Sliding Door Sideboard


For the home, a quality sideboard can come in handy in plenty of ways. For the dining room, it can be a perfect place to store dishes and extra wine glasses. For the living room, it makes a wonderful altermative to the typical TV stand. And for the office, perhaps a place ot put books or a record player. Perhaps you can find a good spot for one of these sideboards in your home.

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Our Picks

Farmhouse modern credenza

Farmhouse modern credenza

Classical, old-fashioned sideboard buffet will add style to your room. A lot of space for storage, hidden by sliding door will allow you to keep things out of sight. Perfect for storing glasses or extra blankets.

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Sliding door stackable cabinet

Sliding door stackable cabinet

This uniqe piece of furniture is created people who want to fulfill their storage requirements. It is a cabinet that represents a simple style. The product is stackable, so it allows for creating a quite large storage space.

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Sliding door sideboard 4

extra storage needed? wall-mounted storage cabinet is for you. Keeps books and belongings stowed away but in quick reach with sliding doors. Hand bent and welded steel in satin black. Hand-sanded and finished with a high-performance satin lacquer.

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Sliding door sideboard

The simple form of this sliding door sideboard is a perfect combination that is phenomenal and remarkable. Attractive design and beautiful colors make this practical table with spacious drawers delight.

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Higgins sideboard

You can go crazy on perforated plates - even though they are not so popular, they gain the market of the arranger. White plate, perforated, is a very decorative element of this sliding door sideboard.It is surrounded by a bright wooden frame.

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Sideboard with sliding doors

An aesthetic modern sideboard of glossy white-finished materials. Its narrow rectilinear frame has a low recessed base. Two drawers up have edge pulls. Each of 2 compartments has 1 removable shelf and a sliding door with an aluminium handle.

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Tv wood panel

Are you trying to find the nicely finished and stylish console table? We have got something for you! This console table has got the sliding doors, wooden construction, long top and shelves for books and accent pieces.

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Sliding door sideboard 10

now that's a nice record cabinet canditate | Colonel - Buffet, enfilade, bois massif, hêtre, couleur

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Sliding door sideboard

A cabinet in a modern and unique design, perfect for contemporary interiors. It features sliding glass-fronted doors in a black frame. The interior is made of timber in warm color and it consists of three shelves and four drawers.

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Sliding door sideboard 6

This totally french-style kitchen lockhart sideboard is a great complement tou your kitchen decoration. Can be used as small storage as well. It has 2 sliding doors, so you don't see what's inside. You can put your favourite deco on top of it.

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Sliding Door Sideboard

Buying Guide

A sliding door sideboard is mainly used to store plates, crockery, and food-related items, as well as to serve food. That’s why sideboards are mainly placed in dining rooms or kitchens.

However, depending on your needs and the model you go for, you can easily use a sliding door sideboard to store other items and make it work in other rooms, such as your living room, bedroom, or home office.

A buffet is a similar piece of furniture to a sideboard and features a long and low storage space; however, the main difference is that buffets typically often feature larger cabinets and have shorter legs.

People may also get confused between the two pieces of furniture because when sideboards are placed in a dining room, they are referred to as buffets. However, once they are relocated to the living room or entryway, they are referred to as sideboards. To some, these interchangeable names are the only difference between the two pieces of furniture.

While a sliding door sideboard features cabinets like a buffet, it is slightly different, as the doors move on tracks rather than opening using hinges. Both are versatile, with sideboards either acting as a crockery storage unit in the dining room or morphing into a TV stand or entertainment center in the living room.

Best Ideas

Sliding door sideboard 1

C180 Sideboard - Classic sideboard. Oak Entertainmnet unit Vintage Industrial Art Cabinet. Buffet wood Danish Retro, Mid century teak unit. on Etsy, $2,138.48

Sliding door sideboard 7

A classy sideboard that looks both contemporary and traditional. It's made of solid wood in an elegant, dark shade. It features sliding door and a lot of storage space inside. It's supported on low legs.

Aluminum cabinets 4

Jean Prouvé; #101 Oak and Aluminum Armoire for Ateliers Jean Prouvé, c1946.

Sliding door sideboard 5

Designed by Amish craftsmen, this sliding door sideboard will enchant you with its rustic style, resembling historic barns that can be found throughout the States. A real bargain for vintage enthusiasts.

Buffet with glass doors

A vintage piece of fine furniture for contemporary living rooms. The sideboard is constructed of durable wood and clear glass, along with 2 sliding glass panel doors, glass sides and 2 shelves.

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