30 Hollywood Regency Living Room Ideas to Feel Like a Star

Treat yourself to the Hollywood-style home you deserve. Ready to make your guests wonder whether they've stepped into a movie set?

This eclectic interior style draws inspiration from the Hollywood Golden Age, homaging the opulent houses of stars and directors. In fact, it can even make your home look like a grandiose set from iconic 1920s-50s movies.

So, have fun embracing a glamourous and maximalist approach!

Hollywood regency decor will delight you with its vibrant and highly saturated colors, layers, textures, and contrasting patterns. Plus, it'll allow you to get creative with decorative items or furniture pieces that each look like one of a kind.

But how do you bring all this together? Start with the colorful Hollywood regency living room ideas that our interior design experts have gathered for you: lights, camera, action!

1. Fill up your living room with art

Purple Hollywood regency living room idea with pictures
Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Think about it: would a real movie star leave their walls bare?! To stay true to this style’s maximalist approach, fill yours with pictures and, especially, paintings and unique artwork.

Be sure to choose the most decorative frames, too: perhaps some designs with lush golden finishes.

2. Make your walls stand out

Elegant living room with wall paneling
Lisa Gilmore Design

You can certainly stick to white walls if you’re trying to make your living room look a bit airier. Let’s face it, though: they’re hard to find in real Hollywood regency homes!

This is because, in this style, pretty much every single element is trying to grab your attention.

Walls are no exception: you could choose a patterned wall paper, a bright shade, or wall paneling like in this example.

3. You can still create a clear palette

White and teal living room decor
DKOR Interiors Inc

Mismatches of colors and loud contrasts are encouraged in Hollywood regency homes.

However, if you personally prefer a curated result, you don’t have to force yourself to like harlequin palettes.

Instead, here’s a good compromise: create one that relies on a neutral color like white as your base and a brighter secondary or accent hue, just like these teal elements.

4. Add some glass or mirrored furniture

Eclectic living room with a glass table
Interiors by Kathy Rollins, LLC

Another element that characterizes majestic Hollywood regency interiors is a variety of materials.

While you’ll still need a few more traditional wooden furniture pieces, you can use some smaller ones to introduce peculiar finishes. Think glass (especially when it comes to coffee tables), lacquered, or mirrored options.

5. Choose some furniture pieces and items with patterns

Accent chairs in a decorative design
Shaker Interiors

From your sofa to the chairs next to it and its cushions, you want to find bright and loud patterned upholstery to homage this eclectic decor style to the fullest.

Would you rather tone it down a notch? Then consider sticking to a monochrome sofa with patterned chairs and cushions (or vice versa).

6. How about some items in animal shapes?

Fireplace with elephant flower pot holders
Maienza - Wilson Architecture + Interiors

This is another sumptuous Hollywood regency staple. End tables, chair legs, coffee tables, flower pot holders like in this elegant example… Basically, if you can find a functional piece with an animal within its design, snatch it immediately!

You can do the same with purely decorative pieces too, such as animal-shaped statuettes.

7. Opt for elaborate wood carvings

Corner with dark wood furniture
Inspired Interiors

When choosing wooden furniture, forget about the most contemporary models with clean lines and lighter finishes. You want darker designs with plenty of ornate and decorative elements.

These could involve recessed panels, wood carvings, harmonious legs, patterned doors and drawers… or a combination of two or more!

8. Choose premium upholstery materials

Elegant living room with a velvet sofa
Groninger Custom Homes featuring Kg3d Home Designs

Some instantly recognizable fabrics can give your Hollywood regency living room and furniture even more of an indulgent vibe.

Whenever possible, choose pieces that involve the most luxurious upholstery. Some ideas? Consider velvet (much like this colorful sofa), silk, faux fur, damask, linen, and taffeta.

9. Include furniture with unique designs

Stylish living room decor with creative furniture
Meridith Baer Home

Think beyond the most common shapes when furnishing your Hollywood regency living room.

You want creative lines (just like these dynamic gray chairs), cabriole or harmonious legs, coffee and end tables with unique pedestals, and so on.

