Led Wall Clock

Read the time, even in the dark, with an LED wall clock. Their soft but vibrant glow will give your space just enough light, but not so much as to be disturbing, and they can be read perfectly well during the day, or especially at night. And with contemporary styles, your home will be complemented by one of these, or many, scattered through the home.

Best Products

12" LED Wall Clock

12" LED Wall Clock
This wall clock has a durable frame made of grey plastic in chrome dinish and can be easy install and remove from a wall. Clock face is black, acrylic, with a LED lights colorful numbers. Require an AA battery.

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Round Shape / 10" Red LED

This LED wall clock features a fabulous seconds indicator that displays passing seconds with the help of circling LED lights. The clock is easy to read, includes a durable round frame, and should be reseted in case of power loss. Powered by AC adapter.

Led wall clock 5

Modern digital wall clock with alarm. Date and time display with 24 hour mode. Light sensor automatically adjust the bright of the clock. LED bulbs guarantee less power consumption. Batteries are included.

Wall clock with led light

Stay on time - use the clock! A suitably selected model will make images and posters unnecessary. The contemporary and futuristic led wall clock is just a white circle to add laser LED tips later.There is no dial-remember that time is also just an illusion.

London clock company led wall clock 2552855 product detail

London Clock Company LED Wall Clock. 2552855 Product detail

Led wall clock 5

LED Wall Clock.

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Square Shape / 10" Red LED

Digital LED wall clock with circling LED second indicator, bright display, modern design and easy control. The clock is powered by AC adapter, which is included in the set. Thanks to the simple style the clock fits any interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

With a growing demand for convenience, LED wall clocks are storming past traditional analog clocks in popularity. Being a multi-functional home decor, LED clocks make it easy to check the time and can offer a fresh look to any room in your home. These clocks are more modern in style and are seemingly a necessity in any home today.

The main appeal of these digital wall clocks is that they make it much easier to read the time. You can look at it and read the time instantly, whereas an analog clock may take a moment for you to mentally register what time it is. LED clocks are a basic decor that can offer a ton of functionality depending on which clock you choose. Read on to get some tips on how to choose a proper LED wall clock for your home.

What style of an LED wall clock should you pick?

The most important part of the decision is going to be where you want to display the clock. Once you know where you want it, you can determine what sort of style you want to go for. A LED wall clock for a kid’s room should be bright, simple, and easy to read. Parts of the home such as your bedroom or home office can be more personalized. A main room, like the living room, dining room, or kitchen should preferably have a large display that’s easy to read from a distance.

What are atomic LED clocks?

An atomic digital LED clock displays the time very accurately. Some atomic clocks can show the time down to the 100,000th of the second. Details like the day, date, week, month, year, and even the temperature in your home can be displayed on an atomic clock as well.

If you like simplicity, then going atomic can be a bit overwhelming. For people who enjoy the details, then one of these clocks can be a very useful, functional, decorative piece for the home.

What extra features to look for in LED wall clocks?

There are some other additional features you may want to consider.

  • Some LED wall clocks have the option to set an alarm or multiple alarms on them. This can be used for helping you wake up in the morning, to set daily reminders, and even to set cooking times.
  • Consider solar power. If you like to be green, you might rather choose a solar-powered LED wall clock. Just make sure it’s placed in a part of the home that has access to direct sunlight to help power it.
  • If you know that someone in your home is color blind, then avoid clocks that only display in red or green.

These are some of the most important things to consider before you purchase an LED wall clock. We hope these tips were useful and make sure to check out the clocks below for LED clocks that are available to buy online!


Ivation Big Oversized Digital Blue LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date

This type of product is a high quality and very convenient calendar clock that has got a blue LED. It shows the current hour, day and date. It is a product that offers 3 levels of brightness. All pieces of information are easy to read.

