Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

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For a different style of umbrella that won't obstruct your view of people directly across the table, a cantilever umbrella is a great choice. Also awesome for shade on the patio, these umbrellas have a rectangular coverage area, and they extend from a sturdy base that is out of the way, so no impediments. Take a look at all the options in this clever collection.

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Updated 06/08/2022
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Sturdy 106 2'' x 143 7'' Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

Sturdy 106 2'' x 143 7'' Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

What We Like: Canopy is water, UV, and mildew resistant

What We Don’t Like: Only available in four colors

Not So Great For: Small areas with lots of trees

Perfect for: Large patios and decks

This large rectangular cantilever umbrella is an excellent addition to any sunny patio, deck, or outdoor area. The canopy is 106.2”' x 143.7” and is made from a wind-resistant, durable 240/GSM polyester fabric that won’t fade in bright sunlight. The umbrella is available in blue, navy blue, khaki, and gray.

The weighted stand is 9’’ tall and made of black aluminum. It features a crank to open and close the umbrella and can rotate the rectangular offset umbrella 360°. The base weighs 42 lbs. and can anchor the umbrella in moderate winds. This umbrella is a stylish, versatile, and long-lasting addition to any sunny outdoor space.  

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Crescent Shaped Stand with Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

Crescent Shaped Stand with Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

What We Like: Unique crescent umbrella stand

What We Don’t Like: Requires counterweight

Not So Great For: Windy outdoor spaces

Perfect For: Stylish garden tables and pools

This stylish rectangle cantilever patio umbrella offers unparalleled design and function. Its crescent tilting power-coated aluminum stand can rotate 360° and features a ‘Magic Tape’ that can hold the closed umbrella to the stand when not in use. The umbrella and tilt are controlled with an easy-to-use manual crank, and the stand attaches to a weighted base.

The rectangle cantilever umbrella is available in red, dark gray, navy, and beige and is made from environmentally friendly 240G polyester. The umbrella features multi-purpose wind vents and has a Velcro strap for convenient closing. This stylish umbrella hangs beautifully over a garden party table or pool.  

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Two Tiered Wind Resistant Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

Two Tiered Wind Resistant Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

What We Like: Great for windy places

What We Don’t Like: Large footprint

Not So Great For: Small tree-filled yards

Perfect For: Breezy backyards

This large rectangular cantilever umbrella is 9’ x 12’ and comes in red, gray, and beige. The umbrella has a vented top that allows for use in windier areas than a standard cantilever rectangular umbrella. The canopy is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabric and is both stain and UV-resistant.

The powder-coated aluminum stand really stands out. It has six height settings and can rotate 360°, offering unparalleled flexibility. It uses a cross base for additional stability in windy conditions, and the stand is extendable up to 8.69’. This umbrella provides flexibility and durability, making it perfect for every outdoor space.  

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Sturdy Weighted Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

Sturdy Weighted Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

What We Like: Vividly colored canopy

What We Don’t Like: Water-filled base sold separately

Not So Great For: Covering single chairs or chaise lounges

Perfect For: Poolside or beachside

This aluminum and alloy steel framed rectangle offset umbrella features eight heavy-duty framing braces for stability in all conditions. The braces and stand are coated in a special anti-oxidation spray paint that will give the stand longevity and make it perfect for use near corrosive saltwater at the sea shore or on the beach.

The cantilever umbrella rectangle is extra large, measuring 10’ 2919⁄32’’ wide x 8’ 10 3⁄16’’. It is controlled by a crank and has two connection points with the main stand. The canopy is available in gray, turquoise blue, terra, beige, and navy blue, and it is coated with an anti-UV spray.  

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12’ Wide  Polyester Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

12’ Wide Polyester Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

What We Like: Extra large canopy

What We Don’t Like: Only rated to 20 mph wind

Not So Great For: Tight spaces

Perfect For: Large decks, patios, or covering a pool or hot tub

This beautiful umbrella comes in beige, blue, and red and can add convenient style to any outdoor space. The umbrella can be moved up and down with an easy-to-use foot pedal and quickly rotated or tilted via a hand crank system. Built to last, the stand is rust-proof, and the cantilever umbrella rectangular canopy is stain, UV, and water resistant.

This stylish umbrella is versatile, with several different design possibilities. Pair with pendant or fairy lights for the perfect rectangular cantilever umbrella with lights, or purchase cloth chairs in the same color as the canopy for a consistent color theme throughout your outdoor furniture.  

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Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella

Buying Guide

The actual difference between an offset and a rectangular cantilever umbrella lies in the design of their poles. First of all, unlike with traditional umbrellas, they’re both on the side rather than in the middle.

