Camel Back Couch

Camel back couches feature a lovely solping and rising back that resembles a camel's hump, they are great for lounging and resting your arm over the back of the sofa. Below is a large selection to choose from in various colors and materials, choose one that matches your decor and add a few comfy throws to complete the look.

Best Products

Essex Manor Sofa

Essex Manor Sofa
Royal antique style sofa of wood having a brown finish with gilding. Its whole frame features showy curvings with rich carvings. A back has a central arch, curved arches in corners, upholstery of warm brown fabric solid inside and tufted outside.

Lavelle Tufted Sofa

Lavelle Tufted Sofa
If you love original and stylish solutions, this amazing sofa is gonna perfectly fulfill your expectations. Don't hesitate, check it out and enjoy a unique style and an extraordinary comfort in your living room!

Camel back couch 6

With such a beautiful addition like this fabulous couch, your home will be jumping for joy. The couch is upholstered in a nice-to-touch cappuccino fabric, offering a removable seat cushion, a camel-style back, rolled arms and a pair of matching throw pillows.

Camel back couch 2

Stylish bin a camel shade is a subtly and very cozy furniture perfect for the living room. Robust base on wooden legs, beautifully curved armrests and tasteful seat cushions create a very comfortable whole.

Camel back couch 5

Elegant sofa upholstered with soft fabric and fitted with extra pillows for added comfort. It is mounted on decorative carving legs. Stylish addition to the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Camel back sofa slipcovers

A cosy and comfy traditional sofa with a wooden frame and round tapered and grooved light brown-finished legs. It features a curved backrest with a low arch in the middle, rolled out arms, thick seats. Upholstery is of pretty pinkish fabric.

Austin camel back sofa with rolled arms and nailhead trim

Austin Camel Back Sofa with Rolled Arms and Nailhead Trim

Our advice Buying Guide

Many decisions come into play when selecting to best camel back couch including how it will be used, what style is optimal, and its size. Because you'll be sitting on this couch for years, it's essential that you also consider quality as well. There's no shortage of sofa choices in today's marketplace so, with that in mind, we're going to help you sort through your options.

What Size Camel Back Couch is Best?

When determining the right size for your camel back couch, the size of your living room (or other room it will go in) is going to be the indicator. The first thing you have to ensure is that it won't overpower the room or prevent the flow of traffic from occurring. Before shopping, take measurements of the entire room including the wall its going against. Make sure you measure the areas the couch will pass-through, as well, to ensure it will fit through those spaces.

What's the best material for a camel back couch?

The best materials for a camel back couch include:

  • Leather: regarding longevity, this is a good option. You'll find a wide variety of colors and textures instead of being confined to black and tan.
  • Microfibers: not only do these fabrics look attractive, but they're easy to clean and are excellent for heavy use areas.
  • Silk: this is a high-maintenance fabric and should only be used in areas that have an infrequent use.
  • Textured fabrics: in comparison to smooth fabrics, these will show less wear and tear.

Because you want to ensure your couch always looks its best and is comfortable, selecting the right fabric is essential.

How to Style with Camel Back Couch Fabric Patterns and Colors?

You must take into consideration the preexisting colors and patterns playing out throughout the rest of the room when selecting your couch's fabric color and pattern. Under most circumstances, working with a neutral color will work best, especially if you're working in a small room, because it's simple to dress it up with pillows and throws. If you're styling a heavy use area, select a camel back couch with patterned fabric to help hide stains. For those who would like to make a bold statement, choose a stronger color.

What are The Benefits of a Camel Back Sofa?

When selecting a camel back sofa, one of the first benefits you'll notice is its appearance and aesthetic appeal in the room. The couch's curvilinear shape in combination with its shallow seating offers comfort for rooms with more traditional and formal seating arrangements.

How to Tell if the Couch Is Durable?

You'll be able to immediately tell it by how heavy it is because, when a couch has a good-quality construction, it's heavier. You'll also find that the legs aren't screwed on and that they're part of the construction. When you sit down, the cushion should retain its shape without curving upward. Make sure there's a combination of dense foam and down to allow the seat to maintain its shape longer. The frame shouldn't be able to be felt through the padding and, when you check the back of the couch, it shouldn't feel hollow.


Camel back sofa for sale

Distinguishing itself with a characteristic camel back design, this beautiful coach will enhance the value of any living room decor. Its fabulous, brown upholstery will warm up and enliven your space.

Love the buffalo check fabric on the couch with the

Create a vintage style in your indoor spaces with this antique camelback couch featuring buffalo check fabric and the same color style on the wing-backed chair. The couch is made of solid wood and cloth upholstery. It’s a perfect countryside piece of furniture.

Camelback sofa ethan allen

Simple, but elegant sofa with carved, wooden legs. Seat and back are covered with white, minimalistic slipcover made of canvas. This couch is more stylish due to a set of three decorative quilted cushions.

