Garage Work Benches


Everyone can use more space, but it can be very hard to come by sometimes; adding a new set of workbenches to your garage will, not only add space, but also will help get and keep you more organized. This collection is designed to show you many of the possibilities available to you.

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Our Picks

Simple Rolled Steel Workbench Lower Shelf

Simple Rolled Steel Workbench Lower Shelf

If what you are searching for is simplicity, take a look at this minimalistic workbench with an additional lower shelf, which further extends the storage capacity of the piece. The frame of the workbench is constructed out of durable cold rolled steel sheet, which has a far superior strength that common cheap equivalents. The bench is also fitted with a thick top surface made out of solid wood, which can hold a lot of weight.

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Heavy Duty Adjustable Hardwood Butcher Block Workbench

Heavy Duty Adjustable Hardwood Butcher Block Workbench

Making for a perfect addition to a craft room or a garage, this workbench table has a hardwood top surface, which can just as well act as a butcher block in the kitchen. The hardwood top has as much as three thousand pounds of maximum distributed weight capacity, which is almost impossible to exceed. The workbench is also fitted with legs made out of stainless steel with a hammered granite finish, making it stable.

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DIY Easy To Build Workbench Kit

DIY Easy To Build Workbench Kit

An elaborate workbench kit which will turn your dull garage into a true workshop. This one is made be a DIY piece, which will provide with a project to entertain yourself and have some fun with building the workbench. All you need is straight cut wood at a ninety-degree angle, and everything else is provided inside of the package. You can even get your kid to help you, which is sure to be a lot of fun for him.

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Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Workbench And Shelf

Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Workbench And Shelf

This minimalistic workbench is a great choice of furniture if you’re searching for something minimalistic. The workbench is a perfect fit in garages and similar, where they provide extra storage space and a handy spot for all of the handiwork. However, it will also look good in a spacious kitchen, where it can act as either a kitchen island, providing some additional space for preparing food, or as a sturdy butcher’s block.

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Round Edges Stainless Steel Top Workbench

Round Edges Stainless Steel Top Workbench

Combining strong and sturdy materials with an exceptionally low price, this workbench is a great choice if you are on a tight budget but do not want to make any compromises when it comes to the quality. This one is made out of stainless steel and comes in a few different sizes, making you able to easily choose the one which fits you best depending on how compact the room of your choice is.

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Functional Powder Coated Steel Top Workbench

Functional Powder Coated Steel Top Workbench

With its universal design and a lot of functionality, this workbench table is sure to be a great fit in any garage workshop or a craft room, where you require a lot of room and a surface that will not damage and scratch easily. This one is made out of durable, cold rolled steel, and has an additional hutch with an assortment of hooks and holes for storing tools, which further extends the storage capacity of the workbench.

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Useful garage workbench for a little work in your garage

Useful Garage Workbench for a Little Work in Your Garage : Marvelous ...

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Garage work bench ideas

Perfectly functional, outdoor saw bench. It’s on wheels which allow for convenient use. The wheels can be blocked when you decide on the place where you want the bench to be localised. A lot of underdeck storage.

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Wall mount work bench

Nicely built work bench with a single drawer. For added strength, it's affixed to a wall. Solid wood construction looks good and provides needed sturdiness for sure. It's left unfinished but personally I don't mind.

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Garage workbenches a workmans 2nd best friend

Garage Workbenches - A Workmans 2nd Best Friend

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Garage Work Benches

Buying Guide

Garage work benches are perfect work surfaces suited for people who are building from basements or garages. A garage work bench includes a stable and sturdy surface for repair or hobby projects, a shop light, a pegboard for storage, and a recessed shelving which allows for seating.

A garage work bench is a fundamental, yet important tool in any traditional woodworking workshop. It is difficult to create furniture by hand, especially when you lack a sturdy work bench to build on. Before you purchase a new garage work bench, there are a few considerations you have to take into account first to select a good product like the following:

A work bench top that's 3 or 4 inches thick can provide you mass, which will ensure the entire bench is sturdy. There are also special work benches that offer sturdiness through their designs like mortise and tenons, and splayed legs. They are the ones that let you have a workspace that doesn't have a massive slab top.

There's no other way to go about it; your garage work bench must be able to deliver stability and sturdiness. Sawing and hand planing on cheap, flimsy workbenches can easily become frustrating, not to mention dangerous, as they'll be moving and shaking across the room. A sturdy garage work bench should have a solid construction and good joinery.

Vises are used in clamping your work to the work bench so you'll be able to saw, plane, or shape the piece in a number of ways. You'll need at least two wooden vises or metal ones with wood in order to protect your piece. Traditional vises fit into two categories, namely Face Vises and Tail Vises. Tail Vises are attached to a workbench's end part, while Face Vises point toward you, the furniture maker. Choosing between vises will depend on your preferences. Try out both types of vises so you'll be able to identify which helps you most.

The dimensions of your traditional garage work bench will depend on your preference. Typically, a top that's more than 24 inches is rather too wide as it makes reaching across difficult. What you'd love is having a long garage work bench of about 8 feet in length. It will enable you to work on a long piece, but 6 ft long benches should work fine as well. Regardless of the length and width you choose, just make sure that you have enough room in your garage to accommodate the bench.

Bonus tip: Cheaper commercial garage work benches have worktops that overhang the legs. We don't recommend such units as they'll quickly frustrate you as you're rid of the capability to clamp a door or longboard in a left vise. You'll also find that you can't clamp the piece's other end against the legs. Make sure you only choose the unit that has a flush leg design, and you'll be able to have more flexibility in terms of usage.

Best Ideas

Garage work table

Simple garage work bench is a great combination of unique style and style. Beautiful wooden construction is fascinating and can serve as a base for many types of furniture. The perfect solution for everyone.

Work benches 1

A very small solution for a working station at home, in the basement, or attic. It's a kind of wall-mounted bench with a metal rack for tools. The bench is foldable, which makes it a great option for smaller spaces.

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