30 Japandi Kitchen Ideas and How to Achieve These Cool Looks

Allow these neutral minimalist kitchen ideas with hints of earthiness and nature provide you with tranquil inspiration for the true heart of your home.

From family dinners to catching up with friends over wine and cheese, your kitchen is such a vital component of your home where you entertain, share food, and make long-lasting memories. We've rounded up 30 Japandi kitchen ideas that look and feel timeless, simple, and earthy while still keeping that practical function you need to enjoy your kitchen space.

1. Simplistic white with natural wood details

White Japandi kitchen with wood centre island
Rachael Miklas

Clean lines with a focus on natural wood elements, this Japandi kitchen features unadorned creamy white panelled cupboards along with a natural wood open shelving that’s perfect to showcase your most beloved dishes and cookbooks.

The real show stopping piece of this minimalist Scandi-inspired kitchen is the supersized island that’s fitted with a clean white countertop with a brown blocky wood base. Add simple bar seating to complete the look.

2. Play with texture in this naturalistic cooking haven

Natural wood Japandi kitchen ideas with marble backsplash
Daniel Boddam

Luscious and cool, the marble island countertop feels completely grounded by the metal sink, which offers function, along with the honey color wood base. Add some unexpected contemporary texture with dark metal bar seating.

It’s all tied together with a marble backsplash and countertop that works to connect a double-door pantry cupboard with a creamy white upper kitchen cabinet that remains unembellished and keeps things streamlined.

3. A tactile light taupe dream

Light textured melamine Japandi kitchen cupboards with island
NAINOA Architecture & Interiors

An ideal blending of a Scandi minimalist kitchen that still provides the perfect amount of texture with the upper cupboards as well as the corner pantry. There’s an open concept shelving unit with a light grainy backdrop that mirrors the kitchen countertop below, which creates a nice sense of symmetry.

The flooring concept ties in wonderfully as it features a light color herringbone design. For those that love to entertain, an island offers both function and a cool place to hang out and dine.

4. Go for minimalist black cupboards

Creamy stone countertop Japandi kitchen ideas
Mim Design

For those that are looking for a sense of grounding in their kitchen area, this expansive light colored stonemarked island features a small alcove in which three black industrial-style bar stools can tuck into.

For a cool contrast, the corner of the kitchen contains black cabinets with a dark shelving unit extending overtop the remaining portion of the back countertop. But it’s all tied together with a grainy stone backsplash.

5. Light and airy Scandi kitchen

Japandi kitchen with natural wood cupboards and table
Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Ready for family dinners, this Japandi kitchen features a blocky natural wood table that comfortably seats six that sits across a pale beige tile floor.

Against the wall are natural wood cupboards with a cream color island in front of it that features interior shelving, perfect for cookbooks or everyday essentials. The expansive window wall really adds to the overall brightness of this kitchen space.

6. A tranquil concrete corner for cooking

Grey concrete countertop with medium brown kitchen cabinets

This quaint Japandi kitchen corner features a grainy grey concrete countertop that expands over two levels with a backsplash and intricate wall panel that allows for a cosy home feeling. It brings in elements of the earth that really grounds the space.

The unadorned kitchen cabinets and drawers are a light brown color with the kitchen appliances neatly tucked throughout for a sense of balance.

7. An open concept and bright kitchen

Bright white Japandi kitchen ideas with large wood table
Wise Home + Design

Simplicity and brightness is the focus of this Japandi kitchen with creamy painted walls and stark white kitchen cabinets and an island.

Texture is brought in with a large brown wooden table with mid-century inspired chairs. You’re able to give things a contemporary industrial edge by adding in pieces like the black metal light fixtures and simple black bar stools alongside the kitchen island.

8. Modern kitchen with hardwood floors and marble countertops

Japandi kitchen ideas with white tile and dark paneled wall
Hsu McCullough

Unexpected splashes of color are brought into this modern kitchen space through a unique window design as well as Mediterranean-inspired hanging lamps over the wood topped kitchen island.

Take inspiration from the dark metal material and wood open-air style wall, if you’re looking to add some separation to your space. For added texture, this room also features a simple white tile backsplash and marble countertops on top of a light melamine cabinet.

9. Bright kitchen with surprising wood feature

Japandi kitchen ideas with wood panelled ceiling
Newcastle Design

It’s no surprise that this open concept Japandi kitchen overlooks a wide window-style wall with a view of the mountains.

To keep the space feeling elongated, the portion of the ceiling that falls overtop the large taupe kitchen island showcases a horizontally wood panel feature with three delicate and contemporary hanging light fixtures featuring transparent glass covers.

