33 Unique Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas

By using a few key color palettes, decor and texture styles you can turn a bland bathroom into a unique and rustic area.

There are a wide range of different ways you can create a unique rustic bathroom. Whether your bathroom is large or small, these design ideas can be put to use in any size. In fact, you may even be able to use them in other rooms such as kitchens or foyer areas as well.

Some of the best ideas for rustic decor include wall coverings using natural stone or tile, wood paneling or logs, and brightening up the room with white or pale colored tubs and other plumbing fixtures.

Whether you are planning on doing a full remodel of your bathroom or simply want to add a few rustic touches here and there, this list may help spark your creativity with a few ideas.

1. Consider using wood grain countertops

Small Bathroom With Wooden Sink Vanity
Angelica Henry Design

It’s normally the first choice to consider a stone countertop for your bathroom remodel. But using wooden countertops and sink vanity surfaces instead of stone can give your rustic bathroom a touch of uniqueness you won’t see in many other bathrooms.

2. Don’t overlook copper fixtures and decor

Bathroom Using Copper Tub And Decor
Meadow Mountain Homes

One element of rustic decor that is often overlooked is the use of copper. This can be in the form of plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, decorative accents, and more. Copper really brings a touch of rustic charm to any room of your home.

3. Use contrasting paint colors with natural wooden logs

Contrasting Cabinet Colors With Natural Logs
Hoyt Homes Inc

If your bathroom has large amounts of interior wood as part of the architectural design, consider contrasting it with matte paint colors. Stormy grays, dark beige, forest green, and navy blue can all work wonderfully with various natural wood tones.

4. Combine natural dark marble with light paint

Dark Marble Tile And Pale Paint
Atelier Style Concept & Design

Many homeowners love the look of dark marble in their bathrooms. If you’re looking for a great way to contrast this color without being too bold, consider going with lighter matte paints. Beige, off-white, cream, light yellow, and tan are all suitable contrasting colors to consider.

5. Pick one bright and unique color for a centerpiece

Bathroom With A Centerpiece Decor Color
Chic By Design, LLC

If you want to have your eye drawn to a certain part of your bathroom, consider using a bright showpiece color in that area. For example, a bright shower curtain, tile wall, or other colorful accent can help grab your attention and make the room uniquely appealing.

6. Natural stone and rustic wood blend well together

Combination Of Natural Stone And Wood
On Site Management, Inc.

Natural gray stone is a common architectural building element on many rustic homes. Try blending natural stone with rustic wood or rough-cut lumber. These two natural textures can work well together, whether you decide to match the shades or go for a bit of a contrast.

7. Use horizontal panels in place of tile

Shower Stall With Horizontal Panel Walls
Juxtaposed Interiors

When most people think of bathroom designs, they will mention tile. However, you can take this in a totally different direction by using horizontal wooden panels instead. This is an excellent choice for lining a walk-in shower, and you can easily match it to your flooring, doors, or other wooden structures nearby.

8. Beige color palettes work with wood tones

Beige And Yellow Palettes With Wood
Melyssa Robert Designer

If you don’t want to overpower your entire room with nothing but wood tones, try mixing in some solid paint and wallpaper colors instead. Beige is a very common color that matches and blends well with most wood tones and textures, whether they are light or dark.

9. Install stylish black antique metal fixtures

Black Antique Fixtures Give Rustic Vibes
JC Smith LLC

Antique fixtures for your plumbing or room lighting can go a long way in adding a touch of rustic charm to the bathroom. These fixtures not only serve a very practical purpose, but can also stand as an antique design aspect in the room. If you can’t find actual antique fixtures, look for faux vintage style fixtures instead.

10. Use a live edge wood countertop

Sink Counter With Live Edge Wood
ESTUDI A L'ÀTIC. Benvinguts al Slow Design!

Live edge wood countertops are extremely popular in kitchens, but are often overlooked for use in a bathroom. When you want to bring in nature and add a touch of country to your bathroom, a live edge countertop for your sink or vanity area can work exceptionally well to bring the entire room together.

