Cool Pool Floats For Adults

Why should the kids have all the fun? For adults who love the water, and love to cut loose, we have a bunch of cool pool floats that will suit your sense of leisure very well. From pool coolers for beer and sodas to large pool floats shaped like facing couches, Whatever your pleasure for your leisure, we have your treasure. Yes. We said that. But it doesn't mean it isn't true.

Best Ideas

Ultra Sunsation® Pool Float

Ultra Sunsation® Pool Float
A wonderful pool float that will help you get the highest possible comfort and let you enjoy the nice weather in the pool, while sunbathing. It won't sink or deflate and the vinyl coating is durable and extremely easy to clean.

Ahh-Qua Lounge 2 Person Pool Float

Ahh-Qua Lounge 2 Person Pool Float
This is an original piece of quipment designed for use in the swimming pool, lake, etc. It is a pool float that offers comfortable space for two people. It is durable and very soft, so it provides the highest level of relaxation.

Lazy Bunz® Pool Float

Lazy Bunz® Pool Float
Pool float made of closed-cell foam. It has a vinyl coating and is easy to clean. Made in the USA. Easily average size adult. It is resistant to harmful weather conditions and UV radiation.

Face to Face Pool Lounger

Face to Face Pool Lounger
This double inflatable mattress is the perfect equipment for a holiday. The mattress is very practical and convenient. It is inflatable, so deflation does not take up much space. The pillows are arranged oppositely on it, so you can lie to each other face to face.

Sun Tan Tub Pool Lounger

Sun Tan Tub Pool Lounger
This pool lounger is an inflatable product that assures space-saving storage and transportation. The whole area of this item is comfortable and resistant to water or other negative conditions. It has got a nice pink color.

Cool Chaise Pool Lounger

Cool Chaise Pool Lounger
This is a chaise lounge created for a swimming pool use. It is an inflatable product that is easy in storage and transportation. It provides a very comfortable and relaxing space to young and adult users.

Cool pool inflatables

Being an ultimate lounging spot, this awesome pool float for adults combines two favourite leisure places - the coach and the pool. From now on, you can literally lie on your coach, while enjoying the pleasurable floating water.

Cool pool floats for adults

Fun pool floats can constitute a great way to make your poolside leisure even more enjoyable. Bringing fun to your family and friends, it is a great way of spending time together.

Blue lagoon floating island

It's a truly designer inflatable destinied for adults. It's a huge, white construction, which can easily seat around four people. Perfect to sunbathe in the middle of the lake and if it's too hot, you can cool youself in a small water container.

Cool pool floats for adults

Cool contemporary inflatable pool floats crafted of durable lightweight colourful water resistant vinyl. They are modelled on cabriolets characteristic for the 1960s and 1970s. They are easy to inflation and deflation.

New Giant Inflatable Floating Island 6 Person Raft Pool Lake Float 15'-8"x 9'-4'

A must-have if you're planning to spend your holiday on water with a group of friends. It's a huge, inflatable island that can seat six people. It features comfortable sofas and chaise lounges, which will let you sunbathe in a relaxing way.

Swimline Luxury Cabana Inflatable Pool Lounger

Make summer more enjoyable with these adult pool floats. Designed using sturdy polyester and featuring an inflatable design, the floats are perfect for two people at any given time. They also come with a top canopy neatly attached to guard you against sunburns and the summer heat.

Pool floats for sale 1

Oh my god, it is most incredible water gadget, I have ever seen! If you like swimming on inflatable mattress, this stylish and spacious water bed with wooden, stylish element and vintage canopy is dedicated special for you!

Pool floats inflatable children pool floats inflatable infant pool

pool floats inflatable children pool floats inflatable infant pool ...

Sportsstuff cabana inflatable floating islander

Sportsstuff Cabana inflatable floating Islander

Cool pool floats for adults 5

This pool float is an awesome way to relax or sunbath in your pool. Themed after a pirate ship, it has bright yellow and black colors and can accommodate up to three people on it. It doesn't sink and is very easy to inflate and deflate.

Kelsyus Floating Lounger

Chairs to relax while sunbathing. Is effective both on the sand and water. They fit the swimming pool, the lake and the sea. It is ideal for summer holidays and rebuilding their forces during the holiday.

Cool floats for adults

This cool swimming pool bike will guarantee child-like fun for adults. It looks like a regular, stationary bike, but it's under water. It's fun, but it's also great physical activity as pedaling under the water is quite demanding!

Intex 58836EP Inflatable Mesh Lounge

Very comfortable sun lounger made of a special grid. It is ideal for a relaxing break on the beach, on the water or on the outdoor pool. This is a great solution for anyone who likes to lie in the fresh air, he likes to relax.

Floats for adults

Sea-Doo Dream Island 7-Person Inflatable with MP3 System – $479.99 $ ...

Pool floats sale 31

Comfortable addition to any backyard garden with a pool in it – a zero gravity pool float with a large design and additional flap on the side with a special compartment to hold a drink or a can of beer, giving the piece a neat detail.

Cool pool floats for adults 4

I seriously doubt whether this generously stuffed gray sofa set is adjusted to floating on the water; this large blue base is surely a pool float... But the rest of the installation looks rather insecure.

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Mesh pool floats for adults

Floating Pool Pong Table by Swimline