10. Wood on wood kitchen features

Simple Japandi kitchen with hardwood floor
Krista Schrock and David John Dick, DISC Interiors

Pulling you into this kitchen space is the medium brown hardwood flooring that takes you to an island feature with honey color melamine and a white clean countertop. Take note of the cool geometric modern lighting hanging over the island, which offers up personality and purpose.

The high white ceilings immediately draw your eye up to upper melamine kitchen boards on the far wall with an open-front corner shelving unit and silver appliances.

11. Streamlined, sleek and minimalist kitchen

Melamine cupboards Japandi kitchen ideas
Gallery Kitchen & Bath

There’s still an opportunity to add a modern edge to your Japandi kitchen space. As you can see, these expansive honey color melamine kitchen cabinets are nicely complemented by the dark granite countertops and backsplash.

You can add in different splashes of texture with various silver metal features, such as the stove range and hood along with silver ceiling lights as well.

12. Retro vibes with various wood details

Medium brown cupboards for Japandi kitchen ideas
Wright Inspires

You can still choose contemporary home decor with purely vintage inspiration, which is established in this modern Japandi kitchen. The combination of the grainy medium brown melamine cupboards with the burnt orange countertops and pale yellow tile backsplash create a cohesive look.

The paneled wood high shelving along with the two-toned flooring really adds a sense of personality to this space, which is fun if you like to play with color.

13. Understated and bright

White kitchen island with transparent kitchen cabinets
w.b. builders

A clean and bright white kitchen island with a dark underbase sets the tone in this Japandi kitchen for simplicity with a touch of unexpected texture.

The glazed transparent kitchen cupboards on the back wall that sit overtop the dark kitchen cupboards mimic the sizable garden doors that allow you to bring a calming green from outdoors inside your kitchen space.

14. Dark woods and red bricks

Japandi kitchen ideas with light countertop and brick wall
Architecture Republic

Even if your live in an older home, you can still work with exposed brick wall features to create a simple and cosy vibe. This Japandi kitchen brings in a level of naturalness with the exposed brick features along with the dark hardwood floors and table.

The bright white kitchen island along with the grainy beige melamine kitchen cupboards and drawers are able to add a warmth to the space in a contemporary manner.

15. A splash of blue…

All wood kitchen with blue hexagon tile backsplash
Madison Modern Home

One of the main design focal points in this kitchen is the blue hexagon tile backsplash, which works to bring in a new texture and allows you to break up the space a little in this natural wood kitchen.

You can also add in various styles of seating in this Japandi kitchen space. For instance, a muted pale wood barstool works well against the natural wood flooring and is ideal for a cosy family setting.

16. Dark kitchen with antique features

Deep brown Japandi kitchen with ornate fixtures
Bradshaw Design LLC

This Japandi kitchen is the ideal example that just because you choose to go with something minimalist and warm doesn’t mean you have to give up on key design features, like the delicate ornate cabinet pulls.

It also feels like a nice blending of old world and contemporary with the dark aged wood everywhere with the marble countertop adding a sense of modern richness.

17. Warm hues with bolder dark features

Serene kitchen with Asian inspirations
Midori Yoshikawa Interior Design

To achieve a sense of calm and tranquility in this Asian-inspired Japandi kitchen, you really need to embrace the warmth. This comes with honey colored light wood floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets with unique cut-out details throughout.

Feel free to bring in a touch of texture with dark granite countertops or even a cool tile backsplash, which also allows you to play up your family’s personality as well.

18. Warm woods and high ceiling

Simple Japandi kitchen ideas with natural wood tones

The skylight with surrounding wood detailing establishes that it’s possible to bring even subtle details to a contemporary kitchen space.

Natural wood cupboards paired with a black structured countertop allows for a cool look that remains warm yet timeless for years to come. Plus, with unique touches like the screen style pantry doors, open shelving and pocket window, it really allows for those personal touches to shine.

19. Wood panel details for the win

Japandi kitchen ideas featuring warm wood paneling
Bjella Architecture and Interior Design

Even if you want to remain neutral and minimalist, there are always opportunities for surprise home decor elements. This is showcased in this Japandi kitchen featuring muted butter color cupboards with a captivating horizontal wood paneled island.

Texture is played up even more with a creamy intricate tile backsplash and dark grainy countertops. Everything feels connected in a playful but structured manner in this modern kitchen.

20. Pockets of sunshine and creaminess

Asian-inspired Japandi kitchen ideas
Westlake Development Group, LLC

If you like to keep a clean and simplistic palette, this Asian-inspired kitchen will inspire you to play up those creamy paint colors, especially when they’re set up against muted natural wood tones.