11. Try combining various textures for a unique look

Bathroom With Multiple Rustic Textures Combined
Ammirato Construction, Inc.

There is no rule that says you need to stick with a single texture. Instead, try mixing natural rough stone with rustic wood and modern tile. These decor aspects all lend themselves in unique ways to creating a stylish and charming bathroom you can be proud of.

12. Consider a checkerboard floor for stylish looks

Small Bathroom Using Checkerboard Floor Covering
Amelia Wilson

If you want a touch of the classics in your bathroom, consider going with a checkerboard tile floor. This can be done in a variety of ways to give you the level of contrast you want in your bathroom. Checkerboard also works well in kitchens and lounge areas, as well as game rooms and foyer areas.

13. Use large mirrors for light reflection and decoration

Rustic Bathroom With Large Decorative Mirror
RICHARD KISSANE Building Contractor LTD.

One of the biggest issues with rustic homes is the lack of lighting. If you’re making use of a lot of wood and stone architecture, light can be absorbed instead of reflected. To help with this, consider hanging large mirrors around the room to help reflect both natural and artificial light around the room.

14. Repurpose aged wood for surfaces or furniture

Full Length Rough Aged Wood Countertop
GMT Home Designs

Making use of repurposed aged wood is not only a great way to recycle, but can also add a genuinely rustic touch to your bathroom. Oversized rough wood panels can make a great countertop for sinks or vanities. They can also be found in a wide range of wood tones to blend in with most room decors.

15. Embrace the natural sandstone color palette

Pleasant Blend Of Sand Colored Items
Studio Architects

The sandstone color palette is a unique blend of creams, tans, and browns. You can mix and match a wide range of shades of these colors to get the right blend that works for you. Consider using these colors for anything from wall and window covering to bath towels.

16. Brighten up the room with unique rustic lighting options

Rustic Bathroom With Small Hanging Lanterns
Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors

Small lights can be a great way to add a small touch of rustic charm to the room. Look for lantern style lamps, or those with copper and metal accents. Chains that suspend the lamp from the ceiling are also a great option to consider as it works with a wide range of room styles.

17. Use architectural wood beams to your advantage

All-Natural Bathroom With Stone And Wood
Pearson Design Group

If your house makes use of structural wooden beams, consider making them a part of your interior decor as well. These exposed pieces of architectural wood can blend exceptionally well with natural rough-cut stone. You’ll even have a range of textures and shades to combine to suit your liking.

18. Mix rustic and modern decorative assets for a unique look

White Tub With Nearby Rustic Decor
Faure Halvorsen Architects

Even if you are fully embracing the rustic decor style, you can add a centerpiece modern styled tub, sink, or other fixture to your bathroom to help add a luxurious touch to the area. Look for light colors that can brighten up the room while also serving as an eye catching piece of decor.

19. Try some bright and unique color combinations

Spacious Bathroom Embracing Oranges And Yellows
Studio 80 Interior Design

There are some bright colors that may not always work well on their own, however, if you pair them up with other bright colors that complement them, you can have a stylish room in your home. For example, oranges and yellows pair well as they can share the same color palette range.

20. Add sophistication with large strip cladding

Shower Stall Using Vertical Tile Cladding

Vertical cladding is a stylish addition to any bathroom. You can use it in place of tile in a shower stall, or simply use it as the wallcovering of choice throughout the room. There are numerous vertical cladding color combinations you can use to blend well with other design pieces and fixtures in the room.

21. Sometimes less really can be more

Small Washing Area With Simple Fixtures
Jennifer Worts

You don’t need to have a large and luxurious bathroom to bring rustic charm into your home. Sometimes less can be more, especially if you add your own unique touch to the design styles around you. Consider using simplistic plumbing fixtures and unique wall art to really make the room your own.

