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5 Ultimate Reasons to Get a Sleeper Chair

Not as cumbersome as larger sleeper sofas, much comfier than humble inflatable mattresses. Sleeper chairs are basically a modern dream come true - and, in turn, they can obviously guarantee some sweet dreams for you or your guests, as well.

They come in all shapes, forms and colors, so it'll be easy peasy to find the right sleeper chair for you here. 

However, if you're not too familiar with the little brother of traditional sleeper sofas or are not clear about how it can make your life easier, have a seat and keep reading. 

Here are our favorite reasons to get a sleeper chair.

Modern Living Room with Sleeper Chair
Modern Living Room with Sleeper Chair

Compact convertible chairs won't take over the room

Sure, sleeper sofas and day beds are two other great solutions, but let's be honest: they can't exactly fit everywhere, right? Sleeper chairs, on the other hand, are a much more compact alternative. 

  • Because they're not as wide, it'll be much easier to fit them in a room or squeeze them between two other pieces of furniture without having to rearrange their entire layout;

  • Still, when you unfold them or pull out their mattress, they offer plenty of space to sleep on them comfortably;

  • The moral of the story? You get the best of both worlds without the space problem. Nice one!

A pull out sleeper chair can work well in different rooms

Sleeper chairs are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. Unlike actual beds that would only work in bedrooms and guest rooms, pull out chair beds are much more similar to traditional armchairs, so it will be a breeze to find the perfect spot for them. 

  • They're obviously a popular choice for guest rooms, since most people usually buy them to have a spare bed for visitors;

  • However, they would work just as well in your living room. They don't only save the day (or night) when you're having a guest over for a few days, but also when you're planning on inviting a few friends round in the evening and could do with some extra seating;

  • Sleeper chairs can be a handy option in your home office, allowing you to recharge your batteries without completely switching off from your work mode;

  • Finally, why not add a sleeper chair to your kid's room? That way, you can sleep next to them when they aren't feeling too well or whenever they need help with one of those bad dream emergencies.

Convertible Chair in Grey
Convertible Chair in Navy Blue
Convertible Chair in Yellow for Living Room
Convertible Chair in Light Pink for Bedroom
Convertible Chair in Grey for Office

It's also easy to move around

Convertible chairs are sturdy and durable but, because they're so compact, they aren't a permanent choice that, once placed in a spot, can no longer be moved:

  • If you enjoy getting creative by redecorating the room or rotating the furniture every once in a while, you'll be glad to know that sleeper chairs are much easier to move than sleeper sofas or other bulkier pieces of furniture!

  • At the same time, if you have one in your living room and your child needs you for the night, you can move it to their room, and vice versa;

  • Need even more portability? Nothing that the right model can't fix! If you were after something that you can take with you when camping or going on holiday, look for an inflatable sleeper chair. Even though you might not usually need to use it at home, it'll still be handy when you have a last-minute guest over!

Sleeper chairs are available in a large variety of styles

Because they've been gaining lots of popularity over the past few years (we're not surprised!), sleeper chairs are now available in lots of different colors, materials and designs

Matching the existing décor of your room definitely won't be a problem. Just look for a model in one of the** main colors of its palette** or one that clearly belongs to the décor style that you're going for!

A chair bed will save you money

There's a chair bed for every budget, from the most affordable models to the fanciest designs. Still, because you're basically getting two pieces of furniture in one, sleeper chairs in general are a fantastic budget-friendly choice! 

Instead of buying a small bed for the guest room and an armchair for your living room, you only have to deal with one price tag. And they're obviously cheaper than larger two-in-one alternatives like sleeper sofas!

Sounds awesome, right? Now you just need to make sure you choose the right convertible chair for you and your house, and then you can start making the most of this practical two-in-one solution!

Sleeper Chair in Blue
Sleeper Chair in Blue

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