The cool paneled window details is mirrored in the spacious kitchen island as well. And in a space like this, you can always bring in pops of artwork or greenery to put your own spin on things or make it feel more earthy.

21. Dramatic touches in a smaller kitchen space

Asian-fushion Japandi kitchen ideas
Kitchen & Bath Concepts of Pittsburgh

You can still make an impact in a smaller kitchen space by picking the right pieces that will stand out, like incorporating something similar to this standalone red wood dining hutch.

The marbled green backsplash is completely eyecatching within a unique wood structure with upper cupboards. You can work to create a stabilizing presence in the centre of the space with a dark kitchen island with a wood countertop.

22. A sense of opposition between dark and light

Brown and off-white Japandi kitchen ideas
Arkitecture studio

Japandi kitchen ideas can evolve and showcase a blending of different styles, even colors. For instance, the manner in which they’ve combined deep brown wood features intertwined with stark white drawers and cabinets, really creates a cool clashing effect that you often find in Japanese kitchens.

Don’t be afraid to pull in an unexpected light feature in your space, like with this wood block ceiling feature that showcases a glowing light from within.

23. Open concept meets wood sanctuary

Japandi kitchen ideas with rustic Asian pieces
Trilogy Partners

This Asian fusion Japandi kitchen brings a blanket of serenity with it due to the two-toned wood drawers with traditional sliding door cabinets. You can offer a sense of naturalness to a space, like with the raw and rustic wood elongated kitchen island.

The bamboo-inspired backsplash gives way to classic Asian touches while there’s still a contemporary feel to the space with an open concept living room off the kitchen space.

24. A kitchen island for entertaining

Honey color wood Japandi kitchen with island
Noborikawa & Associates LLC

For those that are feeling a more casual vibe when it comes to entertaining in their kitchen, a long and spacious island is the way to go. Even if your vibe is a Japandi kitchen, you can keep things simple with natural wood cabinets and even bar stools that perfectly complement the space.

A dark countertop works to keep things streamlined and feeling contemporary. And you don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches, like the hanging wood decorative panel above the island.

25. Caramel brown tones and bright windows

Japandi kitchen ideas with Asian inspiration
Kitchen Studio Monterey

There are two main focuses in this Japandi kitchen with one being the open-style bright windows directly off the sink area. If you can incorporate a window into your kitchen space to bring a natural radiance in, so much the better.

Secondly, the caramel colored wood cabinets featuring a darker trim and granite countertop give a simple contrast that works really well in a kitchen of moderate size.

26. Dark cupboards add mystery and intrigue

Japandi kitchen ideas with black cupboards and range

For those that have a range or stove that’s deep in color, it can often work to just take a plunge right into the darkness and fully embrace it. As you can see in this Japandi kitchen, the matte black cabinets alongside the range creates a streamlined and effortless look.

The shiny green backsplash mimics the natural foliage that comes in through the window, which helps to bring in a sense of naturalness in a darker space.

27. Crisp white kitchen with dark wood details

Simple Japandi kitchen ideas with white cupboards
John Kraemer & Sons

If you’re someone that moved into their home 10 or so years ago and are looking to create a Japandi style kitchen, you can update in a number of ways. For instance, you can bring in a new texture with a tile backsplash in a color that complements the space.

Also, don’t be afraid to bring in some deeper and more natural elements into an all-white space as well. For instance, adding in a dark hardwood floor breaks things up nicely.

28. Contemporary kitchen with Asian-inspired touches

Japandi kitchen ideas with natural wood melamine cupboards
Koch Architects, Inc.

Don’t be afraid of some of those standout vintage features, such as an open-style top cupboard that overhangs your kitchen island. You can use it to showcase your most prized dishes and glasses for a contemporary spin on things.

Asian fusion style is brought into this space with the light melamine cabinets throughout along with a similar in color tile backsplash, which creates a cohesive and cosy look for this kitchen.

29. A perfect blending of natural woods and creamy white

Smaller Japandi kitchen ideas
HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Even if you live in an apartment, condo, or small home, it’s completely possible to have a Japandi kitchen of your dreams. You can keep things minimalist and simple by just picking one or two colorways to focus on, such as a light natural wood and white.

You can bring in different elements for texture as well, such as silver appliances or even introducing another color of hardwood in smaller portions, like on your kitchen island.

30. A soothing and tranquil space

Bright quartz countertop for Japandi kitchen ideas
Talmadge Construction, Inc.

The focus in this kitchen comes down to the white quartz countertops that are shiny and clean as well as the medium brown melamine kitchen cabinets.

There’s also a sense of tranquility and exoticness that comes into play with the two cabinet fronts that are painted.

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