10 Best Free Standing Towel Racks

Towels are a critical component of any well-functioning bathroom but aren't any good if they're left in a wet pile on the floor. Wet towels that aren't allowed to dry can grow bacteria and fungi. Drying towels properly helps keep them sanitary and improves bathroom hygiene.

Use a freestanding towel rack to allow your towels to air out. They are an alternative to the wall-mounted variety. They are easy to install, portable, space-saving, and have a larger capacity than other drying rack styles.

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Towel racks need to be durable to support the weight of multiple wet towels. The best models are easy to set up and are lightweight and portable, so you can move them into the sun or from room to room to faster drying.

All our selections have taken these important factors into account. Each unit provides adequate protection for use in damp environments, such as bathrooms or laundries. Some of the features you can expect from these units include corrosion-resistant material or a specialized treatment on the finish.

Teak Towel Rack
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Metal Towel Rack
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Metal Bamboo Free Standing Towel Rack
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mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack
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Chrome Free Standing Towel Rack
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The AquaTeak Original Sula Teak Towel Rack is durable and made from Indonesian teak wood. It comes with AquaTeak's Premium Teak Oil so you can keep the rich finish year after year. This model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and comes with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind. Adjustable rubber grips provide added stability for heavy towels.

One of the biggest complaints about freestanding towel racks is their incompatibility with larger towels; the only way to fit them is to drape them over the entire unit, which deters from their aesthetic value. But the Kings Brand Furniture Towel Rack provides a solution, crafting a unit with an extra 10" on the average rack. So, if your family loves to use big fluffy towels, there is a suitable style in the marketplace.

If simplicity is your number one priority, there are plenty of choices available. Many models are minimalistic without being plain, such as the Metal and Bamboo Free Standing Towel Rack. This unit incorporates a matte black metallic base with naturally finished bamboo racks that looks stunning in any modern bathroom setting.

In space-challenged bathrooms and laundries, a freestanding towel rack should double as a functional storage space. The mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack Holder with Storage Shelf features 3 staggered towel rails for drying damp towels or clothes as well as a wire mesh shelf that can be accessorized with baskets or containers for cleaning products or toiletries.

Our number one choice is the Kings Brand Victory Freestanding Towel Rack. While it may not be the most elaborate piece, it scores highly on functionality with many happy customers. This is a great all-rounder, and it's also one of the most affordable options, making it great value for money.

Choosing the Best Freestanding Towel Rack 

It's not hard to pick the right freestanding towel rack once you know what you're looking for. The following guide will help you to consider the most critical features and functionalities when you're looking for your next towel rack.


A free standing towel rack should be able to support the weight of towels and damp clothes without moving or sagging. Most units are made from durable aluminum or stainless steel, while some others are made from lightweight bamboo or heavier hardwoods.

Regardless of the base material, you need to ensure that your free standing unit can resist moisture damage. Look for pieces that feature a waterproof varnish, sealant, or polyurethane coating to prevent corrosion.


Towels need adequate airflow to ensure they dry thoroughly and prevent the growth of microorganisms. When shopping for your free standing towel rack, ensure that you can drape your towels over each rail without bunching and the towels do not drag on the floor. You should also choose a unit that provides plenty of space between rails to optimize airflow.

Measure your largest towel width and length, as well as the space you plan to locate your towel rack before purchasing a unit.

Storage Options

Freestanding towel racks are ideal for organizing a cluttered bathroom or laundry room. To maximize your storage, look for towel racks that feature shelves underneath the rails or baskets and hooks at the sides of the unit. These storage options are ideal for keeping frequently used toiletries, hairdryers, toilet rolls, and other essentials.


Freestanding units are not typically discrete pieces of furniture, so it is important to choose a style that coordinates with the decor in your bathroom. An excellent way to keep the interior style cohesive is to match the towel rack finish to the faucet or drawer hardware.

If you choose a wooden towel rack, the finish should have a similar shade to the bathroom cabinetry or complement the floor and wall tiles.

Do I need to anchor my free standing towel rack to the floor?

Free standing towel racks are designed to be balanced and avoid toppling. They are also typically lightweight, so if they do fall, they won't cause any significant injuries.

However, if you have boisterous children or pets in your home, you may want to consider a collapsible unit that can be stored when not in use. Or try a DIY floor anchor as most free standing units do not come with anchoring hardware.

Are they hard to assemble?

One of the great things about freestanding towel racks is they're easier to install and assemble than wall-mountable units. Many freestanding models don't even require tools and can be used right out of the box.

If you do need to assemble the unit, ensure that you assemble the pieces according to the manufacturer's instructions to avoid invalidating the warranty if the model comes with one.

How do I pick a durable rack?