Twilight stunning analog blue led wall clock 30cm

Twilight Stunning Analog Blue LED Wall Clock [30cm]

Led wall clock 6

If you looking for a special accent pieces to your home, you can add this modern LED wall clock, made of aluminum, with blue numerals and square shape. It fits to office space or teenage room.

Led wall clock 1

This stylish LED wall clock is an attractive combination of modern and very stylish design with functionality. The shiny black dial with the displayed hour markers and watch tips look great in any decor.

Led wall clock with date

A minimal timepiece that’s sure to be the focal point of any wall. This analog-ital led wall clock brings analog and digital in a striking, new form, enchanting with the designer, modern finishing.

Led number clock

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Square Shape / 10 Red LED Price : $57.95

Led wall clocks

The elegant LED wall clock with the additional shining ring for minute's timer. The characteristic white frame makes it mostly fit to white, grey or black wall. Dedicated for those, who doesn't like the analog clocks.

DBTech 0124BLU Huge Large Big Oversized Digital LED Clock, Blue

A very interesting, functional and aesthetic element. It is a high quality LED clock that shows blue numbers that are very readable. It is easy to read in darkness and in sunlight. It shows hours, minutes and seconds.

Led wall clock 2

Clean and down-to-earth appearance of this LED wall clock was accomplished by mimicking an analog clock, with lighted spots for hour markings, and typical clock hands. Yet it's lighted, so it looks impressive when it's dark.

Color change led wall clock 110 to 240v voltage

Color change LED wall clock, 110 to 240V voltage

Creative Motion LED Clock with Chrome Frame, 12-Inch

With this 12'' wall clock you are getting not only a traditional clock, but also a clock that glows with neon light. Its chrome-finished round frame holds a round black dial with LED lighting that makes all the Arabic numbers to shine with vivid colors.

Big Digital LED Clock with Rainbow Color Circling LED second indicator - Round Shape (10" / multi color) (10 Second Color Indicator, Blue)

This kind of clock is a high quality piece of equipment that has got a LED indicator with an attractive circling second indicator. The mechanism is very reliable and it requires no reset after loss of power.

Digital led wall clock

This sublime wall clock offers the huge structure and will make for the best choice for all those, who need to keep track of time with its LED face and the count up and down timers to ensure even more functional use.

R2d2 led alarm clock

R2D2 LED Alarm Clock

Active Living Oversized Digital Blue LED Dynamic Wall Clock

This kind of wall clock is a very modern and convenient solution for people who want to know the exact date and time. The product has got a rectangular shape and it has got a blue LED screen that shows the current hour and date.

Time to watch wireless oled color changing wall clock

Time to Watch: Wireless OLED Color-Changing Wall Clock

Clock designs impress us all the time check out the

Clock designs impress us all the time. Check out the Circuit Wall Clock by Serbian Stevan Djurovic More:

Led digital wall clock led digital wall clock 1

Led Digital Wall Clock Led digital wall clock

The time roll led wall clock

The Time Roll LED Wall Clock

Ajanta led digital wall clock olc 112 available at shopclues

Ajanta LED Digital Wall Clock OLC 112 available at ShopClues for Rs ...

Digital led wall clock with temperature indicator

Lumo Alarm Clock Green by Lexon // When switched on, it projects the time on to the wall, ceiling, or wherever you choose to point its 180° rotatable, dimmable LED lamp! #productdesign

Big design 3d led wall clock

Big Design 3D LED Wall Clock

Digital wall clock led

Why not go for a more original design with this LED wall clock that sports the white finish with the double purpose of an original lamp, ensuring that your interior is never too dark or gloomy and can instead ooze that modern appeal.

Un reloj muy original

Un reloj muy original...

Chihai Led Digital Countdown Snooze Alarm Wall Desk Clock Displays in 12 Hour (Am/pm) or 24 Hour Military Time Travel Clock (Blue)

Modern, digital countdown clock. It features 9.6 inch LED display, 3 level brightness adjustment, 12/24 hour display model switch, temperature and calendar function and 6 groups of snooze alarm, so you will never be late again!

