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30 Relaxing Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Turning your living room into a relaxing Bohemian paradise is easier than you may think with the addition of stylish decor and furniture.

The Bohemian style of decor is great for anyone that loves a bit of whimsy in their life. This style doesn't rely on any one color and instead will make use of a variety of bright and vibrant colors blended together.

When looking for different decor options for Bohemian design, consider handmade items such as blankets, rugs, and throw pillows. These can add a large amount of whimsy to the aesthetics regardless of the color palette you go with.

Additionally, furniture made from wicker or rattan is also a great choice, especially in smaller living rooms. Anyone looking to brighten up their Bohemian space can also hang large wall mirrors to help reflect the natural light around the room.

1. Brighten up the room with string lights

Eclectic Room With Multiple String Lights
Gabrielle Aker, Aker Interiors

Having ample amounts of light in your room is important, especially if you don’t have windows to let in natural light. Instead of going with a single lamp or ceiling light, using string lights can give you a larger amount of light while also creating a unique and stylish aesthetic.

2. Incorporate bright colors into everything

Bright Colors Used On Various Items
Gemma Jayne Gear, That's so Gemma

Having bright colors on pillows, rugs, curtains, and other elements in the room can add a stylish touch of whimsy to the area. If you can’t decide on a single color, mix and match a variety of bright pastel or primary colors to suit your liking.

3. Embrace wicker and rattan furniture and decor

Room With Rattan And Wicker Decor
Arianna Danielson

Both wicker and rattan materials are lightweight and durable. They both make excellent choices for chairs, coffee tables, and floor lamps. If you want to add a touch of natural wood to the room, consider using either wicker or rattan decor options.

4. Focus on simplistic yet stylish artwork

Large Gold Simplistic Apple Shaped Decoration
Corinne Mathern

Having stylish artwork on the wall can help add a touch of elegance or extra color to the room. If you have a simple room, look for contemporary line art. If you want to bring nature in, look for art that shows nature scenes such as mountains or oceans.

5. Use throw pillows and rugs for artistic flair

Room With Colorful Rug And Pillows
Sara Bengur Interiors

Throw pillows and area rugs are an excellent way to add more color to the room. Not only do they add plenty of comfort to the room, but they also help add different color palettes to the room. This is especially useful if you don’t want to change permanent fixtures such as wall covering or carpeting.

6. Use your room as an extension of the outdoors

Room With Plants And Hammock Indoors
Paul Langston Interiors

If your room has access to the outdoors via a large doorway, use your indoor space as an extension of the outside area. Add natural elements such as potted plants, wooden decor, and other naturalistic decorative items and furniture to make the two spaces flow seamlessly together.

7. Use variable small shelves for decorative items

Wall With Multiple Small Decorative Shelves
House of Chais

Instead of covering an entire wall in long and rather dull looking shelves, instead look for uniquely shaped and much smaller decorative shelves. Often found in teardrop, circle, hexagon, and triangle shapes, these shelves are great for small ferns, bottles, or other decorative trinkets.

8. Blue is a perfect color for relaxation and calm feelings

Room Using Bright Blue Colored Furniture
Justina Blakeney

Different shades of blue can have a calming and relaxing effect on yourself and your visitors. Look for bright cobalt blue, pastel sky blue, or deep navy blue to help encourage a specific feeling when you enter the room. Blues also work well when paired with other colors and shades.

9. Use naturalistic furniture with unique shapes

Room With Stylish Natural Wood Table
Mary Patton Design

Having a single centerpiece table is a great way to not only draw your eye to that area, but to bring a touch of nature into the room’s aesthetics. Look for natural wood with varied patterns and depth of color to use as a coffee table or end table in your living room.

10. Add studio canister lights for a stylish touch

Maureen Stevens Design

Studio canister lights can be a great way to brighten up specific spaces in your room. They can be used as ambient lighting, or can be positioned to act as a spotlight over your favorite decorative piece. Additionally, canister lights are great for illuminating a reading nook or other breakfast nook.

11. Mix and match various textures and colors together

Room With Various Textures And Colors
Maureen Stevens Design

Having a variety of colors is one thing, but having a multitude of different textures can help add a new dimension of style to the room. Consider looking for pillows that are woven, silky, or have various colors on them to create a unique and stylish look throughout the room.

12. Bring little bits of nature into your home

Wood Storage And Potted Ferns Displayed
La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor of Arizona

Having your fireplace wood stored indoors can be done in a variety of ways, but if you want to use it as a design element as well, consider stacking it on vertical shelves. This adds a touch of nature to the room while also serving as a practical storage option.

13. Mix pastel colors with white for a light and airy feel

Spacious White Room With Pastel Colors
JL Interior Design, LLC

Bright white rooms work exceptionally well when paired with pastel colors. Look for light reds, pastel blues, pale tan, and stormy gray colors to help accentuate a mostly white room. In addition, beige, ivory, and pale yellow colors can also pair very well with white colors.

14. Mix and match different furniture and artwork shapes

Square Wall Art And Round Furniture
Danielle Rose Design Co.

Don’t just focus on the different colors and textures in a room, look at the shapes as well. For example, having artwork in square frames can be a unique contrast to furniture that is mostly round, such as ottomans, chairs, and tables.

