Patio Umbrella Stands

A patio umbrella stand doesn't have to be a heavy boring slab. Check the options below as they introduce a different view. Why not use a big pot and fill it with some leafy plants? Or a cast iron stand with a decorative pattern? The choice is wider than you think. Have a look below.

Best Ideas

Hampstead teak umbrealla side table

Hampstead Teak Umbrealla Side Table
For every fan of Do It Yourself projects! The Hampstead Teak Umbrella Stand Side Table is finished by hand with honey color. It adds style to your outdoor zone.

Patio umbrella stands 1

Fit this turned baluster design between chairs or chaises, creating a tabletop for serving, while you can enjoy the nice shade over your head. This stand sports the durable and weatherproof resin structure with cement finish.

Sutton patio umbrella stand traditional coat stands and umbrella stands

Sutton Patio Umbrella Stand Traditional Coat Stands And Umbrella Stands
Patio umbrella stand mounted on aluminum frame and covered with rattan. It is compatible with standard patio umbrella. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Baluster patio umbrella stand traditional coat stands and umbrella stands

Baluster Patio Umbrella Stand Traditional Coat Stands And Umbrella Stands
This intricately designed umbrella and coat stand enhances your patio or garden with its style and functionality. Its baluster design fits neatly between chairs and chaises. Holds a standard umbrella with a maximum 1 3/4" inch diameter pole.

Baluster umbrella stand 2

Baluster Umbrella Stand

Baluster umbrella stand 1

Baluster Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand side table 1

umbrella stand side table

Patio umbrella stands 3

Vine Umbrella Stand in celadon

Cheap patio umbrellas stand

Cheap Patio Umbrellas Stand

Granite umbrella is the market umbrellas shades ad free standing

granite umbrella is the market umbrellas shades ad free standing

Lawn umbrella stand Jennifer's Umbrella Stand

Diy patio umbrella stand side table mom in music city

DIY Patio Umbrella Stand/Side Table | Mom in Music City

Patio umbrella stands 13

DIY Umbrella Stand/Base Picture of Cut your pipes

How to create a unique diy umbrella stand 3

How to create a unique DIY umbrella stand! |

Homemade umbrella stand

When arranging your outdoor patio retreat with chaise lounge chairs and plant pots, don't forget to place an umbrella stand in a strategic and carefully chosen place - just to be sure that you get enough shade whenever you need it.

Patio umbrella stands 2

Commercially available patio umbrellas are functional bot not so decorative - making a stand for a patio umbrella makes this utilitarian sun-protecting accessory more coherent with the general outdoor décor style. How about a wooden bucket with metal rings?

Patio umbrella stands 20

DIY Patio Umbrella Stand/Side Table - Mom in Music City

Baluster umbrella stand ballard designs 1

Baluster Umbrella Stand | Ballard Designs

Homemade patio umbrella

This square steel patio umbrella stand satisfies every elegant and stylish taste. Get it for yourself or buy it as a gift. The beautiful addition to any apartment.

Baluster umbrella stand

Baluster Umbrella Stand

8.25' Market Umbrella

8.25' Market Umbrella
An amazing umbrella that will surely look wonderful in your backyard and will also prove perfect for commercial use. It is made from durable material that will shield you from the sun and weather, making your time outside much more enjoyable.

Patio umbrella stands 6

A Rustic Patio. Two vintage lawn chairs, sealed to prevent further rusting, and custom sewn cushions. A galvanized trashcan (and 80 pounds of quikcrete) with a wooden top used to make a small table and umbrella stand. Total cost $65.

Patio umbrella stands 2

DYI patio umbrella stand

Patio umbrella stands 16

40-lb. European Patio Umbrella Stand

Vintage umbrella stand

Vintage element of design. This umbrella stand is very simple, but solid. It provides small space for an umbrella tip. Its gold color looks very attractive in almost any design. It is a perfect element for holding umbrellas.

Umbrella stand diy 1

Practical umbrella stand with a solid cast iron core that keeps umbrella sturdy and steady even in case of wind and other negative weather conditions. It is resistant to wear and looks attractive with different colors of umbrellas.

