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How to Choose a Stylish Small Desk with Drawers For Your WFH Workspace

For the many people working from home these days, you may find that your productivity is suffering because you don't have room for a dedicated home office. You can easily solve this dilemma by locating a small area to transform with a small desk with drawers.

No matter how small, your workspace needs to be comfortable and provide all the necessities to help you work efficiently. Besides a chair, your desk is the most important part of your WFH office space.

While you may already have a location inside your home in mind for a workspace, here are three tips on how to choose a stylish small desk with drawers to enhance your WFH space.

Determine How Often You Need Your Desk

The first important question to ask yourself is, how often will you be using your desk. Will it be for full-time work, part-time, or occasional use? This determines how much time you will spend here and also increase the need for ergonomically designed features. A convertible stand-up desk may be a perfect option if you spend a lot of time working, allowing you to alternate between standing and sitting during the day.

White Wood Desk
Desk And Chair Set
Burlywood Desk
Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Consider How You Will be Using the Desk Space

The type of work you do and your essential equipment and supply determine the size, style, and features of your WFH desk. If you only need a laptop for work, you may only need a compact, portable desk. However, if you regularly use a scanner and printer, or you work from a PC, your small desk should feature a CPU tower and under-desk shelving

A compact computer desk, padded laptop tray desk, or a rolling cart may be good options when limited on space. If you have an additional keyboard for your laptop, you need to consider extra storage space, such as a keyboard tray and a laptop docking station as well.

Do you plan to do paperwork on your desk, such as grading papers or filling out forms not available online? If so, you need space to spread out these papers for faster, easier access. You may also need shelves or drawers for filing documents. A small desk with drawers is a perfect solution to keep you organized and keep your desktop clutter-free.

You will often use your desk for a combination of activities, including laptop work, paperwork, and attending online meetings. For these, you may want to consider additional desktop space such as can be found with an L-shaped small desk. These look professional and stylish, even when on-screen with your co-workers.

Industrial Office Design
Industrial Office Design

What Style of Desk Best Suits Your Home or Room Decor?

Picking out a stylish small desk with drawers starts with what you already have in your home or in the specific room where it will go. The decor you currently have will play a huge factor in your choice of desk material, type, and shape.


While you will want a functional and durable desktop for the type of usage you plan, you also want it to stylishly blend in with its surroundings. The most popular desk materials include:

  • Wood

Solid wood is an elegant desktop material but can be delicate when it comes to scratches and nicks. If your desk will receive heavy use and is located near a high traffic area, this may not be the best option.

Solid Wood Desk
Solid Wood Desk
  • Veneer

A top layer of veneer gives the appearance of wood on an MDF or laminate desk. Usually, these are slightly less expensive than wooden desks and still go well in a stylish home office.

  • Laminate

A durable option, laminate is a popular choice and allows for a wide selection of different colors and even a wood grain look. A thicker, high-pressure laminate desk can be both long-lasting and stylish.

  • Metal or Steel

Metal or steel desks offer the greatest durability. If you like a more industrial or modern style, then consider adding one of these to your work from home office.

  • Glass

For a modern look, consider a glass-topped desk. This can make your WFH workspace appear roomier and bring in more light.

Modern Rustic Design
Manufactured Wood Desk
Ladder Desk
Glass Desk

Type and Shape

From corner desks to floating shelf desks, styling your home office space has never been so easy. Begin by measuring your proposed office space to determine the maximum desk dimensions. Make sure that you include the height of the wall in your measurements as you can enhance the functionality of your small desk with drawers by installing floating shelves or a pegboard for added storage.

Then, explore the types of desks that will fit in the space you have available and get creative. Will a triangle shape work best for a corner location? Will a small, rectangular nesting desk accent the small wall area in your bedroom?

A small, old-fashioned style secretary desk not only provides ample room for stamps, stationery, cards, pens, pencils, and other office supplies, but they can create a statement in any room.

Secretary Desk With Hutch
Secretary Desk With Hutch


When considering which small desk to add to your workspace, don't be limited to the type and shape of those found in corporate offices. You can find one stylish enough to fit your aesthetics as well as your work needs.

Your small desk should reflect your personal style. For a contemporary or Scandi style home, opt for a wood desk with a natural wood grain finish and cut-out handles instead of hardware to keep the look sleek and modern.

If your style is traditional or formal, a classic design in a deep mahogany finish with carved elements, turned legs, or crown molding will blend in seamlessly.

Traditional Living Room Design
Traditional Design
Mid Century Modern Office Design

Final Thoughts

A stylish small desk with drawers keeps you returning enthusiastically to your WFH office workspace. However, be sure to consider the comfortability and ergonomics of the full set-up, including your chair, to prevent unending backaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and computer headaches. But, remember you don't always have to give up style for function. A stylish small desk with drawers offers ample storage for office essentials to help you stay productive while working from home.

Modern Design
Modern Design

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