Cat Litter Box Covers Furniture

Everyone wants to enjoy a certain degree of comfort, even animals. In case you would like to have a nice looking and functional cat litter box, why don’t you have a careful look at the designs, shapes and colours that are depicted at these photos? Even the most demanding customers have picked the perfect one for themselves.

A great solution for keeping your house clean and your cat fully satisfied. This litter box cabinet is made of wood, featuring 2 working doors, 1 pullout litter tray, and a square cut out hole for a conveniently entry.
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter
Cat litter box for modern indoors. This rectangular litter box features a round opening in its side wall that provides access to a cat. Its front part includes green sliding doors that assure access for cleaning.
Functional and solid element of furniture for cats. This cat litter box features a convenient opening for animals. Its durable wooden frame includes a removable top for enhanced cleaning and changing of sand.
Litter-box double-hideaway - IKEA Hackers. Get the PAX Wardrobe 50 × 60 × 201 cm (we bought Ballstad white; note: most colors are available only in 236cm lenght but maybe you have space for it) Read more at
I mean, if you have the money. This is Mikey's dream litter box. He meowed it to me.
With this practical litter box cover, you are getting a comfortable surprise for your cat and a less mess for you to clean. Designed of durable plastic, the cover is spacious, easy to clean, and has an open top for easy access.
Cat litter cover from KRITTER table - IKEA Hackers
Now you can actually not only hide the litterbox from plain view in your interior by opting for a perfect and nicely styled piece like this one but you can also add a stylish accent to your space instantly.
A lovely house for your meowing cat, that you can place inside of your own home. Made of sturdy wood and painted in white, the house comes with 1 open shelf, 1 open compartment with a litter box, and 1 closed compartment where your cat can take a nap.
A simple box for your pet which can be used both outdoors or indoors. It's a wooden construction with a hole for a pet. It features a neutral, white color that will suit everywhere. If you keep it at home, you can use the top as a piece of furniture.
Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture Litter
A cool litter box cover of wooden materials in light browns. It has a rectangular top, slanted angular legs, size-varied round entries in side walls. A 1-door cabinet with a carpet and a 2-door one with a plastic litter box have cutout edge pulls.
We’ve also seen this hack before. But again, this is using the smaller Hol. Small space kitty solutions, eh? The Hol disappeared for a season but seems like it’s back. Whether permanently, I don’t know. If you’re thinking of hacking a Hol cat box,
Litter Box Cover or Kitty Bed -- I could make this!
We love our cats but don't spoil the smell and aesthetics of their toilets. You can build a cover for the litter box in the corner using wooden laths. This one was painted to a very dark brown to not subdue the elegance. Small hole - will get your cat there.
High Quality Cat Litter Box Cover - Cat Litter Pan Cover - Natural ...
19-5/8 x 23-1/2 x 79-1/4" Pax wardrobe. $114.50 #ikeahack @Steve Norman
No need to be ashamed of that ugly, open litter box anymore! A must have for any cat-lover, this modern litter box cover is a perfect solution if you care about the look of your home!
Hide a not-so-showy litter box away and ensure convenient privacy for your kitty. This white cabinet houses a cat litterbox and blends into the décor. A peek-a-boo side doors guarantee the easiness of use for the cat, and the doors - of cleaning, for you.
Cat litter box for indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made of wood and fitted with convenient flap. Neutral addition for all kinds of interiors as needed.
Hidden Cat Litter Box
We all realize that it is difficult to find animal furniture that is both functional and nice at the same time.In this case it is.Wooden in white color cat litter box cover is also a place to sleep for your cats.Contains also little drawers, for kitten snacks.
Cat litter box in neutral form. Construction is made of wood. It can be used as additional seating. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.
Modern Cat Furniture that does a great job at hiding a litter box
Kitty Washroom Cabinet - Litter Box Cover looks like furniture | Solutions
Cats like their privacy so we made this great litter box cover out of reclaimed pine. The cats can easily walk through the opening and do their
Designer Litter Box Furniture Cabinet | Standard Cabinet // Mid Century Modern Pet Furniture // Cat Litter Box ...
The Mini Cabinet Mid Century Modern Pet
Mid-century design in a contemporary form - this cat litter cover shows that everyday household can also be a stylish, funky accent to one's house. A handmade item, based on the maple tree, available in variously coloured fronts.
A fine piece of indoor accessory that will keep your cat-occupied home odorless and cleaner. This quality litter box cover is elastic enough for easy installation and adorned with black and white prints, also offering a convenient front door for easy access.
I don't have a cat, but if I did, I'd have one of these for it, except without the door. (What? I'm allergic to cats!)
A cool though simple cat litter box cover made of reclaimed wood of unfinished wooden boxes with printed writing on a surface. It has a cuboidal body with a half-oval cutout entry and a removable top part.
The curious form of this cat litter box cover makes the intimate space for your pet look much better. Discreet casing allows to use it as a coffee table or end table. The whole is presented elegantly and stylishly.
Why opt for a piece that will be visible for everyone, when you can have this sublime litter box that is beautifully disguised as an end table and can serve its purpose amazingly, allowing for plenty of privacy for your pet.
Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture & Litter Box Cover - Small
Have to have it. Mr. Herzher's Decorative Litter Box Cover - $94 @hayneedle
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Premier Litter Box Enclosure
Modern Cat Designs Hider Cat Litter Box
Cat litter box in modern form. It is made of wood with metal accents. Suitable for medium and large sized pets. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.
Definitely going to make something like this to hide our cat's litter box.
The Feloo - a disposable cardboard litter tray system from a British company. (Can be use as a cat den too.)
Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet
Get the cat litter box that sports the perfect protection from the unwanted smell in your interior and will make for a nice choice to those homes, in which there might not be too much space to choose from.
Good Pet Stuff Co. Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box Decorative Planter
Cat litter box made of wood. Designed for small and medium sized pets. Neutral and functional design for any interior.
Standard Cabinet /// Mid Century Modern Pet Furniture // Cat Litter Box Cover // Pet House // Side Table
Cat litter box with a house-styled cover. This durable element looks very attractive thanks to its multiple colors. It provides protection, comfort and safety for cats. It also looks nice in any indoors.
... litter box How to Conceal Your Cat’s Litter Box furniture ideas
A DIY cat litter box with cover, made out of a plastic container. It is both inexpensive and fairly easy, creating a good proposition for those, who have tiny spaces. Convenient in cleaning and durable for years.
CatGenie Litter Box
This modern and very practical litter box is a great furniture for your pet. Easy to keep clean is very practical and functional. It is an aesthetic and functional as your pet has a place for your needs.
Modkat – Modern Cat Litter Box