Towel racks are exposed to extreme conditions in the bathroom, so you'll need a unit built to withstand intense heat and moisture. Check for units that are easy to clean, rust-proof, or have a protective coating.

The majority of towel racks are designed with bathroom use in mind, so they'll incorporate these into the overall design. Different materials require specific protective measures. For example, you may need to periodically rub linseed oil or wax on your wooden towel rack to maintain its waterproofing properties.

Top 10 Free Standing Towel Racks Reviews 

1. Top Pick: Kings Brand Victory Chrome Free Standing Bathroom Towel Rack

Chrome Free Standing Towel Rack
Chrome Free Standing Towel Rack

There's something timeless looking about this Kings Brand Standing Bathroom Towel Rack. Maybe it's the fact there's no over-bearing stylistic theme, and the main elements are simple and clean-cut. It is this simplicity that is ultimately this item's selling point. Wherever you place this rack, it'll look right at home.

The chrome finish can complement many bathrooms with prominent chrome fittings. The cool sheen of the chrome color allows this rack to stand out without being an eye-sore.

The metal construction has many benefits in a bathroom setting. Not only is it good in hot, humid environments, but it's inherently a durable material.

Made to be unobtrusive, this rack tucks neatly out of the way, staying close to the wall. With a depth measurement of under 11", this item won't needlessly take up your bathroom space. The 10.63" depth is enough to fit 3 rails into this design easily.

The lower slatted shelf provides handy storage space while keeping with the overall clean-lined aesthetic. Made from walnut wood, this shelf offers a dark contrast to the otherwise light and bright design. Neatly fold your flannels or other small items on this shelf to keep them orderly and out of harm's way.

Another unexpected storage space is under the lower wooden shelf. It's a perfect place for storing your scales or even tucking away your flip flops or other bathroom attire.

2. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Minimalistic Bathrooms: Ranpin Double Free Standing Towel Rack

Ranpin Double Towel Rack
Ranpin Double Towel Rack

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Towel Stand

Ranpin Double Towel Rack

The simplicity of this freestanding towel rack speaks for itself. This is a double rack, made for holding 2 towels.

Produced by InRoom Designs, this freestanding towel rack gets consistently good ratings from customers. This may have to do with the piece's simplicity; it hasn't tried to reinvent the wheel. But, it has thoughtfully included elements that enhance convenience and practicality.

It's a perfect choice for those who don't want a wall-mounted rack, have a small bathroom area, or need a quick bathroom addition for guests.

Standing at 31.89" tall and 7" base depth, this is an excellent freestanding height---one that isn't too low or too high for the majority of bathroom spaces. It is a solid item that won't take up precious floor space.

The base is a unique selling feature. Its weight creates a firm foundation that won't be moved from its place by accidental bumps.

If you're not a fan of assembling furniture, you'll love the fact that rail doesn't require any assembly and comes as-is. This is a time-saving, low-maintenance option for people who want to have it up and ready in their bathroom as quickly as possible.

3. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for a Spa Décor: Spa Teak Ladder Towel Rack

Spa Teak Ladder Towel Rack
Spa Teak Ladder Towel Rack

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Sensabaugh Free Standing Towel Stand

Spa Teak Ladder Towel Rack

Don't let the leaning nature of this towel rack fool you. This is still classified as a freestanding model; you don't need any tools or additional fixtures to position this unit in your bathroom.

Marketed as having a spa design, this rack brings a distinctive, soothing feel to any space. The wood finish creates this presence, bringing a natural element into what can sometimes be a clinical part of the home.

The solid teak wood gives this piece a quality feel; there's no imitation or cheap material used for this rack. Some people may shy away from having wood in the bathroom, but this teak piece is naturally resistant to humidity, moisture, and mildew thanks to the water-repellent clear coating.

Rest this rack against any wall to utilize its towel-holding ability, keeping the base 14" away from the wall to create a solid structure. You may also like to consider placing rubber pads onto the ends of this rack in case you're worried about wall or floor marks.

This rack arrives pre-assembled, which is great for busy homeowners anxious to complete their bathroom set-ups.

Standing at 59", this rack holds up to 4 towels, which suits households that need more space. It does not come with wall or floor anchors, so if you have small children or pets, you may want to choose an anchored model.

4. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Heavy Items: AquaTeak Original Sula Teak Towel Rack

Teak Towel Rack
Teak Towel Rack

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Zeller Present Handtuchstnder

Teak Towel Rack

Cabina doccia 140x70 profili neri e vetro con  riquadri neri NICO-D3000S

Teak Towel Rack

Kally Collection Towel Bar

Teak Towel Rack

Black Silicone accessory for Eco Jars Soap Dispensers kitchen or bathroom

Teak Towel Rack

Iaksohdu 500ml Shampoo Dispenser Large Capacity Good Sealing Leak-proof Thickened Empty Soap Dispenser Shower Gel Lotion Bottle Trip Supply, Size:500 mL, Clear

Teak Towel Rack

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Teak Towel Rack

Not everyone loves the cool aesthetic of chrome or metal in their bathroom, making wood a fantastic counterbalancing alternative. Wood brings the natural world into your home, imparting warmth, dimension, and texture.

