Double Recliner Chair

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There’s nothing quite like coming home at the end of a long day of hard work and kicking back in a comfortable recliner. The experience is even better when you can share it with family or a friend. Here are our top picks for the best double recliner chairs available, perfect for a relaxing nap or movie night. These recliners are double the size and double the enjoyment.

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Updated 12/04/2022
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Double Recliner Chair

Double Recliner Chair

Lark Manor™

What We Like: Solid wood frame

What We Don’t Like: Limited color options

Not so great for: Minimalist homes

Perfect for: Neutral interiors

This leather two person recliner is an excellent choice for a smaller-sized room. A compact 64” long and 38” wide, you’ll have no problem finding a snug corner of your home to create a cozy nook. It also offers ample lumbar support with its spring-supported foam pillows.

The design of this double recliner strikes the perfect balance between modern and traditional. Available in cool beige and dark brown, this double recliner chair extends easily by a manual lever and can be locked at multiple angles. 

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White Double Seat Recliner

White Double Seat Recliner

Wade Logan®

What We Like: Built-in USB port

What We Don’t Like: White leather stains easily

Not so great for: Pets or small children

Perfect for: Scrolling on your phone while it charges

This sleek white double seat recliner is a stunning and elegant option for any modern home. Stylish metal legs support the solid pine wood frame. Its smooth leather upholstery covers a smart memory foam topper, which will mold perfectly to your body for optimal support.

However, the USB ports incorporated into the electronic switch panels are the best features. This means you won’t have to worry about finding a plug socket when your smartphone or tablet battery runs low.

$1839.99 $3492

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Flared Arm Recliner For Two

Flared Arm Recliner For Two

Wade Logan®

What We Like: Available in over 50 colors

What We Don’t Like: Loose pillow back may sag easily

Not so great for: Back support

Perfect for: Easy cleaning, with its removable cushion covers

With its chic flared arms, this recliner for two offers you an incredible selection of colors when it comes to your upholstery options. Bayou sunshine, Capri dove, and Tina scarlet are just some of the stunning shades on offer. You’ll also find it easy to keep clean, with its removable and machine-washable seat and cushion covers.

With additional toss pillows included and automatic power reclining, you’ll find it easy to snuggle down with a loved one in one of these double recliners.

$1139.99 $2007

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Two Person Recliner Chair

Two Person Recliner Chair

Ebern Designs

What We Like: Stain-resistant microfiber

What We Don’t Like: Smaller than other models; could be uncomfortable for some users

Not so great for: Arm room and elbow space

Perfect for: Snacking and drinking

This plush two person recliner chair is the perfect companion for a movie night with food and drink. Microfiber upholstery is ultra-soft and skin-friendly, and it’s also stain-resistant, giving you peace of mind when you uncork a bottle of red wine or enjoy some ketchup with your fries. With its plush armrests and foam back, you can kick back in ultimate comfort.

Measuring 53” in length and 29” in width, this is an excellent choice for a small apartment or studio.


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Double Leather Recliner

Double Leather Recliner

Mercury Row®

What We Like: Classic tufted back

What We Don’t Like: More structured model makes it less suited for lounging

Not so great for: Nap time

Perfect for: Creating a chic, cozy reading nook

This classy double leather recliner features a tufted back, hand-stitched details, tapered legs, and a tasteful camel brown leather upholstery. The seats recline separately using a push-back mechanism, so there are no visible levers or control panels to interrupt the vintage aesthetic.

With a structured body and square armrests, this recliner provides excellent back support, perfect for sitting down to read a good novel.

$1679.99 $2002

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Genuine Leather Two Person Recliner

Genuine Leather Two Person Recliner

Global United

What We Like: Pillow top arms

What We Don’t Like: Low back

Not so great for: Neck support

Perfect for: Versatile seating options

You’ll find it very easy to sink into the deep foam cushions of this dreamy 2 person recliner. This generously sized leather model is 72” long, with a depth of 22.6” and a 30.7” back. Its cushions are fully bolstered with coil springs for long-lasting durability and comfort. This recliner is easily adjustable via an electronic switch panel on either side.

