30 Boho Bedroom Ideas for a Colorful, Carefree Space

Turn your bedroom into a cozy special place that's also full of life and inspiration. The kind of room you're used to seeing on Pinterest or curated Instagram feeds, basically.

If 'conventional' is the last adjective you'd use to describe both your personality and decorative vision, a bohemian bedroom will allow you to bring them together and inject some character into your room. 

This style is all about carefree combinations of colors, textures, patterns, natural materials, and quirky items. However, while there are some common trends and practices that can help you bring this decor to life, bohemian interiors haven't got any strict rules.

So, it's really about finding your way to put these elements together, which is actually quite fun. To help you do that, our interior design experts have found a wide range of different bohemian bedroom ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

1. Use white as your base…

Bohemian bedroom with white walls and bedsheets
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Bohemian palettes are characterized by saturated and bold colors, especially used as accents, which is why having white as your primary or secondary hue (or even both, in this case!) is a popular choice.

It allows you to prevent an overwhelming feel, introduce a bit of a modern boho vibe, and even make your actual accents pop even more.

2. … or rely on some bold contrast

Bedroom with a cold palette and warm accents
Arianna Danielson

If dark and bold hues don’t scare you, embrace them fully and rely on some conscious contrast to make some selected items and furniture pieces stand out.

For example, this room consists of a cold palette (from the dark blue walls to the sky blue bedsheets) and warm accents (like the red pattern and picture frames behind the bed).

3. Include some strategic accent colors

Mark Scott Homes

Your brightest accent colors are the ones that will really bring your bohemian bedroom to life.

Some popular boho hues are yellow, green, red, and purple, but don’t be afraid to experiment with a different color that would create some contrast against your walls or bedsheets.

For example, this shade of pink works divinely with the green elements on the wall.

4. Have fun decorating with different patterns

Bohemian bedroom with a patterned headboard
A.Clore Interiors

Normally, we’d tell you to stick to a core pattern or two per room. When it comes to bohemian decor, however, an abundance of different ones is very much recommended, so get creative!

Some strategic places to introduce them are cushions, curtains, bedsheets, and rugs, but think outside the box, too.

This headboard is balanced out by the monochrome blanket before letting other patterned layers poke out from the bottom.

5. Introduce some green

Bohemian bedroom with a plant
K Shan Design

And we’re not just talking about your palette!

Having some actual plants in your bohemian bedroom is a beautiful way of reinforcing this accent color while also homaging the natural and exotic inspiration behind this decor.

Some of the safest and best plants for bedrooms are the iconic snake plant, spider plants, rubber plants, pothos plants, and heart leaf philodendron.

6. You can never have too many textures!

Cozy boho bedroom with wooden walls
Haste Woodcraft

Boho decor thrives on a variety of textures and tactile elements, and your bedroom is the room where they’re the easiest to introduce.

Obviously, you can really get creative with your bed, from blankets to throws and rows of pillows.

But there are other creative spots and elements that you can consider too, such as your rug, benches, chairs, and even bold wall decor like in this stunning room.

7. Consider a simple poster bed…

Room with a cold palette and poster bed
Cortney Bishop Design

Poster beds and bohemian decor go hand in hand: they’re bold, eye-catching, and perfect to showcase this style’s worldly inspiration.

Due to their size and the way their posters get in the way of your visual flow, though, we only recommend them in large rooms.

Or, if you’re really in love with them, stick to poster beds with simple clean lines and that don’t involve curtains.

8. … or make it even more ornate

Heavily decorated poster bed with patterns
Up By Design

At the same time, a poster bed with curtains can be turned into your own separate corner, making your room even more boho and whimsical.

We love the busy but curated effect achieved in this bedroom by including a mandala print, fairy lights, a variety of exotic-looking lighting fixtures, and an explosion of colors.

9. Opt for several unique items

White bedroom with a quirky chair
Heidi Caillier Design

Rather than sticking to the same finish or style as you would with some other decors, bohemian bedroom furniture should look as if every single piece were one of a kind (perhaps something that you’ve bumped into in a vibrant market on the other side of the world!).

