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In case you have an office chair at home then it’s very important to match it up with good chair mats. The good thing about office chairs is that they can easily help you maneuver fast and smooth from one corner of your desk to the next. But rolling over traditional carpets is hard. You end up getting stuck or damaging your chair. However, with high quality and durable chair mats, you won’t have to deal with this problem. The mats are textured and are designed to effectively stick on the floor even as you glide through them on your office chair.

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Our Picks

Wayfair Basics Hard Floor Straight Edge Chair Mat

Wayfair Basics Hard Floor Straight Edge Chair Mat

Protect your carpets, rugs and hard floors with this high-clarity chair mat produced with PVC plastic. The proprietary material makes it slip-resistant ensuring the product stays in place while the chair glides onto it. It’s manufactured in the USA and comes with a 1-year warranty. It’s perfect for environmentally-conscious people as it’s proudly made from sustainable eco-friendly recycled materials.

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Evolve Low Pile Carpet Rectangular Chair Mat

Evolve Low Pile Carpet Rectangular Chair Mat

Shield your expensive floors or low pile carpets in high-end style. This is the only chair mat specifically designed for today’s 5-star wheelbase chairs, offering more efficient use of the rollable surface of the mat. The round corners eliminate the useless portion of the squared-off corners found on most rectangular chair mats today, turning it to an environmentally-friendly product requiring a minimal amount of PVC material, while providing a large rolling space.

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Wayfair Basics Office Low Pile Carpet Straight Edge Chair Mat

Wayfair Basics Office Low Pile Carpet Straight Edge Chair Mat

If you’re looking for an affordable and long-lasting mat to protect your floor or low-pile carpet, this product will not disappoint you. The slip-resistant cleated back surface ensures perfect adhesion all day long, and the straight edges make it easy for chairs with caster wheels to glide right onto it. It comes in two sizes to accommodate various office areas. The standard lip shape offers extra surface protection right under your desk.

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Ecotex High Pile Carpet Beveled Rectangular Chair Mat

Ecotex High Pile Carpet Beveled Rectangular Chair Mat

For the environment lovers, this product meets the industry’s standards for reducing the carbon footprint. It’s manufactured from an enhanced polymer which contains up to 50% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. It’s also 100% PVC- and lead-free, and its production utilises 25% renewable energy. Benefiting the planet won’t compromise your rolling comfort—this mat is very firm and won’t sink into the high-pile carpet underneath.

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Medium Pile Carpet Straight Edge Rectangular Chair Mat

Medium Pile Carpet Straight Edge Rectangular Chair Mat

This mat is an ideal pick for durability lovers. It offers the best overall quality available on the market today. The mat is designed to provide industry-leading clarity, superior wear resistance and a surface that allows chairs to move freely. It’s created with the consumer in mind—Phthalate-free, BPA-free and odourless. Its traditional rectangle design with gripper backing protects low to medium pile carpets.

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TrendSetter Rectangle Low Pile Carpet Straight Edge Chair Mat

TrendSetter Rectangle Low Pile Carpet Straight Edge Chair Mat

Create a bold look around your chair with this sophisticated black mat. It will be a perfect addition to your black&white decoration style, and it will please your rebellious teenager’s eye as well. The exclusive anchor bar cleats hold the mat firmly in place without damaging the underlying surface. Rise above the standards and showcase your personal style while investing in a strong-grip and easy-glide protection of your floors and carpets.

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Medium Pile Carpet Straight Rectangular Chair Mat

Medium Pile Carpet Straight Rectangular Chair Mat

Enhance the look of your office space with this unique rug-like chair mat. The distinctive warm brown or cool grey hues overlaid with a symmetrical pattern will complement all natural-looking wooden floors and medium pile carpets. If you fancy white furniture, this product will be a ‘cherry on top’ among such decor elements. To keep it pristine and long-lasting, spot clean with a solution of mild dish soap and water.

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Supermat Checkered Low Pile Carpet Beveled Edge Chair Mat

Supermat Checkered Low Pile Carpet Beveled Edge Chair Mat

This innovative checkered grid mat offers an optimal carpet grip turning it into a super-mat suitable for frequent chair rolling action. If you often get up from your desk or roll to a different area of your C-shaped station, this mat will withstand all the traction without compromising the level of adhesion. The top layer is ultra-smooth ensuring effortless gliding and preventing tension build-up in your body.

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Medium Pile Carpet Straight Rectangular Chair Mat

Medium Pile Carpet Straight Rectangular Chair Mat

If you wish to create a visual statement in your working area, this chair mat is a perfect solution, featuring a geometric pattern in a rug-like finish. It will look particularly great against a hard-wood floor, or in a stark office environment, bringing a touch of softness to your work station. Ideal for workers who like to stand out expressing their style in unconventional ways.

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All Floor Types Straight Chair Mat

All Floor Types Straight Chair Mat

Elevate your executive workspace with this flat unbendable mat featuring a perfectly smooth ergonomic rolling surface that will ease moving about during work hours. Its tempered glass finish will match metal or glass furniture and contemporary decor whilst letting the floor shine through. Invest in a luxurious style that’s heavy-duty, anti-slip (due to 4 silicone pads), 100% recyclable, as well as resistant to water, stains, cracks, warps, scuffs, and fire.

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Best Chair Mats

Buying Guide

Did you know that chair mats can go a long way in protecting your floor from getting damaged? Most floor manufacturers void their warranty when you DON'T protect your floor with a chair mat.

