How To Choose A Convertible Chair

Convertible chairs are multifunctional. They provide the coziness of a regular chair for you by day. And can be suitably converted into a bed for rest at night. Hence, they are fast becoming a trend when it comes to functional household furniture.

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Are you looking for a great space-saving alternative in your home? Then, a convertible chair is a perfect option to go for. But, knowing the perfect convertible chair to choose could be tough! Not to worry. In this post, you’ll be getting quality information that will make your buying decision 10X easier.

What Are the Types of Convertible Chairs Available in the Market?

When it comes to convertible chairs, you have to understand the various types available before making a choice. The options you choose largely depends on your comfort, ease of transformation, and the size of the chair.

Here are the five major types:


Futons can either be in the form of a wooden or metal frame. It has the looks of a chair and unfolds into a sleeping bed for rest. Futon are thought of as a staple of a college student's doorm room, but if fact they can be and incredibly functional option that scored high in style too!

Gray Traditional Solid Wood Futon Convertible Chair
Blue Classic Metal Futon Convertible Chair
Brown Classic Solid Wood Futon Convertible Chair
Black Traditional Metal Futon Convertible Chair
Blue Classic Metal Futon Convertible Chair
Gray Traditional Solid Wood Futon Convertible Chair

Sleeper Chair

They are similar to futons. But they mostly come with pillows and removable back support—creating a cozy and flat sleeping space that is wider than the average convertible chair.

Gray Traditional Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Blue Classic Solid Wood Convertibel Chair
White Classic Metal Convertible Chair
Brown Traditional Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Brown Classic Metal Convertible Chair
Brown Simple Metal Convertible Chair

Electronic Chair Bed

Do you find it hard to bend and lift things? Then you need an electronic chair bed. It automatically transforms the chair into a bed with the help of control buttons. Perfect for the elderly or people who should not overexert themselves for any reason.

Drawer Chair Bed

A drawer-style chair bed is something you want to get if you don’t want to remove your cushion every time. The bed mechanism is under the chair. When you pull the drawer under the chair, the bed pulls up and rests on the drawer.

Pull-Out Chair Bed

This type is closely related to the drawer chair bed. The cushions are removed from under the couch and placed by the side. The bed is also pulled from under the sofa and flipped forward with three folding compartments.

Gray Traditional Metal Convertible Chair
Gray Classic Manufactured Wood Convertible Chair
Gray Traditional Metal Convertible Chair
Gray Classic Metal Convertible Armchair
Light Brown Classic Solid Wood Convertible Armchair

What are the factors to consider before choosing a convertible chair?

It’s wise that you keep your cool and resist the temptation to buy that favorite design of yours. There are a few things to consider before you make that big decision – considering the size of your living room. They include:

  • Space

If your living room is less than 5 feet wide but can accommodate one or two people, it’s safe to opt for a twin size convertible chair. The twin size chair usually measures about 85 inches in length, 39 inches in width, and extends to about 54 inches.

If you have a lot of space in your living room, you can go for just about any convertible chair size, as long as it is proportionate to the overal room dimmentions. A small chair would look out of place when tucked in a corner of a spacious room.

  • Functionality

What would you use the convertible chairs for most times: as a bed or for seating?

If you’re particular about using the furniture like a bed, you have to consider getting one with comfortable mattress materials. Also, it’s advisable to buy one that you can assemble with ease when needed. The drawer or pull-out chair beds are an excellent way to start.

If you need an option that works best for seating, futons are fantastic. They are easy-to-use and straightforward options that look great as chairs.

If you plan to use it as a bed and chair on an equal basis, you should go for an electronic chair bed as it offers quick and hassle-free transition.

  • User Weights

It’s crucial to consider these two things: the weight of the individual users of the chair bed and the frequency of usage, before getting a convertible chair

If you’re getting the convertible chairs for kids, then any type of sofa will work because they are mostly lightweight. But, if you’re going to be having a large percentage of adults users, it’s advisable to select a chair with a firm mattress, hard fittings, and conversion mechanisms. Watch for weight capacity limits recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Mechanisms and Materials

The convertible device of your chair is one of the essential features of your furniture. So, it’s best to go for convertible beds with light mechanisms that you can operate single-handedly.

Also, the furniture should convert easily without waering out. Most convertible chairs come in fabric or leather materials—with inner filled bubble wrap or soft foams.

How to pick the perfect color for your convertible chair?

Investing in a convertible chair is one thing. Getting the best color option for your home is another—since this piece of furniture determines your future décor choices. What if you have an existing color palette you want to work with? Then, your decision-making will get more difficult because you have to integrate the right color of the furniture.

