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10 Ways to Use Chevron Patterns In Your Home

From Charlie Brown's sweater to the red room's flooring in Twin Peaks, it's clear that chevron patterns have the potential of being truly iconic and memorable.

You've definitely seen them before, whether on clothes or home décor elements.

However, we know that there are still a few misconceptions about them, so don't worry: we're going to tell you all about them first and then show you our 10 favorite ways to use chevron patterns in your home.

Let's get started!

What is a chevron pattern?

A chevron pattern consists of the repetition of inverted V shapes in order to create a regular zigzag pattern.

Chevrons are nothing new: they've been found on ancient rock carvings and pottery dating as far back as 1800 BC.

Throughout history, the chevron shape has been famous for adorning heraldry and coats of arms and, at present times, it's still used to indicate ranks in military forces and the police.

Chevron Zig Zag Geometric Pattern
Chevron Zig-Zag Geometric Pattern

Is the chevron pattern in style?

Yes, the chevron pattern is still in style and… you know what? It always will be!

It's undeniable that its popularity has peaked multiple times throughout different decades. For example, the luxury fashion brand Missoni was responsible for incorporating it in fashion in 1953, leading to a boom of chevron sweaters in the 70s.

However, the chevron pattern has an ace up its sleeves: it's timeless, especially when it comes to home décor. Incorporating it now is a guarantee that it'll still look just as stylish in twenty years or more.

10 ideas on how to use a chevron pattern in your home décor

Because it's such a versatile pattern, there are lots of possibilities when it comes to incorporating chevrons into your home. Here's some inspiration to get you started.

Chevron floor tiles

It's not a coincidence that the chevron pattern is one of the most popular for parquet flooring:

  • It gives the room a new dimension as well as an immediate luxurious and European vibe that can emphasize the elegance of any room;
  • Thanks to its diagonal lines, it can create more visual interest;
  • It's a durable and versatile choice for your floor.

Because chevron flooring is available in different styles, you could choose:

  • Darker wooden tiles for a more vintage and rustic approach, especially in larger rooms with clear walls;
  • Lighter wooden tiles if your room feels a bit small, has a very busy wallpaper, or if you want to achieve a more contemporary look.
Parquet Floor
Chevron Pattern Floor
Wood Chevron Pattern

Chevron wallpaper

Having chevrons on both your walls and flooring would create an overwhelming, almost trippy result. However, if you're not up for redoing your parquet, another way to use chevron patterns in your home is to find a wallpaper with them:

  • The most popular color combination when it comes to chevron walls is white paired with a contrasting color;
  • Still, you can always find chevron wallpapers with more shades;
  • The most important thing is to identify the color palette of your chosen room first and then look for a chevron wallpaper that matches at least one of those hues.
Chevron Wallpaper Roll
Chevron Wallpaper Roll

Chevron backsplash in your kitchen

The often-overlooked kitchen backsplash can become an attention-grabbing spot if you add a quirky chevron pattern:

  • It can help you add a touch of color or even just spice up your kitchen if you have monochrome cabinets;
  • For a consistent but noticeable result, you can maintain the accent color of your kitchen and add a neutral shade or, if your cabinetry is quite pale, do the opposite: keep that hue consistent but add a new, head-turning accent color!
Chevron Mosaic Tile
Chevron Mosaic Tile

Chevron tiles in your bathroom

A chevron pattern can help you highlight a section of your bathroom walls:

  • It works wonders if you're trying to make a narrow bathroom look airier by drawing your attention away from the two walls on each side of the tiled area;
  • When you tile all the way to the top of the wall, a chevron pattern can also move the eye upwards, making the entire room appear taller.
Coastal Bathroom Design
Modern Bathroom Design
Bathroom Design

Chevron furniture

When thinking about chevron patterns, we immediately picture wide walls and flooring or, on the contrary, the smallest accessories. However, chevron furniture is a fantastic solution for those who were hoping for something in between:

  • For example, you could scout for a chair with an eclectic chevron upholstery to turn it into a tactical accent element;
  • Or you can choose wooden furniture with chevron patterns: from long drawers to cupboard doors, there are so many possibilities to incorporate them in a way that works with your existing interiors.
Accent Cabinet
Chevron China Cabinet
Chevron Drawer Accent Chest
Drawer Sideboard
Bar Cabinet

Chevron barn door

Sliding barn doors are another ideal place to use a chevron pattern in your home:

  • You can basically turn a plain door into a recognizable design, whether it's slid open or shut, and especially if you have white or neutral-colored walls;
  • It can also be your chance to repeat this pattern without it feeling overwhelming if you're planning on introducing it through, for example, your furniture. Just make sure you maintain the same style and color to keep it consistent.
Wood Chevron Barn Door
Chevron Barn Door

Chevron rug

Parquet aide, there's another way to use chevron patterns on your floor, and that's by adding a majestic chevron rug:

  • It could be key to defining a separate area, such as for dining or relaxing;
  • This works particularly well on floors that don't already feature busy or recognizable patterns;
  • To avoid a clashing effect, we don't recommend repeating the chevron pattern elsewhere in that room;
  • It's also wise to choose a combination of a white or cream hue and only one saturated shade.
Mid Century Modern Living Room Design

Chevron quilt pattern

By now, it won't come as a surprise that a chevron pattern can help you highlight your bed, too:

  • Being such a versatile pattern, chevrons can complement a wide variety of styles;
  • For the most attention-grabbing statement, go crazy with some bedding that repeats this pattern on the pillows;
  • Alternatively, for a more delicate and balanced result, choose a chevron pattern for your quilt but monochrome pillows (in one of the same colors of your quilt). Or you could always fold back the top of your chevron quilt to allow its usually plain back to separate the two patterned areas.
Light Taupe Chevron Cotton Cover Set
Duvet Cover Set
Reversible Comforter Set

Chevron pillows & blankets

Chevron textures can hep you accent pillows and blankets, too:

  • This effect works magnificently when these accessories are placed on top of monochrome items, whether that's chevron pillows on a couch or a blanket kept on the foot of the bed;
  • To smoothen the effect created by the hard edges of this pattern you can opt for soft cotton or woolen alternatives.
Bedroom Design
Chevron Cotton Pillow
Gray Acrylic Throw

Chevron pot, vases & small accessories

Finally, another way to use chevron patterns in your home is to focus on smaller accessories rather than bigger surfaces:

  • For example, you can look for vases, artwork, picture frames or lamps and place them against a monochrome or neutral background;
  • However, because this is such an attention-grabbing pattern, we recommend mixing it with other more basic and neutral styles in order to avoid a chevron overload.
Table Lamp Set
Floor Vase Set
Chevron Canvas Painting Print

How to distinguish chevron pattern from herringbone?

When you incorporate this style into your home, it's important to distinguish between chevron pattern and herringbone style. The former consists of an inverted V-shape with angle cuts that create a continuous zigzag pattern. The latter maintains a zigzag effect but in a broken fashion since each V is made of two separate elements.


Herringbone Pattern
Herringbone Pattern


Chevron Pattern
Chevron Pattern

Now that you know exactly what they look like and how to use chevron patterns in your home, get creative with the most stylish zigzag idea!

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