Plastic Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted plastic cabinets are yet another option to get some extra storage space in the house. Check the designs and styles below to find products which best complement your home.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Plastic wall mounted cabinets 14
Zernike Laetitia

Wall-mounted cabinet. Made of resin, so cheap & durable = budget-friendly in general! Plastic cabinets are not the most elegant kitchen furniture solution on Earth, but their durability became a typical family legend!

Plastic wall mounted cabinets

The wall mounted plastic storage cabinet is excellent for tools, keys and more. It is a fantastic, nicely finished and high quality addition into the basement, hall and more.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 17
Laetitia Anderson

Totally simple white storage cabinet. This is a one of very universal pieces of furniture. It means that it will play its role fantastically in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom or any other place you choose.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 11

Wall mounted, this AED lockable plastic storage cabinet with alarm will keep your things stored safely. Painted in universal dark green, it shall smoothly fit into all of the decors.

Medicine cabinet wall mounted cav029 pvs
Clark Monica

Medicine cabinet / wall-mounted CAV029 PVS

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 2
Yulia Thompson

Designed of durable plastic and painted in pure white, this wall-mounted rack is lightweight, easy to clean, long-lasting and space-saving. The rack offers 4 open compartments and it can be a nice improvement for smaller bathrooms.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 16
Erin Jon

Great plastic wall-mounted cabinets! I'd see them in my office, I'm totally fed up with dull monochrome office furnishing... Each cabinet sports different color of its plastic front: gray, red, blue and green versions are available

Storage Cabinet
Craven Rachel

Storage Cabinet
If you looking for a perfect storage cabinet, you need to choose this one. It has got 24 drawers, rugged frame and it is a perfect addition to your office space and other room in your home.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 13
Christina Gon

If you’re looking for a handy spot in the bathroom to store your cosmetics and other utilities, take a look at this corner wall cabinet made out of white plastic with a seamless front door, which makes very little space.

Plastic storage cabinets wall mount utility garage cabinet taupe
Lambert Abbey

... Plastic Storage Cabinets > Wall Mount Utility Garage Cabinet - Taupe

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 32

Clear Tip Out Bins Space saving bin units keep small and medium sized parts organized, sorted and easy to find. These clear, break resistant injection molded plastic containers tip open smoothly to a 45° angle and are completely removable for easy access

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 5
Mendes Natasha

The wall-mounted plastic cabinet is a perfect combination of functionality and simple form. The whole is interestingly decorated with a stylish decorative element to the interior. The eye-catching color scheme captivates.

Plastic wall cabinets

The plastic wall-mounted cabinet is a practical and very versatile interior design element. The whole is solid and light at the same time. Ideally suited to children's room and more. Large bin drawers are perfect for storage.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 1
Cintia Brook

Desk organizer fitted with 9 drawers for storing personal items. It is completely made of plastic. Great solution for saving space in teenager's room and others interiors as needed.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets
Patricia Wright

Tip Out Bin 7 x 23 x 8, 4 Bin Compartments IVORY 5 x 6 x 8 by Quantum. $58.60. . Break resistant injection molded plastic compartments tip open smoothly to a 45 angle. Completely removable for easy access and refilling. Molded handle fronts with label slo

Plastic wall cabinet

A small plastic cabinets is perfect for being wall-mounted and organize some keys, important items. Inside we can finde a plastic sorting bins in yellow, to put there something you don't want to lose. It is locked - so you can sleep peacefully.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 12
Kimberly Hugh

aid cabinets plastic wall mount first aid cabinets tough abs plastic ...

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 7
Yulia Thompson

3 tier cabinet made of clear plastic. Includes screw holes for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing food, spices and others nedded items. Application in any kitchen as needed.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 23
Natasha Jen

Solid Oak Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet Lack of suitable storage is a common bathroom complaint. Finding a home for all the cosmetics, medicines and spare towels can feel like a never-ending battle. Showers are interrupted by an avalanche of plastic bot

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 29

What do you think about this plastic drawer cabinet? It's an awesome gift for my husband! It is perfect for storing a wide variety of parts and supplies.

Plastic wall storage
James Michele

OK, who would like to spend fortune on storage shelves in laundry room - I'd not, that's for sure! No wonder that I find this idea with plastic crates really worth considering. When mounted on a wall, they offer handy storage compartments.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 6

Organizer for space saving in each home. Suitable for mounting on the wall or cabinet. It is completely made of metal. Simple form and functional design.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 4
Colleen Bell

A plastic cabinet attached to the wall of the cabinet door is a simple and very functional way for your home appliance. Practical containers allow you to accommodate small items, making full use of free storage space.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 31

Akro-Mils 10724 24-Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch, Black/Grey by Akro-Mils. $23.92. From the Manufacturer 10724 Cabinet stacks securely and can also be wall mounted with keyhole slo

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 10

- simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser, Brushed Stainless Steel - Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 30
Katie Turner

I have one of these and i love it. It has a tester for the batteries. I wall-mounted mine in the kitchen.