Basically, aim for a living room where each furniture item can be seen as a separate art piece!

10. Don’t forget about animal prints

Living room with a zebra rug
Elizabeth Gordon

Black and white zebra patterns, timeless leopard prints, exotic tiger stripes… You’ll usually find at least one animal print in Hollywood regency living rooms.

Some clever spots to incorporate it are accents like a small rug, ottoman, or cushions. You could be even bolder by including larger furniture pieces with that kind of upholstery, too.

11. Lay down a rug, and make it BIG

Living room with a large rug

The rug in the middle of your seating area is yet another chance to make an eye-catching statement and introduce a new pattern.

Do you also wish to maintain an element of consistency? Just choose one that includes at least one of your palette’s main colors.

Alternatively, you can also use a smaller rug to separate your living and dining area: simply place it underneath your table and chairs.

12. Bring your front room to life with some plants

Sabrina Balsky

House plants are always a delightful touch in any living room. With this type of decor, however, you want to focus on wowing your guests and going beyond the most obvious options.

In fact, Hollywood regency prioritizes exotic twists! So, don’t be afraid to incorporate some large and leafy species like the majestic ones behind this couch. Or how about some actual palm trees?

13. Create separate areas within your Hollywood regency living room

Small seating area next to a fireplace
Jamie Herzlinger

If your living room is on the large side, you want to fill it up with striking furniture pieces while still maintaining a logical setup.

For example, you could use the back of your sofa to separate your main seating area from the dining section. Another idea would be to create a smaller one right by your fireplace like in this stylish but cozy example.

14. Top it up with a chandelier

Classy living room with a chandelier
Masterpiece Design Group

In Hollywood regency homes, there’s no room for basic or purely functional lighting fixtures!

Make your star-worthy decor shine even brighter by opting for the most lavish designs, especially when it comes to chandeliers.

Attention-grabbing shapes, metallic finishes, harmonious arms, sparkly crystals… Just think: can I picture this chandelier design in a grand movie set? If the answer is yes, you know what to do.

15. It’s all about geometric patterns

Large conservatory with a rug
Greg Natale

This decor style is known for including all kinds of patterns, but especially geometric ones. For example, zigzag lines, octagonal motifs, or even designs consisting of more than one traditional shape but arranged creatively.

Try and incorporate them through your wall paper, rugs, tiles, and smaller accents like cushions.

As well as the actual design, don’t forget to focus on patterns involving a loud contrast, such as black and white pieces.

16. Inspire a sense of grandeur

Elegant front room with a piano
Smith Firestone Associates

This style is the opposite of humble minimalist homes! You want to create the most lavish setting, and your living room is obviously the best place to start.

So, focus on large items in decorative designs, with striking finishes, and that convey a sense of sophistication.

For instance, as well as the unmissable chandelier, this living room surprised us with a grand piano.

17. Include a large mirror

Mirrored finishes are fairly common with Hollywood regency furniture, but don’t forget to place an actual mirror in your living room, too.

You want to scout for large and bold designs that steal the scene. And remember: the frame is just as important as the actual shape and size!

Rather than thin options in neutral colors, focus on the most decorative and ornate frames in golden or metallic finishes.

18. Gather around a fireplace

Hollywood regency front room with a fireplace
Dwelling Designs

This deluxe decor style isn’t known for being the coziest, but you can certainly make it so if you prefer. A warm fireplace is obviously an excellent starting point!

To add to your Hollywood regency inspiration, try and choose a design that includes a decorative frame or geometric lines. You could also do with a large mantelpiece to display a few quirky items.

19. Include some precious golden accents

Living room section in a golden palette
Jonathan Adler

What better way to make your Hollywood regency living room look even more lavish?!

Golden accents are a must with this decor style as they can really enhance its sense of luxury and sophistication.

Plus, they’re ideal to create a dramatic contrast against black backgrounds, from walls to upholstery and pieces of furniture like this console table.

20. Emphasize your high ceilings

Spacious Hollywood regency living room idea
Ana Claudia Design

If you’re lucky enough to have such a living room, highlight its verticality even more. After all, have you ever seen movie-star houses with low or cramped ceilings?