A good start is asking yourself how you want to feel in your space. The answer to that question is vital because color psychology has a significant impact on the way your room communicates its intent. Plus, your furniture is the anchor of your living room or bedroom—so, it’s an excellent communicator of feelings.

How do you choose a color that reflects your preferred mood and doesn’t compete for dominance? Here’s a list of colors that could help your decision:


Red has a lot of energy, and it’s associated with feelings of excitement, warmth, love, and passion. So, if you have a contemporary living room with neutral colors like white, black, or brown—a red sofa will do the trick. It’s an excellent option for cold and dark winter rooms.

Red Stylish Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Red Modern Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Red Modern Metal Convertible Chair
Red Classic Metal Convertible Chair
Red Traditional Solid Wood Convertible Chair


Gray evokes class, practicality, and dignity. And the color complements cooler-toned living spaces. If your room has an accent of muted pink or purple and metallic, a grey sofa will work well.

Gray Classic Solid Wood Convertible Armchair
Gray Traditional Solid Wood Convertible Chair Set
Gray Stylish Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Gray Traditional Manufactured Wood Convertible Chair
Gray Modern Metal Convertible Chair


Pink tones have a way of injecting some energy into your space. It also brings a feeling of cheer, calmness, and compassion. A pink sofa is ideal for a room with bold shades like gold, green, electric blue, and metallic—to bring some uncomplicated delight in your living space.


Brown is a versatile color with rich earthly qualities. It opens a world of possibilities if you pair it with the right colors. If you have a crispy white shade décor, a brown sofa will blend perfectly. A blue theme also works well with a brown sofa—especially if you want a modern and sleek look that’s trendy.

If you want to heighten the drama in your living room, you can pair your brown sofa with a fuchsia interior. Yellow and soft shades of mint also work well with brown couches.

Brown Modern Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Brown Classic Metal Convertible Chair
Brown Stylish Solid Wood Convertible Armchair
Dark Brown Modern Metal Convertible Chair


A blue sofa at the center of your living space promotes order, calmness, and serenity. A blue sofa blends well with complementary colors like bright orange, off-white, mint green, lilac, and yellow.

Blue Simple Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Baby Blue Modern Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Blue Modern Metal Convertible Chair
Blue Classic Metal Convertible Armchair
Baby Blue Traditional Solid Wood Convertible Chair
Blue Classic Metal Convertible Chair

How to creatively arrange convertible chairs in a living room?

Are you confused about how to arrange your convertible chairs? Not to worry, here’re five creative ways you can use them:

  • Pair Your Chair Bed With Two Chairs

If you have a slimmer or smaller room, putting two convertible chairs may take up too much space—and make it impossible to use the convertible mechanism.

Instead, you can have one convertible chair close to your wall, with two slimline armchairs opposite—which gives you a sense of light and space.

  • Spice Things With a MIX and Match

If you adore your space, you could use a twin convertible chair and match it up with several separate chairs—which gives you more flexibility.

If you’re uncertain about how this layout will work in your space, you can sketch a floor plan with the help of a professional.

  • Make Good Use of Your Corner

It’s possible to have the luxury of lounging even if your space isn’t massive. All you need to do is take things to the corner.

You can simply place your convertible chairs at the corner of your house—and it will become the focus of your living room.

  • Spread Things Out

Spreading things out is a perfect layout for those that have the luxury of space. You can place each convertible chair in its “island”—as long as they are tied together by materials and tone. The whole idea here is to ditch the rule of clustering furniture around a low table.

  • Sofas on Both Sides

If you prefer a classic living room layout, opt for placing two identical convertible chairs opposite each other. This kind of design gives room for a fireplace view or TV in the middle.

How should convertible chairs be maintained?

Here are a few tips you can use to maintain your convertible chairs:

  • Clean your convertible chairs regularly with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust on your furniture or use a piece of dry cloth.
  • Invest in durable covers—to help lengthen the life of your chair.
  • If you have a leather convertible chair, keep it away from the fireplace or direct sunlight.
  • Use a compatible spray-on cleaner once in a while and wipe it with a piece of cloth to keep it new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable to sleep on a convertible chair every day?

That depends on the type you buy because some sleepers are for daily or night use. Generally, futons aren’t suitable for this.

If I recline on my convertible chair, would it hurt my spine?

Convertible chairs come with thick padding that helps support your spine nicely. But, if you misuse the foam, it could lead to spine injuries.

Why are convertible chairs becoming more popular?

Convertible chairs are more popular because they're more multifunctional than traditional beds. Plus, it’s the first space-saving bed option most people consider.

What materials are popular for convertible chairs?

The velvet upholstery is quite popular these days because it is completely fire resistant and stain-resistant.

Getting a convertible chair is an excellent choice if you’re looking to conserve space in your home. And you don’t have to break a bank to get them.