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Every day is a spa day when you have a power recliner with heat and massage functions in your living room. There is no better way to relax after a long and tiring week than kicking back and lounging in a luxurious recliner.  Built-in vibrating massage points and heating pads offer health benefits by stimulating the muscles, improving circulation, and relieving pain. From lift-assist heat and massage recliners to oversized one-seaters, a huge range of cozy and practical options is available. Our buyer’s guide can help you find the best power recliner with heat and massage, from budget-friendly options to luxury recliners.

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Updated 08/03/2023
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Best Oversized
Bulky Massage Recliner Chair

Bulky Massage Recliner Chair

Lark Manor™

Perfect For: Individuals with consistent back pain and joint issues

What We Like: The built-in USB port for charging devices while lounging

Not So Good For: Those on a budget

Uber comfortable and relaxing, this soft brown 100% polyester massage recliner chair contains a bulky shape with a power recliner, adjustable headrest and lumbar support cushions. It comes with an attached remote control that allows you to turn on the kneading therapeutic massage feature and put heat on your back.  

$1339.99 $1499

Designer Advice:

This massage recliner chair is all about comfort as under the soft upholstery are individually pocketed coils which are topped with cool-gel memory foam and wrapped in a layer of fiber. For a unique touch, the lumbar support cushion features luggage-style stitching which adds a cool contrast. 

What Users Say:

The chair seems to be well built. The color is nice. The heat is very good. The cushions are comfortable and firm.

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Best Modern Option
Slim Massage Recliner Chair With Heat

Slim Massage Recliner Chair With Heat

Wade Logan®

Perfect For: Individuals who don’t have a ton of space

What We Like: The power lift assist feature that helps you get up and out of the chair

Made on a hardwearing wood and cast iron frame, this gray slender massage recliner chair with heat is a power recliner filled with both sinuous springs and fiber-wrapped foam. It comes with a built-in remote that allows you to turn on the waist-center heat source and three different massage zones.  

$559.99 $649.99

Designer Advice:

This contemporary-style massage recliner chair with heat is designed with narrow square arms and a tufted simplistic back for a more streamlined look. It sits just over 28 inches tall and measures 25.5 inches wide, so it will work nicely in smaller living spaces without a lot of extra room. 

What Users Say:

Excellent value and fast delivery. Very comfortable, heating and massage settings very nice and lifting feature works wonders. 

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Best Budget
Armchair Style Heated Massage Recliner

Armchair Style Heated Massage Recliner

Canora Grey

Perfect For: A traditionally styled living room

What We Like: The storage pocket on the side to stow away remotes and reading materials

Upholstered in a soft poly blend in a medium gray tone, this heated massage recliner features a classic wingback style with a diamond-tufted backrest and brown ornamental legs. It’s able to recline with a pop-out footrest and has a vibrating massage that comes in five modes. There’s also integrated lumbar heat and three-timer settings to set up a lengthy uninterrupted full-body massage.  

$229.99 $282.99

Designer Advice:

Depending on your achy areas, this heated massage recliner can provide a vibrating massage of varying intensity to your thighs, lower back, and legs. The poly-linen blend upholstery is also scratch, stain and fade resistant, so it will hold up nicely to extended use. 

What Users Say:

Love it. I use this chair every day. Love the many massage options, the heat was perfect in the winter. 

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Faux Leather Reclining Massage Chair with Heat

Faux Leather Reclining Massage Chair with Heat

Latitude Run®

What we like: Built-in timer allows you to enjoy a massage for up to 60 minutes

What we don’t like: Heavy-duty metal frame makes the chair difficult to move

This faux leather recliner provides the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. It has numerous reclining positions, an adjustable seat height, and built-in USB ports, making it an ideal living room or home theater option.

The PU leather upholstery is soft and inviting, encasing high-resilience sponge cushions for additional support. The bonded leather material is also easy to clean and vacuum friendly.

The chair features a heat function and four massage points located on the back, lumbar, thigh, and leg. Massage and heat functions can be set on a timer for 15, 30, or 60-minute cycles.