Headboards with ornate wood carvings, hanging chairs, colorful wardrobes, patterned chairs… you get the gist, right?

10. Bamboo furniture is extremely boho

Boho bedroom with a bamboo bedframe
Rachel Moriarty Interiors

Wood is still the most popular material in bohemian bedrooms, but bamboo is yet another option that can take your natural and exotic inspiration to the next level.

While you might already be thinking of introducing it through your accent items, choosing at least one bamboo furniture piece can really bring it to the center of attention, just like this stunning bamboo bedframe.

11. Choose an eclectic overhead light

Bedroom with an eye-catching bohemian lighting fixture
House of Chais

When scouting for bohemian bedroom ideas, don’t forget to… look up!

A quirky overhead light can add another dimension to your boho decor. You should especially look for eclectic and unusual designs relying on woven materials, fringes, rustic metal, or rope.

12. Lay down a boho rug

Bohemian room with a shag rug
Victoria Pearson Design

When it comes to your floor, nothing screams ‘bohemian decor’ louder than a shag rug!

You want to find a model with a textural and almost messy feel, perhaps with fringes or a bold pattern.

Other rugs that work particularly well in bohemian bedrooms are Persian designs with an aged or discolored feel and Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs, undyed and made from sheep wool.

13. Macrame’s a must…

Bedroom with macrame wall decor
Parlour & Palm Interior Design & Decorating

With its immediately recognizable texture and fringes, macrame never fails to complement bohemian bedrooms in the most charming and natural way.

You could choose a large design and turn it into the main focal point above your headboard like in this room.

Alternatively, macrame can also be introduced through smaller decorative items or even practical plant hangers.

14. … and so are frolicking fringes

White bedroom with a patterned fringe blanket
Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Fringes are the kind of decorative elements that will instantly translate into a boho feel in your bedroom… and the best thing? There are so many different ways of making the most of them!

For example, as well as the most obvious spots (like your blankets, throws, cushions, and rugs), consider your lighting fixtures, wall decor items, or even a hanging chair.

15. Decorate with quirky objects

Wicker plates as bedroom wall decor
Danielle Rose Design Co.

Another extremely boho thing to do is get creative by using certain items for a different function than their original one.

This is especially relevant with wall decor. Just like you see in this room, wicker plate compositions are a popular way of decorating the space above a headboard.

Or you can find your own combination: how about chairs as nightstands or piles of hardbacks to prop up your plants?

16. Light up your bohemian bedroom with some fairy lights

Bohemian bedroom with fairy lights
Kimberley Kay Interiors

To add a magical sparkle to your room, you really can’t go wrong with fairy lights.

You could intertwine them with your wall decor like in this lovely example, wrap them along a shelf with books, let them dangle from the top and sides of your poster bed, place them on your headboard, use them as strings to display some Polaroid pictures, or add your own personal twist.

17. Be majestic with your mirror

Boho room with a freestanding mirror
Outrageous Interiors

A freestanding mirror is yet another opportunity to showcase a one-of-a-kind design in your bohemian bedroom.

Consider natural wooden frames (perhaps with some carved elements), aged metal, or large shapes with thinner frames if you’d rather strive for more of a modern boho vibe.

As for your walls, round mirrors with frames in natural materials or starburst designs are also very boho.

18. Think rattan!

Boho room with rattan furniture
Laura Design & Co Dallas Interior Design Studio

From your headboard to nightstands and mirrors or other decorative elements, rattan designs will add even more texture and a carefree, casual, and worldly feel to your boho bedroom.

Their natural tones can also help you match pretty much any palette, which makes rattan pieces extremely versatile from a decorative point of view.

19. Have a boho bench

Bedroom with a woven bench
PS & Daughters

To add even more texture (and storage options) to your bed area, don’t forget to include a bench. Not just any bench, though!

You want a design that works well against the bottom of your bedframe (perhaps by being in a contrasting color or a finish that pops against it) and that reinforces your boho inspiration.

You could consider bamboo, rattan, natural wood, woven elements, or patterned upholstery.

