How to Choose Kitchen Canisters & Jars

Kitchen canisters and jars are a great way to organize your baking and cooking supplies; plus, they will add an extra bit of style to your kitchen interior. Putting supplies in containers will not only help you find what you need when you need it, but it will preserve them for longer.

With the huge variety of jars and canisters on the market, it might be difficult to choose the right ones to suit your needs. Read our guide to find relevant tips and advice on buying kitchen storage containers.

How to Choose the Right Material for Kitchen Canisters and Jars?

Kitchen canisters and jars are usually made in sets and are made from various materials including plastic, ceramic, stainless-steel and glass. First step on deciding which material is best, is considering what you will be storing.

  • If you are storing sticky ingredients such as honey and syrup, you should choose plastic containers so you can occasionally put them in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless-steel canisters are ideal if you have kids that might overturn them. They can store anything you need.
  • Glass jars have always been a classic and for a good reason too. They are effective in storing rice, coffee or pasta because they usually come with airtight lids, which will protect the supplies from bugs and make them contaminant-free. However, the are most prone to shattering and creating a mess.
  • Due to their durability, ceramic canisters will last you a lifetime and will not lose effectiveness. The lid plays a significant role in this; if it is not easy to open, you might experience chipping or breaking on the edges.

What Type of Kitchen Canisters do I need?

Here are our recommendations on choosing the ideal type of canister:

  • Transparent canisters, such as glass or stainless-steel ones with a glass window, will help you track how much supplies you have.
  • Canisters that are square or rectangular shaped will take up less room if you want to fit them in a cupboard. And you can always stack them with other containers.
  • Round containers offer better air circulation and are known to be better at preserving food.
  • Plastic containers may be easier to clean; however, overtime certain plastics can absorb food odors. Remember to always choose BPA-free food containers.
  • Also, always look for containers that have big enough an opening, if you are looking to store flour, sugar or any other content you will need to scoop.
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How to Style Kitchen Canisters & Jars?

If you have a kitchen theme or color scheme, you would want the canisters to match it with decorative containers.

  • Glass canisters can come in various of styles, which are vibrantly colored and designed. You can find some with elaborate ribbed surfaces or cut-glass patterns to match a traditional styled kitchen with a bit of an edge.
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  • Ceramic canisters are usually the choice for vintage styled kitchens because they are usually designed in soft creams and whites, but you can still find more eye-catching designs to match any other color scheme.
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  • Stainless-steel canisters never go out of style due to their durability and easy maintenance. They are mass produced so you can find retro copper ones to match a vintage kitchen or silver and black ones to fit within a modern kitchen's ambience.
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Quick Tips

  • The choice of material of your kitchen canisters and jars is mainly influenced by the fact if you have kids wandering in the kitchen or not. Glass would not be ideal if you have kids so opt for stainless-steel ones. Other materials such as ceramic and plastic are up to personal preference and style of kitchen.
  • The market nowadays is flooding with various canisters and jars so it will be overwhelming at times to choose the right shape and type. Two main things you need to look for are that the canisters have an air-tight feature and big enough opening for you to scoop ingredients such as flour and sugar.
  • When it comes to styling kitchen containers, the best choice for retro kitchens are ceramic ones because of their vintage appeal, as for modern kitchens a classic option is stainless-steel ones with a small glass window.

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