Large Free Standing Mirror


Sometimes it's good to have a really big mirror in your home and we have the best collection of large freestanding mirrors available. They are a stylish way to add a decorative piece that is also very functional. Take a look at this extensive collection and pick your large freestanding mirror for your needs.

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Our Picks

Norfolk large mirror

Norfolk large mirror

Oversized rectangular mirror - looks best when freestanding, leaning against a wall. Thick frame in dark brown, put together of best quality hardwood, contributes to blendable contemporary appearance.

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Large free standing mirror 1

If you like free standing mirrors, then this rustic one may be something for you. Simple, yet elegant, cool and clean design, along with solid wood finishing will provide a convenient item for years.

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Large free standing mirror

This exquisite, oversized gray mirror would be a perfect addition to both contemporary and traditional bedrooms with its decadent, slightly weathered-out design and bevelled edges with a distressed finish.

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Large free standing mirror 2

Rectangular mirror with a large size. This free standing element of home design includes a durable wooden frame with old styled accents. The mirror is large and practical, but it also decorates bedrooms and other indoors.

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Large free standing mirror 8

Free standing mirror and distressed walls

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Freestanding mirror

This vintage standing mirror will be fit to every type of interior - both to very modern living room and old-fashioned bedroom. Frame is made of wood and covered with white ragged paint. It is just stylised on old and worn-out.

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Free standing ornate mirror

Simply Shabby Chic Bedroom Collection use a $20 door, paint, & add mirrors.

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Chambery Leaner Pewter Mirror

Chambery Leaner Pewter Mirror

Amazing leaner mirror designed to provide functional and decorative house item. Features solid and durable wooden frame, large reflection space with reinforced frames, and fantastic. eye-catching looks.

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Free standing small mirror

.i want a Large mirror like this in our bedroom ... Facing our bed.

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Melange Encircle Floor Mirror

Melange Encircle Floor Mirror

It is a large and highly decorative mirror. It looks good and interestingly presented. It is decorated with three large wheels, which are marked on the surface of the mirror. As a result looks very interesting and interesting.

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Large Free Standing Mirror

Buying Guide

Large free standing mirrors are designed to serve two purposes. Their versatility allows them to play an important decorative role in any room. Large mirrors can also help reflect light around the spaces making them seem bigger. There are many large mirror designs too. Each of these options is unique in its own way and it’s important to always know what you’re looking for.

Large free standing mirrors can be categorized based on their shape. In this regard, you will get about four common styles. The first one and perhaps the most common is the square shape design. These mirrors are simple and minimalistic in nature. Oval shape designs are also quite popular and they deliver an exotic feel to your room with a simple touch of elegance. The same can also be said about rounded mirrors. However, if you have to choose between round and oval perhaps oval would be better.

And finally, you may also go for abstract designs. Abstract mirrors are often electric and dramatic in nature. They are used to add life to any space. The mirrors can be programmed to look like anything including beautiful intricate geometrical shapes. If you’re looking for versatility, abstract designs are indeed worth the try.

There’s no doubt that the beauty of any large free-standing mirror comes from its frame. The frame is basically the enclosing that surrounds the glass. Different framing material and designs are available.

  • Gilt - Gilded frames are perfect for a rustic interior. Their earthy finish will work very well with a luxe based interior décor but other décor designs too can work. Gilt finishes tend to feature metallic colors such as silver, bronze, and gold. Some ornate frame designs gilded with metal finishes are also available. They are absolutely classy.
  • Wooden Frame - Wooden frames are far more traditional. They are purely natural and can easily be customized to meet the design needs of your space. Whether it’s a touch of rustic stain or a bolder weathered finish, wooden frames offer a unique kind of natural beauty that will make your large free-standing mirror stand out.
  • Mirrored - Mirrored frames are made purely out of glass. Individual pieces of beveled glass are put together. Typically, the frames are used to give the mirror a three dimension angle to better reflect light around the room. They are mostly used in contemporary mirror designs for urban or modern homes.
  • Frameless - You may also decide to choose a frameless design. Although there’s always value in unique frames, frameless mirrors also offer a unique touch of magic.

You may also choose a wide range of finishes. Common options include simple color finishes where a different color finish is applied behind the mirror to gently tint the glass. If you’re looking for an antique finish, patina styles that make the mirror look more vintage are also available. Try to also look out for seamed edge designs, pencil edge, and beveled edge finishes.

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Free standing mirror


Free standing cheval stand up salon bedroom hall mirror venetian


Large free standing mirror 1

Long mirrors or free standing full length mirrors are a great functional, fun and enjoyable feature for any room in a house. Great from the bedroom, bathroom or living area. The first thing that needs to be decided when buying a large long full length mir

Gorgeous grey contemporary settee with large free standing black lacquer

Gorgeous grey, contemporary, settee with large, free standing, black lacquer mirror. From the portfolio of Jennifer Backstein Interiors

Large free standing mirror 8

Love the clean, crisp, white color contrasted by the dark framing. Though no mirrors in the bedroom for me

Pink free standing mirror

A stunning and decorative floor mirror that will do an excellent job elevating the look of your master suite or living room, while the delicate, ornate carvings on the frame astonish all and keep your interior looking elegant.

An exquisite looking over sized mirror with bevelled edges and

An exquisite looking over-sized mirror, with bevelled edges and a painted pale silver gilt effect. The perfect piece for leaning against a wall. Gives an instant wow factor to any room. We all love the Aspen. Price £420.00

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want this mirror---- Vipp

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