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How to Get the Best Sleeper Chair For Yourself

A pull-out sleeper chair? A futon? What even is the difference between the two?! Don't worry. With so many options and seemingly interchangeable terms, it can be difficult to figure out how to get the best sleeper chair for you, but we're here to help.

These versatile pieces of furniture can be real lifesavers when you have guests over or just want to relax, so it's important to find one that matches your needs and habits.

You can find a large variety of sleeper chairs here, but let's start with an overview of their main types so that you know exactly what you should look for.


  • With a large variety of sleeper chairs on the market, choose one depending on your needs and available space. Pull-out sleeper chair is a great alternative to a sleeper sofa when you have limited space, whereas fold-out sleeper chair has the easiest opening mechanism and allows for the quickest transformation from a chair into a sleeping spot.

  • When you need a wider option, twin bed sleeper chair is usually 38" wide and 75" long when unfolded and, whereas great for kids, may not be long enough for adults;

  • Castors sleeper chairs are a way to go if you plan on moving your furniture frequently; They work particularly well in modern settings;

  • Futon is an option if you're on a budget, or prefer a more bohemian or minimalist piece of furniture;

  • Camping sleeper chairs work well not only while you're camping… They will come at hand in your living room when you need some extra seating and sleeping space.

Pull-out sleeper chair

  • This is the most common type of chair beds;

  • Much like its big brother (the bulkier sleeper sofa), it consists of an upholstered design that looks just like ordinary armchairs but can be extended by pulling the mattress up and then out from the bottom;

  • Versatile pull-out sleeper chairs are available in lots of different designs, so they're a fantastic choice if you're after a chair bed that doesn't look out of place in your living room or guest room;

  • If you or the person who will use it the most have mobility issues or would struggle to open it on your own, you should consider an electric sleeper chair that does so automatically.

Pull-out Sleeper Chair in Grey

Fold-out sleeper chair

  • Its difference from pull-out sleeper chairs is that, instead of making the hidden part of the mattress appear by pulling it out from the bottom, a fold-out sleeper chair mainly consists of a three-fold mattress. To open it? You literally unfold it!

  • They're a handy choice if you're after an even quicker transformation. Or perhaps you're planning on using its extended version so often that you're worried that a pull-out mechanism would break after a few years;

  • As for their design, they're also available in many colors and styles, so they're still a great addition to your living room or guest room. However, thanks to their more spontaneous vibes, they would work well in your patio, too;

  • While most models feature a frame, you can also find some fold-out sleeper chairs without any type of solid base, which is perfect for minimalist rooms, a casual feel, or if you have a lower budget.

Fold-out Sleeper Chair in Grey

Twin bed sleeper chair

  • This can fall within the same category as the first two sleeper chairs that we've introduced, but it simply relies on a twin mattress;

  • Because it's usually 38" wide and 75" long when unfolded, a twin bed sleeper chair is a fantastic space-optimizing option for the smallest rooms or for kids;

  • However, keep in mind that it might not be long enough for taller adults.

Twin Bed Sleeper Chair in Navy Blue

Sleeper chairs with castors

  • A sleeper chair with castor can fall within any of the first three categories, with the only difference being a set of tiny wheels, just like office chairs;

  • It works particularly well in modern settings;

  • This simple feature could make your life easier if you want to be able to move your new sleeper chair around or even use it in different rooms. For example, if you're going to keep it in your guest room but could occasionally do with some extra seating in your living room, or if your kid sometimes gets scared at night and you'd rather fall asleep next to them;

  • If you're not planning on moving it around that often, a sleeper chair without castors would probably be a more versatile option and a better match for more traditional décors.

Modern Sleeper Chairs with Castors


  • A futon follows the same idea as fold-out sleeper chairs. However, instead of looking more like other armchairs, it consists of a thin, folded mattress and a slatted wooden frame;

  • While a bit rarer, metal alternatives are available, too;

  • A cheaper and, perhaps, less glamorous option than traditional models, futons could actually be the best sleeper chair for you if you're on a budget, or you simply prefer a more bohemian or minimalist piece of furniture;

  • Futon beds are also practical and easy to clean. However, their frame means that they aren't the easiest sleeper chairs to move around and some of their mattresses can be too thin. If you're planning on using it quite often, make sure you scout for a thicker option.

Fuon Chair with Pillow Back

Camping sleeper chairs

  • Sleeper chairs aren't just for the guest room! Have you always got your suitcase and passport ready or find yourself itching for the next camping trip? Then a camping sleeper chair could be just what you need in your life right now;

  • These space-optimizing models are inflatable, and perfect to sit by the fire before turning them into a bed for the night;

  • While they aren't as stylish as traditional sleeper chairs, they can still come at hand at home if you really need some extra seating or that friend is expecting to crash at yours. Again.

Much clearer, right? Now that you know how to get the best sleeper chair for yourself, start browsing away! Need help narrowing down your choice even further? Here are a few more tips on how to choose the right convertible chair.

Camping Sleeper Chair Inflatable Air Mattress

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