Akro mils 10764 64 drawer plastic parts storage hardware and
Rachel Massonable

Akro-Mils 10764 64-Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch, Blue/Grey by Akro. $25.77. From the Manufacturer 10764 Cabinet stacks securely and can also be wall mounted with keyhole slots. Cl

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 27
Weber Lily

Letter Press Type Set Drawer on ~ would like more of these but the cabinet with drawers would be even better. Hard to find though

Wall Mount Cabinet
Yulia Thompson

Wall Mount Cabinet
It is the perfect combination of utility and elegance. Cabinet looks almost perfectly. It is made from painted in dark wood. This way has the class and style. At the same time, it is so designed that perfectly meets their practical functions.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 34
Martinez Susan

Living in a shoebox | 20 space-saving ideas for the kitchen

Akro mils 10716 16 drawer plastic parts storage hardware and
Thompson Alyssa

Akro-Mils 10716 16-Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 10-1/2-Inch by 8-1/2-Inch by 6-3/8-Inch, Gray by Akro. $17.41. From the Manufacturer 10716 Cabinet stacks securely and can also be wall mounted with keyhole slots.

Hang a second shower caddy using a cabinet knob screwed

Hang a second shower caddy using a cabinet knob screwed into the wall...hmmm

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 5
Leah Morgan

Plastic Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 28
Evans Liliana

I am searching for this locally...desperately need to put those baggies somewhere! They're driving me bonkers!

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 16
Vanessa Jac

Store things in style with this basket. Vibrant red color and rounded edges characterise its look, but what's best, it can be attached to a wall. It can serve as a basket for children's toys, even in the bathroom.

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 33
Elizabeth Perry

Evriholder EvriStor n' More Portable Cleaning Caddy and Storage Unit by Evriholder. $22.40. Mounts on cabinets wall or simply sits on a shelf. Great for storing plastic bags. Stores spray bottles and aerosol cans. Turns into a portable caddy for cleaning

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 25
Robinson Layla

Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser by Simplehuman

Established uk company that has been supplying household and bathroom
Natalie Parker

established UK Company that has been supplying household and bathroom ...

Paper towel holder inside cabinet
Alexis Millerism

Functional and eye-catching, this paper towel holder can be easily mounted on a wall, while holding three rolls of paper at the same time. Its made of durable plastic, decorated with a matching fork, and it beautifully accentuates contemporary kitchens.

Nutone 781029 builder 22 frameless mount cabinet 781029 by nutone
Tara Zucker

Nutone 781029 Builder 22" Frameless Mount Cabinet 781029 by Nutone. $50.71. Frameless Mirror with Pencil Polish Edges Recess Mounting Recycled polypropylene housing 2 Fixed plastic shelves Fixed pin piano hinge Painted steel door back Reversible for left

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 3
Erin Howard

Characterized by a practical and simplistic design, this pair of two wall-mounted shelves is as space-saving as it is creative. Each shelf features white plastic fastenings that keep in place a cardboard shelf with a matching lid.

Established uk company that has been supplying household and bathroom
Clark Amanda

established UK Company that has been supplying household and bathroom ...

2 Door Storage Cabinet
Carmen Milani

2 Door Storage Cabinet

Plastic wall mounted cabinets 8

Not happy with kitchen storage? Pick a budget-friendly solution: a cabinet door mounted rack frees up valuable drawer space. The construction utilizes high quality materials: maple wood and chrome steel.

October 7 2011 this durable organizer holds four boxes and

OCTOBER 7, 2011 This durable organizer holds four boxes and is easily mounted on walls or within cabinets.  Plus, it is made with a raised edge to help clean inevitable spills!

Plastic wall mounted storage cabinets 2

Plastic Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets

Mounted kitchen wrap organizer chrome by spectrum diversified designs 10

Mounted Kitchen Wrap Organizer - Chrome by Spectrum Diversified Designs,. $10.52. Elegant chrome finish.. Constructed from heavy duty metal wire.. Saves drawer space.. Mount to the inside of cabinet doors pantry walls or directly to your kitchen walls.. K

Rubbermaid Resin Storage Cabinet
Anderson Marisa

Rubbermaid Resin Storage Cabinet

Cal mil plastic products inc cal mil 3 section black

CAL-MIL Plastic Products, Inc CAL-MIL 3 Section Black Lid Organizer by CAL-MIL Plastic Products, Inc. $57.26. Wall or counter mount- (2) 4in and (1) 5in sections- Black- 8in H x 13 1/4in W x 5 1/4in D

Simple human grocery bag holder put it on the inside
Hilton Emily

Simple Human Grocery Bag Holder. Put it on the inside of the cabinet under the vanity in the bathroom to store the bags I had strewn about that I use for the it, only $10!