Zeeshaan Gushing Lights Wall Art (4Pc)

4-pieces square wall art displaying a stylish image of blurred car lights trail on a highway, with fairground big wheel on the horizon. The art is printed on MDF board that is particularly light in weight.

Zeeshaan Rainbow Rose Wall Art (2 Pc)

Just set these two pieces together on any wall and enjoy the colorful and highly detailed picture of a rose. The zoomed photo was tweaked with all rainbow colors, making the art playful and joyful in looks.

Zeeshaan Open Farms Wall Art (4Pc)

Add to the style of your indoor decor with this simple, yet stunning wall art printed on durable MDF board. Protective finish ensures that the wall art maintains its mint condition and lively colors for long. Four pieces create an abstract picture.

Large Huge & Digital Display 4" Digits LED Best Alarm Clock With Remote

This LED alarm clock provides 12/24 hour operation, along with AM/PM indicator, and easy to read numerals. The clock is a good choice for people with dementia or memory care, and can be mounted on your wall, or placed on your table. Remote control included.

Zeeshaan Orchid wall art (3 Pc)

Three rectangular pieces create a marvellous picture of a fuchsia pink orchid on wet stones background. The wall art is characterized by lively colors and high quality detailing, creating a truly indulging whole.

Zeeshaan floral wall art (3 pc)

Beautiful wall art consisted of three pieces - each one has a separate frame in different color. Every piece is a variation of similar floral pattern. It is a true symphony of pinks, blues and coral reds.

Zeeshaan The White Stallion Wall Art (4Pc)

Wow! This proud white stallion is prancing on a sandy desert. The horse's silhouette is sharply displayed on a dark blue gradient background. Four panels create a picture. They are printed on an MDF board. High quality detailing.

Zeeshaan Colors of sky wall art (3 pc)

Beautiful wall art depicting three separate images of dusk sky in black, red and purple (and mix). Printed on durable MDF board, it pleases the eye with bold, yet harmonious composition of colors and contrasts.

Zeeshaan vintage car wall art (2pc)

Black, red and white wall art with a vintage car on the foreground. Highly detailed, printed on a sturdy MDF board, this wall art will last for years to come. It has two sections. It is resistant to moisture.

Large Big 4 6 Digit Jumbo LED Digital Alarm Calendar Snooze Wall Desk Clock (green, 4-digit version)

This kind of clock is a high quality alarm clock that features a very large display with 4 green numbers. This functional element looks very nice and it increases the decorative level of any interior stylization.

Zeeshaan The Hunter Wall Art (4Pc)

Inspired by fantasy artworks, this sectional panel picture displaying a hunter with a wolf and falcon will comprise a dreamy and a bit mysterious accent in your ambiance. It has brown, earthy hues dominating.

Led wall clock 7

An innovative DC-powered table or wall clock in the form of a digital dial of durable clear plastic. It displays hours thanks to white LEDs. It's equipped with an alarm function, a light-sensor to adjust brightness, a battery-powered memory chip.

Zeeshaan The Tropical Flower wall art (3 Pc)

This wall art immediately catches the attention of a viewer with its juicy colors. Green leaves, gray stones and dark pink orchid create a truly intriguing and striking combination. Just set the three panels together.

Led wall clock karlsson led white light wall

Led Wall Clock Karlsson led white light wall

Zeeshaan The Bird on Twig Wall Art (4Pc)

This sassy twig sits on a leafy bench full of red apples. The panel picture is great for nature lovers. It consists of four pieces without a frame. Just set them together on a wall. The piece is very easy to install.

Led alarm clock with a projector that shoots the time

LED alarm clock with a projector that shoots the time onto the wall when turned on. Cool!

Zeeshaan Vintage Wine wall art (2 Pc)

Colorful wall art with two glasses filled with red wine standing on the foreground. The background displays sunny beach with turquoise blue sea waves. The piece is sectional. It has three horizontal panels.