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5 Reasons Why You Need a Sleeper Chair In the Guest Room

A common modern-day dilemma: wanting to have guests over for a spontaneous catch-up but not having enough room to sit all together or let them spend the night at your place. Well, it's a good thing that someone decided to invent sleeper chairs!

These versatile bad boys can make your life easier by bringing you the benefits of two pieces of furniture for half the space and price tag. You can start familiarizing yourself with them and find the right sleeper chair model for you here.

While they can work well in different corners of your house, from your living room to your kid's bedroom, here are a few golden reasons why you definitely need a sleeper chair in your guest room.

1. A chair bed is a compact solution when you have guests over

Let's start with the most obvious one. We know how awkward it can be when you can only offer an inflatable mattress to the friend who gave you their entire sleeper sofa last time you've spent the night at their place.

Still, not everyone has enough room for such a bulky piece of furniture!

  • Chair beds, on the other hand, are much more compact. While there are lots of larger models, sleeper chairs are usually around 30" wide. Definitely not a drastic addition that would require you to revolutionize the rest of the room!

  • If you have a particularly small guest room, you don't even have to worry about it looking cramped once you've pulled out the mattress. After all, your guest will only need it open when they're sleeping! As long as you've got enough room to walk around it comfortably when it's in its 'chair mode' and pull out the mattress, you're good to go;

  • The great thing about sleeper chairs is that, while being compact and space-optimizing, they still offer plenty of room to feel comfy and cozy when sleeping. Magical!

2. Convertible chairs are a multi-functional piece of furniture

What we love the most about sleeper chairs is that you get two birds with one stone.

  • During the day, they look just like your other pieces of furniture and are the perfect place to sit down, relax, or read a book;

  • When the sun goes down, it takes them a second to go through a jaw-dropping makeover and become a comfy mattress.

Eclectic Pink Sleeper Chair
Twin Sleeper Chair in Blue
Modern Living Room with Twin Sleeper Chair
Black Faux Leather Sleeper Chair
Sleeper Chair with Pillow in Blue
Living Room with Sleeper Chair in Deep Grey

3. A pull-out sleeper chair is an affordable choice

If you got put off by the price tags of beds and sleeper sofas, you can release that breath.

  • Sleeper chairs are definitely a budget-friendlier option than other popular two-in-one solutions to the 'extra seating' and 'spare mattress' problem;

  • On top of that, even if you didn't have to worry about space, they're also cheaper than buying two separate pieces of furniture like a new armchair for the living room and a twin bed for guests.

4. Convertible chairs are easy to move around

Lifting sofas and beds is usually one of the most dreaded moments when moving houses. We doubt that, should you feel the need to have them in a separate room for a specific occasion, you'd actually be able (or willing) to do anything about it.

  • With compact sleeper chairs, that's a completely different story. Not only will it be easier to rearrange the layout of your guest room as often as you wish, but you can also move your chair bed to a different room whenever you need to;

  • For example, if your guests aren't spending the night but there's an extra friend around for drinks, you might want to move it to your living room. Or, if your kid has just had a nightmare, you can use it to spend the night in their room and scare off those monsters.

5. Sleeper chairs are available in a large variety of styles

Chair beds are more popular than ever, so don't worry, you won't have to settle for a random model that looks nothing like the rest of the furniture!

  • Because you'll be able to choose among a wide range of sleeper chairs, you're bound to find one that complements your existing décor style;

  • From size to material, we're confident that the perfect sleeper chair for your room and needs is already out there waiting for you. Need a shortcut? Here's how to choose the best convertible chair.

Overall, sleeper chairs are versatile, practical and space-optimizing options, both when you use them to sit down to relax and when you need them as a mattress. The best thing? No need to panic nor settle for a humble inflatable solution whenever a guest needs to spend the night at your place!

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