30 Eye-Catching Japandi Living Room Ideas

Japandi is the perfect blend of Asian elegance with Scandinavian comfort. You can turn your favorite room into Japandi with ease!

When it comes to the perfect mesh of simplistic elegance and welcoming comfort, Japandi is the end result. Creating your own Japandi space in your living room can be as simple as switching up the color palette of the room, or as elaborate as redoing the entire furniture layout.

One of the biggest benefits to a Japandi styled room is that you are blending minimalist Asian ideals with the warm Western comfort of a room you and your family will want to spend time in.

While Japandi works best in living rooms, you can extend this theme into kitchens, dining areas, and bedrooms too. Take a look at these 30 Japandi ideas and see if any of them might work for you!

1. Blend light wood tones into a white room

Elegant White Room With Wood Tones
Talo Studio

It’s not uncommon to see Japandi rooms being dominated by white or very light colors. However, you can gently blend in some darker colors without it feeling like a bold contrast with medium and light wood tones. Consider looking for birch, beech, and golden maple natural wood tones or similar golden colors.

2. Make a statement with bold wall art

Contrasting Dark Colored Art And Decor
Owiu Design

If you want to add a bold contrast to the room, but already have your furniture exactly how you want it, consider using wall art to make a bold statement. One of the benefits of wall art is you can switch it up as often as you want in case it just doesn't work out for your Japandi style.

3. Embrace the contrasts of black and white

Room Using Black And White Elements
Luke McClelland Design

White and light colored rooms are popular for Japandi style, but mixing in some bold colors is also a great choice. Try using the classic black and white combination for a bold contrast that will draw your eye without being extremely overbearing.

4. Don’t ignore the benefits of plants in a room

Room With Plants As Decorative Items
Vas Nair Design

Natural plants can not only help in Japandi rooms leaning towards Feng Shui, but they can also add that natural touch the room may have been lacking. Look for large leafy plants for floor pots and smaller vines or ferns for tabletop and hanging pots.

5. Try mixing unique colors together

Ward 5 Design

Sometimes, adding a few simple colors to a room can not only draw your eye to that area, but can also add an extra dimension to the decor. You don’t need to go crazy with the colors either. Simply add a decorative statue or wall art with your chosen color in it to spice up the room.

6. Use natural earth tones around the room

Living Room Using Browns And Tans
Rachael Miklas Design and Detail

Oftentimes, brown is an ignored or overlooked color unless it is in the form of natural wood. However, brown furniture, decorative items, and plant pots can blend exceptionally well with similar colored architecture around the room. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

7. You don’t need to fill every space with something

Delicate Decor In A Spacious Room
Sébastien Robert | Interiorismo & Home Staging

The Japandi style lends itself exceptionally well to anyone that loves the minimalist style. You don’t need to shove something into every available space to get the true Japandi feel in a room. Instead, try keeping your furniture and decor choices to a bare minimum and see how it feels for you.

8. Add any number of Asian-style decor elements

Room Using Multiple Decorative Asian Elements
Mark Brand Architecture

Whether it is floor seating or Koi art, adding a variety of Asian themed decor and furniture elements can really turn a basic room into a true Japandi space. Try sticking with muted colors such as beige and gray to add elegance and maturity to the space as well.

9. Don’t ignore pastel colors

Combining Several Light Pastel Colors Together
Kube Constructions

Pastels are often overlooked as immature or childish, but for a living room these colors can add a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and calm. Consider looking for pastel purples, pale pinks, light blues, and other muted shades to help blend the room together gently and simply.

10. Make use of an Asian-styled breakfast area

Room Using Asian Floor Seating Arrangements
Daniel Krienbuehl Contractors Inc.

Your Japandi room can be an equal mix of East meets West, or can lean more to one side or the other. For Asian-inspired rooms, consider adding a floor seating arrangement for enjoying breakfast, tea, or simply gathering with family. There are a wide range of floor seating options and cushions that will blend with any decor.

11. Light wood tones blend well with darker tones

Living Room With Light Wood Tones
Christian Dean Architecture, LLC.

Even if your living room has a majority of light wood colors, consider adding in a few bold dark pieces of furniture to help tie it together. These contrasting pieces of decor or seating options will add to the unique look of the Japandi style and add an extra layer of comfort to the room.

12. Keeping the room light brings a feeling of elegance

Elegant Room Blending Whites And Grays
Scandinavian Homes

Mostly white rooms not only look spotless and clean, but they add a feeling of elegance as well. Anyone that enters the room will notice the light and airy feel that resonates through the space. Use a variety of light colors such as white, off-white, light gray, rose gray, and beige to brighten up any room in your home.

13. Catch the eye with a unique colored centerpiece

Minimalistic Room With Colorful Centerpiece Sofa
Studio FortyFour

A simplistic or minimalist room doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, you can add a spark of color to your centerpiece furniture by selecting the upholstery color and pattern, or by adding pillows and blankets in bright and eye-catching colors.

14. Blend your indoor space with the outdoors

Combination Of Earth Tones And Nature
Wise Home + Design

You don’t need oversized windows or patio doors to add a touch of nature to your room. Instead, focus on earth tone colors, naturalistic decor, and decorative accents that mimic nature. Potted plants, faux antlers, and paintings can add a very appealing look to the overall theme of the room.