$529.99 $519.99

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Oversized Recliner with Heat and Massage

Oversized Recliner with Heat and Massage

Lark Manor™

What we like: High-quality build, manufactured in the United States

What we don’t like: High price point

If you’re after a high-grade, large, oversized recliner made in the U.S., this is the perfect option. It is manufactured with a solid wood and metal frame. The seat cushions are fabricated from individual coils, encased in foam, topped with gel-infused memory foam, and covered in durable polyester, ensuring they are extremely comfortable and supportive.

This recliner has a power-adjustable headrest and lumbar support, so you can easily find a cozy position with just the right amount of support. It also has a continuous reclining function allowing you to adjust the seat and back to any angle. 

$1339.99 $1399.99

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Wall Hugger Recliner with Heat and Massage

Wall Hugger Recliner with Heat and Massage

Latitude Run®

What we like: Space-efficient wall hugger design makes it a great option for small rooms

What we don’t like: Remote control is for heat and massage only, not for adjusting the recliner

If space is an issue, consider this comfortable faux leather recliner with five different massage modes. It has a minimal footprint and can recline with just 2-3” of space from the wall. It is not only a space-efficient wall hugger chair, but it is also one of the best rocker recliners with heat and massage functions. 

This recliner has five massage modes, relieves back and leg aches, and targets the feet and calves. Massages can be set to a timer, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your massage without having to worry about any adjustments. 

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Power Recliner with Electric Lift, Massage, and Heat Therapy

Power Recliner with Electric Lift, Massage, and Heat Therapy

What we like: Features 10 individual massage functions

What we don’t like: Product requires assembly before use

This power recliner sets itself apart through its quality build and high-end materials. The high-density foam cushions and laminated veneer lumber system (LVL) give this chair excellent stability and cloud-like comfort. Its extra-wide design ensures you have lots of space to find the most comfortable position.

It has ten massage and heat therapy options that focus on the shins, thighs, lumbar, and shoulders, all of which can be adjusted using a multi-functional remote control. 

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Silent Lift Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair

Silent Lift Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair

Wade Logan®

What we like: Convenient silent lift motor 

What we don’t like: Large recliner may be unsuitable for small spaces

If you’re in the market for multifunctional recliners with heat and massage, this micro suede chair is an excellent option. It has 10 different massage modes, allowing you to select a variety of types and intensities. Massages focus on 4 core areas: The calves, thighs, lumbar, and shoulders, giving you the full body treatment. 

This chair features a timer function that you can increase by 5-minute increments up to 25 minutes. It also has a heating option, which helps loosen tight muscles and improve blood flow. 

Built with quality materials and packed with high-density foam, this is a luxury recliner that provides comfort and stability. The silent lift function is great for helping people stand after a long period of sitting. 

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Cream Swivel Power Recliner with Heat and Massage

Cream Swivel Power Recliner with Heat and Massage

Three Posts™

What we like: Classy faux leather upholstery

What we don’t like: Cream finish is susceptible to staining

This elegant recliner has 360° swivel and rocking capabilities, giving you the ultimate freedom to move around as you sit. Double padded cushions ensure it is comfortable but sturdy, making it suitable for long-term use. The massage and heat functions are remote-controlled, offering five different modes at two intensity levels.

With cup holders and storage compartments, this recliner is ideal for sitting back and watching movies or reading. It has a position lock, allowing you to secure your preferred reclining position. 

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Best Recliner with Heat and Massage With Wireless Control System

Best Recliner with Heat and Massage With Wireless Control System

What we like: Eight separate vibration massage motors

What we don’t like: Velvet upholstery may be unsuitable for homes with pets

Equipped with eight individual vibration motors, this power recliner enables users to enjoy a deep tissue massage. Massage points are carefully positioned to target the back, thighs, and legs for full-body relaxation. You can choose soft, soothing heat body relaxation massages or more intensive deep massage options with adjustable intensity levels.

The velvet upholstery enhances the comprehensive massage functions. Thick padded, double comfort cushions make this the ideal seating for movie nights or TV show binges. It also contains a handy side pocket for storing remote controls, magazines, or books.

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Modern Style Massage Recliner with Heat

Modern Style Massage Recliner with Heat

Red Barrel Studio®

What we like: Remote controlled, eliminating the need for manual operation

What we don’t like: No built-in USB port

For a chic modern living room, this remote control recliner is an attractive and functional option. Although it offers plenty of seating space, its compact design ensures it can fit into a studio apartment or game room.

