. A kitchen filled with fancy loops and twists

French country kitchen ideas for beige kitchen
VanderHorn Architects

Designed with classic touches at every turn, this French country kitchen features traditional style light beige cabinets with trim and a speckled countertop that looks rich and luxurious.

For all of those little French country details, the dark brown stove hood gives off a cool vintage vibe and the double hanging ornate antique-style lamps over the kitchen island really add a sense of romance to the space.

17. Modern kitchen with loads of rustic touches

French country kitchen with unique island
Hearth Homes Interiors

If you’re thinking about French country kitchen ideas that feature lots of storage, this is the one to emulate. There are loads of kitchen cupboards to store all your kitchen goodies in both bright white and a light grey.

Even more, they've gone one step further by incorporating a unique rustic wood dining hutch with room to hang pots and pans and there are also quaint little hooks around their cabinetry and even on their distressed wood kitchen island.

18. Old French meets new French design attitudes…

French country kitchen with blue cabinets and island
RLH Studio

Traditional with many contemporary design features, this French country kitchen showcases beautiful bright blue cupboards with cool abstract-style fixtures. To carry the blue even further, the long wood base island is the same blue with a sparkling creamy countertop and space for traditional stool seating.

For practical purposes, there’s a honey colored wood dining hutch as well as a fun decor piece hanging over the island where you can hang all your pots and pans.

19. Sheer elegance with black and white

French country kitchen idea with monochrome details
Goddard Design Group

Sophisticated and elegant, this French country style kitchen showcases a gorgeous black and white checkered tiled flooring which is seamlessly mimicked at a smaller scale in the backsplash behind the stove.

The bright white kitchen cabinetry stands out with some of the upper cupboards displaying small glass door panels. And the kitchen cupboards play off nicely with the large-scale black range hood that feels very vintage in design.

20. A kitchen fit for a cabin in the woods

French country kitchen ideas with mint color cupboards
H2D Architecture + Design

Charming and compact, this French country kitchen certainly packs a punch to the senses with its light mint colored cupboards that feature an arch-style carving on the upper cabinets.

The grey granite countertops add in another color to play with which is especially nice blending it with all of the brown wood features. The wood panelled and beamed ceiling along with the window trim, tiled flooring and brass stove hood all feel effortless.

21. Grand and luxurious from top to bottom

French country kitchen ideas for spacious modern kitchen
Harrell & Co Architects

Whether you love to entertain or simply like being able to enjoy your home space, this palatial open concept French country kitchen is grand on all levels from the extra high ceilings with chic wood trims to the sparkling marble countertop on the kitchen island.

There are some design elements that further add to the richness of this space, like the vintage-style metal stove hood along with the sterling silver fixtures on the cabinetry and sink.

22. Teal and brass for the win

French country kitchen ideas for small spaces
Jarrett Construction LLC

Utterly inviting and uniquely designed, this French country kitchen idea is ideal for those that have a smaller kitchen space where they’re looking to utilize every nook and cranny in a beautiful way.

For instance, the teal tiling throughout plays off the blue kitchen cabinetry seamlessly and all of that is elegantly paired with the brass open-style shelving on both sides of the room that creates function and beauty.

23. A kitchen perfect for a busy family

French country kitchen ideas for large open space
Westlake Development Group, LLC

In this modern French country kitchen, you have the space to gather as a family, but there’s also lots of storage. For dining, there’s a really sweet modern bench with a table and cushions galore that is in close proximity to the white and marble kitchen island.

There is tons of cupboard space with the natural wood cabinets in several areas of the kitchen as well as some cool open shelving in the corner of the room with a modern sophistication brought in with hanging pendant-style light fixtures.

24. Earthy and modern with darker details

French country kitchen idea with green cabinets
Yoder Remodels by A. Yoder Construction, LLC

Roomy and welcoming to all that enter, this French country kitchen idea focuses on keeping things majorly family friendly with a cool dark dining table perfect for entertaining with a classic-style black chandelier hanging overtop.

The light green kitchen cupboards, open shelving and island offer lots of storage opportunities and there’s even a built-in desk for those that need the extra work space.

25. Farmhouse chic in the French countryside…

French country kitchen with dark teal cabinets

Pull up a chair in this French country kitchen that features an expansive dark teal wood kitchen island with a marble countertop that has space for several bar stools.

There are lots of charming features in this kitchen space that add to the farmhouse chic style, such as the hanging modern glass light fixtures, the dark hood over the stove and the adorable patterned tile backsplash on the back wall.

26. Light, airy, and full of personality

French country kitchen ideas with high ceilings

This French country kitchen idea showcases how you can play with unexpected lighter hues in a kitchen space with a beautiful symmetry with a soft yellow on the walls that’s brought down to the cabinetry in that same eye line.

The light green kitchen island features a panelled side with a cool overhang for stool seating. Plus, there are other fun design touches that add charm, such as the wide circular traditional chandelier and artwork.

27. A very neutral palette

Contemporary French country kitchen ideas
WINN Design+Build

At first glance, this French country kitchen feels very modern with the light grey cabinetry and light hardwood flooring. The bright white countertops and tile backsplash really add to the simplicity of the space.

There are some French country design touches inserted throughout the space from all of the little brass fixtures and lighting, which adds a quaint richness. As well as the wood beam that sits with the stove hood which helps to bring a hominess to the space.

28. Honey colored wood everywhere…

Modern kitchen idea with natural wood cabinets and features

Relaxing and atmospheric, this French country kitchen allows you to feel zen in the heart of your home while still adding those standout design features.

For instance, the kitchen island along with the cabinetry look and feel very natural in a light colored wood. The French influence comes through with the ornate built-in range hood along with the antique-style cupboard pulls on the island.

The two-tiered translucent light fixture brings in a nice modern touch.

29. Traditional French complete with fresh fruit

French country kitchen ideas with light blue island
Martha O'Hara Interiors

Elegant and yet completely welcoming, this French country style kitchen allows those classic European features to shine in all their glory.

Firstly, you can’t get away from the traditional color palette of blue and white in both the cabinetry and the charming patterned tile backsplash.

The wood hood over the stove feels very grand with ornate carvings and etchings which are mimicked on sides of the blue kitchen island.

30. X marks the spot…

French country kitchen with vintage style backsplash

There is a very strong color palette in this French country kitchen and it’s a creamy white with natural honey colored wood with a hint of a darker brown.

All three of these colors are beautifully showcased in the retro-style tile backsplash which allows this space to feel extra cosy.

While all of the natural wood features from the kitchen island that displays a criss-cross pattern across the side work effortlessly with the creamy white cabinets against the wall and clean countertops.

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