15. Don’t overlook the power of pillows and blankets

Oversized Comfort Elements In Family Room
Anchor Builders

A Japandi room should have plenty of spaces where visitors can be comfortable. As such, don’t overlook the importance of adding throw pillows, soft foot stools, throw blankets, and other comforting items. Large plush pillows and thick woven blankets can be great for this style!

16. Don’t be afraid to mix other decor styles

Elegant Japandi Room With Modern Touches
Ellinor Ellefson, Elle Interiors

Japandi is an equal mix of Eastern and Western styled decor; don’t be afraid to mix in unique decor themes or add a modern touch here and there. Furniture options are the best option when you want to add a modern flair. You can easily find practical pieces of furniture that blend nicely with the Asian-theme.

17. Create a simple space to relax and enjoy tea

Traditional Asian Style Tea Setting Decor
HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

A traditional Asian style tea setting is a great way to turn any room into a relaxing and elegant Japandi haven. Don’t be afraid to check antique malls and secondhand shops to find the right furniture and pottery for your elegant tea setting area.

18. Keep things simple with a minimalistic design

Crisp White Room With Asian Influences
Erin Roberts Design

Not everyone wants countless decorative objects around. In fact, the minimalist style is very popular when it comes to Japandi decor styles. Consider keeping art work and decorative items to a minimum and letting your Asian-styled furniture bring the room to life instead.

19. Pick an Asian theme and run with it

Room Styled As A Tea House
Trilogy Partners

While the Japandi style is very versatile and can be adjusted to suit your liking, there is nothing that says you can’t pick an Asian-inspired theme for the whole room. Tea house themes are extremely popular and can turn an average room into an eye-catching and elegant Asian haven.

20. Wall murals can be great for any Japandi room

Large Asian Influence Wall Mural Decor

While there are a wide range of paint colors you can use on the wall, sometimes you just want something a bit more in that space. Try a wall mural. These large, colorful, and stylish pieces of art can be found in a variety of types and sizes to meet your exact needs.

21. Set aside a very Asian-themed area of the room

Asian Style Assorted Beverage Tasting Area
Sync Interior Pte. Ltd.

If a majority of the room blends a variety of ethnicities together, but you really want to embrace the Japandi style, consider setting aside a section of the room for a purely Asian-inspired space. Floor seating, Asian-styled decor, and other decorative elements can be great for really bringing out the style in the room.

22. Squares and circles work well together

Round And Square Shaped Decor Combined
Webb & Brown-Neaves

While not everyone may enjoy mixing two very different shapes together, circles and squares can look great when they share the same room. Consider using furniture with sharp right angles and round throw pillows, or use round tables with square furniture to get a stylish combined look.

23. Blend Asian and Western seating arrangements together

Stylish Asian Inspired Group Seating Arrangements
The Design Firm

A Japandi living room looks most authentic when it makes use of genuine Asian influenced furniture and decor. However, not every Westerner can comfortably utilize this style of seating. Instead, try blending the two styles together for a unique and comfortable seating arrangement in your room.

24. Tie in the outdoors to your indoor space

Spacious Room With Open Outdoor Access

If you have large windows, patio doors, or are somehow able to let in natural light and a gentle breeze, be sure to do it. Blending your indoor space with an outdoor area can turn an average Japandi living room into a stunning and very relaxing family gathering space.

25. Consider using furniture options with sharp right angles

Square And Rectangle Shaped Furniture Options
We Design Studio

A Japandi room can look amazing when you use a number of sharp right angles in your decor. Consider furniture in square and rectangle shapes for the room. These very obvious corners can help add the feeling of discipline, elegance, and stylishness to the entire space.

26. Use dark wood tones, blacks, and reds for a bold look

Bold Room With Dark Colored Accents
Jetton Construction, Inc.

Dark and bold rooms are not only extremely attractive to look at, but can give the feeling of a mature yet elegant space. Use extremely dark natural wood tones, and blend them with blacks, dark reds, and other deep colors to turn any room into a statement piece.

27. Don’t be afraid of using bright and whimsical colors

Whimsical Room Using Various Bright Colors

A Japandi room should be something that reflects yourself. If you are an outgoing and happy-go-lucky person, you can display this characteristic in your room decor as well. Look for bright colors, eclectic patterns, and other eye-catching decor that will really add a spark of character to the room.

28. Use your home’s architecture as part of the decor

Room Using Lofted Ceiling As Decor
Corinne Levi Architecture and Interior design

If you have a vaulted or lofted ceiling in your room, use it to your advantage. Exposed wood framing or support beams can make outstanding natural decor additions to the room. You can select furniture colors that blend with the natural wood and ceiling colors as well to really tie a room together.

29. Add bright colors to the room with throw pillows

Spacious And Elegant Colorfully Decorated Room
Studio Lagom

Finding the right Asian-inspired colors for your Japandi room can be easy when you turn your attention to throw pillows. These silk covered accents can not only be a great decor touch to the room, but can also serve as practical comfort items for yourself and your visitors.

30. Use elegant decor items to draw the eye

Waterfront Room With Elegant Contemporary Decor

Contemporary styled decor options, such as statues, sculptures, and other artistic pieces, are a great way to draw your eye to certain areas of the room. Look for bright colors that are attractive and not overwhelming, as well as colors that work with other elements inside the room such as furniture, wall coloring, and lighting.

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