The overstuffed pillows at the back of the seat and along the armrests are extremely comfortable and offer ample support for anyone that needs it.

All functions are remote-controlled, including the massage and heat settings. This recliner has three massage modes that can be set to ten intensity levels, with eight individual massage points.

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Budget Ergonomic Power Recliner with Massage Function

Budget Ergonomic Power Recliner with Massage Function

Wrought Studio™

What we like: Excellent budget option

What we don’t like: No armrests

With a modern, sleek, and ergonomic design, this budget-friendly power recliner is an excellent seating option for a bedroom, office, or modern-style living room. It is built with a chaise lounge design, providing a sleek aesthetic—the curves contour your body for increased comfort.

Make the most of the ergonomic design by engaging the vibrating function. This chair features five massage modes via eight separate nodes, offering smooth and comforting vibrations to the shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs. It also contains a heating function for an even more pleasurable massage.

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Remote Control Linen Upholstery Recliner with Heat and Massage

Remote Control Linen Upholstery Recliner with Heat and Massage

Lark Manor™

What we like: Heat function focuses on the lumbar for increased blood flow and tension relief

What we don’t like: Only has two seating position options

With horizontal channel tufting, foam-filled cushions, and 100% linen upholstery, this inviting recliner offers support as well as comfort. The chair can be adjusted to two-seating positions using the remote control. It also features a power lift, elevating the chair from the base to help you stand.

The heat function keeps you warm during the cooler months, whether you’re reading, watching your favorite TV show, or taking a nap. This recliner has a four-area massage function, providing additional comfort to the back, legs, and lumbar region. 

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Best Power Recliners with Heat and Massage

Buying Guide

Nearly everyone loves recliner chairs with heat and massage unless it’s midsummer in a warm climate. Recliners have that wonderful property of supporting and comforting your body all on their own. Add heat and a soft vibrating massage, and you have the answer for sore muscles at the end of a long day. Recliners also have that happy property of being available in all sorts of colors, upholstery choices and several styles making it easy to mix and match with your preferred décor.

Classic Leather Recliner

It is hard to go wrong with a classic leather recliner. It will blend with almost any décor. You can find them in various sizes, including extra-large for tall and big people, as well as petite sizes for small adults and children. The narrower small sizes fit well in small apartments or even in tiny houses. If you are really pressed for floor space, go for a zero-clearance design where the platform base will push out instead of the back thumping against the wall.

Cuddly Plush

Right behind the classic leather recliner, is the cuddly plush design. Often available in soft pastels and neutral beige or gray, it is a good match for other overstuffed furniture, deep pile rugs, and dark end tables or coffee table. Add that vibrator and heater, and you have the perfect place to curl up on a winter evening or a cozy retreat for when your housemates decide to play freeze-out with the air conditioners.

Sleek Two-Piece

You aren’t restricted to the classic all-in-one recliner design. You can get your heater and vibrator with a two-piece recliner. These recliners tend to be more streamlined and more versatile when it comes to organizing furniture. Combine an ergonomic recliner and footstool with internal heaters and vibration and you can be relaxed and comfortable in no time.

Assistance from Lift Chairs

When humans evolved to walk upright, Mother Nature seemed to have omitted a few precautions in the human design. The human lower back is vulnerable. Injury, age, or illness can make it difficult to get in and out of a standard recliner. A person with health challenges such as rheumatoid arthritis or Parkinson’s disease can find operating a manual recliner difficult. Add electric controls to a lift chair that help you stand up or sit down, along with vibrating massage and heat and you have the perfect recipe for taking the edge off pains of all kinds.

The All-Over Massage Chair

Shiatsu has the ultimate all-over massage chair. It offers the person sitting in it the ultimate zero-gravity tilt experience. It uses roller-style massage combined with airbags to cushion and pamper your body, including your legs and feet. The heater is positioned at the waist, encouraging overall circulation. Users have the choice of heat, compression from the airbags, or vibrating massage.

Recliner chairs with heat and massage are truly the ultimate in comfort. When you’ve had a long, hard day they can nurture and gently relax your tired muscles.

