Glass Globe Pendant Light

This collection will be something for those who like pendant lights. The variety that you can see here, is truly impressive and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people have already chosen these solutions. If you want to be one of them, take your time to browse through the photos on this site.

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Modern mid century globe pendant light

Modern mid century globe pendant light
Its cool and clean design and characteristic retro vibe distinguish this glass globe pendant light making it a cool proposition for all fascinated with mid-century decors.

Wire wrapped tree of life bonsai pendant

Wire wrapped tree of life bonsai pendant
We are connected to nature as we are connected to our parents. The Earth is our first mother so this pendant ornament can be a great tribute to nature. It is a tree of life bonsai with greenish crystals and antiqued copper rope.

3 light chandelier cascading pendant

3 light chandelier cascading pendant
Make your home to shine like never before, thanks to this pendant light with exposed socket design. This unique chandelier uses Edison light bulbs that are placed inside of clear glass globes attached to the metal fixtures.

Brass Glass Globe Pendant Chandelier

Brass Glass Globe Pendant Chandelier
Interesting made of this unique ceiling lamp makes the interior meet the charming atmosphere. Three globes pendant light create a stylish whole, so the living room or kitchen will gain a new dimension. The combination of glass and brass is excellent.

Brindille 4 Light Pendant

Brindille 4 Light Pendant
It is a very modern suspension allocated to four light bulbs. Perfect for the dining room. It can be mounted above the table where they will nicely lit the guests gathered around him. It is perfect and delicate.

Glass globe pendant light 1

The impressive glass globe pendant lights are a great way to have a stylish and elegant interior. Beautiful form delights and subtle but bright light beautifully illuminates the decor. Set of a few magically changes the decor.

Glass globe pendant light 2

An oversized hanging lantern, like this one, can be a beautiful decoration for any type of home decor. It features a clear glass globe with a 3-light mini chandelier inside of it. The chandelier is covered in a polished-nickel finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

A glass globe pendant light is always an excellent accessory to add to any room. For one, this kind of lighting is stylish and trendy. Of course, it provides a vital function of adding more light to a room. Keep in mind that glass globe pendant lights come in many different styles and varieties.

While the plentiful options are great as you can always find the one that's "perfect" for your wants and needs, the process of making a choice can also be tricky. Navigating through a sea of choices can be a confusing endeavor. To help you with that, this article is going to be a buying guide for glass globe pendant lighting.

What types of pendant lights are there?

For glass globe pendant light, the typical options fall into the standard, mini, island, and multi.

  • Standard - As the name suggests, this pendant comes in an industry standard size. It also features one lamp.
  • Mini - The lamp size of this type is smaller compared to the standard. This type has become popular in the last recent years due to the rise of minimalistic interior design.
  • Island - This type of lamp comes with more than one lamp. Typically, there's two or three. Furthermore, all the lamps branch off from a single "stem."
  • Multi - This type also comes with more than one lamp. The main difference with this type is the lamps which typically have their own stems and they are all connected to an "overarching" fixture.

What type of lighting should you choose?

If you want a glass globe pendant light that will add general lighting to the entire room, then what you are looking for is the ambient lighting type. For this purpose, you'd want the light to escape in all directions.

On the other hand, if you want a pendant lamp to provide you with lighting to a desk table so you can do a bit of reading, drafting or paperwork, then what you are looking for is categorized as task lighting. For such, you'd want the glass globe pendant light to project most of the light downwards.

What's the ideal height for a pendant light?

When talking about height, this pertains to the distance between the pendant light and the floor or table surface.

If you are planning to hang the glass globe pendant light over a floor, then it's recommended that the distance would be around 84 - 96 inches.

If you are thinking of hanging the lamp over an island or table, then the ideal distance should be around 28 - 34 inches.

As mentioned above, the primary reason as to why buying a glass globe pendant light can be confusing is because of the multitude of choices. To counteract this, you just need to learn how to effectively filter out the choices that don't align with your wants and needs. The key points above should help you weed out the unnecessary options so you'll have a very manageable list at the end.


Glass globe pendant light 4

Thinking bubbles, we think of lightness. Bocci pendants lamp are realy famous now. Cast glass, blown borosilicate glass, braided metal cable these are seecrets of Bocci lights. The charm is given also by shortest and longest pendant length.

Glass globe pendant light

Now you can beautify your home with those breathtaking pendant lights that emanate with mirrored glass effect. They look like dark water bubbles, illuminating interiors with wamth and coziness.

Glass globe pendant light 8

Dinted orbs are hand blown dinted spheres which creates playful patterns and lines throughout the glass from the internal globe. This is a

Glass globe pendant light 1

Hanging pendant light with a glass globe construction. Its egg shaped glass jar is encased in a solid cast metal frame with decorative accents and silver finish. This item provides light and decorates indoors.

Glass sphere light

White Kitchen, love the pendant lights

Glass globe pendant light 2

This glass globe pendant light is created with solicitude to bring not only proper lighting to your house but also awesome industrial climate. It is round shaped and attached to the black metal chain. Every element is created with details accuracy.

Clear glass globe chandelier

Pendant lamp in modern style. Frame is made of metal and fitted with round lampshade made of clear glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Great as main or additional source of light.

