Kids Wood Playhouse


Kids need a place for their imagination to grow and thrive, and what's better than a playhouse? These kid's wood playhouses are simple, but well-made, sturdy, and will offer years of wonder and intrigue for the kid who wants to explore the depths of their creative soul. Getting one of these also offers a space where they can have some times to themselves.

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Hobbit Hole Playhouse With Round Front

Hobbit Hole Playhouse With Round Front

The awesome and very charming playhouse in the form of Hobbits hut is a wonderful way to have fun for children. Made of wood, it is phenomenal and gives great inspiration to play. The round doors and windows are superbly presented.

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Kids wood playhouse 13

Ideal for child's outdoor entertainment, this beautiful playhouse is a handmade construction, crafted from natural wood. Fully safe, it combines a small house with a slide and swing set.

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Kids wood playhouse 9

Fancy wood playhouse for kids. As for me, it couldn't have been more perfect. A must-have in a fairy garden. With front porch and twisted branches used instead of regular stairs railing. With gabled roof and oblique frame. Cool!

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Kids wood playhouse 1

A fabulous large wooden playhouse stylised on a traditional cottage mansion with a tower. It has pink-finished walls, white door and window frames as well as roofs aprons. Gable roofs are finished in greys and feature decorative white pinnacles.

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Kids wood playhouse 1

The tasteful and wood playhouse is a great place for children's play. Beautiful details, ladders, slides, beautiful windows and doors create a single place to play for inspirational fun. Whole looks amazing and is very stylish.

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Kids outdoor playhouse plans

A charming classic outdoor playhouse for kids. It's made of wood with a colourful finish. It has yellowish walls, white corners, window frames, a door and a verandah (a balustrade have turned balusters). Its gable roof is dark grey.

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Simple wooden playhouse plans 6 x 8 diy pdf instant

Simple Wooden Playhouse Plans - 6' x 8' - DIY - PDF Instant Download

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Wooden backyard playhouse

A gorgeous playhouse for children that will beautifully enhance the appearance of your backyard. Created of wooden pallets, the house has a high-pitched roof, a fenced porch, glass windows with flower pots, and a spacious interior.

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Kids wood playhouse

Tasteful playhouse designed for older kids. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Stylish accent for the garden, patio and others outdoor places.

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Again i have no kids but whats up with these

Again, I have no kids, but what's up with these play houses? This is a two story outdoor play mansion. I always wanted a tree house growing up, dayam! Talk about taking it to another level.

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Kids Wood Playhouse

Buying Guide

Whether you're a parent or a grandparent, an auntie or a babysitter, keeping children entertained isn't the easiest thing to do. A wooden playhouse can provide a great base for your children to stay occupied in the garden during the warmer weather, and depending on the durability of the playhouse, it might be suitable even during the bad weather too. Let's consider some of the best designs which are on the market.

Hobbit house

If you're looking for something beautiful and quirky that will attract your children to play in it for hours, why not consider a Hobbit house style? Made using sturdy planks of natural wood, it is ideal for children between 3-7 and has enough space for 4-6 children to play. There is a circular door and small circular window through which your children can enter and exit the playhouse or look through.

Full-size playhouse

Not all homes have the budget or the space to buy one of these playhouses, but if you want a real feature piece for the garden, you can almost buy a second home! With two or more small rooms within the playhouse, these castle-style houses are large enough for adults to fit inside too (although it could be a squeeze!). Popular colors to complement the castle design are pink, blue and purple, although the wood can often be repainted in a color of your choice.

Tree house style

It isn't necessarily built in a tree, but this style is perfect if you're attempting a 'fairy garden' look. With wooden planks joined together to create the main frame, and slate pieces along the ceiling for even more character, you can customize this playhouse into almost anything you want. Steps up to the door give a beautiful air of anticipation, while a wooden bench or plants outside are extra features which you can choose to add for your garden. Twisted branches or wood may be seen outside to replace railings or borders.

Playhouse and climbing frame

Combining a playhouse with a mini playground or climbing frame is the ideal way to get your kids moving a bit more. With wooden steps on one side and a durable wooden slide at the opposite side for them to come back down again, your children will have endless hours of fun from a design like this. While a small playhouse is located either at the top of the climbing frame or at ground level, there are extra wooden beams connected to allow the installation of swings, extra slides and monkey bars.

Wigwam playhouse

Another interesting design to consider for your garden is the wigwam style playhouse. This simple wooden design takes up less space than some of the other designs, and you'll only need around 15 square feet in the garden for this, making it an ideal option for the homes with smaller gardens. A sturdy platform inside ensures that your children do not come into contact with anything from the ground.

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Kids wood playhouse

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Cottage playhouse i wonder if dan could build this maybe

Cottage Playhouse. I wonder if Dan could build this. Maybe add some lil window flower boxes for my princess :)

Kids wood playhouse 3

Finished with warm white panelling, with a snowy white porch and a mini swinging bench, this lovely playhouse combines smoothly children entertainment with considerable beauty values for your garden.

Kids wood playhouse

Make sure that your child always has the perfect place to have fun and play but do it with safety in mind. This children's tower playhouse is the stunning structure made from only the highest quality wood for years of safe fun.

Childs play house

Fulfilling the dreams of every child-own childs play house. This one is very feminine and resembles a real house only in miniature. White finish of the frame, yellow color of wooden boards. A turret on porch or cedar shingle. A very cozy architecture.

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