The recliner is upholstered in silky smooth top grain leather. You’ll need to maintain the leather regularly with a leather conditioner and avoid placing the recliner in direct sunlight. 

$2239.99 $2399.99

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Recessed Arm Double Recliner

Recessed Arm Double Recliner

Lark Manor™

What We Like: The home button, which returns the seat to its original position

What We Don’t Like: Needs two people for assembly

Not so great for: Light and airy interiors

Perfect for: Coordinating with dark wood furnishing

This beautiful leather double recliner will add a luxurious mid-century feel to your home. Boasting an upholstery of hand-burnished English leather in a warm chestnut hue with eye-catching nailhead detailing, your spaces will feel instantly more refined.

Adding the best elements of the modern era to this classic couch, you’ll also enjoy the use of automatic power reclining and a convenient USB port.

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Oversized Recliner For Two

Oversized Recliner For Two

Winston Porter

What We Like: Double cup holders functionality

What We Don’t Like: Cup holders’ central position cuts the couch in half

Not so great for: Cuddling side-by-side with a loved one

Perfect for: Watching the big game with refreshments

This deluxe oversized recliner for two has a sleek rounded design, nailhead arm trim, and a matte finish to its leather upholstery. Overstuffed seats and additional headrest ensure your comfort. This recliner comes with a practical double cup holder, meaning a delicious beverage can always be within arm's reach.

The bonded faux leather may become uncomfortable during hot weather. Style this recliner with a cotton-microfiber throw rug or slipcover. 


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Double Recliner Chair

Buying Guide

A double seat recliner is a two-seater chair that's ideal for lovers or couples. It has a mechanism to tilt or recline the back portion and an extender to elevate the legs of the users. This is a great furniture piece if you want a seating solution that allows you to just relax and sit back on a chair with a loved one. It guarantees a stress-free lounging and it even allows you to fall asleep in it without experiencing neck and shoulder pains. Also, a double seat recliner can be made out of several different materials, and units vary in price depending on the size and the materials used.

To get the best recliner loveseat for your space, continue reading as we've prepared a buying guide on this specific type of furniture. Check it out.

The best double seat recliners are those that come with dual action, which offers separate mechanisms for reclining so each person gets to choose whether to maintain an upright position or relax with the chair tilted.

You can find a double seat recliner that is priced anywhere between a hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. Go with the unit that is just right for your needs and budget, and you won't be overwhelmed by the paradise of recliners. The quality of the frame and the mechanisms of a recliner loveseat can lower or raise the unit's price.

If you haven't already, know how much you're willing to spend on your new furniture. You can easily get swept by the thought of buying an incredible and amazingly comfortable chair, most especially if you plan on spending lots of your time on the seat. What happens is you'll pick the one that you might not be able to afford. So, make sure you know how much you can spend first. This way, you'll also save yourself from heartache which will definitely happen if you are invested in a piece that you can't afford.

The size of your recliner should be right for its placement. It shouldn't overwhelm or underwhelm the space or room where it'll be in. A double seat recliner isn't a small piece of furniture. As a matter of fact, it can take a lot of space. Make sure you have enough room that can accommodate a recliner's large size. If your recliner will be forced to be too close to a wall, then you shouldn't pick the unit that reclines or tilts all the way to the back as it would be impractical.

Your two choices are synthetic and leather. Leather, obviously, is the popular choice as it provides a sexy and sleek look and feel. Leather may be the desirable material, but It's more expensive. It's also susceptible to scratching and staining, so take note of that. A good alternative to leather is microfiber which is excellent at mimicking several materials including suede.

