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6 Essential Things to Know When Buying a Stereo Cabinet

When buying a stereo cabinet for your home, you must consider several factors before you start shopping. Your house's aesthetic, the amount of space you have, and your budget impact the kind of stereo cabinet that will suit you best.

Your stereo system's age and model will also influence the style of cabinet you want to display it in. Consider your equipment's size and whether it's a modern sound system or an older model that will suit a rustic or modern cabinet.

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Home Audio Equipment
Home Audio Equipment

A Style for Everyone

Stereo cabinets come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. The stereo cabinet style should coordinate with the style of your space, however, this doesn't mean that the shape and finish need to match your other furniture completely.

Your stereo cabinetcan be a statement piece that reflects the lines of your furniture and interior decor style of your home. You could also select a unit in a bold-colored finish to contrast your other furniture, adding a pop of color to your room.

A Scandanavian style stereo cabinet is ideal for a modern home, offering attractive, clean lines, a natural wood finish, and functional storage. They often feature four compartments in a long, low cabinet that rests on four narrow legs. Your stereo can be stored in one compartment leaving the other three for additional storage of records or remote controls.

If you prefer a more traditional style, try an upright, tall, narrow unit. Often featuring a glass door that allows you to see the stereo inside, this cabinet comes in different colors and materials, with wood being one of the most popular. If you have an older stereo system, rustic wood can create a cohesive aesthetic making it a focal point in the room.

Open or Closed Cabinets

Stereo cabinets come in two general styles. Open cabinets allow you easy access to your devices and create a flowing, spacious aesthetic. Closed cabinets protect your items from dust and offer a streamlined style.

The advantages of having open cabinets include impressing your guests with your audio equipment and enhancing the charm of a room by selecting a cabinet that matches the era your stereo is from. An open cabinet allows you to see your stereo's LCD screen at all times if your model has one.

However, a closed cabinet also offers several benefits. Guests will not be tempted to fiddle with your valuable electronics, and the contents of the cabinet don't impact the aesthetic of the room. Closed cabinets also improve the safety of the equipment for homes with kids or pets.

Wood Cherry Audio Rack
Birch Audio Cabinet
Glass Audio Rack
Metal Manufactured Wood Multimedia Cabinet
Vintage Golden Pine Audio Cabinet

Quality Materials

The type of wood finish you select makes a significant impact on how well the cabinet blends with your interior. Consider the decor as a whole and contemplate how the color and texture of the wood affect not only your stereo equipment but also the surrounding furniture and overall interior design.

Cherry wood is popular and gives off red undertones, which could give your space a warm glow. For a lighter look, maple wood is an excellent choice. Oak is another classic option, with distinct grains and streaks of color running through that add textural interest to your space.

If the wood doesn't suit your aesthetic, there are plenty of other materials you can choose for stereo cabinet furniture. Black laminate is a modern option that can be found in many of the tower-style units. For people who want to show off their stereo equipment, glass casing or a full glass door in the cabinet's front is a fun contemporary way to highlight your gear.

You'll also find cabinets made of metal, which can be suitable for an industrial style, urban home. For black or bold-colored cabinets, you'll likely be looking for a medium-density fibreboard with a painted finish.

Regardless of material, choosing a product with vents for passive airflow and adjustable shelving is essential to keeping your equipment safe and organized.

Speaker Setup

Depending on your stereo model, you'll need to consider how the speakers are to be situated. Some modern stereo cabinets have speakers already builtinto the design of the piece. More retro and traditional stereo cabinets tend to have unique nooks for the speakers, which may require some knowledge of wiring to set up.

However, remember to measure your speakers first and make sure your cabinet has the necessary space to house them. You should also look for a stereo cabinet with cable management details to keep the cables from your speakers and digital devices neat and tidy.

White Audio Rack
Birch Wood Audio Cabinet
Golden Oak Media Shelves


It's also essential to consider whether you'd like your stereo cabinet to be stationary or mobile. Stereo cabinets often come with legs and can stand at different heights. Having a set spot for your tunes can give that room a particular purpose. Alternatively, having a stereo cabinet with wheels allows you to roll the party anywhere.

If you opt for a portable stereo cabinet, you must invest in a product with useful mobility features to protect your equipment during transit. A stereo cabinet on wheels is great for moving from room to room, but getting one with lockable caster wheels is essential to keeping it parked when you walk away. Not only is it dangerous for your stereo equipment to be at risk of rolling away unattended, but it can also be hazardous for older adults, kids, or pets in your household.

Choosing a mobile cabinet made of a lightweight material will also make it easier to move. A dense, hardwood design isn't ideal for a portable setup, and you'll want to consider a fibreboard or composite cabinet for durability and weight.

Creating a portable setup involves a lot of careful thought about protecting your valuable equipment best. If you've parked equipment on the top of the cabinet and it's not held inside by a door, make sure you're investing in a tray-style shelf or top with a lip that will prevent your media and equipment from falling to the floor when the unit moves.


Stereo cabinets aren't just for storing your sound system. Repurposing your stereo cabinet can completely transform your space in all kinds of imaginative ways.

One creative idea is to turn your cabinet into awet bar with a Bluetooth stereo. This can be the perfect touch in a room for socializing or dancing. Having your music and party favors all in the same spot is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

For everyday practicality, you can select a Scandinavian style stereo cabinet that will double as a TV stand and provide storage for your movies, remotes, and video game consoles as well. A smaller unit with a taller build can also be used as an end table next to your couch to maximize your space.

Be smart about the furniture you're bringing into your home to avoid making the room feel smaller than it is. A stereo cabinet is a large piece of furniture, so if you can find a way to integrate it into the room for multiple uses, you can avoid losing valuable living space.

Modern Living Room Design
Modern Living Room Design

A Stereo Cabinet is a Timeless Investment

When you buy your stereo cabinet, you are investing in timeless elegance for your home. There will always be a need for a unique space dedicated to sharing your favorite songs and sounds as music continues to be an essential and joyful part of our lives.

There's a whole world of gorgeous stereo cabinets just waiting for you to discover them. Take the time to do your research before shopping, and you'll find a storage unit for your stereo that fits your space.

Wooden Shelf In The Music Room
Wooden Shelf In The Music Room

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