Wooden Cat Litter Box Furniture

A cat litter box is not a pretty view at all. A clever idea is to put in a wooden box which has enough room for the pet. Jump below to check the options and choose the best wooden cat litter box furniture. The styles very so it's possible to find one which matches the home decor somehow.

Wooden cat litter box furniture 1

Designed for indoor use, this litter box will make your cat really happy and comfortable. It's crafted of sturdy wood planks, has a cut out hole for easy access, and a lift-up lid with a handle, allowing you to easily clean the whole inside.

Litter box hider cat chest white wood clean wooden hidden

Litter Box Hider Cat Chest White Wood Clean Wooden Hidden Furniture Washroom New
Practical and stylish wooden cat litter box can combine many functions. A model of this type in white, apart from the practical function for cats, is also a handy bench or small table. Wood in shades of white is very versatile.

Wooden cat litter box furniture 5

This cute wooden cat litter box will help you cover all the unpleasant stories connected with your cat with style and class. Natural, eco-friendly construction would commend to both the pets and their owners.

Wood cat box

Coming in various finishes, this wooden cat litter box can be designed in oak, brown maple or cherry wood. Regardless the one you will choose, you will get a stylish item, ideal for kitty to leave all unpleasant stories behind.

White cat litter box furniture

I did a lot of searching for litter box, before I bought this one. It features the resin rattan construction, large size, and steel wire frame. Everyone will be impressed how high quality and cool this product is.

Corner cat litter box furniture

Gorgeous wooden cat litter box. Notice how the entrance has the shape of a cat’s head! Just sweet. Not to mention that because it’s completely enclosed, you won’t have to worry about the cat sand getting all over your bathroom!

Wooden cat litter box furniture

Wooden cat litter box furniture 2

Cat litter boxes furniture dog house kennel outdoor wooden cabinet

Cat Litter Boxes Furniture Dog House Kennel Outdoor Wooden Cabinet Bed Kitty Pup
A splendid surprise for your beloved pup that will have it's own house in your backyard. Designed of hardwood and splashed with a light cherry finish, this unit comes with a large compartment and a hollowed arched door, a built-in ladder with 3 steps, and a sun deck with a diamond-style fence.

Need a great way to hide the litter box this

Corner litter box cabinet

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Apartment therapy cat litter box from wine boxes

Wood litter box

Wooden construction of this cat litter box fits any home decor thanks to its neutral color. It provides comfortable space for cats and large doors are convenient for users (for cleaning). These solid doors include metal handles.

Wooden cat litter box furniture 3

Litter box hiders

An element of equipment created for cats. This litter box includes some edge protections, so dirt will not get out of it. This product is made of durable materials that are resistant to frequent use and cleaning.

Cat litter cabinet

Functional and beautiful, this wooden dresser is covered in a distressed finish and combined with a built-in litter box cabinet for your cat. The dresser has a square hole cut out on the side, for easy access.

Wooden litter box cabinets

Amish litter box cabinet crafted from solid maple or oak wood. Awesome solution for cats that really need privacy when they do their business. The cabinet is beautifully handcrafted and it boosts the interior decor.

Wooden cat litter box furniture

Wooden litter box for cats. It features a small opening that provides entrance for a cat. It also includes double doors with metal handles. These doors provide access for cleaning purposes. The whole wooden construction is extra durable.

Wooden cat litter box furniture 2

Wooden cat litter box furniture 3

Cat Furniture - Scratcher, Hidden Litter Box & Sleeper

Cat litter box furniture ikea hiding cat litter box furniture

Wooden cat litter box furniture 1

Stained with a natural wood colour, this classic cabinet is a smooth construction, concealing a litter box inside. Ideal for all cat owners, who want to make sure, that all unpleasant stories won't see the daylight.

Wooden cat litter box 1

Corner cat litter box cabinets solid oak frame and top

Corner litter box furniture

Cat litter box consisting of wooden slats. Dedicated to medium sized pets. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Wooden kitty litter box

Elevated litter box

Let's say you go camping for a few days. What about your cat? It is worth taking a wooden cat litter box for him, which will give him safety and comfort also for you. Made of cherish wood it opens through a jack. Contains little, adorable entrance hole.

Designer catbox litter box enclosure in black 12

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure In Black
A tasteful combination of impressive form and stylish design makes this wooden litter box for the cat a great way to work on the interior. The whole finished in attractive colors is impressive and beautifully presented.

Amish Made Corner Cat Litter Enclosure Oak Wood

52" Beige Paws Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratch Post Pet House

This 52'' cat tree is going to make your meowing friend very happy. The tree is made of wood and wrapped with a nice-to-touch beige material adorned with a black paw print; standing on a square flat base for stability.

Wooden cat litter box

Painted in vibrant blue, this vintage armoire is a smart and stylish way to cover up your kitty's stuff. One of the most fabulous litter boxes, which not only drags the attention from the unpleasant stuff but also adds a cool, vintage vibe to the room.

Wooden cat litter box furniture

Litter box cabinets

Wooden cat litter box furniture

Wooden cat litter

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Hider Cat Litter Box

Hider Cat Litter Box
Hide your cat's litter box perfectly with this hider in the most versatile, white finish. It can easily serve as an extra surface space and with the modern decor, it will allow you to compliment your interior style.

Wicker cat litter box

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter

Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Wooden cat litter box furniture 4

Amish Made Cat Litter Box Enclosure. Solid Wood Construction.

This stylish piece of furniture is not just an ordinary enda table, it is also extremely stylish litter box for your cat. Beautifully made on the construction of solid wood is very practical and adds charm to any interior.

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Espresso

Hidden cat litter box furniture 3

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Wooden cat litter box concealer

Cat litter box covers furniture