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A patio umbrella is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. However, patio umbrellas are prone to being knocked over, damaged, or blown away in strong winds. The best way to keep your patio umbrellas safe is to secure them with a solid umbrella stand. You can also find umbrella stands with a hollow design that you fill with water or sand for security and stability. Explore the following selection of solid and hollow patio umbrella stands to find the ideal model for your outdoor area. 

6 Recommendations and 100 Ideas

Updated 22/12/2022
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Turned Baluster Patio Umbrella Stand

Turned Baluster Patio Umbrella Stand

What We Like: Elegant, space-saving design

What We Don’t Like: Hollow design

Not So Great For: Patios with modern decor

Perfect For: Poolside; classically designed patios

If you are looking for a refined and sophisticated umbrella stand, the Baluster umbrella stand is ideal. The stand is made from polyresin, fiber, and stainless steel for exceptional durability and weather resistance and is available in bronze, sand, and antique gray to match any decor. It holds a standard 2¼’’ umbrella pole allowing you to choose the perfect umbrella for your patio.

Add this elegant baluster umbrella table to your patio for a touch of classic style. The color options match darker-colored patio furniture, and this stand works well when placed between two lounge chairs, providing usable table space and a contrasting style element. 

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Wheeled Concrete Patio Umbrella Stand

Wheeled Concrete Patio Umbrella Stand

Arlmont & Co.

What We Like: Mobile yet secure

What We Don’t Like: Only works with umbrellas smaller than 8’ in diameter

Not So Great For: Cantilever umbrellas

Perfect For: Patios with different solar angles throughout the day

If you are looking for a portable stand, this unique table umbrella stand rolls on four lockable wheels but can still anchor up to an 8’ umbrella with its solid acacia wood, concrete, and steel construction. No matter what kind of patio you have, the simple and attractive medium dark stained wood will match and look great.

The portability of this stand gives you excellent design options. You can move it wherever you need a touch of shade, and the small size allows you to maneuver it around your existing furniture easily. Use this as an additional stand when you need a bit of extra shade, or simply move it around throughout the day to keep your chair shaded.  

$106.99 $136.99

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Water and Sand Injectable Patio Umbrella Stand

Water and Sand Injectable Patio Umbrella Stand

Winston Porter

What We Like: Sturdy and secure

What We Don’t Like: Heavy and difficult to move when filled

Not So Great For: Portable umbrellas

Perfect For: Long-term use in one location

This 100% HDPE patio umbrella table stand will be a small but strong addition to your patio and can anchor umbrellas even in high winds. Featuring powder-coated steel adjustable pole grips, you can use this with your existing umbrellas simply by tightening the grip to size.

While not the chicest stand, this stand is the workhorse of your patio. It features a simple yet effective design that will easily match any patio furniture and remain inconspicuous when in use. This stand is best used as a permanent base for an umbrella you don’t move, such as an umbrella over a patio table or next to the pool.  

$61.99 $63

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Vintage Inspired Resin Free Patio Umbrella Stand

Vintage Inspired Resin Free Patio Umbrella Stand

Kelly Clarkson Home

What We Like: Rustic French rose pattern

What We Don’t Like: Can only be used with a maximum 9’ umbrella

Not So Great For: Very windy patios

Perfect For: Movable umbrellas

Small yet beautiful, this umbrella table stand brings a touch of the French countryside to your patio, featuring a traditional rose pattern on the top of the black and bronze resin stand. It has a hand-turned knob that adjusts the diameter of the pole holder, allowing for different-sized umbrella poles to fit in the stand.

This umbrella stand is easily movable, allowing you to transport the umbrella around your outdoor area to provide shade where you need it most. The attractive design pairs well with many decor styles, and the small 1’6’’ diameter base can easily fit in between chairs, next to an outdoor bar, or under a table.  

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Metal Table Style Patio Umbrella Stand

Metal Table Style Patio Umbrella Stand

Red Barrel Studio®

What We Like: Gorgeous lattice design

What We Don’t Like: Non-adjustable pole hole

Not So Great For: Large diameter umbrellas

Perfect For: Space-conscious patios

This umbrella stand is a stunning addition to your patio, bringing the beauty of a wicker umbrella stand with a table combined with the durability and stability of metal. It is made of rust and fade-resistant iron with a weather-resistant coating designed to last. The strength and weight of the materials provide added stability in windy conditions.

This combined umbrella stand and table work perfectly placed between two low Adirondack chairs. The table can be used to hold drinks, phones, or books, while securely holding the umbrella.  

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Plastic Free Octagonal Patio Umbrella Stand

Plastic Free Octagonal Patio Umbrella Stand

Arlmont & Co.

What We Like: Unique shape that gives greater stability

What We Don’t Like: Large footprint

Not So Great For: Smaller patios

Perfect For: Large diameter umbrellas

This heavy-duty umbrella stand has a unique octagonal shape that can keep most cantilever and standard umbrellas secure in windy conditions. It is made from easy-to-maintain and long-lasting HDPE that will give you many years of reliable service. You can fill it with up to 118 lbs. of water or sand for extra stability and remove the filler when you need to move it.

This stand is big but has a neutral design that blends effortlessly with your patio furniture. Be sure to put it somewhere that won’t be underfoot, like under a table, or use it in a corner with a cantilever umbrella. This is an ideal stand if you have a sunny patio or live in an area with constant wind.  

$101.99 $152

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Patio Umbrella Stands

Buying Guide

The idea of hanging out in the patio is always highly recommended. After all, there’s nothing more soothing than taking in all that beautiful air outside. But during sunny and hot days, it can be intolerable staying there under the hot sun.

This is where the umbrella becomes crucial. A patio umbrella shields you from the hot sun, making sure you can use the patio anytime you want including during those hot summer months. But a patio umbrella doesn’t just stand there on its own.

