How To Choose A Shower Curtain Rod

There are many types of shower curtain rods available today, but the right one for you is the one that fixes to the wall perfectly and holds the curtain firmly in place. Also, it will not sag and the curtain will slide effortlessly on it. Lastly, it will complement the bathroom interior.

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If you are installing a new shower curtain rod, this guide will help you sift through the needed information and make the right choice.

Which Are Your Choices of Shower Curtain Rods?

Mainly, four types of shower curtain rods prevail in the market.

Fixed wall-mounted - Straight

These are single tubular rods that are fitted to the walls at both ends. The assembly consists of a fixed-length metal rod, metal brackets and screws of appropriate specifications. The simple installation of these shower curtain rods involves two easy steps:

  • Firstly, the two brackets are mounted on two walls facing each other at marked heights. The fixing is done with metal screws.

  • Then the rings or hooks meant to hang the curtain are placed in the pipe and its two ends are inserted into the "mouths" of the wall-mounted brackets. These are tubular projections of a slightly larger diameter than that of the pipe, so it fits comfortably inside the bracket.

This done, your shower curtain rod is ready to use. The assembly could have variations of metal brackets such as disks or box-type, but their function and installation method remains the same.

These shower curtain rods are ideal for rectangular, square, U shaped, or other bath spaces of even dimensions. The reason being efficient space division with the straight shower curtain rod.

Silver Straight Adjustable Shower Curtain
Silver Straight Adjustable Curtain Rod
Silver Straight Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
Golden Straight Adjustable Curtain Rod
Black Straight Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod

Fixed wall-mounted - Curved

This is a variation of the straight type mentioned above. The only difference is that the rod is curved. Curved curtain rods are ideal for compact bathrooms because the curved profile gives more shower space. The curved lines also look good in vintage, feminine, and eclectic bathrooms.

Silver Curved Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
Black Curved Adjustable Curtain Rod
Black Curved Adjustable Curtain Rod
Brown Curved Fixed Shower Curtain Rod
Silver Curved Fixed Curtain Rod

Adjustable - Straight

Adjustable shower curtain rods offer the benefit of adjustable length. They are not wall-mounted but pivoted. The components include padded pivots or flanges at both the ends of the rod that house tension springs. The rod has slots at its one end. So, if you want to increase its length, you stretch it and let the length-stopper or button slide into the slot that offers desirable length.

To fix the rod to the wall, you move the threads of the tension spring counter-clockwise to move the flange toward the wall. Keep doing this until the flange is securely "locked" and holds firmly on the wall. Finally, snap the covering over the flange, and you are good to go!

These shower curtains are also known as tension rods because of the tension springs used in their locking mechanism.

The main benefit of this design innovation is that they don't need any installation. And you can easily adjust rod height or even move the rod from one shower to the other simply by easing the tension springs and unlocking the rod. 

These shower curtain rods are ideal for both shower and tub bath, as they offer height adjustment.

Black Straight Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
Silver Straight Adjustable Curtain Rod
Silver Straight Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
Golden Straight Adjustable Curtain Rod
Silver Straight Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
White Straight Adjustable Curtain Rod

Adjustable - Curved

Everything remains the same as above, except that the rod is curved, so you feel roomier inside the shower. Adjustable shower curtain rods are available in single as well as dual rod options. If you fancy having double curtains, choose this style.

Silver Curved Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
Brown Curved Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
Silver Curved Adjustable Curtain Rod
Silver Curved Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
Brown Curved Adjustable Curtain Rod

How to select the Shower Curtain Rod Material?

Shower curtain rods are made from metal and high-grade coated plastics.

Contemporary fittings come in a wide range of surface finishes and coatings that match any kind of shower interiors - from lifestyle and designer to functional. Some popular options are natural steel, chrome, nickel, copper, brass, and oxidized iron finish. The surface could be high-gloss, matt, semi-matt, vintage rusty, and so on.

When selecting a shower rod to match your bathroom decor, there are some general rules, but nothing really carved in stone. For contemporary, minimalist bathrooms, go for natural steel, straight lines and high gloss finishes. Vintage, rustic and eclectic bathroom spaces look best with mat black finishes or rusty-looking materials such as copper or brass. 

Considering the moisture and heat factors of the shower environment, most shower rods are rust-proof.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Shower Curtain Rod?

Here are some effective hacks that will maximize the function and utility of your shower curtain rod, along with the curtains.

  • The Design Side Faces Outward. Most shower curtains have printed designs. Let the printed part face outward, so that it does not get adversely affected by warm water splashing, steam generation, and chemicals from soaps, shampoos, and the like.

  • Let the Curtain Slide Smoothly. For this, choose beaded rings to hang the curtain. The tiny beads will facilitate smooth, friction-free, and soundless sliding of the curtain with just a gentle nudge.

  • Select a Curtain That Is Not "Noisy". Some curtains make ruffling sounds when you move them. Select polyester or nylon curtains to get over this irritating "noise." 

  • Add a Liner. You must have a liner to your shower curtain; especially if it is made from organic materials such as cotton and linen. Fabric curtains without a liner can get wet and remain wet. This will cause their decay and degeneration, and generate unhygienic conditions inside the shower. Plus, the yucky, decadent moist odor that you surely don't want.

  • Avoid Sticking to the Curtain. Before you shower, spray a dilute solution of fabric softener on the curtain liner. This will help you to avoid sticking with the curtain.

  • Avoid Mildew Formation. Mildew fungus is very unhygienic and harmful to the skin. Wet, humid, and warm environments are its breeding grounds, which are most likely to prevail in compact shower spaces. To avoid mildew formation on your shower curtain, spread it fully before stepping out of the shower. A wet, folded curtain provides the fungus "hiding places" to breed.

Choosing the right shower curtain rod is key to getting the function and aesthetics of the curtain right. Follow this guide to get it all right.