Best Ideas

Double seat recliner

A fabulous reclining chair that will easily accommodate two people. It features a foldable footrest and wide, rolled armrests, which make it an ultra-comfortable piece of furniture. It appears in a neutral color that will suit any decor.

Two person recliner 1

Double recliner upholstered with faux leather and finished with solid stitching. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more. Received many positive recommendations from clients for elegant design and high quality.

Woodbridge home designs quinn double rocker reclining loveseat

Woodbridge home designs quinn double rocker reclining loveseat

This product is a loveseat with a rocker and reclining function, so it is able to assure comfortable and relaxing postures to adult users. Its frame is durable and supportive. This loveseat has got solid and decorative arms.

Motion Reclining Loveseat

Motion Reclining Loveseat

It is a reclining loveseat that has got two seats, brown fabric upholstery and traditional design. It fits to any style and décor in your living room area. It is a very good choice.

Eland Brown Cupholder Recliner Sofa

Eland Brown Cupholder Recliner Sofa

This is a sofa that features a recliner function. It means that all its users are able to regulate it according to their requirements. Its frame is made of pine wood and plywood. It measures 39.37 inches high x 87.8 inches wide x 38.58 inches deep.

Dormont Double Seat Power Reclining Sofa

Dormont Double Seat Power Reclining Sofa

Very comfy double seat sofa, thickly stuffed everywhere you'd wish to encounter a decent fluffiness. It is upholstered with faux leather in dark chocolate brown. It reclines to let you fully enjoy your evening rest.

Double chair recliner 1

Double seat recliner with built-in, take-down footstool. This comfortable sofa is covered with green plush. This type of seat is intended to the living room, but it can be very useful if you dream about your own home theater.

Tribecca home coleford coffee double reclining loveseat

Tribecca home coleford coffee double reclining loveseat

This loveseat is a reclining piece of furniture that offers many regulation functions ideal for different requirements of users. It has got a pine wood and plywood construction. The sitting space is filled with polyurethane foam.

Lam 200 double recliner

LAM-200 Double Recliner

Double seat recliner

This double seat recliner lets you relax comfortably with your second half. It will surprise you with its built-in stereo, offering a decent sound quality. All finished in thick, brown leather.

Motorized recliner 1

This #Lane double #reclining #sofa features upgraded pocketed coil seats and power recliners. The cylindrical motor runs smooth and makes very Little noise while allowing you to have infinite reclined positions. Available in reclining sofa, love seat, sin

Lane megan double reclining loveseat 2

Lane Megan Double Reclining Loveseat

Recliners for two

Modern double seat recliner with heavy foam padding and stunning white leather upholstery. The recliner also offers a high back design for added comfort and is supported by a sturdy metal frame for longevity.

A different color for sure but i love that it

A different color for sure. But I love that it has double reclining. Jenna La-Z-Time® Full Reclining Loveseat by La-Z-Boy

Presley- Two Tone Espresso Reclining Loveseat

3str double power recliner sofa


Double leather recliner

Clifford Brown Leather Double Reclining Love Seat Model # 600282

Double seat recliner

... Pc Sectional Double Reclining Sofa, Love Seat and Recliner Set

Sofa sleeper set 1

An extremely comfortable sofa for two, with a smoothly-operating recline mechanism. The sofa is over-padded, stylishly tufted and upholstered in a baige fabric. Includes an oversized back, footrest and armrests.

Lane recliners 8

Rockford Double Reclining Loveseat

Softaly nailhead leather power loveseat recliner loveseats for sale in

Softaly - Nailhead - Leather Power Loveseat Recliner - Loveseats for Sale in MA, NH and RI at Jordan's Furniture

Two seater recliner

Lane Touchdown Double Reclining Console Sofa - 292-43

Two seat recliner

Home Theater Loveseat Recliner -- Looks cushy & comfy

550152 rawlinson double reclining love seat fabric love seats sofa

... 550152 Rawlinson Double Reclining Love Seat Fabric Love Seats Sofa