You need a strong base that will hold it in place. This is where the idea of buying patio umbrella stands & bases comes in and as you can imagine, there are several models of bases to choose from out there.

The patio umbrella base will be holding a huge umbrella so it needs to be strong. Don’t forget that this is something that will be outdoors most of the time so it also has to be as weather-resistant as possible. In that case, you need to be very careful about how you choose the material.

  • Ripstop Nylon, Filled with Sand: This is essentially a round sandbag that fits around the umbrella base and can be velcroid on. It has an aperture that can be used to refill the bag, as needed. Super inexpensive, and a great way to keep your umbrella from blowing away at the beach. The sandbag type is versatile and easy to carry but can develop holes.
  • Resin/Stone Composite: More durable than stone, and not likely to rust or need painting. It doesn’t need to be filled with sand or water for weight. Some models adjust for two sizes of umbrella pole, and some have wheels that make it easy to move the stand from storage and back again. Resin/stone bases work very well and are quite durable. However, they are also very heavy.
  • Bolted Metal Stand: Has a very small footprint. Can be bolted to concrete or wood decking. The holder for the umbrella pole can be cantilevered to slightly different positions. The bolted metal bases are versatile and easy to mount, but the bolts can shear off. If placed in wood, they can pull out over time.
  • Four-Piece Fan Shaped Plastic: Each of the four pieces can be filled with sand or water to provide the weight. Not as likely to rip as a bag, and easier to manage than a permanently mounted metal stand. Eventually, however, the plastic will become brittle.
  • Concrete Stands: Very stable, but extremely heavy. Easier to move about if it has wheels. Can break if it’s dropped.

Each type has its own unique quirks. In some cases, you might need to add more weight to a standard base. In that situation, a rip-stop nylon sandbag would be easy to place on top of another weight.

Best Ideas

Baluster patio umbrella stand traditional coat stands and umbrella stands

Baluster patio umbrella stand traditional coat stands and umbrella stands

This intricately designed umbrella and coat stand enhances your patio or garden with its style and functionality. Its baluster design fits neatly between chairs and chaises. Holds a standard umbrella with a maximum 1 3/4" inch diameter pole.

Baluster umbrella stand ballard designs 1

Baluster Umbrella Stand | Ballard Designs

Baluster umbrella stand

Baluster Umbrella Stand

Patio umbrella stands 1

Fit this turned baluster design between chairs or chaises, creating a tabletop for serving, while you can enjoy the nice shade over your head. This stand sports the durable and weatherproof resin structure with cement finish.

Patio umbrella stands 11

Just take a look at this beauty! A breathtaking, Victorian umbrella stand, perfect for your patio or backyard. Very unique, traditional design, bound to not only give you utility but also look great!

All weather patio picks

All weather patio picks

Patio umbrella stand made of resin. It is resistant to mildew and harmful weather conditions. It is compatible with standard umbrella. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Sutton patio umbrella stand traditional coat stands and umbrella stands

Sutton patio umbrella stand traditional coat stands and umbrella stands

Patio umbrella stand mounted on aluminum frame and covered with rattan. It is compatible with standard patio umbrella. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Homemade umbrella stand

When arranging your outdoor patio retreat with chaise lounge chairs and plant pots, don't forget to place an umbrella stand in a strategic and carefully chosen place - just to be sure that you get enough shade whenever you need it.

50 Lb. Patio Umbrella Stand

50 Lb. Patio Umbrella Stand

A simple, but very useful umbrella stand suitable for outdoor use in the garden or patio. It features a solid concrete base with a steel cover for protection against influence of wind. Its powder coated finish looks very good.

Free Standing Resin Umbrella Base

Free Standing Resin Umbrella Base

It is a fantastic free standing resin patio umbrella stand that is made of solid premium compound resin and is great for your outdoor space. You will be impressed how stylish this product is.

Free Standing Umbrella Base

Free Standing Umbrella Base

A durable and stable addition for outdoor umbrellas. This Free Standing Umbrella Base in Bronze Finish is able to hold up to 50 lbs. of sand. Characterized by resin construction, the base includes stainless steel hardware for long-lasting usage.

Lawn umbrella stand Jennifer's Umbrella Stand

Homemade patio umbrella

This square steel patio umbrella stand satisfies every elegant and stylish taste. Get it for yourself or buy it as a gift. The beautiful addition to any apartment.

Patio umbrella stands 2

DYI patio umbrella stand

Patio umbrella stands 16

40-lb. European Patio Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand diy 1

Practical umbrella stand with a solid cast iron core that keeps umbrella sturdy and steady even in case of wind and other negative weather conditions. It is resistant to wear and looks attractive with different colors of umbrellas.

You have a patio you have a patio table you

you have a patio you have a patio table you have a patio umbrella

Patio umbrella stands 14

We looked for nicely finished and high quality patio umbrella stand for our apartment. We found this one. My husband and I couldn't be happier with the look of it.

Patio umbrella stands 17

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this Treasure Garden classic patio umbrella stand for their porch or yard. It will be great next to the table and lounge chair.

Hanover traditions 46 96 lb aluminum patio umbrella base

Hanover Traditions 46.96 lb. Aluminum Patio Umbrella Base ...

Bombay outdoors pineapple patio umbrella base in

Bombay Outdoors Pineapple Patio Umbrella Base in ...

Portable patio umbrella base patio umbrella stand

Portable Patio Umbrella Base | Patio umbrella stand ...

Island umbrella 50 lb art deco aluminum patio umbrella

Island Umbrella 50 lb. Art Deco Aluminum Patio Umbrella ...

Trademark innovations 22 in square pe rattan patio

Trademark Innovations 22 in. Square PE Rattan Patio ...