That said, getting a chair mat has become one of the most interior décor tools you need when it comes to flooring. Thus, it will only be a smart decision to know how to choose the perfect chair mats for your flooring - considering the tons of chair mats in the market.

It's crucial to know the different types of chair mats available in the market before making your choice. Hence, we've listed the four major types.

  • Premium Chair Mats: These chair mats are suitable for all types of carpets as well as deep pile padded carpets. Moreover, they are ideal for plush carpets that are 3/4 inches thicker.

  • Regular Chair Mats: These regular chair mats are suitable for low or medium pile padded carpets. They can also work for deep pile carpets without padding. They are best apt for carpets with 3/8 inches thickness.

  • Economy Chair Mats: The economy chair mats are great for low pile carpets like runner backed and commercial carpets that have no padding. Plus, they work best with carpets that have a thickness of less than 3/8 inches.

  • Standard Chair Mats: Standard chair mats are fit for medium pile padded carpets and deep pile carpets that have no padding. It's best suited for carpets with a thickness of 3/4 inches or less.

Knowing the types of mats available isn't all you should know. It's crucial for you also to know the various materials used in producing them. That way, you can combine your knowledge of the different types and materials available to select one that's perfect for two things: your frequency of use and level.


Are you looking for chair mats that won't crack, discolor, odor, buckle, or curl under regular use? Then Polycarbonate chair mats are your best bet. It's one of the most durable materials used in making chair mats. They create a smooth surface for wheeled chairs to move without buckling or denting.


If you're looking for a cost-effective option, go for PVC chair mats. Few manufacturers produce them with anti-microbial technology, which protects the chair mats from anti-static and microbial deterioration. If you have young kids or babies crawling around, then PVC chair mats are your go-to.

The PVC chair mats are susceptible to slight cracks. Hence, we suggest that you use them lightly or occasionally. They are perfect for home offices - where there is less traffic.


From the name Ecotex, you can guess that it's a green initiative. This material is highly recyclable (usually made via renewable energy). These mats are most suitable for hard floors. They are durable and ideal for offices or homes with kids.

Tampered Glass

If you plan on making a luxury interior décor statement, the tampered glass chair mat is a fantastic option to consider. They are usually crystal clear, making it easy to see your floor conveniently. Also, they are pretty strong and durable. Plus, these chair mats will save you the stress of curling or sinking in the future. Nonetheless, they are quite heavy and more expensive than most chair mat materials.


Vinyl chair mats are one of the most common chair mats in the market. They are soft and suitable for all floor types. But they tend to curl a lot and they usually suffer from the dimpling effects of castor wheels.

You will probably come acrosslipped, contoured, and L-workstation chair mats.The common feature of these three types of mat styles is their extra protrusion. However, they have their differences.


This mat style has a single protrusion on the anterior side, which resembles a T-shape. You can use them in offices with long writing desks or in areas where there are a lot of side pillars. A great example is a banking hall with front tellers, a customer-care center or a front desk receptionist. You can find them in all sizes.


The contoured mat styles can be in form of a circle, rose petals, or a rectangle with curved edges. You can see the contoured mat styles in offices or home that have a round center desks. You can also find these mat styles in office conference rooms or home dining tables. And they can be mid-sized or large.


From its name, you can tell that these mat styles are usually L-shaped. They look like two rectangles together perpendicularly. You'll find these mat styles in large open floor spaces with demarcated L-shaped workstations. They are usually large. A good example of where you can use this kind of chair mats is in a stock trading room.

Now, let's look at the things to consider before choosing the specific type of chair mat you desire.

Size and Shape

Before making that choice for that chair mat, you love, measure the space that you intend to cover. Also, check if the mat is contoured, rectangular, or triangular. Then you can confirm if they fit well in your space - especially if it's small.

Flooring Type

The floor surface of your space is crucial because different chair mats cover different floor types. It's a rule of thumb to know the kind of under material a chair mat uses before choosing it. Moreover, it's disastrous to select the wrong choice for your floor type.


Color plays a substantial role when it comes to choosing a chair mat. For instance, you can select a clear vinyl chair mat if you want your flooring to be visible. Using a black vinyl is ideal for covering a damaged floor. Better still, you can go for a patterned or colored vinyl design to add a pop of color to neutral-colored space or update a dull-looking room with a decorative pattern.

Chair mats come in various sizes and shapes. To get the perfect fit, combine the measurement of the chair mat with the shape and dimension of where you need to install it. To achieve this, you need to consider three factors:

What to Measure

  • The part where you rest your feet under the desk
  • side to side feet movements around your desk
  • Chair base size
  • Forth and back movements when sitting or standing

Where to Measure

  • For rectangular and square mats, measure the length and width of the roll area.
  • For lip-shaped mats, measure the lip-shaped area and the length.
  • For contoured and L-shaped mats, measure the back and forth chair rolling area as your longest side.

The Chair Roll Area

They include:

  • The area under the desk where you place your feet.
  • Sideway movements you make when you retrieve items from drawers and discuss with co-workers.
  • Back and forth movements made sitting, standing, or tucking your chair under your desk.

What does it cost to get a chair mat?

You should be ready to spend at least S99.99 to get good quality.

What are the most common sizes of chair mats?

The most common sizes of chair mats are:

  • 46 x 60 inches
  • 45 x 53 inches
  • 36 x 48 inches