This handcrafted towel rack uses teak wood, which is sealed with a protective covering to make it waterproof and weather-resistant. Place this towel rack in your outdoor shower or in a small, humid bathroom without worry about corrosion or mildew build-up.

At 22.5" x 11.25" x 34" and 9 lbs., this rack is durable and sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest beach and shower towels. The base is the perfect spot to keep your sandals or extra guest towels. It comes with rubber grips to provide added stability on slippery surfaces. 

The teak wood is farm-grown in Indonesia. To maintain the deep finish of this rack, it ships with AquaTeak's Premium Teak Oil which you can apply at regular intervals to keep your towel rack looking rich and new. AquaTeak also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty.

5. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Portability: Organize It All 3 Bar Bathroom Towel Drying Rack

Organize It All Towel Drying Rack
Organize It All Towel Drying Rack

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Voilage en Organza rayures horizontales

Organize It All Towel Drying Rack

20"x32" Braided Bath Mat White - Moda at Home

Organize It All Towel Drying Rack

Decoratieve theelichthouder van wit en goudkleurig glas H9

Organize It All Towel Drying Rack

Benjara 12 in. White Round Ceramic Vase with Embossed Wave Design

Organize It All Towel Drying Rack

Chrome is a modern bathroom staple, and this Organize It All Towel Drying Rack is a shining example of modern simplicity. Chrome is ideal for bathrooms as it withstands warm, damp conditions, blends into and complements other chrome bathroom fixtures, and looks effortlessly chic. One of chrome's benefits is its light-enhancing properties. If you want a light and bright piece, chrome is ideal; it reflects the light and has a cool feel.

This unit also features 2 other materials: glass and acrylic. The 3 clear acrylic hanging bars help open up space as well as provide a functional bar for drying towels. The acrylic is easy to keep clean and won't erode or stain your towels.

The tempered glass shelf at the bottom gives more storage options but doesn't close in the feeling of spaciousness that's created by the rest of the rack. This glass works well with the overall feel of the unit, keeping things light and airy.

Measuring in at 9.88" x 23.12" x 34.25", you have enough space to hang 3 towels on this rack. However, the design doesn't easily allow you to hang large bath towels. The staggered and sloping design will work best with smaller guest-size or hand towels. It's possible to install the unit without the glass shelf if you need another inch or two of vertical space, or simply place your largest towel on the back rail.

Although tempered glass is 4 times stronger than ordinary glass, it's still glass and may be a concern if you have young children or pets.

6. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Standard Towels: King's Brand Antique Style Pewter Finish Towel Rack Stand

King's Brand Antique Style Towel Rack
King's Brand Antique Style Towel Rack

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Ebony Scrolled Metal Quilt Rack

King's Brand Antique Style Towel Rack

For classically-styled bathrooms with focus on ornate, high-quality fixtures, the King's Brand Antique Style Pewter Finish Towel Rack Stand is the perfect choice. With a distinctly Tuscan aesthetic incorporating scrollwork and foliage motif with a stunning antique bronze finish, this piece is as much a style statement as it is a functional bathroom storage option.

The 3 towel bars offer a full range of hanging options, allowing you to choose hanging towels from a higher or lower bar. If you depend on large bath towels, this may not be the choice for you. Like other models, this rack works best for standard bath towels but won't necessarily have the vertical height you need to dry larger styles. It also does not feature any additional storage options, such as shelving or baskets, limiting its functionality.

However, a big benefit of this model is its inherent portability. At only 7.6 lbs., it's easy to move this rack to any location, repositioning it as required. This also makes it easier to assemble; you don't have to wrestle with heavy wrought iron pieces. It's easy enough for anyone to assemble in a minimal amount of time.

This unit's decorative slant makes it ideal for creative flexibility. Although it's made for the bathroom, the attractive style would suit any room in the house. Use it for blanket storage in the living room, or airing clothes in your bedroom.

7. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Classic Decor: Kings Brand Furniture - Coffee Brown Metal Free Standing Towel Rack Stand

Kings Brand Coffee Brown Towel Rack
Kings Brand Coffee Brown Towel Rack

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Vintage Wood Storage Unit Black - Olivia & May

Kings Brand Coffee Brown Towel Rack

We can't stay away from Kings Brand, but there's a reason for this. Customer feedback has placed this brand at the forefront of the leading contenders in this market.

