Wind Resistant Patio Umbrellas

If you have ever opened an umbrella in the wind, you know how quickly a strong gust can destroy it, or pull it out of your hands and carry it off to a far away place. The large the umbrella, the bigger the risk. But not with wind-resistant patio umbrellas. These brilliant items are designed to function as an umbrella should, without allowing a sudden gale to steal it away from you.

Best Products

Tropishade 9 foot natural umbrella shade

Tropishade 9 foot natural umbrella shade
This piece of equipment is used to create a shade outdoors. This umbrella is made of material that protects from the sunlight. It is a product that measures 108 inches high x 108 inches in diameter. Its weight is 12 pounds.

7.5' Patio Umbrella

7.5' Patio Umbrella
Big patio umbrella with beige (sand tone) canvas trimmed with skirted sides. Its finish is anodized for highest longevity possible. The center pole is made of durable aluminium. The umbrella tilts with a single button press.

9' Market Patio Umbrella

9' Market Patio Umbrella
It is very practical and very chic garden umbrella. Thanks to it the time spent in the garden can be very pleasant and kind, regardless of the sun. Even a very sunny day is not too hot to spend it on the air.

9' Tilting Patio Umbrella

9' Tilting Patio Umbrella
Turquoise patio umbrella with tilting option to provide optimal protection from sun and wind, no matter what time of the day it currently is. Rich canvas hue effortlessly adds a holiday mood to outdoor ambiance.

Best wind resistant patio umbrella

Kill two birds with one stone Inspired by nature and check out this shadow maker that at the same time can be used as a windscreen. This solid, wind-resistant umbrella will provide the safe security of a cocoon.

Augusta wind resistant contract market umbrella

Augusta Wind Resistant Contract Market Umbrella

Wind resistant patio umbrellas 2

This wind resistant patio umbrella constitutes a perfect addition to one's outdoor space, especially during the scorching heat or windy evenings. Its solid construction combines concrete, iron and wood.

Our advice Buying Guide

What is the best patio umbrella for wind?

The best wind-resistant patio umbrella for all home types is one that’s made of a heavy-duty, weather-resistant material such as duck canvas or a polyester blend. When you’re selecting a patio umbrella for your home, you’ll want to think about size. After all, typically, the larger the umbrella, the higher the chance that wind will simply blow it away. You’ll want it to be big enough, however, that you and your friends or family can sit beneath it.

Wind-resistant patio umbrellas are cunningly-engineered to withstand gales and stay put, no matter what. Get one that’s a good size for your space or table—about three feet in diameter larger than your table is a good rule of thumb—and make sure that it’s designed to withstand high winds.

How do I keep my patio umbrella from blowing away?

Purchasing wind-resistant patio umbrellas is the best way to keep your umbrellas in one place. These windows are made of heavier materials that are specifically engineered to stay put. However, if you’re looking for additional strategies, consider adding concrete blocks under the table around the base of your patio umbrella, closing your patio umbrella when you expect a storm to hit, and placing your patio umbrella on the side of your property that receives the least amount of wind.

What should I look for when buying a patio umbrella?

When surveying the types of wind-resistant patio umbrellas that you could purchase, look for heavy bases and durable fabric.

A high-quality polyester or duck canvas for the material would be a good thing to see, along with heavy-duty metal for the central pole and retracting mechanisms.

Finally, the base should be heavy enough that you have a hard time moving it yourself—this will help make sure that your new umbrella is as wind-resistant as possible.


California Umbrella 11-Feet Sunbrella Fabric Fiberglass Rib Crank Lift Collar Tilt Aluminum Market Umbrella with Black Pole, Heather Beige

Thanks to this 11' outdoor umbrella you'll be getting a good protection against the scorching sun. The umbrella provides several different adjustments, and includes a round aluminum pole, with 8 heavy duty fiberglass ribs, an efficient tilt system, and a double wind vent canopy.

9' Wind Resistant Lotus Fiberglass Patio Umbrella - Yellow

Canary yellow patio umbrella featuring crank mechanism (it does not tilt) and eye-catching lotus shape (7 feet diameter, with irregular edges) that provides decorativeness and high resistance to strong wind.

Windproof patio umbrella

A gorgeous, striped white wind resistant patio umbrella inspired by nature. This device that will provide us with shadow, can also be used as protection against strong wind thanks to its strong metal gray base. It will allow you to enjoy every weather.