The trick is to focus on low furniture and items in a tall but narrow design, like the curtains and floor lamps in this example.

Finally, be sure to let an eye-catching chandelier dangle from your high ceilings, too.

21. Add some exotic vibes

Front room with quirky furniture
Hallie Henley Design

Animal prints, unusual plants, pieces that look as if they’ve come from faraway places… It’s no mystery that this bold and eclectic decor style thrives on its global inspiration!

Another way of highlighting it is to choose exotic-looking wall paper and items. For example, those involving flamingoes or palm trees like this golden sculpture.

22. Choose the right wall paper

Living room section with wall paper
Meg Braff Interiors

An abundance of patterns and colorful designs: of course, wall paper works so well with Hollywood regency interiors!

If you’d rather maintain a cohesive vibe, choose one that incorporates one of your palette’s main hues.

As for the actual pattern, we especially recommend sticking to geometric shapes or exotic twists like this leafy example.

23. Opt for saturated hues

Blue, white, and gray living room
Britany Simon Design House

While more traditional decor styles often include delicate or neutral shades, Hollywood regency prioritizes the most popping colors.

So, look for furniture pieces and items in saturated finishes like these blue chairs and kitchen island. That way, even your monochrome elements without busy patterns will instantly stand out.

24. Make your Hollywood regency living room cozier

More traditional living room idea
Britany Simon Design House

Perhaps you’re intrigued by this lush interior style but would like to maintain a familiar and inviting feel?

Then create a more uniform palette by focusing on fewer colors and, especially, lighter, pastel, or neutral hues.

Be sure to include several tactile elements, too. Soft throws, fluffy pillows, and thick rugs will add to your living room’s warmth.

25. Include all the right small touches

Seating area with bold accents
Wendy Labrum Interiors

The largest and boldest furniture pieces are an excellent starting point. Still, you also want to focus on smaller details to breathe more life into your Hollywood regency front room.

For example, you could include some flowers in one of your accent colors. Plus, choosing several decorative items in the same finish can tie the entire room together or showcase a common theme.

26. You can never have too many lamps!

Seating area in bold colors
Erin Williamson

Rather than their actual functionality, lamps tend to have a decorative purpose in Hollywood regency interiors.

So, look for the most attention-grabbing designs, whether that’s by finding an ornate shade, base, or both. As well as table and reading lamps, it wouldn’t hurt to introduce some wall sconces and a tall floor design, too.

27. Choose items that look as if they were one of a kind

Eclectic and colorful living room decor
Kelly Wearstler

Think of Hollywood regency interiors as the opposite of popular, mass-produced furniture pieces and items.

Just like a real movie star, you want to give off the impression that you’ve scouted for every element individually. Maybe even that they were made specifically for you!

Without spending triple the money on custom pieces, focus on items that look that way thanks to their quirky and unpredictable designs.

28. Play with symmetry

Symmetrical living room section with wall decor
Atelier Tymovski

This style focuses on geometric shapes and patterns. So, you could showcase your decorative flair by playing with its symmetry and then… breaking it consciously.

For instance, start by arranging your larger furniture pieces in a tidy and symmetrical order (such as your sofa, chairs, and console tables). Then, switch it up a little with smaller ones, from cushions to wall decor.

29. Create the most Hollywood regency palette

Green Hollywood regency living room idea
Roberto Cavalli

As well as focusing on saturated hues, consider including this style’s most popular colors. That way, you’ll get to really embrace it to its fullest!

Choose vivid and bright shades like green, blue, red, pink, yellow, and purple. Include contrasting options like black and white, too.

30. Use a lush room divider

Hollywood regency front room with a divider
Morpheus & Co

Place your furniture and rugs strategically! This is a clever way of dividing large spaces into separate sections without affecting their visual flow.

Another stylish Hollywood regency living room idea concerns bold dividers to make yet another unmissable statement.

We especially recommend open designs: that way, you won’t run the risk of creating a cramped ambiance. Try and include geometric shapes and lines too, much like this stunning example.

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