Patio umbrella stands 4

Planter Umbrella Stand

You have a patio you have a patio table you

you have a patio you have a patio table you have a patio umbrella

Patio umbrella stands 6

Mosaic Patio Umbrella Stand

Patio umbrella stands 11

Just take a look at this beauty! A breathtaking, Victorian umbrella stand, perfect for your patio or backyard. Very unique, traditional design, bound to not only give you utility but also look great!

Diy patio umbrella 1

DIY Patio Umbrella Stand/Side Table | Mom in Music City

Patio umbrella stands 4

A private dock is the ultimate lake cottage accessory, a place for dozing, diving, daydreaming: choose your pastime. Even if you aren't lakeside, set up chairs under a beach umbrella in your backyard for a similar effect. On this dock outside of a Connect

Patio umbrella stands 5

Planter Umbrella Stand | Step by Step Instructions

Black umbrella stand 12

When my grandma was a young lady, there was the tradition to put the monograms on all the thing which the bride brings in her dowry. Now it has just a decorative role, but it is really easy to paint it on your own.

Black umbrella stand 5

This ornamental white umbrella stand is a lovely owl depiction. It offers smooth space for several umbrellas, which comes especially handy in the rainy seasons. Use this playful ceramic owl at your front door to greet guests and corral drenched gear.

Floral umbrella pagoda style

Floral Umbrella Pagoda Style
Now even the umbrella you choose can look incredibly stylish and charming, if you go for a sublime piece like this one. It comes with the floral pattern of the structure and the unique top that gives it a retro look.

Trademark Innovations Deluxe Solar Powered LED Lighted Patio Umbrella, 9-Feet

Ingenious and pretty umbrella. Its frame is made of steel with black coating and a durable blue polyester cover. It features LED solar lighting installed on ribs. Practical and useful umbrella with a tilted cover. It can be used at day and night.

11' Fiberglass Market Collar Tilt Umbrella

11' Fiberglass Market Collar Tilt Umbrella
It is a fiberglass market collar tilt umbrella that is perfect for your swimming pool, yard and more. It is available in many amazing colors. It has got a very good quality and you will be impressed how amazing this umbrella is.

Mode Wood Coat Rack with Umbrella Rack

Mode Wood Coat Rack with Umbrella Rack
Classy modern coat and umbrella rack. It's built of 3 tall sleek steel rods with a brushed chrome finish and has triangle-like both a base, a top and an umbrella holder of brown-finished wood. Each of 9 hooks with round tips can hold up to 10 pounds.

Black metal walnut hall tree coat hat rack with umbrella

Black Metal Walnut Hall Tree Coat Hat Rack With Umbrella Stand
A solid, high quality element that plays a functional and decorative role. This is a hack rat that features and additional umbrella stand. The metal and wooden constructionis very solid and resistant to damage.

Patio umbrella stands 14

We looked for nicely finished and high quality patio umbrella stand for our apartment. We found this one. My husband and I couldn't be happier with the look of it.

Patio umbrella stands 13

Are you trying to find a perfect, nicely finished and high quality an umbrella stand? We've got exactly what you looking for. It brings the solidity to any space.

Free Standing Resin Umbrella Base

Free Standing Resin Umbrella Base
It is a fantastic free standing resin patio umbrella stand that is made of solid premium compound resin and is great for your outdoor space. You will be impressed how stylish this product is.

50 lb patio umbrella stand

50 Lb. Patio Umbrella Stand
A simple, but very useful umbrella stand suitable for outdoor use in the garden or patio. It features a solid concrete base with a steel cover for protection against influence of wind. Its powder coated finish looks very good.

All weather patio picks

All Weather Patio Picks
Patio umbrella stand made of resin. It is resistant to mildew and harmful weather conditions. It is compatible with standard umbrella. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Free Standing Umbrella Base

Free Standing Umbrella Base
A durable and stable addition for outdoor umbrellas. This Free Standing Umbrella Base in Bronze Finish is able to hold up to 50 lbs. of sand. Characterized by resin construction, the base includes stainless steel hardware for long-lasting usage.

Patio umbrella stands 17

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this Treasure Garden classic patio umbrella stand for their porch or yard. It will be great next to the table and lounge chair.

Patio umbrella stands 9

Vine Umbrella Stand

Patio umbrella stands 18

Picture of Patio Umbrella Stand (the use what you have method)

Patio umbrella stands 10

Patio Umbrella Stand