9' Wind Resistant Lotus Fiberglass Patio Umbrella - Red

Made of durable fiberglass patio umbrella, this is an excellent way to create a shady, rain and wind-protected corner in the garden. Beautiful form captivates with detail and color enhances the environment.

9' Outdoor Lotus Fiberglass Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella - Orange

Bright orange patio umbrella constructed on durable fiberglass ribs, exquisitely resistant to wind, with decorative canopy forming a lotus shape with overlapping petals (not tilting). The top is vented.

Wind resistant umbrella collar tilt

Wind Resistant Umbrella Collar Tilt

Wall mounted patio umbrella wind resistant swivelling commercial

Wall-mounted patio umbrella / wind-resistant / swivelling / commercial ...

6.5 ft Square Wind Resistant Commercial Grade Market Umbrella by Frankford

This large and well-designed umbrella on the patio or garden is an excellent design from wind-resistant fabric and a sturdy base. In summer, it gives a pleasant shade, and warm colors bring to life the decor of the garden.

5' X 8' Rectangular Market Umbrella - COF

Beautiful rectangular umbrella on the patio or terrace is the perfect solution for getting a nice shade on hot days. The windproof material makes the unit durable and ideal for everyday use. Beautiful color adds the whole style.

Double patio umbrella wind resistant fabric aluminium spectra by

Double patio umbrella / wind-resistant / fabric / aluminium SPECTRA by ...

Flower Petal Market Umbrella 9' - Pink

Beautiful fuchsia pink umbrella with lotus shape that resembles regular flower petals. Its robust construction offers 3 tilt positions, plus it is equipped with ventilation that enhances the resistance against strong wind.

Quadruple patio umbrella wind resistant fabric aluminium spectra

Quadruple patio umbrella / wind-resistant / fabric / aluminium SPECTRA ...

California Umbrella 9-Feet Polyester Wind Resistance Fiberglass Rib Push Button Tilt Aluminum Market Umbrella

High resistance to wind thanks to tall, but robust pole and fiberglass ribs comprises a great merit of this functional umbrella. It features wide polyester canvas in ivory, which will blend with probably any outdoor decor.

9 -10' Outdoor Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella with Aluminum Pole

You will be very pleased with the quality, and the versatility of presented here wind resistant patio umbrella in green color. It stands stably on the aluminum pole - long leg, with chrome finish. It has added many supporting ribs.

Wind resistant patio umbrella 1

This patio umbrella is simply the most fitting choice near your swimming pool or to simply shade you from all weather conditions, from sun to rain. It sports the vibrant blue finish to make it add some charm to your setting.

Amargosa patio umbrella in taupe oconstruction material stainless steel frame

Amargosa Patio Umbrella in Taupe •Construction Material: Stainless steel frame and olefin canopy •Color: Taupe •Features:•Designed to be weather resistant •Crank system deploys a weather and UV-resistant olefin canopy •Built to complemen

Best patio umbrella for wind

Wind resistant, these large 10-foot umbrellas with roman flap design will be a practical accent for your patio or garden. Thick aluminium powder coated 2pc. pole comes with solid brass tilt hold and easy canopy crank.

8ft Fiberglass Beach Umbrella UPF 100+ - Heavy Duty

Designed to be a sturdy, durable construction, this fiberglass beach umbrella UPF 100+ is a wind resistant, heavy duty item, which will allow you to relax smoothly, without bothering about the weather.

California Umbrella 7-1/2-Feet Wind Resistance Fiberglass Rib Push Button Aluminum Market Umbrella with 3-Way Tilt, Brick Red

Aluminum market umbrella. This handy umbrella has wind resistant fiberglass ribs and will protect you even in the windiest days. The umbrella features easy open crank lift which requires no strength to deploy.

9 Foot Decorative Wind Resistant Market Umbrella with Crank and Tilt - Yellow

Extra large, 9 ft diameter round umbrella in vivid yellow, on thick wooden pole, exqusitely resistant to wind due to 24 ribs construction. It is easy to install. Polyester canopy top is equipped with vent.

Best outdoor umbrella for wind

This wind resistant patio umbrella will brighten your outdoor relax, providing a smooth comfort and no stress about the weather. Its heavy duty, solid construction ensures stability.