15. Look for uniquely shaped centerpiece furniture

Room With Starburst Shaped Coffee Table
Design Shop Interiors

Your relaxing Bohemian style room should always have a centerpiece element to draw the eye of your visitors. Consider making this centerpiece a practical piece of furniture as well. Coffee tables, sofas, or central fireplaces can all make very suitable centerpiece objects.

16. Use ceiling lights with a stylish design

Large Room With Eye-Catching Ceiling Light
Kimberley Kay Interiors

Ceiling lights can be found in a wide range of styles from simple to elaborate. When it comes to the Bohemian style, look for an eye-catching yet elegant design. You can find these ceiling lights in materials from wood to metal to suit your specific needs.

17. Add more colors to the room with wallpaper or murals

Bohemian Room With Golden Wallpaper Design
Wander Designs

If you don’t want to change the entire look of the walls in your living room, consider picking one wall for a makeover. Add a stylish wallpaper or mural to this wall for a unique and eye-catching look. It’s a great way to add a new style to the room without a complete remodel.

18. In vaulted rooms, consider an eye-catching chandelier

Vaulted Ceiling With Stylish Crystal Chandelier
Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Rooms with vaulted ceilings can be slightly difficult to properly light up. If your room has a vaulted or raised ceiling, consider going with a chandelier instead of a standard ceiling light. Not only will this provide a brighter amount of light, but it will also serve as an eye-catching centerpiece in the room.

19. Even in minimalist rooms, go for bright colors

Minimalist Room With Colorful Area Rug
Stafford Bensen

Bright colors can work exceptionally well in most design aesthetics, even minimalist and simplistic decor. If you are struggling to find the perfect color for your minimalist room, instead consider going with multiple bright colors together for a fun and whimsical new style.

20. Use large leafy plants for a touch of nature

Small Sitting Area With Large Plant
Weespaces Interiors Inspired by You

Large leafy plants such as banana palms, monstera, and others can be great for bringing a bit of nature into the room. These plants do very well in large pots and can thrive in very low sunlight. They can also add a bright and vibrant green color to the room if you are struggling with deciding on a color palette.

21. Add bright primary colors for a touch of whimsy

Eclectic Room With Bright Colored Accents
Maria Nordlund Design Inc.

Bright colors, either a few or several, can add a definite touch of whimsy to any room. Bohemian style gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to which colors you like best; but reds, blues, and greens all mix well together.

22. Use large mirrors to reflect natural light

Bright White Room With Large Mirror
Joselyn Rendon Interiors

When it comes to different rooms, you want to ensure there is an ample amount of light to reach every corner of that space. Having a large wall mirror can help reflect both natural and artificial light, eliminating dark spots and shadows which can make the room seem drab.

23. Large rattan furniture makes an eye catching addition

Room With Large Rattan Coffee Table
Jessi Eve

Rattan is extremely lightweight and very durable which makes it a useful material for furniture of all types. If you’re looking for a lighter woodtone in your room, consider either rattan or wicker as the material of choice. It’s perfect for chairs, tables, and decorative items such as lights and hanging baskets.

24. Bamboo walls can help bring in a natural feel

Room With Large Rattan Coffee Table
Incorporated - architecture and design studio

Instead of covering the walls with wallpaper, consider using temporary coverings such as bamboo poles. This type of wall covering adds a three dimensional texture as well as a natural and stylish color tone that works with a wide range of other primary accent colors.

25. Mix and match a wide variety of textures

Room With Assorted Textures And Colors
Studio Aubergine Interior Design

If you can’t decide on a single texture to focus on, look for a variety of textures instead. This can include silk pillows, woven throw blankets, uniquely textured wall coverings, ruffled curtains, and more. This variety of textures is great for the Bohemian style as it lets you eyes wander to a new area of the room.

26. Display minimalist or contemporary wall art

Room With Minimalist Wall Art Pictures
Iconic Design+Build

Both minimalist and contemporary wall art is an excellent option for rooms with little to no vibrant design or colors. If you love changing up different areas of the decor, wall art is easily changed from one month to the next in order to make the room feel different several times per year.

27. Make use of woven furniture in a simple room

Simple Room With Woven Rattan Furniture
Piper Interior Design

Large furniture can make a small room feel even smaller. Instead, look for woven rattan, vine, or wicker chairs and tables. These furniture options will help make the room feel larger while also providing a variety of seating options for yourself and your family.

28. Try to stick with two or three specific colors

Room With Reds, Yellows, and Greens
Emily Baker

Bohemian style works well with a variety of colors, both bright and pastel. Some of the more common color options are red, yellow, and green, but you are only limited by your imagination and personal preferences. Try mixing two, three, or even more colors together for the right effect.

29. Handmade items add a unique aesthetic to the room

Room Displaying Multiple Handmade Decorative Items
ANA Interiors

When searching for different decorative items for your Bohemian style living room, consider looking for handmade items. These add a very unique theme to the room while also helping to mix color and textures into the overall room and decor aesthetics.

30. Contrasting black and white colors work well together

Spacious Room With Highly Contrasting Colors
PS & Daughters

If you’re not entirely fond of bright and vibrant colors, choosing two highly contrasting colors can be a great way to build dimension in the room. Black and white are extreme contrasts that work amazingly well together for a wide range of decorative items, furniture, and wall coverings.

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