However, in an offset umbrella, it bends at an abrupt angle over the shaded area, with the canopy attached to its end.

With a rectangular cantilever umbrella, there’s another piece attached to the main pole to keep the canopy suspended and offer more positions and angle possibilities.

The first thing you should do when deciding where to place your rectangular cantilever umbrella is to determine the direction of your outdoor area to find out which way the sun shines the strongest.

You should also look out for walls or trees that may cause an obstruction, as well as thinking about your privacy. If you want to ensure your garden is secluded from and not visible to neighbors, you can place your umbrella in a position that conceals you from view.

Another thing to consider is viewpoints. Does your garden have a great spot that would benefit from a rectangular cantilever umbrella? If so, you can place it around a seating area and enjoy your favorite view all year round.

Best Ideas

Rectangular cantilever umbrella

Weather resistance is the most important feature of this long, rectangular cantilever umbrella. Made of polyester fabric also protects against strong sun. That way, under the orange canopy that is mounted to the wall of the house, you can hide in the shade.

10' x 13' Umbrella

10' x 13' Umbrella

Pretty traditional umbrella having a frame with sturdy thick ribs of mahogany wood finished in light brown. An octagonal canopy is of resistant yellow acrylic and has 2 vents. It's opened and closed with a pulley lift system.

8' Royal Rectangular Umbrella

8' Royal Rectangular Umbrella

Large and resistant to external factors 8 'royal rectangular umbrella. This umbrella has the box made from aluminum and olefin canopy that makes it strong and reliable. It provides a large area of shade and is very sturdy.

Rectangular cantilever umbrella 1

An aesthetic contemporary outdoor cantilever umbrella having a grey coated metal frame built of a rectangular foot, a round stem, a regulated arm, sturdy ribs. A rectangular canopy with a top vent is of weatherproof patternless grey fabric.

10' Rectangular Market Umbrella

10' Rectangular Market Umbrella

This is a large and very practical square sunshade, which perfectly suited to the terrace, garden and patio. It is not only practical but also very nice. It perfectly protects from the sun on hot days.

Fim flexy aluminum 8 x 12 rectangular offset umbrella 2

FIM Flexy Aluminum 8' x 12' Rectangular Offset Umbrella

Rectangular cantilever umbrella 4

FIM P-Series Giant Cantilever Umbrella- Rectangular

Fim flexy aluminum 10 x 14 rectangular offset umbrella

FIM Flexy Aluminum 10' x 14' Rectangular Offset Umbrella

Garden akz 10 x 13 rectangular cantilever 24 hr quick

... Garden AKZ 10' x 13' Rectangular Cantilever - 24 hr. QUICK SHIP

Flex 2 post cantilever umbrellas

Flex 2 Post Cantilever Umbrellas

10' Huntington Rectangular Market Umbrella

10' Huntington Rectangular Market Umbrella

Pretty large modern umbrella having a frame and thick ribs of wood with a natural finish. Its rectangular canopy is of resistant light creamy fabric. It's opened and closed with a double pulley lift system.

10' x 6.5' Umbrella

10' x 6.5' Umbrella

Aesthetic traditional umbrella with a frame of light brown-varnished mahogany wood and quality steel hardware. It has a rectangular canopy of resistant yellow acrylic. It's raised and lowered with a pulley lift.

10' Caspian Market Umbrella

10' Caspian Market Umbrella

Aesthetic modern umbrella with a round base and a pole of bronze-coated aluminium. It has a rectangular canopy of resistant brownish fabric. It's opened and closed with a crank and has a regulated tilt angle.

7’x10’ Rectangular Bamboo Market Umbrella

7’x10’ Rectangular Bamboo Market Umbrella

Cool contemporary umbrella with a frame of natural-finished bamboo and stainless steel hardware. A rectangular canopy is crafted of resistant beige acrylic. It's opened and closed with a double pulley and rope lift system.

Patio umbrellas offset umbrella rectangle taupe frame

Patio Umbrellas > Offset Umbrella - Rectangle - Taupe Frame

FIM Manufacturing P19-M-54010-GIB P-Series - 10' x 13' Rectangular Giant Cantilever Umbrella w/ Peppercorn Brown Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame, Choose Fabric Color: Rust, Cover Style: Market Edge, Protective Cover: No - No Cover, Choose Base: GIB: Ground Inse

Large patio umbrella mounted on aluminum frame and covered with thick fabric. It folds flat for easy storage. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

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Patio Furniture for Modern Outdoor Living

Samara rectangular patio umbrella outdoor umbrellas

Samara Rectangular Patio Umbrella outdoor-umbrellas

Treasure garden 10 x 13 ft rectangular cantilever umbrella


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Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella Reviews - OutsideModern

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