Massage chairs have come a long way from the days of the basic high-back Fujiiryoki chair of 1954. Their contemporary versions are so futuristic, they look like they belong to a spacecraft. From high-back to hi-tech, massage chairs have transformed hand-in-hand with massage therapy that today is a key therapeutic bodywork regimen.

The purchase of a massage chair involves capital investment involving an outlay of anywhere between $2,000 and $200,000. If you are thinking of buying a massage chair, we recommend a thorough search and research on the internet, beginning with this article. Here, we have covered the essential information on the subject that will help you choose the best massage chair possible.  

Modern technology enables the backrests of massage chairs to incline as per the spine's natural inclining positions. These are called massage tracks. There are three types:


This is the backrest with a single reclining curvature found in basic massage chairs. It does not offer the advantage of aligning the backrest with the spinal curves around the neck, low back, and torso. Massage offered on these chairs is "flat." It does not penetrate the vital curvature areas, hence, it is superficial. Therapy offered on these chairs is often inadequate and can even be counter-productive because of the lack of alignment between the spine and backrest curvatures.

Avoid purchasing a straight-track massage chair, it is obsolete technology and will limit your massage results to superficial, recreational purposes.


This track covers the spine in its natural L-shape position as you recline on a massage chair. Hence, the name. It is designed to address the limitations posed by the straight-track massage chairs. The massaging areas cover the full spine -- from neck to tailbone. 

In massage chairs with S-track backrests, the rollers travel up and down the spinal path, covering the curvatures of the neck, mid-spine, and the lumbar curve. They work in this way: Around the neck, they project a bit to penetrate that crevice, retract when on the mid-back plane, and again project to massage the deep lumbar curve.

S-track is the most common track feature in massage chairs today. Its many benefits include:

  • Full-spine massage
  • Effective for stiff neck and low-back pain
  • Relieves posture problems


This is an extension of the S-track. Its rollers are placed even below the tailbone and cover the entire torso and hamstrings, thus transforming the S shape into an L shape. With this style, the massage chair rollers work on the glutes, piriformis, and the hamstring muscles.

L-track massage chairs have your back, literally. They are good if you want to treat these disorders: 

  • Posture problems
  • Soreness or pain related to long sitting sessions
  • Sciatica
  • Sacroiliac pain (pain of low back, hips, groins, and thighs)

Hybrid S/L-track

This latest innovation combines both the S and L tracks, with leg massage ports as an additional feature. They massage the calf muscles and even ankles. The result is an almost full-body massage.

There are six main styles that meet contemporary massaging needs. You will find that major brands of massage chairs accommodate all these styles in their features and functions; albeit with varying specifications.

1. Roller massage

Massage chairs have roller mechanisms that do the work of a therapist's hands. That's why they are often referred to as the massage chair's arms. Depending upon the chair design, roller mechanisms can enable three types of movements:

  • Up-and-down (vertical) 
  • Sideways (horizontal)
  • Circular

Massage rollers can also determine the depth of the massage. The rollers are fitted in the body of the massage chair, from where they project or "come out" in the desired length to massage the person's neck, back, and the lumbar region. Rollers also massage foot and calf muscles. Their movement is guided by a microprocessor fitted in the chair. 

There are three types of massage chair rollers -- 2D, 3D, and 4D. 

2D rollers

They are a common feature in almost all massage chairs. They move vertically as well as horizontally, but their depth is shallow, hence they cannot offer deep-tissue massage. Typically, 2D rollers offer a "regular" surface massage meant for casual weekend spa or massage parlor visitors. Their shortcoming is that they cannot offer any special or customized massage features.

3D rollers

In addition to the horizontal and vertical movements, these rollers also offer depth, which decides how deep the rollers penetrate into the muscles and tissues. You can control the depth of rollers, and that lets you control the massage intensity. 

3D rollers are the current industry standard. With the deep-tissue massage feature, they are found beneficial for many conditions resulting from the contemporary lifestyle: 

  • Chronic back and low-back pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Stiff muscles and mobility problems
  • Injuries such as sports injury and slipped disk
  • Posture-related problems
  • Hamstring and calf muscles' stiffness and pain
  • Muscle spasms

3D rollers are also effective for orthopedic and nervous system ailments such as:

  • Sciatica
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Fibromyalgia

With such a wide range of benefits and diverse usage, massage chairs with 3D rollers are a must for modern spas and massage parlors.

