How to Choose a Towel Rack

Did you know that having towel racks in a bathroom or kitchen was once a luxury? Today, there are common in most homes. The fast rise of towel racks in most homes nowadays indicates two things; they are competitive prices in the market and a vast number of stylish designs available.

But there is an issue of knowing how to choose the perfect one for your space that can fit your specific needs - considering the ton of choices in the market. There's good news. We've got you covered.

In this post, we'll be showing you a few key things to look out for before choosing a towel rack for your home. Also, we'll talk extensively about other things that will make you buying decision easier.

What Are the Different Types of Towel Racks Available in the Market?

In no particular order, here's a comprehensive list of the various types of towel racks in the market.

Towel Shelves

This type comes with or without a rack, and you can mount it on a wall. If you have a big family and you have a full-size bathroom of about 110 - 210 sq.ft, then this type of towel rack will come in handy. They tend to accommodate a larger number of towels than the regular racks.

Brown Classic Metal Towel Shelf
Silver Classic Steel Bathroom Towel Shelf
Silver Classic Metal Towel Shelf
Silver Metal Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Silver Steel Double Layer Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Silver Classic Metal Towel Shelf

Towel Valets

The Towel valets are also known as floor stands. You can't mount the valets on a wall.  But, like the towel shelves, there are suitable for a full-size kitchen or bathroom with 110 - 210 sq.ft. Also, you can store a stack of towels in the valets.

Brown Elegant Wicker Towel Valet
White Classic Plastic Towel Valet
Black Simple Wicker Towel Valet
Silver Classic Metal Towel Valet
Brown Simple Wicker Towel Valet
Gray Modern Plastic Towel Valet

Towel Bars

This type comes with a single bar for hanging a towel. It doesn't support stacks of towels like the former two listed above. Hence, it's an excellent option for people with a small bathroom size of 40 sq.ft., who want to manage their space as much as possible.

Silver Classic Metal Towel Bar
Silver Metal Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Silver Classic Metal Towel Bar
Black Modern Metal Towel Bar
Black Classic Metal Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Black Modern Steel Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Towel Rings

Like the towel bars, they have a single opening for hanging a towel. But, there are quite smaller than the towel bars. They are mostly ring-shaped, although they can be rectangular - depending on the manufacturer. They are great for any minimalist-designed bathroom or kitchen space - helping to conserve space and bring a special classy touch to the overall décor of your space.

Silver Classic Metal Towel Ring
Silver Traditional Metal Wall Mounted Towel Ring
Golden Classic Metal Rectangular Towel Ring
Golden Traditional Metal Towel Ring
Silver Modern Metal Rectangular Towel Ring
Black Modern Metal Open Towel Ring

Towel Hooks

If you're looking for a towel rack option that allows you to hang your towel over a tip, then the towel hook is the perfect go-to. Using the tower hooks is one way to go if you intend to create an uncluttered design in your small space of 35 - 40 sq.ft. You can even have multiple towel hooks in a small and cozy space and still have things organized.

Black Classic Metal Towel Hook
Silver Classic Metal Wall Mounted Towel Hook
Silver Elegant Metal Towel Hook
Black Stylish Metal Robe Hook
Silver Classic Metal Towel Hook
Golden Traditional Metal Wall Mounted Towel Hook

Towel Ladder Racks

This type of towel rack is fast becoming a trend in many homes, especially for bathroom and kitchen décor. Although they are typically found in rustic interiors, some models come in the form of finely carved contemporary wood. You can also find them in the form of stainless steel or aluminum.

You can go for the free-standing ladder racks if you're trying to avoid wall mount installations. Also, you can move these racks around, which makes it ideal for people that like to remodel their space regularly. The wall mounts are a go-to if you're trying to conserve space in a small area of about 40 sq.ft.

Brown Traditional Solid Wood Towel Ladder
Light Brown Classic Solid Wood Towel Ladder
Black Simple Metal Towel Ladder
Gray Classic Solid Wood Towel Ladder
Black Simple Solid Wood Ladder
White Classic Solid Wood Towel Ladder

What Is the Most Suitable Material for a Towel Rack?

Generally, there are two materials used in making towel racks. They are mild steel and aluminum.

  • Conventionally, the mild steel racks are popularly used, especially in the US, because they are affordable and retain heat well.
  • Aluminum-based racks are newer and tend to heat up faster - five times more. But there are more expensive.
  • Wooden racks aren't so popular but they are most apt for making ladder racks in kitchens or bathrooms. If you plan to go for wood, teak will be your best bet as it is highly moisture resistant.

Which Towel Rack Style Is Suitable For My Home Décor?

Finding a towel rack is one thing. But, getting one that best suits your existing home décor is another. A fusion of the two factors is what makes a towel rack the perfect option. Hence, we'll be advising you on the type of racks to install for your home décor style.


If you're dealing with contemporary home décor, it means you like to have clean, smooth, and geometric shapes, especially curvy lines, hanging around. Choosing towel rings and bars can do the trick here. If you want to bring out more pop and create a bold statement in your space, you can go for wall-mounted ladder racks that are about six sq.ft.

Silver Stylish Metal Towel Rack
Silver Contemporary Metal Towel Rack
Brown Metal Free Standing Towel Rack
Silver Stylish Metal Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Silver Contemporary Metal Towel Rack
Silver Stylish Metal Wall Mounted Towel Rack


Installing a bronze or wooden free-standing ladder rack in a traditionally styled kitchen or bathroom will be a great catch. That way, you'll be reflecting order, consistency, and more attention to detail, especially if you have floral patterns on your walls.

Black Elegant Metal Standing Towel Rack
Brown Traditional Solid Wood Towel Rack
Gray Traditional Solid Wood Towel Ladder
Brown Traditional Solid Wood Free Standing Ladder
Dark Brown Elegant Solid Wood Towel Ladder


If you're a classic person, it means you like your home décor to always give an eclectic look. You want your entire space to play the same harmonious note. In other words, balance, order, and symmetry are vital to you. Thus, you can't go wrong with a dark wooden towel shelf or valet (with baroque carvings) that radiates class and elegance.


Urban-based designs aim to give your home that open-space feel. Hence, such décor styles are suitable in large-size homes like lofts. Metal or rough-wood colored free-standing ladder racks will do justice to urban home décor. They will make your ample open space look cozy and feel warm - with the ton of space available. When going for free-standing ladder racks, we suggest you go for big ones with many compartments. They are usually about 20 - 30 sq.ft.


With a modern-styled home décor that has a lot of white and black plain colors hanging around - you won't be going wrong with a lopsided balance in your entire layout. Hence, we advise that you make use of plain white wall mounted towel hooks or towel bars. The reason is simple! You'd be avoiding excessive decorations and accessories. This way, you'll be amplifying the illusion of space if you're working with a small space.

White Modern Metal Wall Mounted Towel Hook
White Wooden Wall Mounted Towel Hook
White Modern Metal Towel Hook
White Modern Metal Wall Mounted Ulitily Hook
White Plastic Wall Mounted Towel Bar
White Modern Metal Free Standing Towel Stand

Where Is the Best Location to Mount the Towel Racks?

It's okay to install the towel racks on any wall in your home. But, to get the best results, look for the coldest wall in your space and install it there. That way, heat will be evenly distributed in your space, especially if you're using a heated towel rack to dry your towel.

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