What to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Sink

Just because it's usually considered a humbler appliance, it doesn't mean that any kitchen sink will do.

Even though they aren't as majestic as your kitchen island or as attention-grabbing as your colorful cupboards, sinks deserve more attention than we're led to believe: after all, we use them a lot more regularly than most other appliances and kitchen elements!

To avoid unpleasant surprises, here's what you should consider when buying a kitchen sink.

Modern Black Kitchen
Modern Black Kitchen

Choose between a single or double bowl…

While this can also depend on how you use your sink, let's be honest: it's mainly about space!

  • A double-bowl sink is usually considered the best option as it offers you a lot more flexibility by allowing you to separate dirty dishes from your actual washing up area. Because a little pile of dishes will no longer translate into an overall messy kitchen, a double-bowl model is particularly great news for larger households. However, it will obviously take up quite a lot of space;

  • Single-bowl sinks without a divider are a much more reasonable alternative for smaller kitchens. Plus, they do have some benefits, too: for example, by consisting of a larger bowl rather than two smaller ones, they can help you wash big pots and pans more easily, which might even suit your cooking habits better;

  • 1.5 bowl sinks are a rarer option. However, they're definitely worth scouting for if you haven't got enough room for a second bowl but really, really want to have a small place to wash and drain your vegetables.

Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

… as well as a drop-in or under-mount kitchen sink

There are two main types of kitchen sinks:

  • Drop-in sinks are the most traditional, popular, and affordable option: because they sit on the counter, they come with a visible lip all around them. They certainly make for an easier installation, but keep in mind that they might lead to a build-up of dirt around their raised edges as well as some pooling water. If you opt for a drop-in sink, be sure to wipe it after doing your washing up;

  • Under-mount sinks are a more sophisticated alternative that attaches beneath your counter, maximizing your available space by sitting underneath it rather than on its top. They're much easier to maintain but require a professional installation with a separate tap. This also means that you can only fit them on solid worktops.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Be realistic with its size

As well as the number of bowls, here's what you might want to consider:

  • First of all, the larger the sink is, the higher the price tag will be in most cases;

  • Think of how you use your sink: if you only cook for one or two and don't usually use tons of pans, there's probably no need to go for something larger than a standard size (22-33 inches in length);

  • Obviously, if space isn't a concern for you, it'll certainly pay off to stay on the large side.

Panorama Of Kitchen Countertop
Panorama Of Kitchen Countertop

Choose the right material for your kitchen sink

Overall, stainless steel and ceramic sinks are the most popular options.

Stainless steel

  • Lightweight but durable, these sinks are great value for money;

  • Thanks to their versatile finish, they also make it a breeze to complement your other kitchen appliances;

  • As well as traditional stainless steel models, you can consider linen stainless-steel for a more stylish look and a surface where scratches will be even less visible.

Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen Design


  • A beautiful choice in traditional kitchens, ceramic sinks showcase craftsmanship and can result in a cozier, farmhouse-style feel;

  • They're durable and don't stain easily, but they might need to be cleaned a bit more often.

Kitchen Sink And Counter
Kitchen Sink And Counter

Alternatively, you could also consider:

  • Composite quartz or granite: these sinks are as solid as they can get, offering an even superior resistance to scratches and heat while still resulting in a stylish design;

  • Resin: this is a cheaper alternative to the former. They're lightweight but not as resistant.

Quartz Kitchen Sink
Quartz Kitchen Sink

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