Caution: you should avoid giving deep-tissue massage with 3D rollers to:

  • Those having blood clots or clotting disorder
  • Those with cardiac problems taking blood-thinning medicines
  • Those having a bleeding disorder
  • Those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation

4D rollers

These rollers offer the fourth dimension of massage, and that is speed or rhythm. Just like human hands massage at varying speeds, 4D rollers do it mechanically. For example, while the thumbs of a therapist are massaging in a straight line along your back, they move gently and slowly. But when they open up outwards at the end of the massage stroke, the intensity and speed increase as the therapist applies more pressure to impact the deeper tissues. 

The 4D rollers replicate this human action of stroke control. 4D rollers offer enhanced relaxation, custom experiences, and specific restorative purposes such as sports massage. 

2. Zero-gravity Massage

This is a massage style based on the zero-gravity position. In this reclining position, the legs are raised high and knees are bent to reach above the heart level. A posture invented by NASA, it is used by astronauts during the arduous launch phase of space-crafts. Since one feels weightless in this position, it lightens the force of body compression on the spine. 

Zero-gravity massage chairs offer the following proven benefits:

  • Lessens neck and back pain -- The body pressure is more evenly distributed than in a sleeping position, so the neck and back experience lesser pressure. 
  • Healthier and more efficient heart -- Since the heart alao experiences lesser pressure, it is able to function more efficiently. 
  • Reduction in inflammation -- In particular, zero-gravity massage chairs are more beneficial to diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and renal disorder-related swelling. 
  • Better quality of breathing -- The respiratory system including the lungs and air passage also experience reduced pressure, thus easing the breathe-in and breathe-out and offering deeper, calmer breath cycles. 
  • Improved blood circulation -- A natural outcome of the zero-gravity position.
  • Lesser strained spine, joints, and joint muscles -- Again, due to evenly distributed body pressure.

A full-body massage on a zero-gravity massage chair, with rollers activated all over the back and legs, is the ultimate massage experience compounding the calming and relaxing effect of zero-gravity position.

Zero-gravity + Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is the latest innovation in zero-gravity massage style. It raises the legs even higher than in zero-gravity position. If you are looking to reduce lower body inflammation, this will be your choice of the massage chair.

3. Calf and Foot Massage

This massage has become as necessary as upper body massage, because feet take equal, if not more stress than the spine, during a working day. Feet reflexology is especially beneficial for people who spend long hours standing at work, and who need to stand up and sit down very frequently. It offers the following benefits:

  • Relieves stress and pain of calf muscles
  • Provides relief to ankles
  • Improves blood circulation

4. Airbag Massage

This is a compression massage technique given by special systems built in the chair. You can massage arms and legs with this technique. For example, for foot airbag massage, you make the person wear a shoe-like air compression unit which goes to work to reduce stiffness and pain, and improve blood circulation.

Heat therapy is often used in combination with the airbag compression technique for enhanced results. 

Airbag massage is different from roller massage because it is more or less a static technique. Unlike the kneading, tapping, or rolling motions that the rollers produce, airbags work statically, letting the compression and heat heal the affected parts. 

Airbag massage is ideal for treating large body parts; let's say the entire arms of feet. It is also advisable for people who cannot stand the intensity or roller massages.

5. Vibration Massage

Massage chairs with vibration therapy have generously padded attachments that can be fitted to legs, arms, or back and vibrations passed through them. It achieves gentle calming of muscles and nerves and a pleasant sensation. 

Vibration massage offers these benefits:

  • Reduces joint and back pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Increases bone density
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Improves metabolism

Vibration massage chairs are automated and programmed to offer varying vibrational strengths as needed or desired.

6. Body Scan Massage

This is a wonder of new technologies at work in massage chairs. The technique creates high-precision, customized, and personalized massage experiences. Sensors placed inside the massage chair scan the body of an individual to first determine their height, shape, size, and type. Once the body is mapped, the 2D, 3D, or 4D rollers are calibrated according to the body scan to offer bespoke massaging actions. Deep, shallow, high or low pressure, massaging trajectory… the rollers work in tandem with the body dynamics. The result is accurate, result-oriented massages that focus on specific body parts or needs.