20. Go crazy with cushions

Bedroom corner with a bench and cushions
Kimberly Horton KH Home Design and Furnishings

With cushions being so small and versatile, they’re a fantastic opportunity to add to your boho decor.

Use them to introduce even more patterns, colors, and textures. You don’t have to limit them to your bed, either: don’t they look super stylish on this little bench?

21. Do you really need a headboard?

Boho bedroom without a headboard
Pamela Nolasco Interior Design

If you don’t tend to sit up in bed very often or are happy to prop up some pillows when you do, you could consider choosing a bedframe without a headboard.

First of all, it’s a great strategic option in smaller rooms as it inspires an airier and more spacious feel.

At the same time, it can help you keep the focus on the beautiful boho wall decor behind you.

22. Think beyond traditional night lamps

Bedroom with boho lighting fixtures
Julia Katrine Designs

A night lamp is always handy to have in bedrooms, and you should be sure to choose a boho design with some fringes, woven elements, metallic or natural materials, or an exotic feel.

Or why not swap your table lamps for some pendants dangling directly from the ceiling or the sides of a poster bed?

23. Create a curated selection on a shelf

Boho bedroom with a shelf above the bed
Jessi Eve

If you haven’t already got a large artwork or specific wall decor item for the area above your headboard, you might want to consider something that’s both functional and decorative.

A wall shelf would allow you to obtain additional storage space (for example, for your book collection) while also creating a curated composition of selected and eye-catching decorative items.

24. Wallpaper is great, too

Bedroom with a section relying on wallpaper
Centered By Design

So far, we’ve looked at monochrome walls, whether white or in a bolder hue. If you’d rather make a specific pattern the star of the show, however, some wallpaper would be a wiser choice.

To balance it out, consider maintaining some white walls and ceilings like in this example, and stick to a monochrome headboard to prevent the two from clashing.

25. Add prints and artwork to your walls…

Bedroom in a warm color palette
Barbara Feinstein, B Fein Interiors LLC

Your boho bedroom decor can also be a celebration of art and creativity, so don’t keep all of your pictures and prints in your bohemian living room.

Place a large one above your headboard or create your own selection of smaller pieces on different walls.

26. … or some textile tapestry

Deborah French Designs

To achieve those coveted artsy vibes, you can use fabric, too. Some tapestry with bold colors wouldn’t only make a beautiful focal point, but it’d help you add more texture to your boho decor, too.

In fact, another extremely popular bohemian bedroom idea is to introduce tapestries relying on mandala designs.

27. Consider saturated colors

Extremely colorful and vibrant bohemian room
Rick Hoge

Whether you’d rather stick to a smaller selection of bright accent items or opt for a color overload like in this room, remember that bohemian bedrooms could really do with some saturated hues.

And, as well as the usual wooden finishes, have you considered introducing some painted and colorful furniture pieces, too?

28. Blend natural and artificial light

Bright room with plenty of natural light
Holly Hollenbeck HSH Interiors

This really depends on what kind of ambiance you’d like to create: airy and spacious? Dim and magical?

A versatile idea and compromise could be to rely on plenty of natural light during the day while making your bedroom ‘moodier’ in the evening.

To achieve it, consider introducing large windows or glass walls, and add several small lighting fixtures and fairy lights rather than just one huge overhead light.

29. Mandalas, mandalas, mandalas

Boho bedroom with a mandala headboard
Outrageous Interiors

Given their Buddhist origin and the fact that they’re especially popular in distant Asian countries (like Tibet, India, or Nepal), mandalas will never look out of place in vibrant and worldly boho bedrooms.

While we’ve already seen their beautiful potential as tapestry, you could go even further and incorporate them into your headboard like in this showstopping example.

30. Choose a creative headboard

Room with a carved wooden headboard
Liquid Interiors

Sure, you can always include some artwork above it, but have you ever thought that the headboard itself could be the kind of bold statement you’re after?

A creative bohemian bedroom idea consists of picking a particularly tall, ornate, or eye-catching design. For example, this could be because it includes a patterned finish or some elaborate wood carvings.

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