Second Hand Bar Stools


Bar stools can be a nice thing to have even if you don’t own a bar. Feel free to discover the variety of those that are shown in this collection. Many people have bought these models already and now it’s time for you. You can choose the set you find most appealing after considering all the options.

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Our Picks

Second hand bar stools 13

I'm not quite sure if I'd sit on such a novelty bar stool without hesitating. Though I must admit that the design is extraordinary. These wooden bar stools are hand shaped - which means that you sit your butt on a palm.

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Stools Breakfast Bars

Stools Breakfast Bars

These glamorous bar stools delight with their futuristic, cool and clean design, reflecting the best features of the modern design. Chrome finishing resembles elegance and class. Ideal for kitchen, dining area or...offices.

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Pink stools

Stylish ottoman mounted on metal base with gold finish. Round seat is covered with soft fabric and quilted with decorative buttons. Ideal as footstool or additional place to sit in each place as needed.

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Second hand bar stools 4

Gorgeous set of two matching bar stools. Beautiful, dark wood frame with aluminium bars for stability, and a contrasting, salmon-colored seat. Great addition to any kitchen counter or an outdoor bar.

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Bar stools sink unit tables and chairs

Bar Stools, Sink Unit, Tables And Chairs

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Saddler 26" Bar Stool

Saddler 26" Bar Stool

It is a bar stool that is comfortable and it fits to any style and décor. It is a fantastic addition to your kitchen, dining room and bar. Everyone will tell you how cool this bar stool is.

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Hawthorne 24" Bar Stool

Hawthorne 24" Bar Stool

Elegant bar stool designed utilizing solid wooden frame to provide firm support, comfortable woven rush seat, and

quality hand finish for an unique look. This item offers simple beauty and durability.

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Second hand bar stools 6


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Seagrass 25" Bar Stool

Seagrass 25" Bar Stool

Sophisticated bar stool with carefully woven rattan seat. Solid wooden construction reinforced support rails. Natural addition for residential and commercial premises.

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Hand Hewn 30" Bar Stool

Hand Hewn 30" Bar Stool

30'' bar stool. This beautiful bar stool has been hand hewn and will be a great addition to your traditional decor. The stool has been made from high quality teak wood and features a comfortable seat and a footrest.

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Second Hand Bar Stools

Buying Guide

There is something that is rewarding about picking out a rare or unique secondhand piece compared to getting a generic piece from a furniture store that has 600 more of the model in stock.

Whether it is the thrill that you get for finding the piece, the history that you uncover of the item, or the conversations and trouble you went through just to get it; secondhand furniture really is appealing for so many reasons. One thing’s undeniable as well; used pieces, most especially bar stools, are oozing with stories which give them the character that’s absent with anything brand-new.

Also, decorating on a tight budget can be extremely hard and it’ll force you to pick out pieces that won’t help you achieve the look and feel that you want for your space. That’s not the case with secondhand furniture. In this article, we’ll help you make your home look like something that’s from a home magazine by giving you tips on how to pick the best-used bar stools available for purchase online. Check them out!

Most secondhand bar stools are made of wood, and they can either be made from one type of wood or a combination of several types.

Most bar stools that are produced today are constructed using manufactured wood products instead of solid wood. There are pieces that utilize a combination of both solid wood and engineered wood. For instance, the seat of the stool may be given solid wood as its material, but its legs may be made of a less expensive type of wood to cut on production costs.

Solid wood is classified into different categories namely soft and hard. Generally speaking, hardwood is harder compared to softwood.

  • Hardwood provides good stability and strength to bar stools, which is why it is best for creating seating options. The wood’s hardness carries a downside which is the fact that it is incredibly difficult to produce intricate detailing on the material.
  • Softwood, on the other hand, is a tree that grows much faster compared to hardwood which is mostly the reason why it costs less. It is, however, less durable and is more likely to get damaged after decades of use.

Used bar stools that are made of plywood, fiberboard, and other manufactured wood products are cheap and beautiful as the materials used in their construction are enhanced by laminates and veneers. The problem with such furniture is they don’t last very long which is why it is not a good idea to get a used bar stool made of engineered wood unless you will only put the seat on display instead of actually using the thing.

Take a close look at the stool’s joints. Dovetail and mortise and tenon offer the strongest joints. Screws or dowels are also strong but staples aren’t. Glue may be applied but shouldn’t be visible outside of the joint.

Only get the piece that feels robust and sturdy. If it sits level on the ground and it’s not wobbling about, then that’s a good sign.

Best Ideas

Second hand bar stools 1

Hand Painted Swivel Bar Stools

Second hand bar stools

This high leather bar stool constitutes a good example of the vintage design. It can be a real bargain for those, who like to add some classic refinement to their living or dining rooms.

2nd hand bar furniture

A set of standard bar stools in a simple, wooden design. They are solid pieces which need some renewal. You can paint them in a more elegant color, decorate them with colorful cushions, or get them upholstered.

Second hand bar stools

The swivel armed bar stool. Solid chair features an attractive cafe style frame. The elegant laddered back, arms and seat are crafted of hardwood. The stool has also the powder baked finish. Ideal for pub or bar.

Second hand pub chairs for sale

Old benches look fantasting along with this lab sink and cool bar stools.This place is a treasure trove of stuff – there are sheds and sheds of old doors, fireplaces etc out the back. We also adore these white chandeliers.

Job lot 7 pub bar stools sidcup 7 pub bar

job lot 7 pub bar stools sidcup 7 pub bar stools old solid wood one or ...

Second hand bar stools 14

... furniture | Second Hand Furniture, Desks, Chairs, Tables | Glasgow

Monticello Swivel Barstool

A swivel barstool with solid metal frame and legs and round footrest. Round padded cushion in reddish brown. Comfortable, traditional barstool, functional and ideal by any kitchen counter or island.

Western counter stool w wrought iron base hand tooled id

... Western Counter Stool w Wrought Iron Base & Hand-Tooled ID 18090

Second hand bar stools 10

Swivel Bar Stools

Second hand bar

Bar Stool - Luxury Man Cave - Hand Forged In USA - MCBS290

The turret bistro bar stool black

The Turret Bistro Bar Stool (Black)

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Second hand bar stools 4

Creating an awesome industrial appeal, this pair of bar stools combine solid iron framing with wooden seats. The seat height can be easily regulated, adjusting the object to your needs and preferences.