Most of the standard massage chairs today offer body scan feature.

Since massage chairs are high-value purchases directly responsible for the quality of therapeutic results, you need to be mindful about these aspects of the purchase: 

  • Comprehensive warranty: Your massage chair must have a comprehensive warranty covering body material, accessories, components, electronics, and mechanical parts. Most reputed manufacturers offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty. 

  • Registered with the manufacturer: This is important so that the manufacturer can communicate with you directly in case a product recall is needed for any reason.

  • Do not place blankets, pillows, or other combustible material on the massage chair when it is on. It may cause major fires. 

  • Never leave the chair when it is on. 

  • Electrical safety:

    • Use long cords that can directly plug into the socket. Avoid adapters. 

    • Ensure that the socket has a residual current device or RCD installed. This is critical for protection against current surges and other electrical accidents. 

    • Prefer concealed wiring, avoid loose or hanging wiring. 

    • Unplug the cord from the socket after use, don't be satisfied with just switching off the mains supply.

  • Purchase of used or refurbished massage chairs. If you do buy your massage chair from this market:

    • Make sure that the warranty is in force

    • Be sure that the warranty is transferable, in case you want to sell the chair

    • Ensure that the model is not discontinued by the manufacturer

Manufacturing and safety standards:

  • ISO 13485:2003 for the quality management system of the manufacturer
  • TUV certification – one of the most trusted electrical safety standards in the world
  • Product registration with the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) as a class 1 medical device

Massage chairs are modern miracles that offer holistic health and wellness benefits. As they say, it's not magic, but it works just like magic. We hope this article helps you discover your kind ofmassage chair magic!

Best Ideas

Recliner chairs with heat and massage 1

This perfect recliner is a great combination of a comfortable seat with a massage function and a heater. Beautiful leather upholstery gives the whole elegance, and functional armrests make it easy to use.

Perfect chair serenity plus recliner with infrared heat

Perfect chair serenity plus recliner with infrared heat

Probably it's just impossible not to relax decently in such a luxury recliner. Not only it's very wide and soft, with additional integral pillow on head level - its designers equipped it with massage and infrared heating !

Reclining Heated Full Body Massage Chair

Reclining Heated Full Body Massage Chair

Sleek and stylish, this chair offers the ultimate in comfort while still coordinating seamlessly with your living room furniture. Thick foam padding makes relaxing easy, and the ergonomic design preserves your posture.

The chair features five massage rhythms and two intensity settings so you can customize your level of relaxation. Quick-switch footrest design and a power lift feature make the chair convenient to operate for users young and old.

Como Massaging Leather Recliner with Heat Control

Como Massaging Leather Recliner with Heat Control

Mega Motion Power Easy Comfort Lift Chair Recliner LC-100 Infinite Position Rising Electric Chaise Lounger - Navy Blue Color Fabric

This piece is truly the stuff of dreams - it is packed with utmost convenience and relaxation features and is by far the best recliner that you could go for for your interior. It sports the infinite position option and the electric mechanism.

Temptation Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control

Temptation Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control

A tremendous and luxurious recliner with plush upholstered arms that features plenty of improvements like heat control. This heat massaging recliner provides good neck and lumbar support. It was manufactured in the USA.

Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair

Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair

At the touch of a button, you can experience complete relaxation at the end of a busy day. This minimal reclining chair features a full percussive massage range that can reach your upper and lower back, thighs, and feet. The heating feature is designed to melt away tension and boost blood flow to reinvigorate you.

The built-in control panel and remote control make changing the massage settings easy. The chair has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and is very easy to clean with a simple cloth making it perfect for you den.

Black HT-7450 ZERO GRAVITY Human Touch Home Massage Chair / Recliner + Heat

It is a zero gravity massage recliner that has got an elegant black leather upholstery, lumbar support, ergonomic design and solid construction. If you looking for a perfect recliner, you need to choose this one.

Recliner heat massage 2

A cool modern remote-operated reclining rocker with massage and heating. It has a compact frame, a thick seat, wide arms, a quite tall wide backrest, a headrest. Upholstery of off-white fabric features simple floral motifs in browns, beiges, yellows.

