30 Glamorous Hollywood Regency Bedroom Ideas

Say goodbye to your average everyday bedroom decor and hello to the glamorous world of the vintage Hollywood Regency style.

Whether you have been planning on changing up your bedroom style for a while, or simply want to make some spontaneous changes, the Hollywood Regency style is a great decorative option to consider.

This style makes use of vintage elegance by way of crystal chandeliers, gold leaf accents, large mirrors, and colorful wall murals. You can also make use of both satin and velvet bedding or curtains, an abundance of throw pillows, and layered fabrics on bedding and other furniture.

When it comes to colors, there are very few limits with the Hollywood Regency style. In fact, both bright and dark colors can be used. You'll also be free to add whimsical colors such as bright magenta and cyan to the room if you desire and still get an elegant result from it.

1. Antique rose is a great color for satin bedding

Bed Using Antique Rose Colored Bedding
Ethan Allen Design Center

Antique rose is a very common and highly respected color when it comes to elegance and glamor. This unique shade on the red color palette can also be similar to coral, but pairs much better with bold contrasting colors such as black, navy, and olive.

2. Bright magenta makes a great eye catching color

Spacious Bedroom With Bright Magenta Colors
JCD Custom Home Design

For anyone that loves a tiny touch of whimsy to their room, making use of bright colors such as magenta, pink, and purple can be a good choice. These colors are very contrasting, but pair well with a variety of light and dark colors you may already have in the room such as beige, black, and brown.

3. Lavender and wine colors add mature elegance

Lavender Room With Wine Colored Decor
Interiors by Donna Hoffman

If bright and whimsical colors are not for you, consider using shades of lavender and deep purple for a touch of mature elegance. These colors will add a unique shade to the room while also being able to blend well with deep rich colors such as black, and dark natural wood tones such as Rosewood or Ebony.

4. Gold accents can add vintage elegance to the room

Bedroom With Golden Colored Ceiling Lamp
Tassels Home Design

When it comes to the true level of elegance and the feeling of glamor, gold goes a long way. You don’t have to invest in expensive gold plated vases or chandeliers to get the same effect in your room. Light gold leaf accents on wallpaper can be all it needs to add that minimal shine to a room.

5. Embrace reflective furniture and mirrors

Room With Mirror And Mirrored Table

Reflective items can help move natural and artificial light around the room. This makes the space feel brighter and more welcoming. Look for large and stylish mirrors, unique reflective and mirrored furniture, and shiny silver or chrome decorative accents for your bedroom.

6. Cyan can bring a whimsical element to the bedroom

Elegant White Room With Bright Cyans
Erika Bonnell Interiors

When deciding on the right color to use in your bedroom, there are no limits. Any color can turn your average bedroom into a chic and stylish room in your home. Cyan is an often overlooked color in the blue palette that works well when blending other pastels such as lavender and pink.

7. Rich reds can create a romantic atmosphere

Romantic Red Room With Velvet Bedding
Charles Neal Interiors

In addition to being a place for relaxation and rest, a bedroom can also offer a romantic atmosphere. The color red lends itself to not only a feeling of elegance and class, but also romance and love. Look for fabric wall coverings, silk or satin bedding, and other bright red accents for the room.

8. Embrace unique and stylish lighting options

Simple Bedroom With Stylish Ceiling Lights
Robeson Design

Every bedroom should have a good source of lighting. Finding the right style of lamp or chandelier can do wonders for the overall look of the room. Try finding a unique and eclectic style of hanging lamp for your bedroom to make it truly unique to you and your family.

9. Make use of geometric designs and patterns

Bedroom With Various Patterns And Designs
Summer Thornton Design, Inc

Making use of unique patterns on fabrics and wallpaper is a great way to add a unique feel to your Hollywood Regency style bedroom. Floral medallion wallpaper, geometric bedding or upholstery, and gold leaf inlay on furniture can all lend itself to a stylish and memorable look.

10. Use a bold and eye catching canopy bed

Luxurious Bedroom With Large Canopy Bed
Ceara Donnelley

Your bed is the centerpiece in the bedroom, so you want it to be the most eye catching piece in the room. Look for bold and stylish canopy beds to give the room a truly unique feel. Large wooden posts and heavy wood frames can open up your options when it comes to what color palette to work with.

11. Brighten up the room with light colors

Bright White Room With No Shadows
Cece Barfield Thompson

If the height of luxury is not your cup of tea, you can dial it back with a more relaxing and quaint angle instead. Look for pale colored bedding, wallcoverings, and window dressing to encourage natural light to brighten up the room. Wicker furniture and other decorative accents are also a great option in this type of bedroom.

12. Use rich and bold antique furniture and wallpaper

Antique Styled Room With Bold Wallpaper
Ken Fulk

Embracing the Hollywood Regency style may have you sourcing vintage style wall coverings and other decorative accents. Medallion and floral wallpaper is a great option for any bedroom in this style of decor. Look for bold colors that contrast with other elements in the room to get a truly unique feel.

13. Install an elegant centerpiece lighting element

Bedroom With Classical Style Crystal Chandelier
Micky Hurley

Centrally located ceiling lights can provide an eye catching centerpiece to the room. If you’re trying to find a light that works well in the Hollywood Regency style, look for elaborate crystal or glass chandeliers or hanging candelabras for a true touch of classic elegance and luxury.