This unit builds on the antique theme. Coming in a beautiful coffee-brown color, this rack blends in with rustic themes. If chrome or black units aren't for you, this metal color is an excellent compromise.

With this unit, you have a perfect blend of straight lines and organic curves. In fact, this rack is a beautiful amalgamation of originality and conventionality. It exhibits the classic rack form---3 rails, straight sides, and a sturdy lower shelf---but bursts out from the edges with swirling flourishes. It harkens back to the old wrought iron railings of mid-century houses.

The lower shelf can easily support your folded towels, flannels, or other bathroom-related items, leaving 19.25" from its surface to the first bar. This is more than enough space for hand towels and will fit your standard towel.

Weighing just 3.99 lbs., this model is lighter than other selections on our list, making it incredibly portable despite its metal construction. This makes it easy to assemble or carry between rooms.

One of the main drawbacks of this unit is the size. If you have larger towels, they need to be hung over the entire piece, which covers the beautiful design. However, for the price and the quality, you get a lot for your money.

8. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Large Towels: Kings Brand Furniture Metal Free Towel Rack Stand

Metal Towel Rack
Metal Towel Rack

The majority of towel rack styles tend to be on the smaller side, making them ideal for smaller spaces and easier to assemble and move, but they don't cater to those who need to hang larger items.

It's easy to see this difference when you look at the specs. Standing at 40", this is a good 10"+ taller than your standard model, providing the height you need for larger bathroom towels.

This model also has a more dramatic staggered rail, with at least 6" between each rail. This creates a 12" difference between the first and third rail.

The rack provides optimal storage space, featuring a lower shelf perfect for compact bathroom items alongside the towel rails. The addition of a backing rail running horizontally across the back of the unit stops the towel from resting directly against your painted wall or beloved wallpaper---a useful feature.

You'll find this unit ideal for a range of décors. The pewter finish adds drama and depth, capable of matching different bathroom color schemes. Its metal construction provides weight, but the overall design won't block or obscure light.

The foot adjusters further enhance this item's stability, giving it a firm foundation. Combine this with the height and the weight, and you have a great towel rack for larger towels.

9. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Contemporary Homes: Metal and Bamboo Free Standing Towel Rack

Metal Bamboo Free Standing Towel Rack
Metal Bamboo Free Standing Towel Rack

Complement modern décor with this minimalistic Standing Towel Rack from MyGift. If you don't want to overcomplicate your space, this is the ideal choice.

The wonderful thing about this unit is its versatility; it doesn't look like your standard bathroom towel rack, its bare-boned sophistication doesn't designate it only for bathroom use. If you're looking for a piece of furniture with hanging functionality, this piece is ideal. It would look just at home in your contemporary living room or beside a pool, as it would your bathroom.

Unlike other models, this 33.07'' x 17.71'' x 8.26'' rack has a 2-rail design, deviating from the usual 3, and doesn't feature a lower storage shelf. If you're not looking for optimal storage space, this minimal structure won't make a difference, but if you're looking for a storage-enhancing piece, you'll need to choose an alternative model.

This is a black and tan brown unit that has a classic combination of metal and natural wood. This brings two worlds together, the industrial and the natural, creating an interesting juxtaposition.

Bamboo is a unique material choice. Not only is it incredibly strong, but it's also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. It's naturally resistant to swelling, and because of its strength, it is more scratch-resistant than other woods.

Sadly, the metal base doesn't make it ideal for hard tiled floors. Moving and positioning this piece could be noisy, and you may not like the idea of dragging the metal across your home flooring. Adhesive rubber feet could solve this problem, but it would be an additional purchase.

10. Best Free Standing Towel Rack for Storage: mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack Holder

mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack
mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack

This towel rack is a good mix of practicality and style. One of the ways this unit expresses versatility is with color. Choose from 5 different color options---bronze, black/brushed, silver, white, or white/brushed. Having this variety helps match the unit to your décor.

The long, arched sides resemble narrow wooden limbs, bent into a structure the way wicker is. There is something animate and natural about this rack's curve; it's not a harsh-looking unit.

The built-in lower shelf has a grill construction, making it the perfect choice for holding smaller bathroom items that could be wobbly and unsteady on slatted-style shelves. This gives you an excellent place for small bottles or candles.

If you'd like to avoid complex assembly, you'll be delighted with this mDesign Towel Rack. It is simple to assemble, taking only minutes, and it doesn't require any tools. The various components slot or click into place and are secured by an end piece that twists to secure.

This unit is made to last and designed specifically for bathroom use. Its resilient steel wire construction is topped off with a rust-resistant finish, giving you structural integrity as well as an aesthetic guarantee. This construction is ideal for humid environments and is also easy to wipe clean and maintain.

Overall, this convenient, stylish rack will easily store normal-sized bath towels and is suitable for a busy, bustling bathroom space.

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