Reclining Massage Chair

Reclining Massage Chair

With an upper weight limit of 330 pounds, this chair, with its wide design and broad arms is welcoming for the big or tall person on your gift-giving list. It heats up, and it massages, for end of day relaxation. The headrest and footrest are both adjustable for the best comfort. It has a remote control, and there is an automatic shutoff so you don’t need to worry about falling asleep under the luxurious ministration of this supremely comforting chair.

Massaging recliner

If you sit in this recliner, you will not be able to get up from it. It's extremely comfortable and massages your body like a professional masseuse. Upholstered in microsuede, the chair features cozy armrests, a pillow for your head, and a tufted ottoman. The whole rests on wooden frames with walnut finish.

Abeale Reclining Heated Massage Chair with Ottoman

Abeale Reclining Heated Massage Chair with Ottoman

With the clean lines and overstuffed padding of classic mid-century furniture, this reclining massage chair makes an eye-catching accent piece in your modern living room.

Targeted lumber heat pads alleviate aching lower back muscles, while the vibrational massage is adjustable with five modes of relaxation. The chair’s solid metal frame can support up to 300 lbs. and is upholstered in water-resistant, durable microfiber for easy maintenance.

Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair w/body scan, BUILT IN HEAT(TOP OF THE LINE) 10yr. Warranty (Black)

Offering the best of the Shiatsu Massage, this premium massage chair is equipped with a humanized mechanism. It features i.e. a unique function of the armrests moving all the way back with along the chair, which means that the arm massagers will be always close to your arms.

Columbia Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control

Columbia Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control

Chair american furniture recliners recliner with heat and massage

... Chair > American Furniture Recliners Recliner with Heat and Massage

Heated Full Body Massage Chair

Heated Full Body Massage Chair

Made from soft fabric canvas and available in three colors, beige, brown, or grey, this massage chair is perfect for a private office or den. The reclining feature allows for increased comfort, and the 360-degree swiveling base makes this the perfect chair to kick back and watch a movie.

Featuring two massage types vibration and full-body massage along with an integrated heating system, you’ll be relaxed in no time.

Spa recliner chair

A comfy modern remote-operated recliner with inbuilt speakers and a fridge. It's equipped with massage and heating functions. It has a thick split backrest with recessed wings and low wide pillowed armrests. Upholstery is of quality brown leather.

Lazy boy luxury lift power recliner parts

Recliner chair with heat and massage functions. This element of furniture offers six massage modes that enhance relaxation. Its cushioned and durable sitting area is covered with fabric in nice brown finish.

Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair

Power Reclining Heated Massage Chair

Combining rich tan faux leather and natural wood grain, this classically styled massage chair makes the perfect addition to your den or study.

The ergonomic design gives support to your head, neck, arms, back, and legs, while the heating system boosts blood circulation to improve your health. Providing a percussion massage, there is an easy to use built-in access panel so you can control the experience.

Power recliner with heat and massage

Heated recliner with carefully profiled back. It is covered with pleasant to the touch leather. It has pillow on the armrests for added comfort. Perfect as place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Big lot couches

Classic recliner as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors. It is upholstered with soft fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Armrests are fitted with remote control and cup holders.

Comfort products deluxe heated reclining massage chair with ottoman

Comfort products deluxe heated reclining massage chair with ottoman

A modern recliner and an ottoman with frames of steel and brown-finished wood. They feature circular bases and 2 lying U-supports. A recliner has swivel, massage and heating functions. A tall backrest and padded arms have dark polyester upholstery.

Wilshire Power Reclining Massage Chair

Wilshire Power Reclining Massage Chair

Elegantly upholstered in polyester twill with rolled arms and studded trim, this power reclining massage chair elevates the style of your living room while providing you with the most comfortable seat in the house.

Generously stuffed support cushions provide lumbar support and stability, and the chair’s massage capabilities target the spine and key pressure points to provide full-spectrum tension elimination.

Recliner heat massage

A stunning recliner that offers the rocking and massage functions to ensure that you are always extremely comfortable and can use the utmost relaxation option for your household, enjoying the lasting feeling of calm.