14. Blend bronze elements into the room for a stylish feel

Stylish Bedroom With Bronze Decorative Accents
McCroskey Interiors

If your bedroom uses dark natural wood furniture, a great middle ground color would be gold, yellow, brass, or bronze. This range of colors can help blend the dark wood into lighter colors of the room such as beige, tan, or mocha.

15. Use specific colors to encourage relaxation and calmness

Relaxing Bedroom With Dark Blue Accents
Barclay Butera Interiors

Certain colors can encourage different feelings in individuals that are nearby. For example, rich and dark blue can make you feel more calm and relaxed. That makes it a great choice for bedrooms. It also pairs well with a variety of other colors which makes it a powerful color to use in an elegant bedroom.

16. Use vibrant colors to really make a statement

Vibrant Bedroom Using Bright Red Colors
DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

One of the benefits to the Hollywood Regency style is that you can use bold and bright primary colors exceptionally well. True red is a very popular color for this decor, and it works great as wall covering, window dressing, and bedding.

17. Add unique decorative items to the room

Small Room With Unique Decorative Accents
Black Lacquer Design

Unique decorative accents are a great way to add an eclectic style and actual practicality to any bedroom. Honeycomb shelving for books and magazines, unique wall decorations to draw your eye, and brass statues to add color are all quite fitting for the Hollywood Regency style.

18. Add bright pops of color to a monotone room

Black And White Room With Pink
Victoria McClure Interiors

Sticking with grayscale or black and white is a common choice with the Hollywood Regency style. However, adding a bright color to certain areas of the room can really make the space feel alive. Try going with bright magenta, true red, or emerald green for a unique yet stylish addition of color.

19. Divide your room into unique color areas

Divided Room With Two Main Colors
Angela Reynolds Designs

In spacious bedrooms, it might be a great option to divide your color areas. For example, near windows you can keep the color palette light to help encourage a better reflection of natural sunlight. Around the bed you can use darker colors to encourage feelings of calmness and relaxation.

20. Make use of pastel floral accents and mirrors

Smith Firestone Associates

Pastel floral decor adds a stylish elegance to any bedroom, while mirrors can help redirect natural and artificial light around the room. Together these elements can brighten up a room while adding splashes of pastel colors around a light colored room.

21. Use less common colors for a unique elegance

Bedroom Using Pale Mint Green Colors
Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Some of the most unlikely colors can add a unique elegance to a room. Consider colors such as mint green, periwinkle, light candy apple red, or seafoam to take your bedroom from drab to fab. Using muted tones is a great way to be able to blend in other more bold primary colors.

22. Large wall murals can add an elegant charm

Colorful Bedroom With Large Wall Mural
Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design

If smaller wall art is just not giving you the level of elegant luxury you were hoping for, consider adding wall murals. You can find these decorative accents in a variety of scenes including ballrooms, ancient architecture, relaxing coastlines, and more to make your room feel much more unique.

23. Use medium wood tone floors to your advantage

Smith Firestone Associates

It’s not uncommon to have issues matching your flooring with your bedroom decor, however, if you have a medium wood tone floor you can use this to your advantage. This shade works extremely well with shades of beige, tan, brown, gold, bronze, and orange giving you a wealth of color palettes to work with.

24. Use wall art to reflect the colors of the room

Room Sharing Colors With Wall Art
Steven Ford Interiors

If you’re looking for a unique way to add even more color to a room, or blend existing colors into the room, try using wall art. Matching the color palette from wall art to bedding or curtains can go a long way in making the entire room feel connected while also having distinct contrasts throughout.

25. Focus on adding highly luxurious furniture

Bedroom With Very Luxurious Style Bed
Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings

One of the biggest draws to the Hollywood Regency style is the high level of elegance you can add to a room. Consider making your bed the most luxurious focal point of the entire room by adding half canopies, satin bedding, and a large padded headboard.

26. Brass colors add a mature gentleman’s elegance

Bedroom Using Mature And Elegant Colors
Sealy Design Inc.

Brass, bronze, and gold colors all lend themselves well to a more mature elegance appreciated by the gentlemen of the household. Try blending these colors around the room using curtains, wardrobes, furniture, and bedding to get the proper level of pure elegance you are hoping for.

27. Encourage the use of layers

Bedroom With Layered Pillows And Blankets
Out Of The Box Interiors

Layering can help the room feel much more grand and provide a practical purpose as well. Extra pillows and layered or laced blankets are a great addition to any Hollywood Regency style. This also helps with color mixing and blending throughout the bedroom.

28. Make the space feel larger with an open floor plan

Large Bedroom Connecting To Other Rooms
Kimberley Seldon Design Group

If your bedroom has an open floor plan, you can keep this unique feel while also adding dividing areas between rooms. Use lattice type dividing walls to allow airflow and light to pass through, but to still provide a visual distinction between spaces.

29. Allow as much natural light into the space as possible

Small Bedroom With Abundant Natural Light
Risinger Homes

Taking advantage of natural lighting can make a room feel much more relaxing. Natural light helps remove shadows and dark spots around the room, leading to a bedroom that feels more welcoming, more spacious, and more relaxing to be in.

30. Reflective and crystal accents help add a luxurious feel

Bedroom With Reflective Decor And Chandelier
Shannon Crain

Adding a crystal or glass chandelier to your room can help add a definite touch of luxury to the space. Not only that, but adding reflective or mirrored furniture is a great way to not only help reflect natural light around the room, but can also make the space feel slightly larger and more open.

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