8 Things You Should Know When Buying A Sleeper Chair


Are you planning on buying a sleeper chair? High five! We're sure that this versatile piece of furniture will make your life easier, both when you have guests round and when you just need a separate space to relax. Still, don't settle for the first one you see!

With such a wide range of sleeper chairs, it's important to take the time to understand exactly what you need before you start browsing them. That way, you won't be stuck with a model that doesn't really match the rest of your room nor your expectations.

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Modern Living Room Design with Sleeper Chair

Modern Living Room Design with Sleeper Chair

Consider where and what you'll use your chair bed for

In order to choose the right sleeper chair for you, you first need to know what you're planning on using it for and where you intend to place it. How are you going to match your existing décor if you're still torn between the living room and guest room?

Figure out the right size

Sleeper chairs might be more compact than sofas and traditional beds, but it most certainly does not mean that you can just wing it! 

Eclectic Room Design with Sleeper Chair in Pink

Eclectic Room Design with Sleeper Chair in Pink

Style: will this sleeper chair match my décor?

Unless you're planning on opting for an inflatable model and using it on your camping trips only, you should also consider your room's existing décor before choosing a sleeper chair:

  • If you have a modern or contemporary room, look for designs following sleek lines, potentially with armrests and a metal frame, and available in one of the main colors of your room's palette;

  • Prioritize leather or warm colors and stick to wooden frames with short outward legs for a mid-Century modern look;

  • Sometimes, less is more. If you're a proud minimalist, choose a sleeper chair that doesn't feature any armrests nor a noticeable frame, and make sure it's monochrome;

  • A minimalist convertible chair will bring excellent results in a Scandinavian setting too, but try and stick to a natural color such as yellow, white, grey, dark blue or forest green;

  • To convey the bare charm of industrial décor, choose a sleeper chair made of leather or dark upholstery, perhaps in a metal frame;

  • If you're a fan of more decorative and grandiose styles such as shabby chic and French country décor, look for pull out sleeper chairs whose design follows more harmonious lines, and choose lighter colors like white or delicate floral patterns;

  • Fan of bohemian décor? Then your sleeper chair could be the perfect opportunity to bring a new color and texture into the room!

Quality of the chair bed's mattress

  • Whether you're using it occasionally or weekly, you should always look for a thicker mattress that ensures a good night's sleep;

  • Spring mattresses are the most popular option for sleeper chair beds, but memory foam or innerspring models might be worth scouting for if they usually result in a more comfortable sleep for you.

Spring Mattress Sleeper Chair in Grey

Spring Mattress Sleeper Chair in Grey

Construction: choose a sturdy convertible chair

As well as the mattress, you should focus on choosing a sleeper chair that's reliable and sturdy:

  • A metal frame is a modern option that ensures durability and is rather robust;

  • Wood is a more traditional choice that, if including solid legs, can also last you for a long time. For some extra peace of mind, look for a frame made of kiln-dried wood: because this method removes its moisture, it's unlikely that it'll get damaged or crack over time.


Why choose a sleeper chair that will likely break after a year or two? A good model can last just as long as the rest of your furniture:

  • As well as a sturdy frame, look for a chair bed with a reliable mechanism rather than a cheaper flimsy option (it'll be worth it!);

  • If you go for leather upholstery, remember that direct exposure to sunlight will lead to discoloration after a few years.

Upholstery Sleeper Chair in Deep Grey

Upholstery Sleeper Chair in Deep Grey

Who will sleep on your new pull out sleeper chair?

If your new sleeper chair is going to be for kids or particularly lightweight guests, most models will do;

  • However, sturdier chair beds with a firmer mattress would be a better option for most adults. We also recommend checking the weight capacity indicated by the manufacturer, as it can change depending on the model.

Extra features for your convertible chair

Once you've got the most important things sorted and have a clearer idea of what to look for, you can start thinking of those extra features that would make your life easier or comfier:

  • Braked castors are a practical addition if you're planning on moving your chair bed around quite often or use it in different rooms;

  • Opting for antibacterial upholstery that protects your sleeper chair from the growth of bacteria and fungi can help ensure its longevity as well as eliminate potential bad odors;

  • A foam topper adds an extra layer of softness and protects the actual mattress;

  • An electric sleeper chair can be a dream come true for older guests or those with mobility issues;

  • If you're going to use it in your living room, you might want to buy a sleeper chair that comes with one or two toss pillows;

  • As well as being able to sit and lie down comfortably, would you like to put your feet up? Or perhaps stop your partner from putting their shoes on the coffee table? Choose a sleeper chair with an ottoman.

Convertible Chair with Pillow

Convertible Chair with Pillow