California Umbrella 9-Feet Polyester Wind Resistance Fiberglass Rib Push Button Tilt Aluminum Market Umbrella, Brick Red

Red wind resistant market umbrella. This great umbrella will provide you with relaxing shadow or protect you from wind. The umbrella can be opened up easily using crank open function and has 8 durable fiberglass ribs that firmly stretch the fabric.

9' Outdoor Lotus Fiberglass Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella - Yellow

Lotus-shaped (8' diameter) outdoor umbrella in vivid canary yellow that pairs beautifully with green summer landscape. The vented top boosts resistance to blowing wind. The ribs are made of robust fiberglass.

9' Exclusive Wind Resistant Lotus Umbrella - Sunburst Red

Wind resistant umbrella with tilt crank mechanism. It has fiberglass ribs. Application in all kinds of outdoor places according to taste and need. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Exclusive 24 rib 9' Wind Resistant Fiberglass Patio Umbrella - Tilt

Round patio umbrella covered with durable material. It is mounted on aluminum pole with height adjustment function. Neutral and functional design for the garden, patio and other outdoor places as needed.

9-10' Outdoor Wind Resistant Patio Umbrella with Aluminum Pole - Tan

Very large 9 feet diameter dome shaped outdoor umbrella mounted on robust aluminium pole with crank mechanism and tilting option. It is covered with durable and thick canopy fabric in natural tan color.

Wind resistant patio umbrellas 3

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6 foot patio umbrella

6 ft solar guard beach umbrella with the additional smaller part, which provides the perfect air circulation while open. Wind and water resistant, guarantees that you will be fully safe during sunbathing on the beach.

9' Wind Resistance Fiber Market Push Tilt Umbrella Fabric: Polyester Brick

A 9' outdoor umbrella that is going to let you hide from the summer sun. The umbrella provides useful adjustments, while featuring a crank open function, a 3-way tilt push button, a polyester canopy, and a durable aluminum frame.

9' Market Half Umbrella - RED

Practical piece, this Slender Outdoor Half-Umbrella in Red is going to give you a shade you have always dream of. Sturdy aluminum pole, quality fabric, and possibility to mount it against the wall, the umbrella offers great benefits for its users.

California umbrella 7 1 2 feet wind resistance fiberglass rib

California Umbrella 7-1/2-Feet Wind Resistance Fiberglass Rib Push Button Aluminum Market Umbrella with 3-Way Tilt, Antique Beige New: $59.65

Abba patio r 9 ft market outdoor patio table aluminum

Abba Patio® 9 Ft Market Outdoor Patio Table Aluminum Umbrella with Tilt and Crank, Steel 8 Ribs and Wind Vent, 100% Polyester, 250gsm with Color Fastness for Fade-Resistant, Turquoise Abba Patio®

Belham living 9 ft sunbrella commercial aluminum wind

Belham Living 9 ft. Sunbrella Commercial Aluminum Wind ...

Best wind resistant fiberglass rib patio umbrellas

Best Wind Resistant Fiberglass Rib Patio Umbrellas ...

Destinationgear 8 5 ft aluminum market umbrella with wind

DestinationGear 8.5 ft. Aluminum Market Umbrella with Wind ...

Corliving 10 ft uv and wind resistant tilting lime green

Corliving 10 ft. UV and Wind Resistant Tilting Lime Green ...

7 5 ft uv and wind resistant lime green beach

7.5 ft. UV and Wind Resistant Lime Green Beach/Patio Umbrella

Commercial patio umbrellas wind resistant adinaporter

Commercial Patio Umbrellas Wind Resistant | AdinaPorter

The best wind resistant patio umbrellas

The Best Wind Resistant Patio Umbrellas

Coral coast 8 x 11 ft easy lift wind resistant

Coral Coast 8 x 11 Ft. Easy Lift Wind Resistant Sunbrella ...

Fiberbuilt 7 5 ft wind resistant garden umbrella patio

FiberBuilt 7.5-ft. Wind Resistant Garden Umbrella - Patio ...

Have to have it 7 5 ft sunbrella commercial grade

Have to have it. 7.5-ft Sunbrella Commercial Grade ...

Greece tommy bahama windproof beach umbrella wind

Greece Tommy Bahama Windproof Beach Umbrella , Wind ...