22. Simplistic beauty can be stunning and memorable

Simplistic Bathroom Using Stone And Wood
Vincent van Duysen

There are a variety of ways to keep your overall room design very simple while also still presenting the rustic style you want. Consider installing a no-frills stone bathtub to complement your natural wood wall paneling. It will give the rustic feel without overpowering the decor of the room.

23. Blend similar colors across multiple rooms

Bathroom With Similar Colors In Bedroom
Peace Design

Instead of keeping your bathroom and a neighboring bedroom separated with unique decor in each, blend them together with the same or similar flooring, ceiling, or wall paneling. This will give the illusion of the rooms feeling larger, especially if you can keep room diving doors open.

24. Give a unique or non-traditional shape a try

Stylish Sink In Non-Traditional Shape
Alder and Tweed Design Co.

Most standard sinks are round in shape, but you can take your design one step further and go with a non-traditional shape. Squares, rectangles, and even shallow basins can be very unique fixtures to have in your rustic bathroom to give the unique charm you are looking for.

25. Make use of aged and repurposed barn wood

Small Sink Area With Repurposed Wood
Trauner Fay Designs

Aged and repurposed barn wood is a popular choice to consider when you’re trying to add rustic decor elements to any room of your home. It’s a very useful structure that can be perfect for customizing as a countertop, vanity, bathtub steps, and more.

26. Turn your shower or tub into a relaxing oasis

Large Bathroom With Luxurious Bathing Area
Streamline Design Ltd.

There are a range of ways to turn a large bathroom into a spacious and luxurious oasis. You can add a range of natural stonework or tiles to your shower area that really bring the rustic look to your room. Consider using various colors of stone and tile to bring a unique blend of shades to the room.

27. Glass and crystal work well with natural stone

Various Glass And Stone Accents Combined
JLF & Associates, Inc.

If you’re using a large amount of natural stone in and around your rustic bathroom, consider contrasting it with glass and crystal. You can do this with glass shower stalls, crystal chandeliers, large mirrors, large globe lights, and large glass or crystal flower vases as well.

28. Blend various dark natural colors and textures together

Bathroom Using Dark Natural Color Palette
Miller-Roodell Architects

If you’re working with a majority of natural colors and textures, blending them together may be easier than you think. Various darker shades of wood and stone can match together nicely for a unique and stylish rustic look in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or any other room you decide to remodel.

29. Try something different with your sink and decor

Rustic Vanity With Large Hanging Mirror
Conrad Brothers Construction

You’re not locked into any standard or typical design elements when it comes to a rustic remodel. Instead, try using unique vanities, sinks, and mirror options to bring a unique style to your room. Additionally, large mirrors will help reflect light and brighten up the entirety of the room.

30. Use unique split wood for faux log cabin wall aesthetics

Split Wood Decor Covering Bathroom Walls
Miller-Roodell Architects

If you want a 3D design on your walls, you can use faux logs to bring the rustic mountain cabin feel to your bathroom remodel. Split wood aesthetics can give your walls an entirely new look without being overbearing or highly contrasting to other design aspects in the room.

31. Mix brighter primary colors for rustic charm

Charming Rustic Bathroom Mixing Primary Colors
Conrad Brothers Construction

Bright color blending can be common for children’s rooms, but also work well for homeowners that love whimsical country charm. Look for bright colors on mirror frames, cabinets, rugs, towels, and even sinks to get a unique and eye-catching combination for your bathroom.

32. Use stark white tub and window coverings for brightness

Rustic Cabin Bathroom With White Tub
Conrad Brothers Construction

Having a well lit bathroom is appealing for many homeowners, but often having enough lighting to eliminate every shadow is difficult. Instead, you can use a majority of stark white decor to help reflect light around the room and eliminate dark spots in corners.

33. Mix rough stone with smooth tile for a unique look

Natural Mountain Stone And Tile Combined
Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

Natural mountain stone has a darker tone and more varied texture than sandstone or other common interior hardscapes. Mountain stone is a great option for mixing with light colored smooth tile for a unique and charming rustic look in your bathroom or kitchen.

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