Christmas Cushions Styles For Different Type Interiors

If, like us, you can't get enough of the magazine-worthy décor style that you've achieved with your interiors, we have the merriest news for you: you don't need to compromise during the festive season!

On the contrary, you can create a Christmas display that complements it and even reinforces it.

Every element is important but you shouldn't underestimate accent pieces like Christmas cushions.

You can either purchase new pillows to swap them every year or just festive covers for your existing ones.

Either way, here are some practical tips on how to choose the right ones for your interior style.

1. Traditional interiors

If your living room is bursting with classic décor elements and conveys a warm, rich and inviting feeling, it'll be oh-so-easy to add a festive spin. After all, isn't that what Christmas is about?

  • To complement monochrome or fairly neutral couches, look for the most attention-grabbing designs with your all-time favorite festive elements;

  • Christmas cushions with unusual textures or additional details also work wonders;

  • Alternatively, if your covers involve a busy pattern, it's better to choose simpler designs without losing focus on coziness and warmth. For example, you could prioritize festive colors like red and the most traditional Christmas elements.

Red Snowflake Square Pillow Cover and Insert
White Snowflake Square Pillow Cover and Insert

2. Modern & contemporary décor

Since these styles prioritize functionality and a streamlined approach, you might think it's hard to maintain them with the decoration-focused Christmas season, but there are actually plenty of suitable cushion designs:

  • Modern and contemporary interiors usually involve a combination of neutral tones and a stronger, saturated accent color. Depending on where your couch falls in your palette, your Christmas cushions should be the opposite;

  • For example, if your couch features a pale or neutral color, your Christmas cushions can become the brightest head-turning accent elements. While you want a color that stands out and is (preferably) festive, try and look for a simple design without too many details;

  • If, on the contrary, your couch is the most saturated element in your room, your Christmas cushions should be more neutral (like white or grey);

  • This doesn't mean that they'll look boring! On the contrary, they'll create a pleasant and well-balanced combination with the colorful couch but maintain some typical Christmas patterns or textures at the same time.

Rouillard Christmas Indoor and Outdoor Canvas Throw Pillow
Snowflake Indoor and Outdoor Throw Pillow in Blue
Snowflake Indoor and Outdoor Throw Pillow in White

3. Mid-century modern décor

If your modern interiors draw inspiration from the retro trends of the 50s and 60s, there are two simple tricks that you can use to find Christmas cushions that complement them:

  • The first is to mirror the length-focused design of the most typical mid-century modern couches and pieces of furniture by choosing horizontal cushions;

  • The second is to look for patterns that add a geometrical spin to the most traditional festive elements.

Houle Indoor and Outdoor Lumbar Pillow
Flurries Indoor and Outdoor Throw Pillow in Teal
Decorated Blush Indoor and Outdoor Throw Pillow in White
Decorated Blush Indoor and Outdoor Throw Pillow in Pink

4. Minimalist interiors

Aiming for a clutter-free room that still inspires festive vibes?

  • Then you should ideally stay away from busy designs with lots of characters or elements, as well as cushions that include many printed words, especially when they involve different fonts;

  • Instead, we recommend choosing simple Christmas cushions that are monochrome, includepatterns relying on the repetition of smaller elements, or mimic cozy textures;

  • Rather than different shades, you want either neutral or saturated tones (or a balanced mixture of the two).

Docady Throw Pillow Case with Christmas Tree
HouseLook Christmas Cushion Cover
Wanette Christmas Lumbar Pillow in Red

5. Scandinavian décor

Since the Nordic countries know how to make the most of the coldest months and have blessed us with cozy lifestyles like hygge, it won't come as a surprise that there are lots of different ideas to add a Christmas touch to your Scandinavian interiors:

  • The first one is to choose colors that are both festive and natural, like gold, green and white;

  • Another trick is to maintain a minimalist approach but with a focus on natural elements, for example by looking at patterns that involve pinecones or evergreen trees, or by choosing natural fabrics like knitted wool and cotton;

  • Finally, another solution is to incorporate Nordic folklore and, especially, the adorable gnome-like tomtes who share similarities with our traditional representation of Santa.

Ballenger Evergreen Cotton Throw Pillow
Tilford Christmas Tree Throw Pillow Cover in Cream
 Decorae Gnome Pillow Covers

6. Industrial décor

As you probably know if that's what you've chosen for your interiors, industrial style thrives on metal and wood. Now, that wouldn't be too comfortable for your cushions, would it? So what can you do to convey some Christmas vibes without completely ruining the style you've worked so hard to create?

It's a bit more challenging but you can certainly make it work:

  • For example, you can draw inspiration from the handcrafted and warehouse feel that you can see in hipster cafés or shops and even in some of their logos. How? Choose designs that combine vintage hand-printed vibes and a 'I've just picked this up from a warehouse' feel;

  • Alternatively, you can also look for saturated Christmas patterns that rely on a festive hue against a basic color (or vice versa);

  • Bonus industrial points if you find shapes with a steampunk feel!

Xmas Rustic Throw Cushion Case
Christmas Decor Throw Pillow Case Covers
Buffalo Plaid Christmas Pillow Covers

7. Shabby chic interiors

Shabby chic décor and Christmas vibes go hand in hand! With the former prioritizing white tones and vintage vibes, it's easy to see how a snowy atmosphere and our favorite festive traditions can complement it:

  • When it comes to cushions, choose white and cream designs with simple pastel toned elements or with a discolored look;

  • You could even scout for handwritten-style and cursive prints that reinforce the vintage feeling.

Laurelynn Geometric Throw Pillow
Losada Merry Christmas Design Pillow Cover

8. French country style

For a Christmassy French country living room that brings Provence and the North Pole together, try and combine elegance and rusticity in a festive way:

  • You can do so by choosing cushions with more sophisticated Christmas patterns that maintain natural elements like trees or reindeer;

  • You could also focus on more colorful hues against a neutral white, cream or beige background;

  • Why not take your love for the Provencal countryside to the next level by choosing Christmas cushions with French designs or words?

Noel Throw Pillow
Yount Lumbar Pillow

9. Bohemian interiors

Bohemian can mean something different to everyone, especially when it comes to interiors, which actually leaves a lot more room for creativity.

Overall, this type of décor relies on global-inspired designs and textures, bright colors, carefree vibes, and a few peculiar elements:

  • Make your Christmas cushions stand out! For example, you could look for a festive take on exotic patterns like mandalas, unusual textures, bold colors, and especially cushions with a few quirky elements, like pom poms;

  • Don't be afraid to turn your couch into a festive overload!

White Christmas Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom Pom
Casstown Throw Pillow with Alpaca
Reindeer and Snowflakes Throw Pillow Cover

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