Camel back couch

This is a custom camelback sofa with a curved humpback. The upholstery has a flowery pattern all over and a reddish-brown color. The stands are made of sturdy polished wood with a round shape. This chair will comfortably sit three people and definitely make a great addition to your living room.

Camelback sofas and loveseats

The Beautiful camel back couch in a stylish finish impresses. Solid wooden base and captivating upholstery in beautiful design impress and bring elegance and exotic touch to the decor. Beautiful coloring delights.

Craftmaster camel back sofa

Craftmaster camel back sofa.

Camel back couch

Abbie Sofa - Taupe from Pier 1. Great color - not too light, not too dark. This sofa looks a little Art Deco with its flared arms, scalloped back. Can't you just see Marlene Dietrich stretched out on it in some glamorous pose. Not that I picture myself do

Camelback sofa 1

Camelback Sofa

Tutorial on upholstering a camel back couch

tutorial on upholstering a camel back couch

The pieces you see are

The pieces you see are

Camel back couch slipcovers

Re-apholstered the camel back couch herself. It looks amazing!!

Camel back couch 6

... camel back sofa janney s collection chippendale style camel back sofa

Reverse camel back sofa

Reupholstering a Sofa - I'm gonna do this instead of buying a new living room suit

Camel back couch 4

Light gray camel back couch with practical caster feet. If furniture mobility is your priority, don't miss this smart design. The casual elegance of the sofa is defined by the arched back, roll arms and patterned throw pillows.

Camel back couch 3

... Living Room > Sofa > Thomasville® Ernest Hemingway 462 Pauline Sofa

Bellport sofa available boasts a camel back coachbarn sofas camelbacksofas

Bellport Sofa available @ boasts a camel back. #coachbarn #sofas #camelbacksofas

Camelback sofa

Beautiful camel back couch is a perfect combination of attractive design and excellent details. All in a nice color scheme is a universal element of the living room. A beautiful falcon decorating the bottom of the couch captivates.

Camel back couch 2

Camel Back Couch

Camel back couch 1

This beautiful light grey sofa for 3 distinguishes itself with a characteristic Camel Back design. Stands on a solid metal chassis, ensuring stability for the plush velvet seating.

Camel back couch 12

camel back couch | Traditional Camel Back Living Room

Camel back sofas 1

A fantastic addition for living rooms, and sun rooms; this beautiful sofa is upholstered in a durable yellow fabric and comes with 5 matching throw pillows. Includes a classic camel back, a removable seat cushion and stylishly shaped arms.

Camelback couch

I would love to have this camel back couch with exposed wooden trim. It looks very inviting and attractive the the trunk coffee table and the armchair with button tufted back. The layering shades of brown is impressive.

Camel back sofa 10

Camel Back Sofa

Camel back sofa 5

Camel Back Sofa

Style camel back sofa exquisite chippendale style camel back sofa

style camel back sofa exquisite chippendale style camel back sofa ...

Camel back couches

::Surroundings::: Rose Tarlow and The Websters walked into a hotel

Camel back sofa 1

Camelback couches are comfortable, stylish and cosy. It’s a perfect idea for a family couch. This one here is a nice, green colour, which is great for elegant, classic interiors such as this living room.

Camel back couch 1

Elegant sofa in vintage style. It is mounted on decorative carving legs made of wood. Upholstery is made of soft fabric and finished with solid seams. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Camelback couch

Camelback Couch

Camelback sofas for sale

Custom Slipcovers by Shelley: White Camel Back Couch

Camelback sofas

Interior inspired by the greatest works of art. Elegant combination of deep green with gold. The pearl of this arrangement is the gold stool richly decorated with floral patterns. It has a barrel in a very chic design.

Camel back couch

Camel back couch

Camel back couch 5

camel back couch 5

Camel back couch 3

A decorative piece of contemporary comfort that will show you a real good time. The couch is upholstered in a beige fabric and well-padded, offering a camel-style back, a removable seat cushion, rolled arms and curved hardwood legs.

Antique camel back sofa camel back sofa inspired by

Antique Camel Back Sofa Camel back sofa inspired by

Handcrafted newport furniture home jeffrey greene newport furniture 1

handcrafted newport furniture home jeffrey greene newport furniture ...

Camel back couch 13

Reinventing a classic, the Marilyn Sofa creates simple sophistication with a reverse camel back design and elevated arms,

Antique camel back sofa

if you told me I would covet a gold velvet sofa back in the 70s, i would have laughed hysterically

Camel back couch 11

Elson Camel Back couch from Coco Republic (in charcoal linen)

Tommy Bahama Home Benoa Harbour Loose Back Sofa

Tommy Bahama Home Benoa Harbour Loose Back Sofa

1920s camel back couch 450 superior

1920's camel back couch - $450 (superior)

915050 traditional camel back sofa with skirt

915050 Traditional Camel-Back Sofa with Skirt