Glass globe pendant light

Stylish antique interior attitude is somehow easier to exude when a brass globe pendant light, like this dramatic one, is present. Crystal glass globe, enframed in brass elements, adds light and glamourous twist around.

Bocci 28 in color can be clustered or spread out

This designer contemporary pendant light will create a wonderful illumination wherever appearing. Thanks to its variously-coloured globe construction, it will enliven the space with beautiful greens, blues, yellows and golds.

Glass globe pendant light 2

... lovely antique glass pendant light features a mercury glass shade with

Glass globe pendant light 27

pendent light

Glass globe pendant light 17

Simple, but striking glass globe pendant light. Transparent glass comprises the oversized shade form, which immediately brings a designer's attitude indoor while matching literally any layout. Cool ceiling lamp

Glass globe pendant light 25

Bubble Chandelier 3 Globe, Gold Foil Branching. Lindsey Adelman. Hand-blown glass.

Bolio pendant lights

Couldn't decide whether this triple bulb pendant light falls more on contemporary or industrial side of style, but the sure thing is that I completely love it. It appears far more elegant than most glass globe fixtures.

Glass globe pendant light 12

Well we can all dream... loving the glass wall, full height living room and those fab globe lights!

These light fixtures in this kitchen are incredible i almost

These light fixtures in this kitchen are incredible...I almost want to put my hands around it and ask it to look into my future.

Glass globe pendant light 9

Lighting: Office Bolio Pendant Lights, Bolio Pendant Light & Viso Bolio Pendants | YLighting

Clear glass sphere chandelier

Pendant lights in the form of glass globes. They are finished in transparent white and orange colors, so they not only provide illumination, but they also decorate indoors at day and night. Their construction is also very solid.

Glass globe pendant light 23

West Elm Cluster Glass Pendant (for dining room) $199


Pendants 3

Attractive ingenious DIY crafted glass pendants. They're made of glass tiles with polished edges, an image on a piece of paper or fabric glued to glass and covered with a layer of diamond glaze. A bail is glued to the back.

Glass globe pendant light 21

Chandelier Lighting with 12 Glass Globe Shade by lucentlampworks - Dining room chandelier but need bigger

Diy schoolhouse light made from candlestick base pot lid and

DIY Schoolhouse light made from candlestick base, pot lid and glass fixture cover

Glass globe pendant light 11

Glass globes overwhelmed the interior in recent years. The most beautiful are those here, hand-made in a delicate way with dyed glass in different colors. They also have hand-made accents in glass, as well as a free setting that connects to the ceiling.

Glass globe pendant light 29

Pottery Barn - Pendent #3 - above sink

Blue gray paint color from restoration hardware

Blue Gray paint--color? from Restoration Hardware


This DIY project will help you create your own oil diffuser necklace. It could be a perfect birthday gift. Just apply 1-3 drops to the top of your diffuser necklace and enjoy a wonderful aromatherapy.

Sea Gull Lighting 6018-15 Single-Light White Pendant, Opal Opaque Glass Hanging Globe, White Finish

Glass globe pendant light 19

Garland Globe Brass Rubber by Tord Boontje // The fishbowl-like glass dome houses a removable piece of metal garland that is etched with delicate flowers

Pendants 1

If you are one of these people who are space obsessed, and you constantly look to the stars and read about space exploration? Then you will love this easy project of pendants bottled nebula. You can use it at home arrangement to get a piece of cosmos.

Pendants 2

Beautiful very feminine DIY necklaces. They are composed of freshwater pearls taken from commonly available pearl strings in delicate shades. Each pearl is embedded in 2 diameter-varied jumprings and attached to a chain.

28 series chandelier designed by omer arbel

28 Series chandelier designed by Omer Arbel

Glass globe pendant light 7

12 round clear glass globe pendant fixture by OldeBrickLighting

With backs and those three large glass globe lights are

... with backs, and those three large glass globe lights are pretty neat

Brooklyn based jason millers modo chandelier

Brooklyn-based Jason Miller's Modo Chandelier.

Glass globe pendant light 31

I love clusters of lights like this, but is it just me or does it look like each of these lights just shat out a book?

Nilight Modern 25 Lights Chrome Glass Globe Ceiling Light Pendant Lamp Chandelier

Pendants 5

Quite simple but charming and ingenious DIY-created decorative pendants. They're composed of cheap colourful gems of clear glass wrapped in soft colourful wires and adorned with delicate fabric ribbons.

Glass orb chandelier luster 1

Glass Orb Chandelier Luster

Thott used a dark brown paint shade cocoa from the

Thott used a dark brown paint shade (Cocoa from the Damo Collection by Sigmar) for the trim and baseboard

Sea fan glass pendant a clear glass globe encloses a

Sea Fan Glass Pendant A clear glass globe encloses a decorative metal see fan to create this modern coastal pendant. A creative distinctive pendant for modern coastal to classic chic. Light shines though the sea fan and creates a soft glow from the perfor

Glass globe pendant light 6

The authors of this picture decided to add attitude to a house spot with essential help of clear glass globe pendant lights - undoubtedly, they make a style statement and provide convenient lighting too.

Glass globe pendant light 14

Juliska Globe Pendant Lights